23 Genius Self-Care & Beauty Products On Amazon Trending With Millennials

Baby boomers may know a ton about Woodstock. Generation Z can program a cell phone from age four. But if there's one thing that millennials know a ton about, it's online shopping. If you're in the market for something new and innovative, look to the products on Amazon that are trending with millennials. After all, we grew up ordering all our of clothes from Delia's, we make up the largest generation in history, and we're singlehandedly changing retail patterns because of our demand for convenience and flexibility.

No company is a more adequate representation of this than Amazon. It's pretty much built for people like me, who would take a huge selection and two-day shipping over brick and mortar any day. If I can simultaneously improve my well-being with the products I buy, I'm one happy millennial. Good thing Amazon is absolutely loaded with weird but genius self-care products that are trending like crazy right now.

Granted, self-care is a vague term. To some, it's beauty products for an at-home spa night without F.O.M.O. For others, it's nourishing their bodies or getting a great night's rest. Me? Warm-up yoga in the morning followed by a full day of writing about self-care products. Whatever your definition, these trending products from Amazon have got you covered for millennial-approved relaxation and wellness.

1. These Glasses That Block Blue Light From Your Electronics

Blue Light Blocking Glasses, $69, Amazon

Blue light wavelengths (like those found in the lights from your electronics) have been shown to block melatonin release, which keeps you from getting a full, rested sleep at night. These blue light blocking glasses are made with an amber filter to block most of the blue light, allowing your body to produce melatonin even if you surf Facebook right before bed. They're also durable, lightweight, surprisingly stylish, and come in three sizes. "I have been an insomniac for about 30 years," says one reviewer. "I'm surprised I haven't broken them yet since I fell asleep with them on 2 of the 3 nights. So, overall, I'm very impressed with the glasses."


2. This Gorgeous Lotus Necklace That Diffuses Your Essential Oils Throughout The Day

Scoria Aromatherapy Lotus Locket, $19, Amazon

Cary the scents of your favorite healing essential oils everywhere. The Scoria Aromatherapy lotus locket securely holds absorbent lava stones, which diffuse the scent and healing qualities of your oils evenly throughout the day. The set comes with a rhodium-plated locket, a white gold plated chain, and several multi-colored lava stones. "The lava rocks hold the oils really well," says one reviewer. "I use it a couple of ways such as adding a drop of lavender at night and wearing it to bed, and then adding a drop of another oil during the day while at work."


3. The Most Comfortable Wireless Headphones For Sleeping, Traveling, Or Jogging

CozyPhones, $30, Amazon

Whether you're a before-bed podcast fan or you relax your mind by taking a run outside, CozyPhones give you your favorite tunes in the form of a cozy, flat headband. They've got a contour shape and built-in ear speakers to provide the perfect fit, and they have a mesh lining to keep you cool while you travel, sleep, jog, or meditate. These have Bluetooth capabilities, so you can listen wirelessly for hours on just one charge.


4. These Bath Bombs That Have Rings Inside

Blissique Natural Bath Bombs, $25 (2 Pack), Amazon

Bath bombs are trending like crazy right now -- especially the ones with surprises inside. Blissique bath bombs are made with skin-friendly ingredients like shea butter, vitamin E, and real dried flowers. The best part? Each one comes with a hidden ring inside.


5. An Odd Looking Head Massager That Vibrates

Tezam Head Massager, $20, Amazon

This weird claw-shaped thing is actually a head massager, but reviewers are saying, "Once you try it, you fall into a sort of addiction." It uses 8,500 micro vibrations per minute and long, durable fingers to stimulate circulation and relax your whole scalp. It's also super lightweight and apparently really effective for easing migraines.


