Amazon Can Barely Keep These Clever Products In Stock Because They Work So Freaking Well

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by Madison Barber and Carolyn Menyes

You know those viral products that you hear about that claim to have made people’s lives drastically better in some way — whether it’s by transforming the way they organize their home or by simply putting a smile on their face each day? Well, Amazon is full of those products, and I’m here to tell you that so many of them are so popular — and thus low in stock — for a reason.

Tons of these products are so clever, you’ll actually wonder how you went your whole life without them. Take this makeup brush cleaner, for example. Usually, cleaning your makeup brushes takes what feels like hours, forcing us to procrastinate the task for as long as possible, but this makeup brush cleaner is so speedy and innovative it may just make you excited to scrub your brushes every week. Or, what about this meat defrosting tray that cuts down the time it takes to thaw your dinner drastically, thanks to the aluminum design? These are just a few of the ultra-clever products that can be found on Amazon right now.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a specific type of product or are browsing Amazon’s inventory for fun, you’re going to want to check out these 45 in-demand products, of course all budget-friendly and with tons of rave reviews from real-life customers.


This Comfy-To-Hold Hairbrush That Won’t Pull Or Break Your Locks

This ergonomic hairbrush has 42,000-plus five-star reviews on Amazon for a reason. It’s suitable for all hair types, wet or dry, and is gentle enough even to use on little kids. You see, instead of tearing through knots and tangles, this brush uses its flexible, bead-free bristles to gently separating your hair. The result is frizz-free hair with far less breakage.


A Sleek Stainless Steel Mixology Set That Comes With Recipes

Quit paying so much for overpriced cocktails at fancy bars or restaurants, and instead make your go-to cocktails from the comfort of your own home with this mixology kit. This set includes everything you’ll need to make delicious, classic cocktails in your own kitchen, including: a shaker, jigger, strainer, spoon, ice tongs, and a wine opener. Plus, you can learn to make any drink with the included cocktail cards.


This Cruelty-Free Body Wash That Can Soothe Irritated Skin

This isn’t your average body wash. Instead, the cruelty-free formula is full of powerfully soothing, organic ingredients like tea tree oil, aloe, jojoba oil, peppermint oil, and more. It gives you a mildly tingling sensation (that really lets you feel it working) and is great for providing relief for irritated skin conditions like athlete’s foot, rashes, and dry/cracked skin.


This Snap-On Strainer That’s Half The Size Of A Traditional One

Cut down on your dishwashing and increase the storage space in your kitchen with this snap-on pot strainer. Not only is this silicone strainer half the size of a traditional colander, but it conveniently clips onto the sides of your pot, so you can simply tip the pot over the sink to drain the water without removing whatever you’re cooking from it, making an awkward process a single-hand experience. It even folds down to a quarter of its size for simple storage.


The Satisfying Foot Peel Mask That Leaves You With Baby Soft Feet

Few things in life are more upsetting than dry, cracked, callous-ridden feet, and few things are more satisfying than watching that all peel away thanks to this foot peel mask. Made with natural ingredients like papaya, citric acid, salicylic acid, and more, all you need to do is wear this mask for an hour one time, and then it’ll work like magic over the next week or two, revealing super soft feet when it’s done.


A 3-Pack Of Absorbent Microfiber Towels That Come With A Mesh Bag

These microfiber towels are thin and lightweight — but don’t think that means they’re inefficient. Quite the opposite, these towels can absorb up to four times their own weight in liquids, and they dry three times faster than similar products out there. This convenient pack comes with three different size towels — one for your face, head, and body — which makes these ideal for the gym, the shower, the beach, and beyond.


This Boiled Egg Peeler For Quick Breakfast Lovers

If you’re a fan of a egg salad or just love a simple breakfast of a hard boiled egg, you’ll really love this boiled egg peeler. This device requires very little effort to accomplish peeled eggs — just fill it with 1/4 cup of water, shake it up to 12 times with some force, and voila! You have a perfectly peeled egg in seconds.


This Car Vacuum With Over 125,000 Five-Star Reviews

At just 13.4 inches long and weighing less than 2.5 pounds, this car vacuum cleaner is compact enough to keep in your trunk at all times. Despite its small size, this is a mighty vacuum with three attachments that can give your car a pro-level detailing. This vacuum is complete with a brush for upholstery, extension tube for slim nooks and crannies, and a flathead hose for other hard-to-reach areas. Your car will never be cleaner than it would be after using this.


These Anti-Slip Mats That Keep Everything In Place

Ensure your phone, wallet, keys and other essentials don’t slip and slide while you’re in the car, on a boat, or any other moving vehicle this anti-slip pad. This tacky mat will secure your items when you don’t have proper storage for them, and you’ll get six of them in your order so you can keep a few in the different areas you’ll need them. Plus, they’re melt-resistant, so they’ll remain intact even in hot cars.


