A Messy House Can Quickly Look So Much Better With Any Of These 40 Genius Cheap Things

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by Madison Barber

Whether you’re a naturally cluttered person or live with other people who don’t know how to clean up after themselves, you may be familiar with the never-ending struggle of trying to keep your messy home clean and tidy.

I totally understand this issue — I consider myself an organized individual most of the time, but I also have a love for shopping that sometimes leaves me with more things than my dresser, desktop, countertop, or bathroom cabinets can handle. This phenomenon is what led me to search for the best products on Amazon to keep all of my stuff organized, from my lipsticks to all of the white sneakers that I can’t seem to stop buying.

Of course, I found every bin, organizer, and shelf under the sun designed to keep both you and your things organized. Amazon has everything from shoe racks to produce baskets to makeup brush containers, all of which will keep every inch of your home clutter-free and arranged easily and efficiently. And of course, these solutions won’t break the bank — this is Amazon after all.

Check out the 40 items I found that will instantly organize your home and make it look brand-spankin’ new, right here:


These Chic Linen Hanging Shelves That Maximize Your Closet Space

Hanging shelves can effortlessly expand your available space in any closet. These linen shelves are about 12 inches wide and 12 inches deep, making them large enough to hold anything that you can’t fit on the rod or floor of your closet, like towels, folded pants, hats, or shoes. These are super durable and will look minimalistic and chic hanging in your closet.


These Genius Devices That Help You Safely Stack Coffee Mugs

These special storage devices keep your mugs safely stacked and in place, so you can optimize the space in your cabinets while preventing your drinkware from chipping or scratching each other. This set of six organizers are adjustable and expandable to fit mugs both large and small and can be used for juice glasses, rocks glasses, and other cups as needed.


The Drawer Organizers That Keep Everything From Intimates To Tees Tidy

These neutrally colored drawer organizers come in a pack of six with three different sizes to act as compartments for everything in your dresser, from workout gear, to underwear, to rolled up T-shirts. These durable, foldable organizers can keep your clothing separated and organized, preventing drawers that won’t close and a mess of clothes that you have to dig through to find the perfect pair of socks.


These Extra-Large Storage Bins With Labels & Windows

For larger items like comforters and winter sweaters, finding the right storage can be a hassle. These jumbo linen bins are ideal for keeping these sorts of items in your home neatly organized and stored away, due to the clear window and label slots on each. Each zippered bag in this set of two has easy lift handles, making pulling these out of your closet easier than other storage systems, and the bag material allows your belongings to breathe while keeping them dust-free.


This Hanging Handbag Organizer With Convenient Clear Pockets

The best way to keep your endless supply of handbags neat and out of the way is to store them in this clear hanging organizer that even fits purses that are 11 inches tall and 10 inches wide. The clear, vinyl pockets allow you to see what bag is inside while keeping them free of dust, and the attached hook lets you easily hang in on the rod in your closet.


An Adjustable Rack That Organizes Your Tin Foil & Plastic Baggies

Kitchen essentials like tin foil and plastic wrap can clutter up our kitchen with their long, clunky boxes. This organizing rack is specially designed to fit these boxes with eight adjustable wire holders that make it so you can store sandwich baggies with plastic wrap with gallon sized bags, all vertically. If you place your boxes in horizontally, this stand can even double as a dispenser.


A Makeup Organizer That Holds Tons Without Taking Up The Entire Counter

If you love having all of your cosmetics out and ready for you to grab, you need this acrylic vanity organizer. This organizer’s transparent design lets you see all of your products at once even if they’re tucked into one of the seven pre-lined drawers. This 14-inch tall display is large enough to fit everything from your favorite glosses to your eyeshadow palettes, but at just 9 1/2 inches wide and 6 1/4 inches deep, the compact design doesn’t crowd your bathroom counter.


A Convenient Holder For All Of Your Clunky Cleaning Supplies

Mops and brooms can be the most bothersome cleaning supplies to store — they don’t exactly fit under a cabinet like dustpans and brushes do. But this mop and broom holder can mount onto the wall or the back of a door to keep these larger cleaning items in place on one, evenly-spaced rack. It has five spring-loaded slots that can hold up to 6 pounds apiece, and there are even added hooks for spray bottles, scrubbers, or rags.