6. This Facial Spa Treatment You Can Do At Home

OKACHI GLIYA Portable Nano Ionic Facial Steamer, $53, Amazon

Unclog pores, get rid of blackheads, exfoliate, even skin tone, and provide extreme moisture all at home with this facial steamer. It silently and effectively turns water into micro-fine ionic particles that cleanse your whole face for deeper nutritional absorption and collagen regeneration, and reviewers say it's like a spa in your bathroom: "I like to accompany many of my mask treatments with a steam treatment to help open the pores and aid in absorption of the mask treatment, not to mention it's just relaxing."


7. This All Natural Oil For Your Nails And Cuticles

bee naturals Cuticle And Nail Oil, $18, Amazon

For an at-home mani and pedi, people are loving bee naturals cuticle and nail oil. It uses all natural ingredients like avocado oil and tea tree to hydrate, clean, and heal. Some people even use it for preventing scars and prevent nail splitting.


8. This Genius Machine That Creates The Optimal Environment For Sleep

iHome Zenergy Bedside Sleep Machine, $90, Amazon

With build in sleep sounds, 11 light therapy patterns, and dual customizable sleep timers and alarms, people are loving this bedside sleep machine. It uses relaxing lights and ten nature sounds to ease you to sleep at night, and it helps you wake up easily come morning. " I have suffered from insomnia for a long time," says one reviewer. "I've been using this for about a week now. For the past couple nights, I have slept straight through."


9. This Flax Seed And Lavender Spa In A Bag

Spa Comforts Eye Pillow, $12, Amazon

With flax seeds that provide gentle acupressure and actual lavender for aromatherapy, the Spa Comforts eye pillow is incredible for easing headaches, meditating, or blocking out the light while you sleep. You can toss it in the microwave for a few seconds for a relaxing warmth, and reviewers are calling it a "spa in a bag."


10. This Protective Hair Balm That Also Calms Your Nerves

Alteya Organics Hair Treatment Balm, $13, Amazon

Repair damaged and mistreated hair while promoting growth with this hair treatment balm. It's made with USDA-certified organic ingredients, it adds moisture and sheen to any style, and it prevents future breakage and damage. It's also made with fragrant lavender essential oils to promote relaxation and a sense of calm.


11. This Guided Journal Will Help You Meditate

I Am Here Now, $11, Amazon

If you (like tons of other people) have trouble getting away from your thoughts, I Am Here Now is an interactive journal that teaches mindfulness, presence, and relaxation. It uses exercises, meditations, beautiful illustrations, coloring pages, and habit-breakers to help you settle into the current moment, and it's a great non-electronic activity for stress relief. "Love love this book," says one reviewer. "It gets you to slow down, calm down, and think positively!"


12. The Light That Improves Your Mood

Verilux HappyLight, $40, Amazon

Because it produces 5,000 Lux of UV-filtered light, the Verilux HappyLight is a portable way to improve your mood, hack your circadian rhythm, and help reduce weather-related slumps. It mimics sunlight to add some brightness to your space, and it only weighs a little over a pound, so you could bring it to and from work if you wanted to.


13. This Natural Face Mask For Spa-Like Results

Matcha Obsessed Green Tea Clay Mask, $24, Amazon

According to its glowing reviews, this green tea clay mask is good for just about everything. It uses only five natural ingredients to cleanse blackheads, shrink pores, ease acne, reduce redness, even skin tone, reverse inflammation, and hydrate dry skin. "My skin has never looked better and I enjoy putting the mask on every night. It's quite meditative," says one reviewer.


14. This Bedtime Companion That Holds Whatever You're Reading

The Book Seat, $29, Amazon

Wind down before bed with your new best friend: The Book Seat. It easily holds your book, phone, or tablet using beads that enable it to sit into any position. There's also a handy storage pocket for glasses or remote controls, and it holds books open and sturdy so you can read without hands — you can even use it to hold your recipe book open.


15. This Waterproof Vibrating Massage Pillow For Your Bathtub

Beurer Bath Massage Pillow, $17, Amazon

This massage pillow is a fully waterproof vibrating pillow that can be used in the bath. It's battery-operated, has suction cups that stick to your tub, and provides comfortable neck and back support while giving you a massage.


