44 Practical Products That Are Einstein-Level Genius & Under $35

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Every so often, I come across an item I had no idea existed — and then I wish that I knew about it sooner. I'm talking about Einstein-level genius products on Amazon that truly move the needle forward in innovation. But don't be fooled: Innovation doesn't necessarily have be synonymous with "complicated." To be entirely honest, the most impressive items on the market tend to be the simplest and most practical.

Whether it be a silicone shaper that molds a couple dozen perfect meatballs at once, a plane phone mount for mile-high movie viewing, or a much-needed bag insert to help you stay organized, you'd be surprised at the amount of everyday problems you can readily solve by perusing the e-commerce giant.

Out of the carefully curated products below, my favorites are the ones that are multifunctional. One example is the gorgeous minimalist lamp that comes with a USB port for your devices (so you won't have to dig behind your nightstand to charge up). And how about this kitchen tool that serves as tongs, a strainer, and scooper all in one? You catch my drift.

If you're on the lookout for a multipurpose item or a genius organizer to make packing easier, this collection has something special for you. Plus, everything on the list is under $35.


A Stainless Steel Drying Rack That You Can Roll Up

Drying your dishes is super important, of course — but typical drying racks can take up critical space. This roll-up version, however, can be neatly folded and packed away once you're done using it. The stainless steel rack can be placed over your sink and used as a fruit and vegetable drainer, too.


These Sleek Wine Coolers That Keep Your Vino Chilly

With a stainless steel wine cooler set, you'll always be able to sip your vino at the ideal temperature. With this package, you'll receive two wine tumblers along with a 750-milliliter bottle that fits the contents of most wine bottles — and all three are shatterproof and double-insulated to keep your wine chilled at the ideal temperature and keep your hands dry of condensation. You’ll also get BPA-free plastic lids that screw onto the tumblers, a bottle brush, and a funnel for transferring the wine to the insulated bottle.


This Charging Cable That's Compatible With Multiple Devices

If your devices require different USB ports, turn to this multi-charging cable for your charging needs. Its ports are compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as the Nintendo Switch. The charger's braided cable is proven to be exceptionally durable, and it likely won't tangle while it's being used or stored.


A Modern Desk Lamp With 2 Built-In USB Charging Ports

Give your room a touch of contemporary style with this minimalist desk lamp. It's designed with a rectangular shade and pull chain. At its base, you'll find two USB charging ports where you can power your devices. The lamp is the perfect detail to uplift your space.


The Alarm Clock That Shakes Your Bed To Get Your Attention

Do you tend to always sleep through the alarm coming from your phone? If so, reach for this loud alarm clock. It's specifically designed for heavy sleepers and the hard-of-hearing, because it's engineered with an extra-loud buzzer and a bed shaker (seriously). You can set it to vibrate, buzz, or do both.


This Textured Silicone Mat That You Can Clean Makeup Brushes On

Sanitizing your makeup brushes just got a whole lot easier with this cleaning mat. Made of silicone that comes in your choice of four bright colors, the mat’s surface has several threading patterns to effectively clean different types of brushes, from blush to eye shadow and more. Best of all, it has a suction cup on the back so you can stabilize it on your countertop or grip it firmly in one hand.


A Felt Purse Insert That Helps Keep Your Bag Organized

Constantly searching through your crowded bag can eat away precious time throughout your day. Get all your items neatly tucked into a compartment with this purse organizer insert, which is made with a soft felt fabric that's pliable. The organizer has a total of 13 pockets and also includes a zippered compartment for your more sensitive belongings.


This Pizza Wheel That Cuts Perfect Slices With Ease

This pizza-cutting wheel isn't your average slicer. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to handle as you're applying even pressure to the dough. The wheel has a sharp rollerblade, which you can cover with the silicone grip when it’s not in use. And it can easily be disassembled once you're done and need to clean it.


