Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of These 45 Things That Make Life So Much Better

These products are truly inventive.

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With dozens of distribution centers and millions of products, it’s not common for Amazon to sell out of a product. But there are some products that Amazon shoppers can't get enough of because they make life so much better. And those products go fast.

These genius products have thousands of glowing reviews for a reason — they work. The makeup eraser that removes makeup and dirt from your pores with just water is a prime example of one of those wildly clever viral products. Some of these products are truly inventive, unlike anything else on the market. The bracelet tool that helps you hook your favorite accessory on your wrist, or the motion-activated light that illuminates your purse, are both perfect examples of products that solve common problems that have few solutions.

Either by word of mouth, social media, or a huge need, these products are gone well before many curious buyers can get their hands on one. If you have a few life problems you'd love to tackle with a simple product solution, check out this list — but hurry — these items will probably sell out fast.


A No-Contact Thermometer That Works In Just 1 Second

To take someone’s temperature in the most hygienic and accurate way, you’ll want to keep this digital thermometer in your medicine cabinet. Its infrared technology delivers a precise reading in just one second and doesn’t even need to come in contact with the skin to do so. The temperature will be displayed on the LCD screen in either Fahrenheit or Celcius and will flash an indicator color so you quickly know if something is out of the ordinary. Save up to 35 sets of temperature history for easy tracking.


These Pimple Patches That Are Translucent On The Skin

To wake up with a clear face, these pimple patches are a great first step. They’re made with hydrocolloid that works to absorb all the gunk from a blemish so that after six to eight hours the spot will be flatter and less red. And since it creates a protective barrier, it prevents acne from getting further irritated by air pollutants or your pillowcase as you move around in your sleep. This box comes with 36 patches.


These Adorable Tea Bag Holders That Are Shaped Like Snails

You know when you’re drinking tea and the tea bag (along with the string) slips into your tea? How annoying. These adorable snail tea bag holders are the cutest solution. Each holder in this 10-piece set is made of silicone and clips onto the side on your mug. They come in a variety of colors and are a breeze to wash clean.


The Shelf Mats That Are Removable & Easy To Clean

These shelf mats make cleaning a breeze. Just place one of the mats into your cabinet or refrigerator shelf to help keep your fruits and veggies last longer, as well as providing a barrier between your fridge and any spills. They’re easy to remove and can be wiped down — so much easier than taking a shelf out to clean.


These Silicone Lids That Stretch Over Almost Any Container & Make It Leakproof

These silicone lids stretch over jars, cups, bowls, or other containers so you can stop searching for matching lids. These BPA-free lids, which come 12 in a pack, are safe to wash in the dishwasher or heat up in the microwave. They create an air-tight seal over your leftovers and are reusable.


This Makeup Eraser That Takes Off Makeup With Just Water

Stop scrubbing off your makeup every night with harsh cleansers that dry out your skin and switch to this makeup eraser. The tiny fibers of the plush towel work to remove makeup, dirt, and oil from your skin with just water. It’s better for the environment, too — just wash and reuse.


These Reusable Straws That Come With A Cleaning Brush

These silicone straws are an environmentally friendly way to sip your favorite drinks. They’re tall enough to fit in your 30-ounce tumblers and each set includes six bent straws in soft colors, as well as a cleaning brushes. The BPA-free straws are dishwasher safe, so you can use them again and again.


A Silicone Brush That Can Fit Into Any Size Bottle

To properly reach every corner of those tall containers that you take on the go, this bottle brush will make it a breeze. The long handle rotates 360 degrees to give you better control over the silicone bristles that attach to the end. Since they are soft and flexible, they can squeeze into any bottle without scratching the surface. Instead, it scrubs away any grime and wipes the walls clean. The entire tool is so durable that it’s built to last 10 years.


This Magnetic Base That Keeps Your Phone Cable In Place

Tired of losing your phone’s power cord? This magnetic cable manager is perfect for your nightstand and keeps your cord in place. The magnet in the base attracts the metal of your cable, ensuring it’s right there when you need it. It comes in two shades: gray and light beige.


These Refrigerator Door Covers That Keep Sticky Fingers Away

Keep your refrigerator door smudge free with these door-handle covers. The plush material is soft to the touch and absorbs drips, leaks, or messes from sticky fingers. Each cover is double sided and attaches using Velcro. They come in four sizes and can be tossed in the washer and used again.


