74 Brilliant Things For Men Under $35 With Thousands of Positive Reviews On Amazon

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Once upon a time we had to actually go to the mall or spend time outside the house to do our gift shopping. These days, however, we have the wonderful world of Amazon: It lets us peruse millions of gift ideas without ever leaving the comfort of our jammies. It's possibly the most brilliant thing to ever happen to gift-giving. Plus, it keeps things affordable — so if you're shopping for gifts for men under $35, there are tons of possibilities.

When brainstorming ideas, think first about their personality. Some guys are practical and prefer things like razors, bar soap, socks, or toothbrushes. Others like to spoil themselves with treats like soft bedsheets, foot massagers, or French presses. Others are into techie stuff, like phone gadgets, smart plugs, Bluetooth speakers, or portable power banks.

Another element to consider is what they do for work or fun. Are they professional business type who could use a stylus pen to take notes on his tablet or a mini steamer to keep suits pressed when he travels? Or perhaps they're an outdoorsy fellow who is always spending time in the woods. In this case, he might like a survival keychain, or a camping lantern.

Of course — they don't have to be guys to enjoy these gifts, they're obviously for everyone. But if you're shopping for your boyfriend, your dad, your coworker, or your best friend, there's something on this list of gifts for men under $35 that he will love.


A Soft Microfiber Bed Sheet That Feels Amazing While They Sleep

Made with ultra-soft synthetic fiber, these brushed microfiber bed sheets feel silky and delightful. They are smooth against his skin, itch-free, and won't make him hot at night. Best of all, they're wrinkle-, stain-, and fade-resistant.


This Super Comfy Pillow Made From Top-Grade Memory Foam

With more than 4,400 reviews, this soft memory foam pillow is engineered to adapt to any head while also keeping them cool. "Supportive, my head does not sink deep into the pillow it's not because it's super firm!" wrote one reviewer. "I've had this for a couple of weeks, no neck pain and I love this pillow!”


A Brilliant Neck Pillow That Prevents The Head From Falling Forward

This clever travel pillow has a unique mechanism that stops your head from falling forward so you can sleep in peace. It's perfect for airplanes, long car rides, trains, buses, and even quick cat naps at work. The handy pillow is super lightweight and comes in more than 20 color selections.


This Awesomely Convenient Set Of Packing Cubes

Morph his messy suitcase into a tidy stack of blocks with this convenient set of packing cubes. They're made with premium water-resistant nylon and durable double stitching. The four-pack comes with small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes — and is available in eight colors.


A Well-Designed Water Bottle That's Fully Leak-Proof

This durable BPA-free water bottle has a smartly-designed lid that prevents it from leaking or spilling. The slosh-proof angled spout allows for heavy water flow without it spilling all over the place. Additionally, the cap has an easy-click mechanism that lets him snap it into the handle so it doesn't get in the way when he drinks.


This Amazingly Temperature-Proof Travel Mug That Keeps Beverages Hot

Built with ridiculously strong vacuum insulation, this sturdy stainless steel travel mug will keep warm beverages hot and cool drink cold for hours on end. It has a wide mouth that can fit full-sized ice cubes, and a stylish steel finish.


These High-Performance Hiking Socks That Won't Bunch Up At The Ankles

Woven with a warm blend of nylon, Lycra, and merino wool, these moisture-wicking hiking socks are some of the best athletic socks on the planet. They're specially designed for outdoor activities, so they feature full-on blister protection and a no-slip fit that doesn't bunch up. They're also anti-microbial and have antibacterial properties as well.


A High-Tech Laptop Backpack That Charges His Phone On The Go

Designed for charging devices on-the-go, this clever laptop backpack is built with a USB charging port so it can juice up a phone or charge an iPad anywhere. It has three main pockets and nine inner sleeves to stow accessories and stay organized. The cool backpack comes with an anti-theft combination lock, and is available in six color choices.


