Alix Earle’s Podcast Covers Way More Than Her TikTok GRWMs

Expect untold stories of her hush-hush dating life.

Everything to know about Alix Earle's podcast "Hot Mess" with the Unwell network.

Alix Earle seemingly rose to TikTok fame faster than you could say “FYP,” and now the influencer is venturing out of her short-form video content into long-form podcasting with Alex Cooper’s Unwell network. In August, Cooper debuted the network, which houses her very own Call Her Daddy, and has also launched podcasts with TikToker Madeline Argy’s (called Pretty Lonesome) and Earle’s latest project, Hot Mess with Alix Earle.

Fans of Earle’s content know she’s always been a pretty open book online, chatting through GRWM videos and storytimes about what goes on during her many, many nights out in Miami, the Hamptons, Mykonos, New York City, and more. But there are some things she’s never talked about in-depth on her TikTok that will be subjects for her podcast. Here’s everything to know about Hot Mess with Alix Earle, including what it’s about, how it’s formatted, and where to stream episodes so you can listen for yourself.

How Did Alix Earle Become Famous?

If you’re online, you’ve seen Earle’s face on your FYP, Timeline, or Explore page before. But if you weren’t an OG follower of hers on TikTok, you may not know what her whole schtick is. Though she started posting on TikTok consistently in early 2020 about her college life at the University of Miami, it’s her videos detailing her journey with acne and subsequent use of Accutane that really helped her pop off in virality. She’d update followers and answer questions about the side effects and her ultimate skin results, so she’s always been a candid queen on the platform. Earle previously told Bustle that opening up about her skin journey online helped her form her community.

Most famously, though, her “Get Ready With Me” videos have been FYP staples on TikTok. In these posts, she talks through her day while applying makeup, doing her hair, and picking out an outfit for whatever occasion — often a party or brand event — is on her agenda. With 5.9 million followers on the app, it’s no surprise brands began to notice how much people love watching her, and she’s since partnered with AminoLean on an energy drink, modeled for Victoria’s Secret, and even started a scholarship under her name for business school students at The University of Miami.

What Is Alix Earle’s Podcast About?

On Aug. 8, the Unwell network’s Instagram account announced Alix Earle was signed on to the new project, though it was unclear what exactly it was. There was plenty of speculation surrounding the announcement, and then on Sept. 14, a photo of Earle’s podcast cover was posted by Unwell with a release date of Sept. 21 in the caption. The day before Hot Mess debuted, Earle’s episode of Call Her Daddy was released.

In the description for Hot Mess, listeners are promised to be filled in on “the in-depth exclusive details that have everyone watching, talking, and wanting more.” Topics will include traveling, navigating life after college, friends, and family. Of course, relationships are also a hot-button topic — Earle has been linked to Miami Dolphins wide receiver Braxton Berrios whom she refers to as “NFL Man” on the pod despite emphasizing the two aren’t an exclusive couple. Her episodes so far have revolved around her relationship status, her experience during sorority recruitment in college, and a vulnerable conversation about her eating disorder.

How ‘Hot Mess’ Episodes Are Formatted

Each episode is about 45 minutes or longer and has a video component available on Spotify and YouTube. Often, the episodes include multiple segments — one with Earle talking from her bed (sometimes accompanied by friends), a “Get Real With Me” segment, and an advice section at the end.

The “Get Real With Me” segment plays on her GRWM fame where she speaks openly about something embarrassing that’s happened to her — like getting turned away at the door to Drake’s birthday party or ending up at the emergency room while on a date with “NFL Man.” It’s a refreshing glimpse into all of the things followers may not see in her TikTok vlogs.

How To Listen To Alix Earle’s Podcast

Hot Mess with Alix Earle is available wherever you stream your podcasts, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts. New episodes are released every Thursday and the video component can be viewed on Spotify or YouTube. You can follow @hotmess on Instagram for additional updates about the show.