7 Cheap Vitamix Alternatives Reviewers On Amazon Swear By In 2022

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If you want a high-quality blender similar to a $280-plus Vitamix, you’re in luck. There are tons of affordable options available, and the best cheap Vitamix alternatives are powerful and feature many of the key qualities of a Vitamix, like super-sharp stainless blades that can cut through ice and whole foods. However, they can be had for as little as $40.

To find the best blender for the money, you’ll need to consider how you’ll use it. If you want to crush ice, seeded berries, nuts, and frozen fruit, you’ll want a blender with a strong motor. The Vitamix E310 model, for example, has a powerful 2-horsepower motor which comes in handy for hard-to-blend items. However, if you’ll usually be blending softer items, you might not need so much power.

For those that love to make homemade almond butter or other purees, it’s essential to have a mixer with different pulsing settings to get that smooth texture quickly. To compare, the Vitamix E310 has 10 variable speeds. And if you plan on making soups or hot sauces, look for a blender jar that can handle a hot ingredients. Some Vitamix models can even heat up soup using friction, and while none of these models make that claim, the top pick has users who claim it worked for them.

From smoothies, hummus, soups, to nut or seed butters, here’s my roundup of some of the best cheap Vitamix alternatives that reviewers on Amazon swear by.


The Best Overall Cheap Vitamix Alternative

For $100 less than a Vitamix, you get 1 horsepower more with this Cleanblend unit, making it a top pick among shoppers. “Nearly identical to Vitamix and Blendtec for quality and dependability,” raved one Amazon reviewer. This 3-horsepower motor blender features an eight blade system made of stainless steel with a ball bearing to crush ice and frozen fruit. There’s also a pulse feature similar to the Vitamix, with variable speed control to help you reach your ideal consistency when it comes to nut butters, soups, and more. The jar is 64-ounces in size and can handle hot foods. With a 4.4-star rating after more than 700 reviews, it's a fan favorite.

While the manufacturer doesn't specify that it can heat up soups, one customer reported being able to do it with success: "I tested it out for heating up soup.Putting it on for eight minutes on high.The soup was probably too hot to eat after 5 minutes," they wrote.

What fans say: “Prior to purchasing this, I labored back and forth between vitamix and blendtec but couldn't justify dropping that much money on a blender [...] This beast blended my typical shake of kale, spinach, banana, frozen berries, chia seeds, and nut butter into a buttery smooth shake [...] If you are considering the vitamix or blendtec, STOP. The cleanblend would probably pulverize titanium if I accidentally dropped it into my breakfast smoothie. At half the cost of the other guys, and a 5 year warranty, it's worth a shot.”


The Best Cheap Vitamix Alternative Under $100

With its 3.5-horsepower motor, the commercial-grade JAWZ blender and food processor is a high-performance blender that’s worth considering if you crush a lot of ice, frozen fruit, nuts, or other hard foods. Much like the Vitamix, it features variable speed control with 10 different dial settings and a pulse function. The jar is 64-ounces with sharp stainless steel blades. However, it's best to avoid hot liquids in this one. It also has an impressive 4.5-star rating on Amazon.

What fans say: “I received my JAWZ blender Thursday and immediately put it to use over the weekend. I made an acai bowl and green smoothie (try the recipe from the book) with it. It blends frozen fruit perfectly and there are up to 10 speeds to choose from to get the consistency you are looking for. I like my bowls to be on the thicker side and usually end up with chunks of frozen fruit but not with the JAWZ - everything was an even consistency [...] The JAWZ is fabulous and anyone who enjoys being in a kitchen should have this blender - it will take make your cooking experience so much better!!”


The Best Cheap Vitamix Alternative Under $50

The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher blender is a budget-friendly pick with stainless steel blades strong enough to tackle frozen fruit. This 700-watt (or about 1 horsepower) blender has a 40-ounce heat resistant glass jar to handle both cold and hot ingredients to make tons of different recipes. There are an impressive 14 blending settings for easy operation and a handy pour spout. It's the least powerful of the bunch, so it's not the best choice if you need a unit that chops up lots of ice or heats up soup. But for smaller batches of smoothies and shakes, this has got you covered, and more than 800 reviewers have given this a perfect five-star rating.