A Super Tough Pen That Can Write In Zero Gravity

Made with durable brass and steel construction, this cool Fisher space pen is capable of writing at any angle — upside down, sideways, right side up — as well as in zero gravity and extreme temperatures ranging from -30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. You can write with this absolutely anywhere.


A Coffee Table Collection Of Iconic Photos

Humans Of New York is a beautiful coffee table book featuring hundreds of street portraits from author Brandon Stanton's popular blog of the same name. "How often can you find a book with 400-plus gorgeous photos that's reasonably priced, not awkwardly sized or noticeably heavy to pick up?" wrote one Amazon reviewer. "That's what I got when I bought Humans of New York, which I think is the most exciting and one of the best photography books I've ever seen."


A Special Daily Planner That Has Goal-Setting Sections

This unconventional daily planner lets anyone take their organization and goal-setting game to the next level, incorporating a scientific approach to productivity. On top of typical calendar pages, the planner includes a morning review section, priorities, end-of-day review, goals, projects, focus and daily habit, and other productivity hacks aimed at helping people reach goals.


The Special Claws Anyone Can Use To Shred Meat Faster

Whether it's pulled pork or shredded beef, these amazing bear paws will turn him into a shredded meat master. Rather than struggling with forks, these kitchen gadgets let him start working through the meat much faster and more efficiently. They are melt-proof, BPA-free, and super easy to use.


This Back Scrubber That Massages And Exfoliates

This extremely back scrubber features a loofah on one side and microfiber fabric on the other, allowing him to wash, exfoliate, and massage — all in one simple shower gadget. It has handles on each end to access all of the hard-to-reach places, and the material dries quickly so it doesn't get moldy or odorous.


This Powerful Flashlight That's Also A Self-Defense Tool

This multi-purpose tactical tool incorporates a flashlight and a protective tool all in one. The ultra-bright light illuminates your surroundings, rotating through three different power modes. The flashlight casing, which is made of strong aluminum alloy, features a water-resistant head and easy on-off button on the tail cap.


A Bluetooth Speaker That's Fully Water-Resistant

Incredibly durable and water-resistant, this portable Bluetooth speaker offers great sound quality at an amazing price. It is distortion-free so it can be turned up loud without the bass crackling, and the Bluetooth is capable of connecting within seconds.


This Powerful Battery Pack To Keep His Devices Juiced Up

With an impressive amount of power, this awesome external battery pack charges your phone or other devices when you don’t have an outlet. What's more, it’s seriously slim so that it takes up hardly any space in your bag. Best of all, the charger can power two smartphones or tablets at once.


A Genius Motion Detecting Light So He Can See The Bathroom At Night18. A Foot Massager With Specialized Acupressure Points

Built with a fast motion detector and five brightness levels, this high-tech toilet light offers a way to see better when fumbling around in the bathroom at night. It's easy to attach, showcasing a bendy, flexible PVC neck that fits any toilet. On top of that, it has 16 colors you can cycle through.


A Complete Beard Styling Kit Made From Pearwood and Boar Bristles

Anyone's feet will feel like they've been treated to a day at the spa — if they're using this soothing wooden massage roller. Specially designed to relieve foot pain and relax muscles, the wooden nubs target specific acupressure points, increasing blood flood in the process. The roller is made with top-grade Theaceae wood and comes with anti-slip bottom strips.


These Waterproof Gloves That Are Warm And Sweat-Wicking

If someone you're shopping for wears lots of baseball caps or trucker hats, this super convenient cap holder is a fantastic way to keep them organized. Each one can store up to nine hats and it comes in a pack of two. Just clip the ends over a door or on a wall, and you're good to go.


A Set Of Rugged Grill Mats That Are Thicker Than Most

This leave-in beard conditioner is made with a botanical blend of argan, avocado, almond, virgin pumpkin seed, and apricot kernel oils. On top of that, it features nourishing fruit and nut butters including shea, aloe, and cocoa. The combination will leave facial hair smooth, soft, and itch-free.


