45 Ways to Make Your Home MUCH Nicer For Under $30

Because you deserve a luxurious space.

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“Home” means so much more these days. It’s not just where you lay your head at night — it's also your office, movie theatre, Zoom conference room, and spa. And since you’re spending so much time there, it might be worth investing in a few of these 43 products that make your home nicer.

From your first cup of coffee in the morning (check out these cool glass espresso mugs) to when you go to bed at night (these soft satin sheetssigh), this list is about to make your home so much nicer.


The Motion Lights For Your Kitchen & Closet

These motion sensor light bars are a perfect way to illuminate the underside of your kitchen cabinets or bookshelves, and they're also great for lighting up your closet or hallway. The battery-operated lights turn on when they detect motion within 10 feet, and then turn off again after 20 seconds of inactivity. They're wireless and adhere to any surface without tools or installation.


The Easy Solution To Hiding All Your Cables

Whether it's behind your computer, printer, or TV setup, there's surely at least one nest of tangled cords in your home. These cable organizers hide everything away but have cutouts on both ends for threading cords through. With attractive bamboo lids, the kit comes with cable clips and a roll of Velcro tape for ultimate tidiness. The set comes with one small box and one large box.


These Highly Rated Jewelry Trays That Keep Everything Neat & Organized

Too often, I take my jewelry off at night and put it on my nightstand only to wake up in the morning to find it tangled or — worse — missing. (Under the bed again.) These jewelry trays, though are a great solution: The set of four comes with different-sized compartments for earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces, and the soft velvet material keeps everything well protected.


These Furniture Markers That Erase Imperfections

Conceal scratches, rings, water spots, and other marks on your fine wood furniture with this set of ingenious furniture markers. Just use the felt tip markers to draw over scratches or discoloration. This set comes with six cool-tone markers and a warm-tone set is also available in the listing. “Amazed at how well little scuffs disappeared in one swipe. I thought the grey weathered wood would be hard to match,” wrote one shopper.


This Bath Tub Caddy That's Perfect For A Spa Night

You deserve an indulgent night of unwinding in the bath, and this bath tub caddy can help you do just that. Made from bamboo, it extends over your tub and gives you a spot for your body wash, loofah, and (ahem) bottle of wine. It's water-resistant, and the slatted design allows any water to drain through.


A Computer Memo Board For Sticky Note Reminders

Talk about the ultimate assistant — this memo board affixes to the side of your computer monitor, so you can keep sticky note reminders where you can see them. It also features a compartment for your smartphone at the bottom, so it's nearby when you need it. Made from durable yet lightweight acrylic, it attaches easily with strong 3M adhesive and even has a cutout at the bottom, so you can thread your phone charging cable through.


The Gadget That Turns Your Outlet Into A Nightlight

Make any standard outlet into a convenient nightlight to guide your way in the dark with these snap-on outlet covers. They feature tiny motion sensor lights that turn on automatically when they detect activity. Quick and easy to install without any tools, these are a great way to illuminate hallways, bathrooms, and kitchens for late night trips.


The Pillow Covers That Make Any Space Look Luxe

These luxurious faux fur pillow covers are an instant way to add some plush, cozy style to any space. Soft enough to nap with, they're available in six colors like gray, burgundy, and ombré pink, as well as a variety of shapes and sizes. Plus, they're machine-washable for totally effortless cleaning.


The Laundry Basket That Actually Looks Chic

Who says laundry baskets have to be made from plastic? This hamper is made from Oxford cloth and features casters on the bottom, so you can roll it to the washer and dryer. It’s available in colors like beige, gray, and navy blue, and the slim profile means it takes up minimal space in your bedroom.


The Smart Plugs That You Can Voice Control

You can voice control these smart plugs after syncing them to your smart home assistant, but you can also use the accompanying app to set appliances to go on and off from anywhere in the world, or create custom lighting schedules. Set the lights to automatically brighten in the morning and then have them begin to soften in the late afternoon.


