23 Genius Self-Care & Beauty Products On Amazon Trending With Millennials

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Baby boomers may know a ton about Woodstock. Generation Z can program a cell phone from age four. But if there's one thing that millennials know a ton about, it's online shopping. If you're in the market for something new and innovative, look to the products on Amazon that are trending with millennials. After all, we grew up ordering all our of clothes from Delia's, we make up the largest generation in history, and we're singlehandedly changing retail patterns because of our demand for convenience and flexibility.

No company is a more adequate representation of this than Amazon. It's pretty much built for people like me, who would take a huge selection and two-day shipping over brick and mortar any day. If I can simultaneously improve my well-being with the products I buy, I'm one happy millennial. Good thing Amazon is absolutely loaded with weird but genius self-care products that are trending like crazy right now.

Granted, self-care is a vague term. To some, it's beauty products for an at-home spa night without F.O.M.O. For others, it's nourishing their bodies or getting a great night's rest. Me? Warm-up yoga in the morning followed by a full day of writing about self-care products. Whatever your definition, these trending products from Amazon have got you covered for millennial-approved relaxation and wellness.

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