An Extra Strong Electric Toothbrush That Rotates 42,000 Micro-Brushes Per Minute

Do you know someone who needs a new toothbrush? Grab this electric one. Each order includes eight replacement brush heads, as well as a protective travel case. Plus, the brush head vibrates up to 42,000 per minute, giving your mouth an extra-thorough clean.


These Waterproof Gloves That Are Warm And Sweat-Wicking

Made to be completely weather-resistant, these waterproof insulated gloves are made from a rugged combination of polyester and polyurethane. They feature also pull moisture and perspiration from the inner lining, transporting it to the fabric's outer layer so hands don't get super sweaty. They have reinforced palms and robust waterproof inserts, too.


A Set Of Rugged Grill Mats That Are Thicker Than Most

If you know someone who loves to barbecue, these awesome grill mats make amazing fireside companions. The tough mats — which are extra-thick at 0.39 millimeters — can handle heat up to a whopping 600 degrees Fahrenheit. They're easy to clean and come in a pack of two.


This Beard Straightener That Comes With Growth Oil & Balm

This beard straightener heats up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit in just two minutes, though the temperature is adjustable by three levels. And if a heated comb isn’t enough, you also get a bottle of beard oil, as well as a tin of balm.


A Simple Exercise Board That Offers A Great Workout

Made from tough, anti-slip material, this easy to use workout board offers an amazing ab workout in a short amount of time. Just hop on the board and twist away — it comes with a complete guide and workout DVD to show you all of the exercises. The board can support up to 400 pounds, and is easy to carry and store.


This Unique Foam Roller With A Hollow Core And Soothing Surface Pattern

Unlike other exercise rollers, this patented foam roller is hollow in the middle with a tough, multi-density exterior. The surface pattern helps release muscle spasms while also increasing circulation. It is lightweight, durable, and super portable for gym use.


A Self Massager He Can Use For Trigger Point Therapy

This thoughtfully engineered body massager features a natural shape and open design, allowing easy access to tons of hard-to-reach places on the back, neck, shoulders and buttocks. "I am simply blown away by this product and would have easily paid a doctor $5000 to equal the measure of relief this wand of zen has bestowed upon me," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "I can't say enough about this simple distributor of magic.”


A High-Tech Razor That Trims, Edges, And Cuts All In One

Capable of trimming, edging, and shaving facial hair of all lengths, this multi-purpose rechargeable shaver custom styles a beard, or take it all off for a clean shave. The shaver showcases a dual-sided blade that offers incredible precision and lasts up to four months. On top of that, the fast-moving cutter operates 200 times a minute, and has a dual-protection system to prevent nicks and cuts.


These Fully Waterproof Bluetooth Ear Buds With Flexible Hooks

With crystal clear audio, these waterproof Bluetooth headphones make a great gift. They're waterproof, fast to connect, and have ergonomically-designed ear hooks featuring gel flex silicone, so you can bend them for a custom fit. The battery life runs eight hours and the Bluetooth syncs up to 30 feet away.


A Set Of Boxer Briefs Made From Ultra-Comfy Bamboo Fiber

Made with a silky blend of bamboo fiber with a touch of spandex, these high-quality boxer briefs feel soft and comfy. The elastic waistband is smooth without pinching, and the sleek design stays put without riding up. "The fit and feel of these boxers is fantastic," wrotfvge one customer. "The pouch keeps things comfortable while the mesh keeps things cool. The waistband holds firm and comfortable. The bamboo fiber material is the softest thing you could have against your skin."


A High-End French Press That Makes Extra Rich Coffee Blends

Constructed with top-grade stainless steel, this elegant French press is durable and useful for any coffee lover. The triple-layered filter creates rich java blends by trapping the smallest coffee grinds for extra flavor. The cool-touch handle prevents burns and the whole apparatus is fully dishwasher-safe — even the filters.