A Dual-USB Charger That Refuels Devices At Lightening Speed

I'm totally loving this outlet charger right now. Not only does it allow me to charge two devices simultaneously thanks to its dual USB system, but it also powers them back up at lightning speed. The charger has a durable exterior, making it infallible against drops, scrapes, and everyday wear and tear.


This Stainless Steel Grilling Basket That's Ideal For Barbecues

I'm a sucker for some incredibly good barbecue. That's why I've been on the lookout for a stainless steel grilling basket — and I'm proud to report I've found the perfect one. This basket comes with a handle, and it provides ample cooking space for wings, fish, and vegetables as needed. It's also lightweight enough to carry with you to the park or beach.


A Drink Holder That Drapes Over The Armrest Of Your Couch

Keep your furniture free of condensation by using this drink holder, which drapes over the ledge of your couch. It pulls double-duty as a coaster and a place to store your beverage while you lounge in your favorite chair. Simply lay it around the arm of your sofa, and then tuck the edge into your cushion.


This Car Bluetooth Speaker That Connects To Two Devices At Once

Speaking from experience, switching between phones on Bluetooth speakers can be a nuisance. Fortunately, this car speaker allows two phones to connect at once, making it super easy to go back and forth with playlists. The speaker can also be connected to your preferred smart system (such as Siri or Google Assistant).


The Utensil That's A Pasta Tong, Rice Scoop, And Strainer

Having a five-in-one kitchen tool that scoops, drains, and serves can save you precious drawer space. This one's made with stainless steel handles and a heat-resistant nylon basket (which resists temperatures up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit). The tool is so easy to use that you can maneuver it with one hand while keeping the other free.


A Travel Bag That Folds Up For Easy Storage When It's Empty

When it's time to travel, organized packing is especially crucial — and this foldable duffle bag makes that goal a reality. Designed with water-resistant honeycomb nylon, the bag is as durable as it is lightweight. It has several zippered compartments you can use to organize shoes and other essentials, and it can be folded up for easy storage when you're at your destination.


The Superfood Face Mask Made With Avocado, Green Tea, Kale, And More

There's nothing quite like an organic superfood mask to soothe irritated skin. Formulated with a blend of natural ingredients (such as green tea, avocado, kale, and more), this one aims to provide a deep cleanse while nourishing your complexion. The beauty of this mask is that it won't dare dry out your skin. Instead, it'll provide hydration and leave you with a refreshing glow.


This Kit That Helps You Mix And Apply Face Masks With Ease

Easily prepare your DIY face mask using this mixing bowl set. It includes a bowl, two silicone brushes, a spatula, and a soft brush. The silicone brushes allow for seamless application (and they also feel soothing on the skin). Throw the entire kit in a bag and take it with you on trips for work or fun.


The Gadget That Lets You Make A German Comfort Food

Make one of the most popular German comfort foods with this homemade spaetzle maker. This durable stainless steel tool has holes that are the perfect size for passing dough along to create spaetzle shapes and the tool is long enough to sit on top of your pot so that dough can fall straight into boiling water, making it even more of a breeze to cook this treat.


These Colorful Compression Socks That Help Improve Circulation

Continuous pressure can take a toll on your feet. Combat potential and existing damage by wearing a pair of these compression socks. Bolstered by their lightweight and breathable fabric, the socks also include compression technology that helps improves blood circulation. This, as a result, can reduce pain and swelling in the long run.


A Soap, Shampoo, And Conditioner Dispenser That You'll Ditch Plastic Bottles For

Ditch the plastic bottles and pour your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash into this shower dispenser, which has separate compartments for all three products. It helps saves space in cramped bathrooms, and it can also be installed within minutes. Feel free to mount the dispenser to the wall or in the corner of the shower.


This Portable Charger That's The Size Of A Lipstick Container

Make bulky portable units a thing of the past with this small charger, which is about the size of a lipstick container. You can plug it right in to your phone and then place it into your pocket or bag without a second thought. The unit is specifically compatible with iOS devices and can provide at least one full charge each.