This Funky Wine Decanter That Every Entertainer Needs

Give your guests something to ooh and ahh over when they come over for a dinner party with this fancy wine decanter. This funky decanter acts as both a striking centerpiece and a crystal carafe for your favorite bottle of vino to air it out and completely elevate its taste. And, you can easily clean it with some soap and water, making this a must-have for anyone who likes to entertain.


These Packing Cubes That Add More Space In Your Suitcase

If you’re packing for a big vacation, these packing cubes will prove extremely helpful. Thanks to these durable, easy-to-wipe-clean nylon cubes, you can easily sort and store enough clothes for a 14-day vacation, all in one suitcase. Unlike other packing cube sets, this one comes with a handy laundry bag, so you can keep your dirty clothes far away from your fresh ‘fits.


A Mini Trash Can That Sits Perfectly On Your Countertop

No place is more convenient for a trash can than right on your counter or desktop, and this one has a brushed stainless steel exterior that adds a sleek look to your space. This 1.5-liter can has a swing-top lid and is only 6.5 inches tall, making it the perfect easy, compact desk or kitchen accessory for quickly tossing everything from crumpled notes to food wrappers.


These High-Waisted Biker Shorts With Convenient, Large Pockets

Whether you want something to wear under skirts to prevent chafing, are looking for new workout gear, or want to play around with trendy clothing, these high-waisted biker shorts are it. Made from a buttery soft fabric that has 8% spandex in it for the perfect touch of stretch, these biker shorts are moisture-wicking, breathable, and have pockets that are big enough to store your phone or other essentials.

  • Available sizes: Small – XX-Large Plus
  • Available colors: Black


A Pour Over Coffee Maker That’ll Give You A Better Tasting Brew

Ditch your Starbucks run and switch to delicious coffee made at home with this pour over coffee maker, complete with a 27-ounce carafe and a stainless steel mesh filter. With an easy pour spout, a cool touch handle, and a six cup capacity, this coffee maker will transform your morning coffee routine (and save you money). Why? The stainless steel mesh filter will leave you with a more flavorful, groundless brew.


This Non-Toxic Stain Remover That Works Like A Miracle

This non-toxic stain remover is made for parents, so you know it works well. It’s tough enough to eradicate blood, juice, fruit, and other hard-to-handle stains, so you know it’ll work on practically anything. And because it’s made for little ones, this stain remover is unscented and natural, so you can feel good using it on your clothes, furniture, and anywhere else.


The Quickest Makeup Brush Cleaner You’ll Ever Use

This makeup brush cleaner system will make all of your go-to brushes as good as new in minutes. Just fill the bowl with warm water and the included solution (or any other soap of your choosing), press a button to spin your brush into it until the water changes color, and remove your brush from the water (but not from the bowl) and spin it to dry. You’ll truly wonder how you went your whole life without this device after one use of this.


These Handy Wall Mounts For Your Broom & Mop

A mop and a broom are two of the most essential cleaning tools out there, but they’re extremely awkward to store. These adhesive mounts are the perfect things to install wherever you keep your supplies to keep your handled tools safe, secure, and organized when you’re not using them. And luckily, you’ll get four in your order, so you can ensure every mop, broom, and scrub brush of yours has a proper home.


These Blue Light Blocking Glasses That Also Look Quite Stylish

These glasses don’t just look super cool when you’re on a Zoom call, they also work hard to protect your eyes from irritating blue lights from your screen and headache-inducing fluorescent lights. If you’re not sure whether or not these work, just peep the 65,000 five-star reviews. This order comes with two stylish pairs of blue light glasses, so you can keep one pair at home and one at the office.


A Satin Pillowcase That Protects Your Hair & Skin

While traditional cotton pillowcases are comfy and soft, they can be damaging to your hair and skin while you sleep. Try switching out yours for this satin pillowcase, which offers a smooth, cooling effect that’s way gentler on your strands and face to help eliminate frizz and irritation. Plus, each satin case looks super luxe on your bed, no matter which color or print you choose (there’s 11 to pick from).


This Sleek, Insulated Tumbler With A 4.8-Star Rating

Keep your iced coffee nice and chilled all day and look cute while sipping it with this insulated tumbler, which keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for eight. This surprisingly chic portable cup is double-walled and insulated to really lock in your drink’s ideal temperature. This tumbler, which is available in 40-plus cool colors and patterns, also comes with a straw lid and a flip-top lid, so you can use it for hot or cold drinks easily.


These Pot & Pan Lids With Universal Fits

There are few cooking tools more essential than pot and pan lids, and these have convenient universal fits for any 7-9 and 8-10-inch cookware. Made from tempered glass and silicone, these lids will fit the pots and pans in your cabinet perfectly, they’re even dishwasher-safe, and they can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees, making these a space-saving must-have.


