44 Things That Make You Feel Seriously Bougie (But Cost Less Than $35)

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Every once in a while, it feels good to treat yourself to something luxurious — but living the good life without going bankrupt isn't easy. These products will make you feel seriously bougie (but cost less than $35), so you can pamper yourself, even if you have champagne taste and a beer budget.

Sure, you could simply cleanse your skin at the end of a long day — or you could turn your bathroom into a straight-up spa, pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa and get glowing with luxurious skincare products like a peel made with wine extracts that will set you back less than $30. After you pamper your skin, slip your feet into a pair of faux fur slippers with a springy memory foam interior (which you'll find on this list for a fraction of the price of luxury brands) and stay warm and cozy under a plush electric blanket that boasts 10 heat settings for customizable comfort.

From opulent Hollywood-style vanity mirror lights to a juicer that gives you control over the amount of pulp in your OJ, these smart and luxurious products make you feel like royalty. Shop this list and get ready to live the high life without the astronomical price tag.


This High-Pressure Rain Shower Head That Removes Limescale

Take the dreamiest shower with this high pressure rain shower head. Unlike other shower heads, this high-pressure option has 90 powerful silicone jets that remove limescale and other hard water deposits that can make your skin and hair feel kind of unclean and even a little slimy. Its self-cleaning nozzles won't rust or clog and you don't have to be a licensed plumber to figure out its installation, which takes minutes and requires no tools.


A Lap Desk With Eight Adjustable Positions And A Cushioned Base

Work anywhere with this adjustable lap desk. Its cushioned base rests comfortably on your lap and it can be adjusted to eight different positions so that you'll always find the ideal viewing angle. Weighing just about one pound, you can easily travel with it and use it for your laptop, notebook, or as a resting place for that novel you're reading 24/7.


This Facial Cleanser That Works On All Skin Types

Give yourself a custom facial at home using this facial cleansing brush. The battery-powered brush is waterproof and comes with seven interchangeable brush heads that perform a number of different functions like deep cleansing, exfoliating, and even removing tough calluses. Choose between two speeds — low is for sensitive skin and high is perfect for combination and oily skin.


An Aromatherapy Mist That Will Calm Your Mind And Body

Drift off to a peaceful sleep after spraying a little bit of this aromatherapy mist to pillows, linen, or around your room. The relaxing essential oil blend calms your mind and body with a natural scent derived from chamomile, lavender, jojoba oil, and aloe vera — which can fight insomnia and moisturize skin at the same time.


A Facial Peel Made With Sparkling Water And Lemon

High-end ingredients like sparking water and vitamin C-packed lemon join forces in this skin peel to gently, effectively rid your skin of dryness and get it glowing in no time. The pore-cleansing gommage gel moisturizes as it exfoliates, leaving skin brighter and smoother after just one application.


The Bathroom Caddy That Holds All Of Your Favorite Products

Keep all of your shower essentials in reach and organized with this shower caddy. Designed from durable metal wire, it features eight shelves that include six angled shelf baskets, two flat storage shelves, and two double hooks. It slides right over the shower head and requires no other installation. Plus, it’s designed not to rust, comes in eight color finishes, and is compatible with detachable shower heads.


These Faux Fur Slippers That Have Memory Foam Cushioning

Keep your feet warm and cozy with these faux fur slippers. The fluffy clog-style slipper has memory foam cushioning for extra support, with anti-slip soles and a textured bottom for a better grip. They come in eight fun colors (purple or leopard, anyone?) and are a fraction of the price of similarly designed UGG slippers.

  • Available sizes: S-XL


A Mini Humidifier That You Can Take With You To Work

Breathe and sleep better with this mini humidifier in your office, bedroom, and anywhere else you spend a lot of time. It features two mist modes, one that runs for 12 hours and another that runs for 18 hours. When the water runs out, the humidifier automatically turns off for safety. It comes in four colors and is so compact and portable that you can truly take it anywhere.


This Bedside Lamp That Turns On When You Tap It

This touch lamp is the best light for your bedside table — especially if you can't stand getting up out of bed (just when you were getting cozy) to turn off lights. Just tap the lamp to turn it on and choose from four brightness levels and three colors to customize your light. It has a rechargeable battery that can provide up to eight hours of light when it's set to minimum brightness.