The Elegant Aromatherapy Diffuser That Runs For More Than 24 Hours On One Fill

You may fall in love with essential oil diffuser because of the cool, marble-like look, but you'll truly appreciate the fact that the spacious tank means it can run for more than 24 hours on just one fill. You can also set it on a timer for one, three, or six hours, and even set it to light up in one of seven colors. Add a few drops of lavender and get ready to unwind.


This Bamboo Bath Mat That Has A Natural Aesthetic

Crafted from sustainably harvested bamboo, this bath mat is a natural beauty and soft and smooth on the feet, as well. Suitable for your bathroom or outdoor use, it's sturdy and provides great drainage and air circulation. The six non-slip pads on the bottom keep it securely in place, and when you're not using it, it folds away for easy storage.


The Hooks That Will Finally Get Those Towels And Coats Off The Floor

Boasting a cool, understated style, these brushed brass hooks will finally motivate you to get your towel, robe or pajamas off the floor. The set of two hooks are available in four finishes: polished silver, matte black, brushed silver, and brushed brass.Made from premium, rust-proof stainless steel, they're easy to hang on the wall and come with all the necessary hardware.


The Spice Rack That Helps You Locate The Coriander

If you're doing a bit more cooking lately, you'll want to check out this spice rack made from sturdy steel with an attractive chrome finish. The space-saving rack comes with 18 empty jars, along with labels that can be affixed to the lids, so you can actually find the rosemary, coriander, or paprika when you need it.


This Magnetic Knife Block With A 4.8-Star Overall Rating

Crafted from acacia wood, this knife holder is outfitted with super-strong interior magnets that instantly secure all your knives and kitchen shears. The attractive holder boasts a narrow profile, so it takes up minimal counter space and features an anti-slip bottom to keep it in place.


The Shelf Dividers That Finally Get Your Closet In Shape

Use these shelf dividers to finally get your handbags, sweaters, and off-season clothes neatly arranged on your closet shelves just like you've always wanted. Made from heavy-duty acrylic, they hook right onto your shelves (no installation required), and the clear design offer maximum visibility. Great for towels and linens, too.


The Temporary Wallpaper That Looks Like Marble

If you're jonesing for a design pick-me-up, check out this peel and stick wallpaper that you can apply to walls, countertops, backsplashes, and just about anything else. The marble print wallpaper is waterproof, fade-resistant, and available in several widths. It's easy to apply too — if you make a mistake while applying, just use a hair dryer to warm it up and make an adjustment. And with little extra heat from that dryer, you can also remove the wallpaper if you change your mind a few months or years down the road.


This Tablet Holder That Attaches To The Wall

The powerful suction cup on the back of this tablet holder means you can affix to any flat surface for easy video watching, Zoom conferencing, or just viewing a recipe while you're in the kitchen. It can accommodate most tablets up to 11 inches and features 360-degree rotating joints, so you can view the tablet at any angle. Plus, the bracket holder is padded, so it won't damage your delicate device.


These Satin Sheets That'll Make You Feel Like Royalty

What more could you ask for than a set of satin sheets to slip into at night? Not only do they feel utterly luxurious, but they're totally affordable and machine wash and dry like a dream. Available in 10 colors like ivory, aqua, and silver, they'll keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, and reviewers say they're "soft" and "the best satin sheets on Amazon."

  • Available sizes: twin, full, queen, king, California king


A Dimmer Switch That Can Be Voice Controlled

Control the lighting in any room with just your voice by using this smart dimmer switch. Compatible with any smart home assistant, you can also download an app to set schedules or turn it on and off from anywhere in the world. Use the dimming powers of this little guy to set a romantic mood before dinner.


This Lazy Susan Made From Durable Glass

Place this lazy Susan on your table, and you can spin it to reach the salt, pepper, sugar, and other condiments. Made from durable tempered glass, the understated turntable will blend in with literally any decor. You can also use it for cheese plates and dessert displays when you have friends over.