This Electric Candle Lighter That You Can Recharge With A USB

Forget lighters that run out of fuel or matches that burn your fingertips, this electric candle lighter is the way to start a fire. It lights up with the easy click of a button and works for candles, kitchen equipment, barbecues, and more. It’s still child-safe thanks to the slide out tip on the button and retractable head cover. This candle lighter can be used for years thanks to its rechargeable nature, which can be powered through the included USB cable.


This 2-Tier Storage For Your Everyday Jewelry Collection

If your jewelry collection is a disorganized mess all over your home, this chic tiered tray can help you keep your pieces safe and stored properly. This decorative tray has two tiers of storage for everything from small studs to large bangles, and its modern design adds a stunning decorative element to your vanity, dresser, or bathroom counter.


This Glittery Lip Balm That Gives You A Personalized Color

A customized lip color for less than $20? Sign me up! This glittery lip balm goes on clear but then adapts to your body’s pH levels to give you the perfect pink shade. In addition to giving you a subtle and fun your-lips-but-better look, this balm is infused with vitamin E to keep your kisser soft and moisturized.


A Set Of Shelf Dividers That Take Your Organization To The Next Level

Need to store tons of different items on a closet shelf but don’t want them piled on top of each other? These shelf dividers will designate different areas on your storage shelf to create an organized look and feel, and they simply slide into place on any shelf up to 7/8 inches thick. And, with their 12-inch height, these dividers can easily separate even tall piles of clothing and accessories.


A Tiny Tool That Helps You Put On Jewelry When No One’s Around To Help

Ever experienced the frustration of being unable to properly hook a bracelet together when there’s no one around to help you? This jewelry fastening tool can make sure you never run into that problem again. It keeps your jewelry in place so you can use your free hand to secure your bracelet on your wrist in a flash.


This Hanging Purse Organizer That Keeps Your Bags Dust-Free

If you’re anything like me, your handbag collection is getting out of control and way too disorganized. This purse organizer not only gives your favorite purses a home, but the attached hangers allow it to sit seamlessly on your closet rod so it doesn’t take up extra space in your home. With eight compartments, each in your collection will surely feel secure in this organizer, which also protects your bags from dust.


These Pimple Patches That Are Totally Translucent

These pimple patches are a discreet and easy way to get rid of unwanted blemishes, because they’re thin and totally translucent. Despite being so small and simple, these hydrocolloid patches extract pus and remove gunk, and can reduce the appearance of zits in just six hours. This is the perfect overnight solution if you have an unexpected breakout right before a big event.


This No-Fuss Putty That Quickly Fixes Any Drywall Holes

Anyone with nicks and holes in their drywall understand the aesthetic frustrations, making this drywall repair putty an essential in any home. This putty couldn’t be easier to use, just apply it to the hole, remove the excess with a cloth (or your hand!), and paint over the spot once it’s dry — the roll-up design even ensures it’ll remain fresh for long, ensuring you’ll never have to call a professional again.


These Stylish, Cushiony Cloud Slides You’re Going To Wear Everywhere

Not only are these cloud slides so in fashion right now, they’re actually a deeply practical shoe. With a 1.7-inch thick sole, these lightweight shoes work for lounging, showers and spa days, and running around town. If you want a truly custom feet, run a hairdryer over these while you wear them with socks, and they’ll conform perfectly to your feet.

  • Available sizes: 4-5.5 – 13.5-14.5
  • Available styles: 16


This Special Tray That Thaws Your Meat Super Fast

You’ll never have to panic again about forgetting to take meat out of the freezer to thaw before dinner when you have this defrosting tray. Made from high quality aluminum with high thermal conductivity, this tray will speed up the thawing process for everything from ribeye steak to a bunch of frozen veggies. And its nonstick coating will make cleanup a breeze.


These Moisturizing Gloves That Can Heal Cracked Hands

I’m always struggling with chapped hands, which is why these moisturizing gloves are an essential in my nighttime routine. These come with a gel lining infused with moisturizing ingredients like jojoba seed oil, olive oil, and vitamin E, but you can also incorporate your favorite lotion or balm to double the hydration for your mitts. They’re even reusable, so you can relieve your dry hands for seasons to come.


This Deodorizer That Rids Your Fridge Of Unpleasant Scents

With tons of ingredients and leftovers stored in it, our refrigerator can certainly harbor some unsavory smells. However, when you keep this deodorizer inside it, you’ll never smell those nasty aromas again. The bamboo charcoal in this device absorbs odors, removes food gas, and controls the humidity of your fridge, which also helps to make your food last longer.