A Soothing Oil Diffuser To Help Him Destress And Relax

This cool mist oil diffuser — which can hold up to 200 milliliters of water — is a superb way to convert any room into a soothing, spa-like atmosphere. It features two high and low mist settings, as well as seven colored lights to rotate through. On top of that, there's a timer setting and an automatic shut-off function.


An Enormously Handy Multi-Tool That Does Everything

If you know a fix-it type, this suspension multi-plier is a wonderful all-around multi-tool. In addition to needle-nose pliers, the tool includes a straight blade for fine-tune cutting, a serrated blade, Phillips screwdriver, large and medium flathead screwdrivers, and a dedicated wire cutter. It has a lightweight stainless steel handle, and comes with a tough, ballistic nylon sheath.


A Smart Plug That Can Be Controlled Via Voice

Turn on lights, shut off appliances, or control the music virtually or via voice command with this hugely handy smart plug. It's super easy to install and compatible with all Alexa devices. “This Kasa smart outlet from TP-Link is one such diamond in the rough,” wrote one reviewer. “After putting one into operation, I have purchased four more just to have on hand.”


This Amazon Echo Dot That Can Hear Voice Commands From Across The Room

This Alexa-based Echo Dot is a voice-controlled speaker that can play music, make phone calls, control lights and thermostats, turn off appliances, answer questions, and tons more. The speaker, which is compatible with Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, and more, offers exceptional sound quality and it can hear you give commands in a normal voice from across the room.


An Amazingly Versatile Remote Control That Works With Everything

Rather than dealing with half a dozen remotes, this awesome universal remote control works with all of the major streaming services including Apple TV, Roku, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, Windows Media Center, WD TV, and others. The well-built controller features easy-to-use buttons, custom labels, volume and channel locking functions, full backlighting, and a sleek velvet coating on the back.


A Fun Party Game Involving Spymasters And Secret Codes

According to reviewers, this unique Codenames game is a combination of a word game and a party game. It involves a spymaster giving clues as others guess which words are associated with their team. "Codenames really is genius in it's simplicity," wrote one customer. "It's a fantastic party game because it can be taught in under 5 minutes and provides a ton of fun."


A Leather Belt That Doesn't Need Holes

Instead of hassling with belt holes, this clever leather belt features a special buckle that can be ratcheted down with a few easy clicks. It's simple to use — just slide the belt through and click it into place. When it's time to take it off, lift the buckle to pop the release. It features 38 separate adjustments to ensure a good fit, and the elegant leather looks stylish against the metal. As a bonus, it comes in a chic gift box.


A Mini Blender With A Built-In Travel Cup For Convenience

If the fellow you're shopping for is a smoothie lover, this portable blender will make mornings easy and efficient. Unlike bulky traditional blenders, this one has a travel mug built in: Just throw in the ingredients, blend them together, pop out the cup, and walk out the door. The clever apparatus is small, lightweight, and hassle-free.


A Set Of Resistance Bands To Travel With

These strong and durable resistance loops are a fantastic way to get a good workout in absolutely anywhere. The loops — which are made with 100 percent natural, TPE-free latex — come in a set of five with increasing levels of difficulty to vary an exercise routine. They come with an easy carry pouch, too.


A Simple, Bulk-Free Wallet That Helps Prevent Identity Theft

This simple, no-frills wallet offers minimalist elegance and a low-key vibe. It has a slender profile that's perfect for someone who hates big, bulky wallets and would rather have a simple sleeve to store some cash — and it's made from genuine leather, and equipped with RFID blocking material.


A Super Bright Camping Light That's Also A Portable Fan

Built with a ring of 18 powerful LED lights, this practical and efficient camping lantern will make any tent glow. It has a 360-degree swivel head to point the illumination in any direction, and a bonus fan to help keep cool. On top of all of that, the hook at the top makes it easy to hang from a tent ceiling or tree branch.


An Amazon Fire TV Stick To Stream Movies And TV Shows

Rather than dealing with cumbersome cables, Amazon's super convenient Fire TV stick connects all streaming devices to a monitor without any cords. Just plug it into the HDMI port on the back of the screen and sync it up — it works with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, Sling TV, and tons of other channels and apps. What's more, the included remote features Alexa voice control.