The Hanging Planters That Add A Dash Of Modern Elegance To Any Room

Add a hint of modern style to any room — and some greenery, too — with these geometric wall planters. Made from ceramic and plated metal wire, they're sturdy and easy to hang. They come in two size options and several ceramic colors and wire finishes, like brass, nickel, and copper.


These Damage-Free Picture-Hanging Strips

Want an easy way to hang pictures without having to use tools or create permanent holes in the wall? Use these picture-hanging strips. Each Velcro-style strip is backed with adhesive — attach one to the wall and one to the frame, then secure the textured surfaces together. The pack comes with 64 strips, so you can finally create that gallery wall you’ve been wanting, and they release without damage if you ever take the pictures down.


This Cool Organizer For All Your Glasses

If you're an eyewear aficionado and have multiple pairs of sunnies or prescription glasses, you'll definitely want to check out this glasses organizer. It's made from durable acrylic and features five shelves for all your favorite pairs. The organizer can be wall-mounted, but you can also just set it on your dresser.


The Sun Shade That''ll Transform Your Backyard For The Better

Available in a variety of sizes and styles, this sun shade is exactly what you need to transform your backyard area into a cool oasis on the most blazing hot days. The triangular-shaped canopy attaches at three points and provides 95% UV protection while still allowing the breeze to pass through. Choose from colors like sand, terra cotta, or green and white stripes.


A Surge Protector With A Rotating Plug That Fits In Tight Spaces

The plug on this power strip rotates 360 degrees, so it fits in even the most crammed of spaces, without twisting or fraying. Equipped with six outlets and a 6-foot cord, it also protects against power surges and lightning strikes, so you can rest assured your electronics are in good hands.


These Organizers That Will Bring Order To Your Drawers

Now you can finally attack that project you've been meaning to get to: organizing your dresser drawers. These drawer organizers. Made from a durable non-woven fabric, the set comes with six compartments that form a modular system, so you can sort and store underwear, bras, tops, and all your other garments. This is the perfect way to keep your drawers from becoming a jumbled mess.


A Bathroom Caddy That Gets Everything Off The Counter

Consolidate all your toiletries and get them off the counter with this bathroom caddy. It pulls out all the stops, with covered toothbrush holders, an automatic toothpaste dispenser, a towel rack, and compartments for creams and skin care products. It mounts to your wall with ultra-strong suction cups and even features a little cupboard with four rinsing cups.


This Tabletop Waterfall Turns Your Home Into A Spa

Add a relaxing, spa-like touch to any room with this tabletop fountain. With real river stones at the base, the three-tier fountain also features three tea light holders for ultimate mood setting. It plugs right into the wall and is an amazing way to add some soothing, meditative atmosphere to your home.


A Charging Station To Organize All Your Electronics While They Power Up

Keep your electronics organized while they power up with this bamboo charging station. The station houses a charging port (not included) and has space for up to four phones and tablets, and has a holder to specifically accommodate your AirPods and smartwatch. Plus, it comes with three Apple charging cables and two micro-USB cables.


An Infusion Pitcher For Making Spa Water Every Day

Enjoy refreshing, fruit-flavored water every day with this infusion pitcher. Simply slice up your favorite fruit and stick it in the infusion core to give your water a little extra punch. Just as good — the 2-liter pitcher is totally heat-resistant, so you can use it to make big batches of loose leaf, as well. It's shatterproof and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


This Bucket That Keeps Wine Much Colder

Not only does wine chiller look sleek and modern on your dinner table, but it'll also help your vino retain its cool temperature for up to two hours. It's condensation-resistant and sized to fit all standard 75-milliliter bottles, including sparkling wine. Made with double-walled, insulated stainless steel, it comes in three polished finishes: silver, gold, and the copper pictured here.


This Makeup Organizer That Makes It Easier To Find Your Favorite Eyeliner

When you're trying to get ready in the morning, the last thing you want to be doing is fumbling around for that one eyeliner that you really like (the one that doesn't smudge). This makeup organizer displays everything in a nice, orderly fashion, thanks to multiple compartments and a slide-out drawer. Plus, it's super cute, will look great on any dresser, and can also be used for office or craft supplies.