These Versatile Baskets That Literally Hold Anything You Want

These plastic storage baskets are a must-have in any home or office space. Six of these stylish and versatile grey bins come in your order, so you can use them all around your space or just in one room to store clothes, toys, supplies, toiletries — pretty much anything under the sun. With an overall rating of 4.8 stars with over 5,500 reviews, you know you’re getting the best bang for your buck with these baskets.


A Hanging Laundry Hamper That Fits On The Back Of Your Door

Ideal for cramped bedrooms or bathrooms, this hanging laundry hamper lets you put all of your dirty clothes in one place without taking up space on the floor. With heavy-duty suction cup hooks, this hamper stays flush to the door. Despite its compact size, it can hold plenty of clothing according to reviewers, and the neutral gray, breathable fabric is machine washable, making it a great option for traveling. A bottom zipper function makes unloading into the washer super easy.


A Pretty Container For Your Everyday Cooking Utensils

This kitchen utensil container is the simple (and purposeful) decor item you need to tie your whole kitchen together. The black-and-white design is perfect if you love a minimalist vibe, and the curly font adds a subtly pretty touch. It also has a rust-resistant coating and at 6 inches wide, it’s large enough to hold every cooking utensil in your kitchen.


These Mini Apothecary Jars That Have Customizable Labels

These mini apothecary jars are a must-have if your bathroom counters are a disorganized mess. They can hold anything from cotton balls, to cotton swabs, to plastic flossers, and the clear glass design makes it so you can always see what you’re grabbing. In case you need more clarity, this set comes with four pre-written labels and four blank labels so you can be the ultimate organizer.


These Airtight Containers For Storing, Organizing & Pouring Your Cereal

If you’re a cereal household, make sure you’re storing all of your favorite kinds properly with these airtight containers. These plastic containers have silicone lids that lock in place and keep dry cereals fresher for longer as well as a pour spout and ergonomic grip indent to make pouring a bowl easy peasy. Your order also comes with cute labels and a chalkboard marker so you can keep track of what’s in each container.


A Closet Organizer That’s Equipped With Shelves & Storage Bins

This versatile organizer has it all: three tiers of storage, wide shelves for keeping items like shoes, towels, or stacks of clothes, and two fabric drawers that you can collapse when you don’t want to use them. This is an ideal piece for any room in your home, whether you want it for storing shoes and outdoor accessories in your mud room, or for keeping all of your clothes organized in your bedroom when closet space is limited.


An Over-The-Door Pantry Organizer That Gives Easy Access To Ingredients

Keep your most-used pantry items within arm’s reach with this over-the-door pocket organizer and double the amount of space your kitchen can hold. In addition to adding space to your home, this organizer will save you from sifting through all of the shelves in your pantry to find what you need, because your frequently-used spices, condiments, and snacks will be accessible on the pantry door.


A Highly-Rated Brush Holder That Is *So* Sleek

Instead of throwing all of your makeup brushes inside your bag where they can trap dirt and grime from all of your products, keep them cleaner and more organized in this matte black organizer. This will look super sleek on your vanity and has six wide, deep compartments that can store even the most extensive brush collections. It’s an effective, easy solution that has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon.


These Storage Bins That Keep Your Pantry Or Fridge In Tip-Top Shape

These clear plastic bins fit perfectly on the shelves of your refrigerator or pantry and can fit everything from spice packets to sodas to condiments neatly in each. Not only will your fridge look orderly, but also so aesthetically-pleasing. This small bins also come with two dividers each to keep everything extra organized and upright, and the design is even snackable if you want to make use of your fridge or pantry’s vertical space.


An Airtight Coffee Bean Canister That Has A Date Tracker & Scoop

If you’re loyal to the old-fashioned way of brewing coffee (I applaud your patience), then make sure you have this airtight canister that’ll keep your beans fresh and flavorful. This steel container can fit 22 1/2 ounces of your favorite coffee beans, and even comes with a date tracker on top and a handy scooper that attaches conveniently to the side.


