Amazon Is Selling A Ton Of These Weird-But-Genius Things For Your Home

These clever, cheap hacks will make life so much easier.

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 Amazon Is Selling A Ton Of These Weird-But-Genius Things For Your Home
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Whether you’re trying to solve a household issue or add a cool new feature to your kitchen, caring for your space can be rewarding, exhausting, and sometimes even perplexing. I mean, some home solutions can be quite obvious — but other times, you may have a less traditional need you weren’t even aware of. What can you use if you can never seem to slice a pizza accurately? And how can you put an end to stubborn jars that won’t open once and for all? Sometimes the answer to a tricky question is a product that might seem a little weird. Weird but genius, that is.

But don’t sweat, because this list is full of tons of weird-but-genius items that can help you get the most out of your home — from under-the-cabinet jar openers to light-up clocks that tell the time with words. Plus, they’re well-vetted by tons of Amazon reviewers.


A Set Of Black Out Stickers That Banish Unwanted LED Light

If you have annoying LED lights on chargers or cable boxes, these light-blocking stickers can black them out completely. Each pack comes with several shapes and sizes, and you can even trim them to fit your exact needs. Just stick them in place; they won’t leave a sticky residue behind, either.


A Paint Pen Set That Lets You Decorate Anything

If you’re looking to add a decorative touch to just about anything, try these paint pens. Each set comes with 12 different colors and can be used on a variety of surfaces including glass, wood, ceramics, and more. The pen’s tips are extra-fine, and the ink is fade and water-resistant, too. “These were by far superior in every way to the competition,” a reviewer raved. “They are absolutely worth the price and I give HUGE PROPS to Artistro.”


A Roll Of Clever Food Labels That Dissolve Under Hot Water

If you want an organized kitchen but also want to support sustainability, try these dissolving food labels. The labels are easy to write on and stick to a variety of materials, including plastic and glass. When you’re ready to empty the container, simply run the label under hot water until it dissolves.


A Kitchen Tool That Makes Prepping Herbs A Breeze

Cut down on meal prep time with this compact herb stripper. It features eight differently sized holes to feed various stems through. With one pull, you can loosen the leaves and reduce the time spent chopping. Because it’s stainless steel, it’s even dishwasher safe.


These Adorable Snails That Hold Your Tea Bag For You

If you enjoy a cup of tea, you’ll likely appreciate these tea bag holders that help your tea bag string stay out of your beverage. Shaped like little snails, these silicone figurines slip onto the side of your mug and hold the string and label of your tea bag in place. Each pack of 10 comes in an assortment of colors.


This Easy-To-Use Gadget That Saves You Tons Of Storage Space

If you’re looking to make a little extra room under your bed, in your linen closet, or anywhere else, try these vacuum storage bags to shrink down your items and increase storage space. The bags feature a double zipper seal and triple valve seal to keep air out; simply use any vacuum to suck out the air after packing. It even comes with a travel pump for use outside the home.


This Tiny, Protective Pad That Sits Under Your Table Cloth

Protect your table from damage with this table pad that hides neatly underneath your table cloth. The bottom is lined with felt to ensure it stays in place, while the top is made from protective vinyl. So whether a hot dish is placed on top, or liquid is spilled, it will protect the surface below.


This Pillow That Turns Bath Time Into Spa Time

If your bath isn’t the restful haven you’d hoped it would be, try this bath pillow to up your comfort level. Made from breathable mesh, it stays in place via suction cups and won’t get soggy. Just use the attached hook to hang it up to dry after use.


A Memory Foam Mat That Takes The Discomfort Out Of Standing

Make your floors more comfortable with this anti-fatigue mat. Made from memory foam, it can take the pressure off your joints as you stand. Plus, it features edges that won’t curl up and a nonslip grip. Use it anywhere you may be standing for long periods of time, like a standing desk, in front of the sink, or more.

  • Available colors: 13


This Pour-Over Coffee Maker That Cuts Down On Paper Waste

If you’re looking for a pour-over that doesn’t rely on single-use filters, try this coffee maker instead. It features a glass carafe with liquid measurements and a reusable laser-cut mesh filter that doesn’t need replacing. It can brew 5 to 6 cups in just minutes.


A Decorative Frame That Lets You Display Your Records

Take your passion for music to new heights with this vinyl record frame. These wooden frames allow you to display your record collection with ease while protecting them with a clear layer of acrylic material. Simply swing open the magnetic frame door, insert your record, and change it up whenever you choose.