A Sturdy Mini-Tripod With Octopus Legs To Control The Angle

With octopus-style legs, this easy and portable miniature tripod makes groups photos a breeze. The sturdy device — which allows images to be captured from virtually any angle — comes with a wireless remote that works up to 30 feet away. The legs are super stable with strong foam and no-slip feet.


A High-Speed Data Hub That Converts One USB Onto Four

This high-tech data hub syncs at super fast speeds of up to 5Gps, making it capable of transferring full HD movies within seconds. The device, which converts one USB port into four, is heat-resistant and exceptionally durable. "It is so small it is amazing and it surprisingly works too," wrote one reviewer.


A Ridiculously Loud Alarm Clock That Also Shakes The Bed

If you're shopping for sometone who has, um, challenges waking up in the morning, the Sonic Alert (formerly called the Sonic Bomb) is just what he needs. The staggeringly loud alarm clock delivers a high-decibel shriek in the morning while also shaking the bed vigorously via its attached bed vibrator. The device can be used with the sound alone, the bed shaker alone, or a combination of the two.


A Smooth Ergonomic Mouse To Prevent Wrists From Cramping

Made with an ergonomic design to alleviate wrist pain and prevent repetitive stress injuries, this vertical mouse is great for anyone who spends time at a computer. It offers high-sensitivity tracking for the smallest movements and an easy power-saving mode that cuts it off after eight minutes of being idle. The surface is smooth and it comes with an 18-month warranty.


An Ultra-Cozy Throw Blanket Made With Sherpa Fleece

This cozy sherpa blanket is made from fantastically soft fleece and is fully reversible. The high-quality microfiber polyester fabric is as durable as it is warm. Plus, in comparison to cotton blankets, sherpa fleece is considerably more fade- and stain-resistant. The blanket awesome comes in 17 different color choices including knitted grey, black, brown, purple, teal, and others.


This Brilliant Gap Filler That Stops Things From Dropping Into The Crack By Your Car Seat

There is literally nothing in the world more annoying than dropping your phone or other narrow objects into that black abyss between your car seat and the console — and this genius gadget ensures it will never happen again. Just pop the clever gap filler into the crevice and stop things from disappearing instantly. There is no complicated installation or screws and bolts, and it's made with top-grade neoprene.


A Wonderfully Lightweight Hand Vacuum With A 7-Amp Motor

This lightweight, easy-to-use hand vacuum weighs less than 4 pounds. It has a super strong 7-amp motor that sucks up everything from dog hair to breakfast cereal — and doesn't leave crumbs and other items behind. It has a handy quick-flip crevice tool to get in between tight places and a 16-foot power cord.


These Stainless Steel Straws That Are Awesomely Eco-Friendly

Made with high-grade stainless steel, these reusable straws are smooth, durable, and super eco-friendly. The metal material is rust-proof and scratch-proof with an extra-long design to reach into tall glasses and oddly shaped mugs. Best of all, they're dishwasher-safe and come with a custom scrub brush to keep them clean without a hassle.


A Gooseneck Tablet Mount To Watch Movies Or Hold Recipes

Constructed with bendy aluminium-magnesium alloy, this convenient tablet stand can be twisted into the right angle for viewing devices. The durable gadget is perfect for things like watching Netflix, playing Nintendo Switch, or holding recipes while you cook. It's built with a reinforced bolt clamp base that's 3 inches thick.


A Miracle Egg Cooker That Can Make Fancy Meals In Minutes

Hard-boiled eggs, soft boiled, poached, scrambled, mini omelets — this rapid egg cooker can make it all, and in minutes, no less. It comes with a separate tray for each type of egg for convenience: Just pop it in your tray of choice, fill the cooker with water, and press a button. It is lightweight, super durable, and weighs less than a pound.