These Reusable Bento Boxes That Will Help With Meal Prep

Arguably the cutest containers to bring leftovers or meal prepped food from home in, these bento boxes will be your new go-to for the office or for your kids’ lunches. Not only are these chic containers reusable and made from BPA-free plastic, they’re also dishwasher and microwave-safe for easy cleaning and heating.


A Honeycomb Divider That Can Quickly Organize Your Intimates Drawer

I don’t know about you, but my underwear drawer is way messier than it should be. I found that the best way to get my intimates organized is with this honeycomb divider. The unique design of this organizer is perfect for small items like undies, bralettes, and socks, and gives your drawer an aesthetically-pleasing look that will have you excited to tidy up.


A 2-Pack Of Toy Hammocks With Over 13,000 Five-Star Reviews

Perfect for young kids’ playrooms or bedrooms, these corner hammocks keep toys and stuffed animals off of the ground but not out of reach. Kiddos can still pick and choose which dolls and stuffed teddies they want to play with due to the fun way this hammock displays their stuff, but it couldn’t be easier to put everything back once playtime is done — just toss ‘em up. These hammocks can hold up to 30 stuffed toys each — perfect for little ones with a big collection.


These Racks For Pots & Pans That Keep Them Stacked & Scratch-Free

This pot and pan storage rack not only keeps your cookware organized in your cabinet or on the counter, but it prevents them from stacking directly on top of each other and scratching the surfaces, which ruins nonstick surfaces. These versatile racks can be used vertically or horizontally and store up to four pans each, giving them tons of usage.


A Compact, Tiered Jewelry Organizer That’s Great For Home Or Travel

This compact and chic jewelry box is ideal for traveling or for simply storing your pieces at home discreetly. These compact but spacious compartments can store everything from tiny studs to pearl necklaces, and the four-tier design of the box makes it so you can hold tons of pieces and keep your necklaces separate from your earrings and bracelets.


An Expandable Shelf That Keeps Your Under-The-Sink Space Clutter-Free

If you’re like me and the underneath part of your kitchen or bathroom sink is a mess of cleaning products and toiletries, you need this expandable organizer. This shelf can extend in width, height, and depth, providing you with the easiest way to organize and tidy up under the sink, all while conveniently leaving space for pipes. One happy Amazon reviewer wrote: “My kitchen sink has a lot of plumbing and a garbage disposal, and... all my cleaning supplies were getting lost in the cavernous back-of-cabinet behind the pipes. This gives me two levels and I can see everything.”


These Space-Saving Gripper Clips For Mounting Your Spice Jars

If you’re a whiz in the kitchen and are always pulling out spices for different recipes, make your life easier with these spice jar grippers that you can mount onto your pantry or cabinet door. The set of three lets you mount up to 12 different spices for easy access to all of your favorite and frequently-used jars, all while saving space in your kitchen.


A Large Food Storage Bin With Included Dividers For Easy Categorization

This versatile plastic food storage bin has four roomy compartments that will fit anything you need to organize, and they’re especially useful in the kitchen for storing smaller items like granola bars, spice packets, sauces, and other packet items. One five-star Amazon reviewer wrote: “I purchased several mDesign bins for organizing my pantry and they are wonderful! Very sturdy and well made. Highly recommend!! I want more of them throughout my entire house.”


A Hanging Paper Towel Holder That Solves So Many Kitchen Problems

Is there anything more aggravating than getting water from the sink onto your paper towels? With this under cabinet paper towel holder, you won’t have to keep your towels on a wet, dirty countertop anymore, rather they can hang conveniently (and dry) underneath your kitchen cabinet for easy access. It’s a win-win: you get more counter space and clean, dry paper products.


A Toothbrush Holder & Toothpaste Dispenser That Sticks To Your Wall

This toothbrush holder not only keeps your up to four toothbrushes neat and organized, but the included toothpaste dispenser makes your life so much easier too. This device will disperse you the perfect dollop of paste morning and night, while simultaneously keeping your toothbrushes covered and away from any germs that may be floating around your bathroom. It’s easy to install too — just stick to your wall with the included adhesive.


A Rotating Makeup Storage Tower With Adjustable Shelves

This 360-degree makeup organizer is one of my most recent Amazon purchases, and I can tell you it is 100% worth it. This rotating tower can store tons of cosmetics and products, no matter how big or small, because the shelves are adjustable. You can assemble and disassemble it without the use of tools, and the plastic construction means it’s easy to just wipe clean.