What fans say: “For the price, I'm not sure it can get any better! I haven't used any other blenders, but basically every blog and recipe site out there will tell you that you simply cannot make a good smoothie if you don't have a big-name $400 blender. Wrong-o. This thing purees frozen fruits and greens just fine [...] I think this is the perfect blender to purchase if you want to get your feet wet in smoothie-making without shelling out hundreds of dollars. You really can't beat the price for what you get.”


Editor’s Pick: A Professional-Grade Blender That Comes With Individual Cups

With more than 3,000 five-star reviews, the Ninja Professional blender is also a favorite among Amazon reviewers. It features a massive 72-ounce pitcher as well as two separate 16-ounce cups with handy to-go lids for making single-serving smoothies and drinks. This blender is a little less powerful than a 2-horsepower Vitamix with 1,100 watts, or roughly 1.5 horsepower, and doesn't have quite as many speeds available, with three versus the 10 you'd find with more expensive models. It can only handle cold or room-temperature foods, too. But if you're mostly making shakes and smoothies, it should be more than enough to get the job done, and at less than $100, it's an amazing deal.

Editor’s Note: “I’ve had this blender for years, and it’s super powerful and easy to clean. I love the single-serve cups so I can make a smoothie in the morning and take it with me when I leave the apartment, and I use the pitcher for everything from large batch smoothies and frozen drinks to soups and sauces.” — Carina Finn


A Colorful Vitamix Alternative That Comes In 7 Hues

For more counter appeal, the Dash Chef Series blender is a stylish and powerful option. There are more than half a dozen presets on this 2.5-horsepower blender, which can handle hot and cold foods. With its commercial grade stainless steel blades, it can pulverize nuts for butter and even grind grains into flour. Plus, this unit comes in seven colorful shades like aqua, matte black, and Champagne. More than 200 reviewers gave it a perfect five stars. Users even had success heating up soups. "It works as well as the $500+ one's and packs a punch, even heats and makes an AWESOME Bulletproof Coffee!" one customer wrote.

What fans say: “Better than a Vitamix, this is a steal! I love the aesthetics of it, the versatility, and preset options. I can turn it on and walk away, knowing it will pause and stop when my smoothie is finished. I have made frappes in this, as well. Love this blender!”


This Versatile Nutribullet Blender

This NutriBullet blender is good for so much more than just smoothies — fans say you can also use it to make nut butters, soups, and more. The base features a powerful 1200-Watt motor that can crush frozen fruit, nuts, and ice in seconds. This combo set comes with a 64-ounce blender jug with a tamper as well as a two to-go cups in both 32- and 24-ounce sizes. The blades are removable, so you can easily wash them by hand, while the to-go cups and blending jug can all be run through the dishwasher.

What fans say: “Wow, we are impressed with this as daily smoothie and juice drinkers. Easy to use, wash and operate. A more quiet blender than we expected, great accessories and crushes ice very well. Highly recommend.”


An Aesthetically-Pleasing Personal Blender

If you’re looking for a personal blender that’s as powerful as a Vitamix, look no further. The Beast blender uses a 1000-Watt motor to create ultra-creamy, smooth blends, and it’s so stunning, you’ll want to keep it out on your kitchen counter. The base comes with a 1000-milliliter container, a drinking lid, and a handled cap so you can easily carry your smoothies and juices anywhere you go. The blender itself can make smart adjustments automatically to ensure that you get the smoothest results, and it comes in two sleek color options: cloud white and carbon black.

What fans say: “I’m not a person who typically writes reviews but I love this blender. It was exactly what we needed! It blends everything that our old blender struggled with. Smoothies have become so much easier and it looks so sleek. The controls are intuitive and the to-go container is so convenient! Highly recommend!”