A Microwavable Heating Pad You Can Wear Like A Cape

You'll feel like a superhero while donning this microwavable heating pad. Designed to resemble a cape, the neck and shoulder wrap provides targeted relief to your troubled areas. It's meant to help treat inflammation, arthritis, soreness, and stiffness found within your upper body. You can use the pad warm by heating in the microwave, or you can use it cool by placing in the freezer.


This Flexible Silicone Tool That Molds The Perfect Meatballs

Get the perfect meatballs every single time by using this molding tool. The shaper is able to turn two pounds of meat into 32 meatballs within seconds. Fill the bottom tray and then cover it up with the lid. Once you’re done cooking, you’ll probably notice the meat is more tender (because it hasn’t been overworked).


The Passport Holder With RFID-Blocking Capabilities

This passport holder will keep you organized while traveling — but it'll also help protect against virtual identity theft. The pouch was crafted with RFID-blocking technology that keeps your personal information secure. Plus, the synthetic leather holder has a slot for your passport and additional spaces for cards and cash storage.


A Set Of Stretchy Silicone Lids That You Can Keep Reusing

It can be hard to keep track of which lids are for different containers. But with these stretchy silicone lids, you won't have to play that guessing game any longer. The pack of 14 comes in a selection of sizes that can be stretched and reused whenever you want. You can also safely use them in the microwave or the freezer while storing food.


These Tools That Help You Cut And Press Delicious Dumplings

Whether you're making dumplings, empanadas, or ravioli, this pressing set can assist you throughout the process. Each colorful tool in this three-piece set cuts and seals dough at just the right size. Be sure to use the back side of each press to get a seamless cut before setting your dough and filling it up.


An Over-The-Door Hair Dryer Holder That Saves Counter Space

There just never seems to be the perfect place to store your hair dryer, am I right? Well, this over-the-door organizer will do the trick. With the help of two hooks, it hangs right from a cabinet — plus, it has room on either side of the hair dryer slot to store other styling tools.


This Luggage Organizer That Makes Packing Shoes Easy

Keep your shoes separated from your clothing while traveling with this organizing cube. The exterior is designed with a durable water-repellent fabric and includes an easy-to-carry handle at the top. Inside you can fit one or two pairs of shoes, depending on their size, and closes with a zipper down the center of the cube.


The Handheld Vacuum That Removes Blackheads With Suction

If you're trying to remove stubborn blackheads, you can try using this powerful pore vacuum. Armed with a powerful suction feature, it's fully equipped to remove blackheads and residue that can be left behind after cleansing. The device comes with four removable heads made for your specific needs.


This Bungee That Keeps Your Bags Tightly Packed Together

Jet through the airport with your luggage in tact while using this bag bungee. The accessory attaches two bags together and allows them to move in tandem while you're traveling. You can attach it to the flat handle of your luggage, but it's also compatible with narrow, telescopic handles.


A Colander That Attaches To Your Pots For Easy Straining

Make cooking a whole lot easier by opting for this clip-on strainer. The silicone colander has special clips that allows it to attach to the sides of your pots while you're draining food. It's the perfect option when you don't have plenty of space in your cabinets to store bowl-sized colanders.


The Mini Food Sealer That Keeps Snacks Fresh

Open up that bag of chips, cookies, rice, or pasta without feeling compelled to finish the bag in one sitting. This mini bag sealer heats up and seals bags in seconds, preserving the freshness of your snacks and foods for longer. It works on plastic, foil, and PVC material and comes in three colors.


These Yoga Pants With Built-In Pockets For Your Phone Or Keys

While you're working out, it's important to feel secure in the gear you're wearing. These four-way stretch yoga pants are not only fully opaque, but they're also made from with moisture-wicking fabric. As if that wasn't impressive enough, they also include dual pockets for storing keys and your smartphone.