This Easy-To-Install Mount That Lets You Attach Your Phone To Your Bike

This mount allows you to easily and securely attach your smartphone to the handles of your bike or motorcycle. Metal bolts keep the mount in place while a series of elastic corners allow you to keep your phone firmly in place. Make calls, change up your playlist, or know if you need to pull over to answer urgent texts, because your phone will always be in view.


This Kit That Lets You Get Every Last Drop Of Your Toiletries

Nothing’s more frustrating than when the pump on your lotion or soap can no longer reach the product at the bottom, which is why this bottle emptying kit is so necessary. This kit comes with six caps and stands which eliminate the need for a faulty pump and allow you to get the last 25% of your lotion, soap, or shampoo with ease, helping to reduce waste and the amount you spend on toiletries in the future.


A Gadget That Prevents Any Lost Socks In The Dryer

When you have this sock hanger in your load, you’ll never have to stress about your pairs disappearing in your washer or dryer. Just clip your dirty pairs of socks onto this gadget and feel good about the fact that you’ll never wear a mismatched pair again. Each in your two pack can hold up to nine pairs, making laundry day a breeze, because you can then hang this device in your closet or slip it in your drawer for easy storage.


This Ultra-Soothing Foot Massager You Can Use In The Shower

Give your feet some much-needed TLC (without putting in much effort) with these foot massagers that stick right into your shower. With thousands of flexible bristles, these double as scrubbers for cleaning and massagers for relieving achy feet, targeting every pressure point and improving circulation for a spa-like experience. When you’re done showering, you can hang this scrubber up to dry.


This Foldable Tray Table For Eating Breakfast In Bed

Whether you want to bring your loved one breakfast in bed one morning or need a way to keep crumbs off your bed while you WFH and eat at the same time, this foldable tray table is the solution for you. Made from durable, stylish bamboo and with easy carrying handles, this tray table can be propped up or folded down with ease depending on your preference.


This Purple Hair Mask That Keeps Blonde Hair Looking Cool

Avoid unwanted brassiness in your blonde, platinum, white, brown, or silver hair with the help of this purple hair mask. The paraben- and sulfate-free hair treatment removes yellow tones in your locks all while adding hydration to your hair thanks to coconut oil and marula oil. It’s no wonder this vegan mask has over 27,000 five-star reviews.


This Bottle Brush Kit For Scrubbing Everything In Your Cabinet

Few dishes are harder to keep clean than your water bottles, which is why you need these special brushes to help you get into every nook and cranny of even your most narrow drinkware. This five-pack comes with scrub brushes of different widths and lengths that slide perfectly into any type of reusable bottle for a thorough clean — there’s even a super skinny long brush included for cleaning reusable straws.


This Inflatable Sofa That Is Perfect For The Beach & Park

This inflatable lounger will have you using every excuse in the book to plan an outdoor adventure — that’s how fun this thing is. Inflate this lounger quickly and easily simply by pulling it through the air (no pump needed!) — it will stay blown up for up to six hours and can hold up to 650 pounds, so feel free to share with a friend. This air sofa also comes with a convenient carrying bag, making it ideal for beach and park days.

  • Available styles: 16


This Extra-Long Foam Roller That’s Ideal For Working Out

This 18-inch foam roller is great for leveling up your workout — and it comes with a handy guide to let you know the best ways to use it. But, it’s also ideal for using pre- and post-workout too in order to relieve muscle tension in your legs and back. The real key to this foam roller is not its density or raised texture but its extra-long length, which allows you to massage both legs at the same time.


This Mini Bedside Shelf That’s Perfect For Cramped Bedrooms

You’ll love this subtle bedside shelf especially if your bedroom space is too limited for a proper nightstand. This shelf requires no tools to install, just slip it between your bed frame and mattress and the clamps and felt pads will keep it in place. It can hold up to 26 pounds — ample enough for the hardback book and coffee you want to enjoy from the comfort of your bed.


This NSFW Wine Stopper That Makes For The Perfect Gag Gift

Both a hilarious gag gift idea and an actually-functional kitchen item, these condom-shaped wine stoppers will keep your bottles fresh and leak-free. Each in this eight pack of stoppers comes in an easy-to-open wrapper and is totally reusable — just wash and dry it like a traditional wine stopper.


A Fruity Pool Float You’ll Use All Summer Long

Every pool or lake day needs an inflatable float for you to use while you relax and dip your toes in, and this pineapple-shaped option is so much fun. Made from heavy-duty vinyl that will actually last you the whole summer and beyond, this float is a must-have for any hot day if you’re headed to the pool or another body of water — it even comes with a repair patch so you can feel confident an unfortunate pop won’t ruin the fun. If you’re not pro-pineapple, this float comes in other playful foodie shapes like pretzels, watermelon, and popsicle.

  • Available shapes: 11