The Fancy Facial Peel That Brightens With Wine Extract

Get the skin of your dreams with these skin peeling pads made from brightening wine extract. These exfoliating pads remove dead skin and clean pores while delivering antioxidants that make skin glow. Best of all: they're so gentle you can use them daily, even if you have sensitive skin.


A Foot Scrubber That Sticks To Your Shower Floor

Clean and massage your feet at the same time with this shower foot scrubber. The non-slip rubber grips to your shower floor to prevent sliding. The gentle bristles clean between your toes and the soles of your feet while relieving any aches or pains. It also helps to remove dead skin and increase blood flow and circulation — and it even comes in for colors.


This Sleep Mask That Plays Music For More Than 10 Hours

These multitasking sleep headphones and eye mask do so much more than just keep light out while you snooze. They have Bluetooth capabilities that allow you to connect to any device, play music, and even answer calls. Charge them for just two hours and get more than 10 hours of use out of the headphones. Their built-in adjustable speakers can be removed when you need to wash the mask.


A Hair Treatment That Renews Your Locks In Seconds

Renew your hair in just eight seconds with this hydrating rinse-out conditioner. Its lamellar water and amino acids make your hair instantly softer and smoother by adding intense moisture that works on even the most damaged strands. Ideal for all hair types, it smoothens hair without sapping it of volume and life.


The Car Seat Heater That Makes Your Morning Commute Better

Make your commute a tad more enjoyable with this heated smart car seat. It heats up in just three minutes to either high, medium, or low — you can choose your ideal setting on the handheld remote. It easily slides over any car seat and hooks around the back to keep secure. And, for safety purposes, the heated seat automatically turns off after 45 minutes.


These Essential Oil Fizzies That Come With A Steamer To Heighten Your Bath Experience

Get all the benefits of nourishing essential oils in your shower with these aromatherapy bath fizzies. This pack of six bath bombs include lavender, watermelon, eucalyptus and menthol, vanilla and sweet orange, grapefruit, and peppermint.


This Facial Steamer That Hydrates And Deep Cleans Your Pores

Get the facial of your life right at home with this facial steamer. It uses nano ions to penetrate even deeper into your skin, effectively blasting sebum that causes acne and helping to hydrate your complexion. The steamer comes with a four-piece skin care set of extraction tools, a cute kitten headband to keep your hair back, and a tool carrying case.


The Shower Cap That Keeps Your Hair Dry While You Shower

This is not your mother’s shower cap. This adorable, trendy cap not only looks cute, but is made with durable, waterproof nylon and a stretchy band that fits every head. Once it is fastened securely, it stays in place, and you can score it in two adorable prints: palm leaf or leopard.


An Express Food Chopper That Minces, Chops & Blends

This express food chopper works to mince, chop, grind, or blend your favorite ingredients. The 16-ounce bowl is the ideal size for food prep and keeps you from having to dirty your big mixer. Control your chopping options with the easy-to-use buttons on the side. Plus the whole thing comes apart and is dishwasher safe.


A Bluetooth Portable Speaker That Connects Up To 100 Feet Away

This portable Bluetooth speaker starts the party anywhere. With an incredible bass and powerful sound, you can play music and podcasts from any of your devices. The wireless speaker connects up to 100 feet away from your device and its rechargeable battery allows it to play for 20 hours before needing a power boost. The sleek speaker is water-resistant, so don't be afraid of using it pool-side.


An Electric Blanket That Has 10 Heat Levels

This heated blanket is a must for cold days or chilly offices. The cozy flannel blanket boasts 10 heat levels and a timer that can be set to one, two, or three hours. It’s machine washable and has a convenient remote control and an auto shut-off for safety.


A Water Bottle With A Built-In Fruit Infuser For A More Delicious Drink

If you aren't wild about the taste of plain water and find it difficult to stay hydrated throughout the day, this fruit-infused water bottle is going to prove a game changer. The 24-ounce bottle has leakproof bottom and top screw lids with an inner filter for fruits, veggies, and herbs. The leakproof bottle is dishwasher safe and has a top carrying handle and an insulation sleeve — which means it won't sweat on your hands.


