7 Pumpkin Recipes To Help You Avoid Waste This Halloween

There are so many tasty ways to use up your lantern leftovers.

Pumpkin pie recipes
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Halloween wouldn’t be complete without giant orange pumpkins with ghoulish faces. And Brits love them, with an estimated 9 million pumpkins being taken home this year from pumpkin patches, according to food and drink brand Knorr. But our love of pumpkins is actually causing a scary byproduct, with over half of the UK’s 24 million pumpkins predicted to become food waste this year. Below are 7 pumpkin recipes to help you avoid food waste this Halloween.

It turns out pumpkins are a totally overlooked food as, according to Knorr's report, a quarter of the nation (23.81%) didn’t know they could cook with the leftover flesh. Although carving pumpkins are bred to be large, with thin flesh, and are a bit more fibrous than their squash and gourd cousins, they are completely good to cook and eat. In fact, it’s almost all edible including the skin and seeds, just not the stalk.

Yes, it’s great to support your local farms and visit a pumpkin patch, but with 2.9 million tonnes of food waste every year in the UK, we should be trying to avoid chucking stuff away whenever we can. So why not turn your halloween decoration into a delicious meal? Here are some pumpkin recipes that will save you from wasting this delicious edible squash.


Pumpkin Soup


Tried and tested, pumpkin soup is a classic you can’t really go wrong with. Because carving pumpkins aren’t big on flavour and are pretty fibrous, make sure to adapt your recipe with more stock and additional spices to really give it a kick.


Pumpkin Seeds

When you’re carving your pumpkin, don’t throw away those precious seeds! They can be eaten too and will save you some money compared to posh shop-bought ones. They're a great snack on their own or toasted, and will add a great crunch to any winter salad. The seeds are also super nutritious and rich in zinc. Simply simmer in hot water, add seasoning, and bake.


Haunted Graveyard Tagine


If you’re looking for a spooky halloween-themed meal for Oct. 31 then look no further. Not only is this Haunted Graveyard Tagine from Hubbub full of tangy spices and mushrooms, it's also got some scary puff pastry grave stones thrown in there.


Pumpkin Risotto

This creamy pumpkin risotto will warm the coldest of souls this Halloween. Simply bake your pumpkin whole, before scooping out the orange goodness and transforming it into a flavoursome risotto. And the best bit is it’s put back in the carved out pumpkin for serving, creating a real show stopper moment.


Pumpkin Pie


It’s more of a Stateside staple, but it wouldn’t be pumpkin season without mentioning the humble pumpkin pie. Although the Pilgrim’s pumpkin pie recipe actually came without a crust, instead being made inside the shell of the gourd, nowadays days, pumpkin pie recipes calls for a sweet shortcrust pastry tart case filled with spiced pumpkin.


Pumpkin Hummus

You can never go wrong with a bit of chip and dip on your table. This pumpkin hummus is a twist on the classic chickpea dip with tahini and lemon, but with the addition of garlicky roasted pumpkin.


Pumpkin Mulled Wine


One for the adults. Yes, it's even possible to turn pumpkins into an alcoholic beverage. This recipe is similar to the traditional red mulled wine recipe, except you add in pumpkin, which has been cooked down with spices, mashed up and strained into the wine.