A Strong Car Phone Mount That Doesn't Shake Or Wobble

This handy universal phone mount helps a driver use a navigation app or skip songs in the music player with ease. The mechanism to slide the phone in and out is effortless, and the secure grips hold it steady so it doesn't shake or wobble.


A Wonderfully Practical Adapter That Can Charge 2 Device At Once

This convenient car charger allows him to convert his 12V outlet into not one but two individual charging ports. Both devices can be juiced up at the same time without compromising speed, and the adapter has built-in safeguards to protect against overheating. Reviewers say the fit in the outlet is very secure.


A Knife Sharpener That Keeps Tools Like New

This multi-functional knife sharpener isn't your ordinary slab of stone. It has a round, diamond-coated rod that can sharpen serrated and smooth edges alike, as well as two slots for refining. One is a coarse carbide slot to set the edge and the other is made of ceramic stone for fine, razor-sharp tuning. The pocket-sized gadget features pre-set sharpening angles, and a hole to attach it to a lanyard.


These Soft Insoles That Transform Any Pair Of Shoes Into Ultra-Comfy Kicks

Made with ultra-soft, anti-fatigue Ortholite material, these top-of-the-line Timberland insoles offer a major comfort upgrade to virtually any pair of shoes. They have inverted cone foam that's specially designed to absorb shock, preventing feet from getting tired and sore while walking, playing sports, or participating in other high-impact activities. The technology helps return energy back to the foot after each strike, delivering maximum comfort while promising freedom from achy feet.


A Small, Discreet Way To Find His Keys Fast

This genius Bluetooth tracker is an easy solution for lost keys: Just put the little tile on the keychain, and when it's time to find his keys, he can tap a button on his phone. The tile is water-resistant and rings at 88 decibels so it can be heard from another room. Even cooler, the app will still ring when the phone's on silent.


A Smart Light Bulb That Syncs With Alexa For Voice-Controlled Illumination

With the help of Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, or Microsoft Cortana, this practical smart bulb controls the lights with voice commands. On top of that, the bulb can be used to set schedules or control the lights when nobody's home. All of the functions work via the easy-to-use Kasa app that's compatible with both Android and iOS devices.


The Versatile Tool Kit That Can Drill, Sand, Grind, And More

Whether it's for cutting, drilling, sanding, polishing, shaping, or grinding, this incredibly versatile rotary tool kit will help get the job done. It has a powerful motor that ranges 8,000 to 30,000 RPM, and a quality spindle lock that makes changing the bits quick and efficient. The set comes with 100 pieces that include bits, sanding discs, polishing pads, mandrels, and other DIY accessories.


A Well-Built Two-Way Radio With Customizable Channel Names

This high-quality two-way radio features a frequency range of 65 to 108 MHz with customizable channel names and high-low power settings. The 1500mAh battery is extremely strong and you can monitor two different frequencies — even on different bands. "Very well built," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "Not cheaply made. Feels substantial and not like a toy."


A Miniature Steamer To Iron Shirts On-The-Go

With a premium aluminum heating ball, this handy travel steamer is built with a strong blend of BPA-free ABS and polypropylene — making it more durable than other models. The miniature appliance emits steam at a powerful rate, spreading it evenly throughout his garment to get out all of the wrinkles on any stubborn garment. Best of all, it heats up in 90 seconds.


This Extra-Absorbent Towel That Dries His Car Faster Than A Chamois Or Terry Cloth

Unlike your typically terry cloth towel, this quick-dry Water Magnet microfiber towel has exceptional absorbency, soaking up twice as much as a regular towel. It also dries much faster, and it's made specifically for drying the car — so it glides smoothly over the paint and won't leave streaks.


A Brilliant Shower Head That Saves Water While Also Supplying Powerful Pressure

This cleverly designed water-saving shower head sculpts water into a unique wave pattern that makes it extra powerful — and it even conserves water. It features two easily adjustable spray settings — one for standard flow and another for extra strong pressure. On top of making the water stronger and more efficient, the larger droplets feel like rain.