These LED Mirror Lights That Will Make You Feel Like A Hollywood Star

This LED vanity mirror light kit helps you turn any traditional mirror into a dream makeup station. Just paste the bulbs onto your mirror, use the dimmer switch to find your perfect light, and get to work applying makeup and grooming your brows without any pesky shadows getting in the way. The line of 10 bulbs can be adjusted to fit your mirror (bulbs can be cut off of necessary).


An Exfoliating Foot Peel Made With Soothing Lavender

If your feet are dry and cracked, it might be time to give this exfoliating foot peel a try. Just wear the booties on your feet for about one hour, then take them off and rinse. After about two weeks, your outer layer of old skin should peel away, revealing touchable, soft feet.


This Jewelry-Cleaning Stick For Those Tight Nooks And Crannies

Jewelry looking a little worse for wear? Get it sparkling bright as almost-new with this cleaning stick. The flow-through brush applicator makes it easy to "paint" the specialized cleaning solution all over your rings, necklaces, and more, plus the bristles are narrow enough that they can even get into the tight mountings behind precious stones.


These Ice Cube Trays That Make Sphere Cubes That Won't Dilute Drinks Fast

These silicone ice cube trays make colossal sphere ice cubes to dress up any cocktail or drink without diluting it within minutes like ordinary cubes. The BPA-free silicone is reusable and makes four large ice balls at a time — each is the perfect size for one drink. The flexibility of the tray, which is safe in the dishwasher and microwave, makes it a cinch to remove ice, and it even comes with a funnel to fill the molds without spillage.


The Blackhead Vacuum That Sucks All The Gunk From Your Skin

Get clearer, smoother skin without dropping a lot of money at the spa with this blackhead remover vacuum. It comes with four replacement heads and you can customize your facial with five adjustable suction powers that wok without irritating, whether your skin is sensitive and dry or oily and prone to breakouts. The tool has a built-in charger and lasts 150 minutes on a single charge.


This Infrared Thermometer That Measures Temperature Without Making Contact

Measure temperature more easily with this infrared thermometer. Just point and shoot the laser to measure temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius. Get results more quickly on the easy-to-read digital display. The tool itself is durable and covered in UV paint coating that prevents scratches. And it can measure a wide range of temps — from -58 degrees to 716 degrees F.


These LED Strip Lights That Stick Anywhere To Add Mood Lighting

These LED strip lights make for an amazing backlight TV experience, but that’s not all you can use them for. Light up the area under your bed, in a dark closet, or anywhere that needs a little life and glow with these stick-on lights. They stay in place with a non-damaging adhesive strip and come with a remote control that lets you choose among 16 unique colors and four dimmable modes.


This Memory Foam And Gel Pillow That Keeps Your Head From Sweating

Sleep better with this memory foam pillow. The pillow has a ventilated design that allows air to circulate more freely, making for a more comfortable rest. The pillow itself is filled with gel that helps regulate your temperature and keep your head cool. It comes with a removable cover that can easily be thrown into the washing machine.


These Bamboo Bed Sheets That Are Cooler Than Cotton

Sleep like royalty with these luxurious bamboo bed sheets. Made from a bamboo and microfiber blend, these sheets are resistant to allergens, won’t wrinkle, and feel are softer and cooler than traditional cotton. The set comes in eight mattress sizes and 13 shades.


An Activated Charcoal Bar Soap That Targets Acne-Causing Bacteria

This activated charcoal soap bar detoxes your skin with powerful, natural ingredients. Its charcoal pulls toxins and oils from your pores, helping to prevent acne. Unlike other drying soap bars, this one is infused with hydrating shea butter, lavender, and lemongrass essential oils that rejuvenate your skin and it's safe on all skin types, including sensitive. This organic soap is also vegan and GMO-free.


The Body Cream That Feeds Your Skin With Nutrients

If you have dry or rough skin, this intensely hydrating moisturizer was made for you. Feed your skin with sunflower and almond oils that are blended with rosemary, chamomile, and pansy extracts. The face and body moisturizer is free of fragrances and parabens.


This Setting Powder That Gives Foundation An Airbrushed Finish

With a light, airy finish, this setting powder won't leave your skin with a white flashback in photos. It's great for setting, baking, highlighting, as well as contouring, plus it can even help reduce shine if your face leans towards the oily side. Grab it in two colors: buttercup and buttercup light.