This Mounted Holder For All Your Remotes

Does your remote control tend to disappear all the time? Mount this sturdy remote control holder right next to your TV or couch, so you never have to search through the cushions again (or worse — contact the electronics company for a replacement.) It mounts easily with strong but removable 3M Command adhesive, so you don't have to worry about drilling or hardware.


This Chip-And-Dip Set That's Perfect For Snacking On The Couch

This chip-and-dip set is a sleek, modern take on an old classic. The spacious bowl has plenty of room for your tortilla or potato chip of choice, while the two attached side bowls give you dipping options, so you can can switch off between the guacamole and the salsa (or the ranch and the onion dip).


A Frosted Window Film That Gives You Easy Privacy

This window privacy film allows soft light to filter into your home, while still giving you the privacy you want. Plus, it blocks 96% of the sun's harmful UV rays to prevent furniture from fading. Available in three shades and a variety of sizes, the frosted film uses static cling to adhere to your windows, so it's easy to apply and remove.


The Ottoman That Gives You Just That Extra Bit Of Storage

This storage ottoman is empty inside, so it's perfect for stowing away books, magazines, toys, throw blankets, and more. And of course — it doubles as extra seating too, or can be used to prop up your feet when you're ready to kick back and relax. It's available in black and brown, but you can also up for a larger version in tufted, upholstered gray.


This Over-The-Sink Dish Rack That Rolls Up For Storage

For small kitchens (or any kitchen, for that matter), this over-the-sink dish rack is a space-saving godsend. Made from stainless steel, it fits right over your sink, giving you plenty of counter space to meal prep. t has silicone grips that keep it in place, and it's also a great way to rinse fruits and veggies. And when you're done, simply roll it up and stash it in a drawer or under the sink.


This Cozy Throw Blanket That Scores Style Points

Available in 20 pretty colors, this throw blanket is soft, cozy, and exactly what you want to snuggle up with when you're settling in for a relaxing night of TV watching. A great all-weather weight, it features a subtle zig-zag pattern and fringe for a little extra texture and style. It comes in two size options and is machine-washable for easy care.


The Minimalist Tissue Holder That Fits In With Any Décor

Until tissue boxes get a design upgrade, keep yours in this clean, minimalist tissue holder. Made from clear acrylic, it'll blend in with any aesthetic and has a cutout on top for grabbing tissues. Choose from square and rectangle versions.


A Utensil Organizer That Expands To Fit Your Drawer

Made from eco-friendly bamboo, this drawer organizer has nine slots for utensils, but expands sideways to give you two extra compartments that are great for serving spoons, whisk, and spatulas. It's a great way to ensure the organizer actually fits in your drawer (no guesswork!). It also comes in smaller versions if you're really squeezed for space.


These Espresso Cups That Have A Cool Design

Get your morning jolt of caffeine by sipping from these cool espresso mugs that make it look like your coffee is floating inside. Made from shatter-proof, double-wall insulated glass, the 5.4-ounce cups stay warm for a long time — in case it takes you a minute to get to your coffee. Each set comes with two.


These Versatile Bins That Are Ideal For All Kinds Of Storage

These storage bins are the perfect solution for stowing away extra work supplies, crafting materials, toys, towels, and linens. The sturdy cloth bins are made with durable fabric and feature cotton rope handles. You can put them in your closet, but they're chic enough for storage in your bathroom or living room too. Choose from three sizes.


This Computer Stand That Makes It Easier To Look At Your Screen

If you have a constant crick in your neck because you're looking down at your computer, this super highly-rated monitor stand is about to make a difference. Made from durable tempered glass with rounded edges, it elevates your screen by 3.4 inches, so you can look straight at it and keep your neck properly aligned.


This Organizer That Keeps All Of Your Purses Together

Looking for a place to keep all of your purses and handbags? Try this organizer out. It can be kept in your closet to provide a spot for 10 purses, because there are 10 separated compartments constructed with non-woven fabric. Plus, the strong hooks holding it all up are made with stainless steel.

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