A Highly Concentrated Hand Cream For Dry And Cracked Skin

For anyone who has dry, cracked skin, this extra-concentrated hand cream is the perfect antidote. The powerful moisturizer creates a protective barrier on the surface of the skin, trapping moisture and preventing cracking, peeling, and irritation. The cream also works fantastically well on dry feet and chapped lips.


This Amazingly Effective Shaving Solution That Reduces Pimples And Razor Burn

Made to soothe skin and prevent ingrown hairs after shaving, this powerfully formulated skincare solution reduces razor bumps and redness. "My husband shaves his face and head everyday for work and he always had pimples/razor burn on his neck and forehead," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "Pimples would cover is forehead! He used this for 2 weeks and ALL of the pimples are gone."


An Ergonomic Keyboard That Makes It Easy To Find The Right Keys

Designed to naturally guide your fingers to the correct keys, this wave-style wireless keyboard helps you work more efficiently while reducing muscle soreness and fatigue. It has a soft, cushioned palm rest which adds comfort — and the battery lasts a long time. "Good compromise between ease of use and ergonomic design," wrote one reviewer. "The keys have a good action, and are fairly quiet. The built-in wrist pad makes longterm use more comfortable."


A Set Of Light-Sensing LEDs That Illuminate The Hallway At Night

This wonderfully smart LED night light features a built-in light sensor that's able to detect when it gets dark. That means you can keep the light off during the day and at night it will flip on by itself, providing ample light in the hallway or bathroom. The best part is that it's small and compact so it doesn't tower over the top plug, blocking the second outlet from use. The handy night light comes in a pack of six.


A Convenient Keychain Tool That Keeps Him Prepared For Emergencies

This keychain emergency tool is the perfect gift for anyone who likes to come prepared. The small, lightweight object is tiny enough to dangle from a keychain, but includes a seatbelt cutter and window glass breaker — which will help you get out of a car in a hurry. The hugely convenient gadget is made by the same brand that develops equipment for firefighters EMTs, and law enforcement agencies.


This Clever Contraption That Makes Breakfast Sandwiches In Five Minutes

This breakfast sandwich maker is a wonderfully effective way to get in that first meal of the day. It's easy to use — just throw a few ingredients into the main compartment (eggs, cheese, sausage, etc.), add an English muffin, and press down the top — five minutes later, there's a perfectly cooked breakfast sammie to go.


These Outrageously Comfortable Memory Foam Slippers That Mold To The Feet

There's nothing better than the feeling of memory foam on your feet at the end of a long, hard day. These awesomely innovative memory foam slippers feature soft, cushioned insoles that mold quickly to adapt to the contours of the feet. The comfy indoor kicks, which come in five relaxed-fit sizes, offer cozy terry linings, and bonus arch support.


This Stylus Pen That Writes Effortlessly On Any Touchscreen

Constructed from premium stainless steel that's free of any plastic or aluminum parts, this sleek and durable stylus pen writes beautifully — and is compatible with virtually any touchscreen. It has a clear disc to boost accuracy that helps track where the mark is being made. Each packet comes with two stylus pens, four replacement discs, and two fiber tips.


A Quad-Milled Artisan Soap Bar Made With Soft Shea Butter

This high-end artisan soap bar, which is made by soapmakers in Provence, is quad-milled for a thicker lather and more luxurious, relaxing feel. It's formulated with all-natural ingredients that are enriched with soft shea butter and aromatic fragrances. The high-quality product has a silky texture and lasts longer than a regular bar of soap.


An Intriguing Book That Offers Scientific Answers To Strange Questions

Composed of bizarre, purely hypothetical questions, this intriguing book by cartoonist and scientific theorist Randall Munroe attempts to answer the queries using logic and research. Some of the absurd questions featured in the collection include: "What if everyone on Earth aimed a laser pointer at the moon at the same time?" and "What if all the lightning in the world struck the same place?"

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