  • Available colors: 2


The Clever Cutting Board That Delivers Perfect Slices

If you struggle to evenly slice a cake or cut a pizza, try this knife and cutting board set. It’s made of durable wood with perfectly measured grooves, allowing you to use the stainless steel cutter to make clean and even slices every time. Plus, you can use the flat underside as a serving plate.


A Ring-Light Cell Phone Holder That Comes With Everything You Need

Level up your at-home photo and video skills with this ring light set. It comes with a host of features, including two slots for phones, a collapsible frame that can stand on its own or sit on a tabletop, and a light with three different color settings. It even rotates 360 degrees.


This Stylish, Easy-Pour Wine Decanter

Add a bit of elegance to your dinners with this red wine decanter. A decanter works by aerating your wine with oxygen to help enhance the flavor, and this glass offering is as useful as it is attractive. The thin spout also makes drip-free pouring a breeze.


The Electrified Fly Swatter That Makes Pest Control Easier

If you’re tired of flies or mosquitos ruining your picnic, hike, or any other activity, try this bug zapper racket. It’s powered via a USB charger and delivers 4,000 volts per zap and 10,000 zaps per charge. The indicator light glows when electrified, so you’ll never have to guess if it’s powered up.

  • Available colors: 4


These Waterproof Covers That Protect Your Outdoor Chairs

There’s a genius solution for weather-proofing your outdoor furniture: these waterproof chair covers. Made from durable polyester, the covers secure in place with both buckles and drawstrings, keeping moisture out. They also come with padded handles to ensure removing and installing them is hassle-free.


A Fully Adjustable Tray That Elevates Your Bath

This comprehensive bathtub tray has all the features you need for a relaxing bath experience. It has two expandable sides so it can adjust to fit the width of most bathtubs. It also features a covered slot for a wine glass, a nook for a book, and a removable stand.


This Raised Bamboo Bath Mat That’s Attractive & Functional

This bamboo bath mat is an easy swap to elevate your bathroom or outdoor shower. It features rubber grips on the underside to help ensure it won’t move, while the slats allow for improved ventilation. The wood is treated with a nonslip finish while offering up a chic look to any space.


The Wedge-Shaped Pillow That Helps Ease Several Ailments

This memory foam wedge pillow offers up tons of practical uses. It’s encased in a breathable bamboo cover and can be used to help with acid reflux, back pain, and even snoring. If you flip the pillow vertically, it’s also useful as extra back support for sitting up in bed.


The Knife Sharpener That Doubles As Decor

Keep your knives sharp with this adorable rhinoceros blade sharpener. Made from stainless steel and BPA-free plastic, its blade, which sits in between the horns, works to sharpen your knife with just a few strokes. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe when you’re ready to clean it.

  • Available colors: 2


This Condiment Fork That’s Always There When You Need it

If you struggle to grab the last pickle at the bottom of the jar, or hate splashing olive juice everywhere, this condiment fork can do the heavy lifting for you. The stretchy band keeps the caddy in place, so you’ll always have it on hand. The stainless steel fork is dishwasher safe, too.


The Wooden Knife Block That’s Also A Magnet

This magnetic knife holder maintains the look of a classic wooden knife block while offering the ease of a magnetic strip. The block is made from walnut wood and comes with all the necessary materials to mount it. If you’d rather not use screws, it can be installed via adhesive tape, too.


A Gadget That Prevents Jar-Opening Struggles

This jar-and-bottle opener is here to pry open even the toughest of lids. Simply slide your jar’s lid into the triangle wedge and twist, letting the tension and pressure of the gadget do the work. It works with jars of all different lid sizes.


This Indoor Gadget That Makes S’Mores Without Smoke

If you’re looking to bring the outdoors inside, try this electric S’mores maker. This flameless heater comes with compartments to store your ingredients, two stainless steel forks for toasting marshmallows, and an easy on and off button. Just plug it in and you’re good to go.


The Waterbottle That’s Also A Carrying Case

Load up on all the essentials with this half-gallon water bottle and cover. It comes with a neoprene sleeve that prevents mess from condensation, as well as a pouch for your phone or other essentials. The bottle itself is easy to use, with its convenient handle and push-button straw.


These Multifunctional Bamboo Cutting Boards

Few things in the kitchen are quite as versatile as a reliable cutting board, and this two-pack of bamboo boards is no exception. Their small size makes them easy to store, and they can be used to prep food but also as a set of serving plates. Just hand wash them to clean.