16. The Most Travel-Friendly Humidifier That Ever Existed

Mini Cool Mist Travel Humidifier, $11, Amazon

The Mini Cool Mist humidifier is ideal for travel for so many reasons: it works alongside any USB port, it's shaped like a travel cup to fit all your holders, it's whisper quiet, and you can see how much water is left inside of it. It also doubles as a diffuser for all your essential oils and has a relaxing LED function for some mood lighting.


17. Relieve Back Pain, Encourage Circulation, And Release Endorphins

ProSource Acupressure Mat, $15, Amazon

I'm absolutely in love with my acupressure mat, and use it every day to reduce stress levels, get rid of back and neck pain, and help me sleep at night. This acupressure mat uses thousands of acupressure points to stimulate nerves, release endorphins, and improve circulation. This one also comes with a neck roll, is available in seven different colors, and is one of the most affordable options out there. " I feel like all I am doing is echoing the rest of the reviews, but I love this mat," says one reviewer -- and this person uses it to deal with the aftermath of three consecutive car crashes.


18. These Simple Cups Can Give You An Entire Deep Tissue Massage

Nicola Di Lucca Cupping Set, $13, Amazon

The Nicola Di Lucca Cupping Set comes with two medical grade silicone cups and a sleek carrying bag, and people say it's as effective as a deep tissue massage. These little cups drain your lymph fluid, increase circulation, and help with physical therapy. They can be used all over the body, and apparently they really hurt so good.


19. This Super Portable French Press That You Can Put In The Microwave

MyJo Single Cup Coffee Maker, $13, Amazon

Sometimes your soul just needs a great (and inexpensive) cup of coffee. The MyJo coffee maker gives you a single cup of coffee that tastes like expertly brewed French press. It's extremely portable because it requires no electricity or batteries. Place it in the microwave or pour in boiling water, press down to pump, and enjoy. It also uses K-cups to reduce mess, and reviewers say, "This funny looking little coffeemaker is amazing!"


20. These Awesome Under Eye Gel Pads To Moisturize And De-Puff

ToGoSpa Under Eye Gel Patches, $17 (2 Pack), Amazon

Combine relaxation and beauty with these under eye patches. They're packed with cooling collagen and cleansing oils to replenish essential moisture, provide soothing relief, minimize pores, and plump and brighten skin. Reviewers say they're great after a night of drinking, crying, or not enough sleep.


21. This Sleep-Inducing Aromatherapy Spray For Your Pillow, Yoga Mat, Or Whole Room

Pure Soothing Comfort Pillow Spray, $14, Amazon

This Pure Soothing Comfort pillow spray helps you fall into a deep, restful sleep at night using its all natural aromatherapy essential oil formula. It comes in a convenient spray bottle so you can use some on your pillow or in your room. You can even use it to freshen up your yoga mat, or your body. Over a thousand reviewers agree: "Awesome scent and actually works!"


22. This Non-Toxic Putty For Stress Relief, Physical Therapy, And Fidgeting

Therapy Putty, $15, Amazon

This Therapy Putty is made from high-quality pliable silicone that helps to relieve stress, work out your hand muscles, and help with physical therapy. It comes in a pack of four (each color has a different resistance) and it's non-toxic and unscented. "I am a horrible fidgeter," says one reviewer. "This putty has been a godsend for me, and completely stops any urges to eat while watching something, just to keep my hands busy."


23. These Booties Filled With Natural Extracts So Dead Skin Literally Peels Off

Baby Foot Lavender Foot Peel, $25, Amazon

This Baby Foot lavender foot peel uses 17 natural extracts so that the dead, calloused skin on your feet literally melts off. Simply put on the included booties, soak them for 15 minutes, and then wash and dry them. Then, within a few days, the dead skin comes off in sheets. This one is lavender scented to add to the whole relaxation-home-spa feel.

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