A Jewelry Tray With Compartments For All Of Your Smaller Pieces

This jewelry organizing tray has 10 roller slots for earrings and rings as well as four larger slots for necklaces and dangling earrings, which both displays your pieces and keeps them safe. Mix, match, and stack jewelry trays from this set to create a customized jewelry box that perfectly suits your wants and needs.


This Clutch Organizer That Has Uses Beyond Bags

Not only does this organizer keep all of your purses upright, neat, and in one place, but its thick yet clear plastic design is perfect for picking out which clutch you need for the day. Beyond purses, this organizer has a shocking number of uses. Reviewers note using it for food wrap, food container lids, electronics, gift bags, and other odds and ends.


These Compact Standing Organizers That Declutter Your Desk

If you need organization for your office supplies that still gives you easy access to them when you need them, look no further than these tiered organizers. These can hold everything from sticky notes to pens and pencils, yet are small enough to keep on your desktop without cluttering the surface.


This Minimalist Organizer That’s Ideal For Your Entryway

Put these multipurpose organizing cubes in your entryway, closet, or mudroom to keep everything your shoes, hats, dog leashes, towels, and more stored and ready for use when you’re leaving your home (or just coming back). One happy Amazon reviewer gave this item five stars and wrote: “I hated the look of my shoes just on the floor of my closet and this is so much more appealing for a fraction of the cost of higher end organizers.”


A Silverware Organizer That Instantly Declutters Your Drawers

This bamboo flatware organizer is an essential in every kitchen to eliminate the frustrating clutter of forks, spoons, and knives in one drawer. This organizer is not only large enough to accommodate your everyday flatware, but also offers additional compartments for other utensils. Better yet, it’s expandable from seven to nine compartments to fit your drawer perfectly and really fit everything you need into one space.


A Tiered Hanger With Nonslip Grips That Maximizes Closet Space

If your love for shopping has left you with more clothes than your closet can handle, it’s time to add these six-tier hangers to your life. makes use of otherwise unused vertical space, letting you neatly hang six tops on just one hanger. Each tiered hanger has a nonslip surface, making this an ideal hanger for small spaces with big wardrobes.


A Hanging Organizer That Keeps Your Hat Collection In Check

Got a hoard of hats that is starting to take over your room? With this 10-shelf hat organizer, you can keep your favorite baseball caps and beanies all in one, neat place in your closet. These shelves are super sturdy so you can really pile on the hats, and there’s even mesh pockets on the side to store other accessories that you can’t find a place for in your closet.


A Rustic-Chic Jewelry Holder That Hangs On Your Wall

If you want a fun way to store and display your favorite necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, this wooden wall mount may be what you’re looking for. This mounted display gives off the perfect rustic-chic vibe all while having tons of practical features. Sixteen hooks keep your necklaces out and free from tangles, while a removable bar on top keeps your bracelets and watches in clear view. There’s a shelf for jewelry boxes, too, giving rings a convenient place to sit.


These Chic Floating Shelves That Store Your Toiletries

These small floating shelves are perfect for any minimalist who needs more bathroom storage for their toiletries and tools. They’re self-adhesive, so you don’t need tools to stick them to your walls, and super sturdy — each shelf can hold up to 11 pounds. One five-star Amazon reviewer with a tiny bathroom wrote that these were “Perfect for [their] space.”


This Sturdy Metal Basket That You Can Keep In Any Room

Using these metal storage baskets is a foolproof way to keep everything in your home organized in a chic and simple way. Whether you’re seeking out a way to store your produce or need a bin to keep your kid’s toys from crowding the carpet, these super durable mesh bins will get the job done.


This Toilet Paper Holder That’s Hilarious And Practical

Looking for a kitschy decor item for your bathroom that will make your guests giggle? This “nice butt” decorative box will provide the laughs and store items like tissues and toilet paper right on top of your toilet for easy access without making it look like, well, you just put things right on top of your toilet. This box can also double as a diaper caddy; the phrase “Hello sweet cheeks” is on the other side for a sweeter potty time sentiment.