The Tissue Box That Does So Much More

This tissue box cover not only stores your tissues in an attractive faux leather case, but it also displays other items with ease. It features three additional compartments for glasses, remotes, and even smartphones. Simply open the lid to expose the felt-lined interior, place your tissues inside, and enjoy.

  • Available colors: 13


This Fuzzy Eyeglass Holder That Won’t Fall Over

This magnetic eyeglass holder is here to protect and store your frames. The case is lined with a plush material to prevent scratches, while the case attaches to a sturdy magnetic base, so you won’t accidentally knock them over. It’s great for storing smartphones and other valuables as well.

  • Available colors: 17


The Surge Protector With A Night Light Feature

This surge protector plugs into your existing outlet to deliver three times the amount of outlets. In addition to six outlets, it also features two USB ports. The night light on top is automatically activated based on ambient lighting. The whole device offers up a sleek, low-profile shape too.


This Double-Decker Jewelry Organizer That’s Lined With Velvet

Get your jewelry organized like a pro with this double-layer jewelry box. It’s lined with velvet to protect your valuables and features eight hooks for hanging necklaces and bracelets at the top, as well as a row of pouches below. For even more storage, there’s a tray insert with several more compartments.

  • Available colors: 7


This Space-Saving Paper Towel Rack That Goes Under Your Cabinets

If you don’t have counter space for a free-standing paper towel rack, try this mountable paper towel holder instead. Made from waterproof and rustproof stainless steel, you can mount this rack horizontally on a wall or vertically underneath a cabinet. It can be installed with adhesive tape or screws.

  • Available colors: 4


This Multi-Use Set Of Drawer Organizers

If you’re tired of one-size-fits-all dividers, try this four-pack of drawer organizers instead. Each of the bins comes with cells of different configurations, including appropriately sized cells for socks, underwear, bras, and more. It’s lined with sturdy fabric and comes in multiple shades.

  • Available colors: 7


A Truly Customizable Shoe Storage Solution

If you have an ever-expanding shoe collection, these shoe storage organizers can help keep it under control. Each of these 12 clear boxes comes with a front-loading door, so you can easily place your items in and identify them. Plus, the boxes are interlocking, so you can create a structure that fits your space.


The Handy Wax That Keeps Your Items Secure

If you worry about fragile or expensive items falling off your shelves, try this Museum Wax to keep them in place. Simply grab a small amount of wax from the jar, adhere it to the bottom of the item, press it in place, and it won’t budge. When you’re ready to remove it, just twist the item and pull upward.


These Clever, Clear Space-Saving Containers

These clear plastic containers are ideal for organizing hair accessories and more. They measure 9.5 by 5 inches and their transparent design makes finding your items a breeze. Not only are they stackable to save surface area, but the lids have a tray-like lip for extra storage on top.


The Foot Pad That Cleans & Massages At The Same Time

This foot massager adheres to the bottom of your shower via suction cups to deliver a massage as it cleans. The silicone bristles can be used with your favorite body wash, or on their own simply to exfoliate. After use, just hang it up from the loop on the top to fully dry out.

  • Available colors: 4


The Light-Up Word Clock That Doubles As Art

If neither digital nor analog clocks fit your style, try this light-up word clock instead. The words are illuminated with LED lights to show the time in five-minute intervals (“ten past nine,” “fifteen to eight” and so on). Not only is it easy to use at a quick glance, but it also adds a decorative flair to your space.

  • Available colors: 2


This Tool That Can Light Your Candles Without Fire

Make running out of matches or lighter fluid a thing of the past with this flameless candle lighter. The device creates a super hot current that works without fire and can deliver up to 60 uses before it needs to be recharged via USB. It’s safe to use outdoors too, as the heating element is windproof.

  • Available colors: 6


The Double-Sided Brush That Cuts Down On Dish Scrubbing

Make dishwashing an easier task with this bottle scrubber. The base of the scrubber affixes to your sink or counter with suction cups and the long center brush helps to reach spots other sponges can’t. The exterior brush ensures you can clean the outside of the glass simultaneously with just a few twists.


A Set Of Microfiber Slippers That Turn Your Feet Into Mops

If you’re looking to make cleaning more efficient and fun, try these microfiber mop slippers. Not only can they be used on top of mops to trap extra hair and dirt, but you can also slip them over your feet to increase your cleaning surface area and prevent your shoes from tracking grime around. Each pack comes with 10 slippers.

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