Available in sizes: X-small to XX-large


These Portable Air-Purifying Bags Made With Bamboo Charcoal

You can fight back against unwanted odors within your clothes, shoes, and home with a set of air-purifying bags. The fabric-covered bamboo charcoal pouches can be placed in your luggage while traveling to help clear the air. They can also be placed inside drawers and other small spaces to help prevent the growth of mold and mildew.


The Silicone Face Scrubbers With Built-In Handles

Sometimes, your bare hands won't suffice while thoroughly cleaning your face. In those tough times, use these silicone scrubbers to get that deep cleanse. They have tiny bristles that help clear clogged pores while exfoliating your skin and increasing blood circulation.


This Reusable Silicone Storage Bag That Stands On Its Own

You can easily store your leftovers in this reusable silicone storage bag. The pliable container is entirely BPA- and latex-free — but it's also dishwasher- and microwave-safe. And since the bag can stand securely on its own, you can pack your food in the fridge and rest assured it won't tumble over.


An Headphone Organizer That Prevents Annoying Tangles

Just looking at this headphone cord organizer brings me relief. Made from durable silicone material that's available in a variety of colors, it clips your headphones into place after the wires are wrapped. (In other words, the accessory prevents your wires and cords from tangling.) Throw the organizer in your purse or pocket while you're on the go, and then unpack it when you want to listen to music or talk on the phone.


The Scale That Helps You Avoid Overweight Luggage Fees

Avoid the guessing game at the airport by purchasing a luggage scale. When linked to your suitcase handle, it gives you an accurate reading in a matter of seconds (and prevents you from having to cough up cash for an annoying excess weight fee). Attach its strap to your bag and push the button for an easy-to-read digital display.


These Smart Plugs That You Can Control With Your Phone

You can up your tech game with these Wi-Fi-enabled smart plugs. They're compatible with Alexa and Google Home, but they don't require a smart hub for usage. You can control them with an app on your phone, which is designed with a timer that powers down appliances as needed to save electricity.


This Herb Savor For Crisp Fresh Herbs When You Need Them

If your herbs seem to wilt the day after a grocery trip, invest in this herb savor and you'll have fresh parsley, basil, rosemary, and more for days (or even weeks). Simply refill the water reservoir every three to five days to keep your fave herbs fresh and crisp.


The USB-Powered Humidifier That You Can Travel With

Owning a compact humidifier means you can always enjoy moist air — even while traveling. This portable, USB-powered device is super easy to use: Just remove the lid, pour water inside the lower container, secure the top, and power it on. Mist will then be released into the air.


The Microwavable Potato Bags For Faster Cooking Spuds

The only downside to cooking potatoes is that the process can be lengthy. But these microwave potato cooker bags are designed to whip up potatoes in as little as four minutes. The reusable bags are machine washable for easier cleanup and can be used for other ingredients, such as fresh corn.


These Glow-In-The-Dark Covers For Your Fire Stick Remotes

You can add some fun color to your Fire Stick remotes with these silicone covers. Not only do they upgrade your controllers with style, but they also have functional benefits. Each one keeps the back portion fastened, preventing the batteries from becoming loose after falling. And since they glow in the dark, they're easy to find at night.


This Stainless Steel Tea Infuser That Hooks Onto Your Mug

In my opinion, the key to deliciously brewed loose tea is to have a quality infuser. This stainless steel infuser set checks that box with its fine mesh cups and saucers. Place your desired amount of tea inside one of the baskets, secure the lid, and then dip it into your cup using the chain. (You can also secure the hook onto the side of your mug while it brews.) After a few minutes of steeping, you can safely remove it.


A Car Side Door Organizer That Doubles As A Seat Gap Filler

This organizer performs double duty in your car — as a side door or backseat pocket organizer that fits items like your phone, wallet, and keys, but also as a seat gap filler that prevents items (like your keys) from falling between seats and getting lost. The organizer is installed without tools — adhesive 3M tape keeps it in place.