An Automatic Soap Dispenser That Is Way More Hygienic

Who has time to dispense their own soap? Not you! This touchless soap dispenser is convenient and hygienic. Powered by batteries, it's resistant to water and can sit on your countertop or be mounted to the wall. Just wave your hand in front of it to dispense soap (you can control how much soap is dispensed at one time, which saves you from the fate of messy countertops). It even comes in five different finishes like copper and nickel.


This Pepper Grinder That Uses Gravity To Season Your Food

This automatic pepper mill grinder seasons your food simply by tipping it over. Using gravity, the pepper grinder dispenses your spices onto your plate. Choose you preferred grinding level, from the fine to coarse, and turn on the optional blue LED light for a little dinner mood lighting.


This Facial Spray With Damask Rose And Sage For Super-Soft Skin

Get smooth, soft, and glowing skin with a few spritzes of this facial essence, a K-beauty treasure made with a blend of hydrating and nourishing Damask rose, jasmine, sage, witch hazel, and chamomile extract. Use it as your second skincare step after cleanser and before serum and moisturizer and then toss it into your bag and rely on it as a toning mist to keep your skin moisturized and your makeup fresh all day.


A Supportive Bath Pillow That Takes Relaxation To A Whole New Level

Take your bath to the next level with this bath pillow. The pillow has suction cups that grip to your bath surface without slipping. It cradles and supports your neck and head (the better for relaxing and reading a book in the bath) and it dries fast to prevent mildew and odors.


This Mess-Free Bamboo Cutting Board And Serving Tray With A Juice Groove

Prep your food and keep counters clean when you chop veggies, meat, and fruit on this organic bamboo cutting board. The anti-bacterial board features a juice groove that captures liquids as you cut and chop so that they don't wind up all over your counter and floor. The board is reversible and has side handles, making it the perfect serving tray, as well. It comes in three sizes.


The Juicer That Allows You To Control The Amount Of Pulp In Your OJ

Make your own juice and control the amount of pulp in beverages like fresh OJ with this citrus juicer. Choose from low, medium, and high pulp settings to get your juice the way you like it, right at home. The auto-reversing cone is designed to extract even more juice from fruits and each of its components is safe in the dishwasher.


A Sooting Facial Roller Made With Jade Stones On Both Ends

Soothe your skin and curb inflammation with this natural jade facial roller. Store the tool in your fridge for a few minutes and then roll it over your face to reduce unwanted puffiness and prep your skin for serums and moisturizers. The double-sided roller has a smaller roller on one end for under the eyes and a larger roller on the other end for your cheeks and forehead. The set also comes with a gua sha jade tool.


This Double-Walled French Press That Keeps Coffee Warm

If you're a fan of delish French press coffee, this is the French press coffee maker that truly stands the test of time and boasts features that make your coffee-drinking experience (which is sacred, admit it) a hundred times better. The press is designed with double-walled insulation to keep coffee warmer for longer and it boasts a cool-touch handle. Its three-layered stainless steel filter ensures stray coffee grounds stay away from your cup and the pot comes in three sizes and 10 shades — this is your chance to finally score a magenta coffee pot.


An Absorbent Memory Foam Bath Mat That Feels Like A Cloud

Step out of the shower and onto a cloud with this memory foam bath mat. The incredibly absorbent mat dries fast, preventing smells and mildew. It's made from cozy velvet and has non-slip pads on the bottom to keep your mat in place. The mat comes in eight sizes and 12 shades.


These Smart WiFi Outlets So You Can Control Appliances From Anywhere

Plug your devices or appliances into these mini WiFi outlets and control them from an app or via Alexa, Google Home, or IFTTT. These plugs let you turn lights and appliances on and off, as well as set them to schedules — even when you aren't home — which saves you a ton of money on your electric bill.


This Multitasking Pillow That Transforms Into A Blanket And Storage Bag

The only thing better than a truly comfortable and supportive travel pillow is this multitasking pillow that serves four amazing functions. It opens to a large blanket, but also folds up into a comfortable pillow for sleeping or lumbar support. And that's not all: it boasts a convenient luggage strap and two mesh pockets and can literally transform into a small carrying case that's perfect for stashing small travel items like sleep headphones or a book. The unique blanket/pillow comes in three colors and even includes an inflatable head pillow.

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