This Laundry Lasso That Keeps Your Washing Machine From Growing Mold

Keep your washing machine door open to air out with this Laundry Lasso, which works with all front-load washers. It attaches to your washing machine with suction cups, meaning it is completely adjustable. The Laundry Lasso keeps your door slightly open, preventing mold, mildew, and stink from growing inside the machine.


A Cleaning Gel To Rid Even The Tiniest Spaces Of Dust

Able to squeeze into the smallest nooks and crannies, this cleaning gel is the perfect tool to leave any surface dust-free. Push it into your car vents, laptop keyboard, or even against your computer screen to pick up and trap pieces of lint that wouldn't be caught otherwise. The gel is lightly fragranced to leave behind a fresh scent without any sticky residue.


A Little Microwaveable Egg Poacher That Makes Breakfast In Minutes

Making breakfast is simple with this egg poacher. It has room for two eggs and goes directly in the microwave to quickly cook mess-free eggs. Just add a little bit of water with each of the eggs, snap the poacher shut, and microwave. Breakfast has never been so easy.


An Accessory Organizer That Safely Stores Any Items You Need

This accessory organizer is ideal for tools and toys you need to keep safely stored. Whether it organizes your household tools like screwdrivers and hammers or holds your arts and crafts, the rubberized woven elastic holds your items in place and it comes in eight colors.


The Outlet That Automatically Turns Off Your Appliances

If you’re worried about leaving hot appliances on when you leave the house, this smart outlet will ease your mind. Set the time to turn off anywhere from 15 minutes to six hours. It saves energy by turning off power to that device when the timer goes off.


A Tool That Helps You Put On Bracelets By Yourself

Latching a bracelet on yourself is hard work — but why should you be limited in the accessories you wear? This bracelet tool is the perfect solution. The 6-inch tool clamps the latch of the bracelet so you can feed the hook onto it all by yourself!


This Car Seat Gap Filler That Catches Loose Change & More

The Drop Stop car seat gap filler hooks around your seat belt to stop loose change, phones, or food from falling into the hard-to-reach crack. This Shark Tank product fits most vehicles and each pack comes with two units, a slide-free pad, and an LED credit card light.


These Elastic Grips That Keep Your Glasses From Sliding

These nonslip eyeglass retainers keep your glasses from sliding down your nose while cushioning your ears. They’re made of silicone and are flexible and lightweight. Use them both for everyday living and for outdoor activities like hiking or rock climbing.


This Eyeliner Stamp For A Perfect Winged Line Every Time

This winged eyeliner stamp gives you the perfect cat-eye look every time. The double-sided tool features a smudge-proof and water-resistant liquid eyeliner on one end, with a stamp on the other end that automatically delivers a flawless flick.


A Motion-Activated Light That Helps You See In Your Purse

This handbag light illuminates your purse or backpack so you don’t have to search for your keys or lip balm. It is motion-activated and turns on when your hand moves in front of it. It automatically turns off after 10 seconds and is lightweight, so it won’t become another heavy item to lug around.


These Plugs That Turn Your House Into A Smart Home

Turn your home into a smart home with these mini Wi-Fi-connected outlets. Just plug them into your ordinary outlets and it syncs up with an app to allow you to control your lights and appliances from anywhere. It even works with voice devices like Alexa or Google Home. The plugs come four in a pack.


This Drain Cover That Adds A Few Inches Of Water To Your Bath

Add a few inches of water for an extra luxurious bath with this overflow drain cover. The cover sticks to the tub with suction cups and only has a hole at the very top, allowing more water to fill the bath tub higher. It fits over most overflow drains and comes in three colors.


A Knife Sharpener That Rests On The Edge Of Your Countertop

This knife sharpener is small enough to store in a drawer without taking up much space and is designed to be able to keep its hold on the edge of a countertop, which prevents you from accidentally cutting up the counters with knife marks. It even has two stages for sharpening so you get your knives perfectly sharp: fine and coarse.


The Drain Protector That Catches Every Single Hair

This tub drain protector is shaped like a mushroom to easily fit down into your shower drain, catching all the hair before it goes into your pipes. It’s designed to allow water to easily pass through and is a great alternative to pouring harsh chemicals down your pipes. It won't come loose and float in your bath water like some over-the-drain protectors either.


These Sandwich Bags That Are Washable And Reuseable

For a more environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bags, consider these reusable storage bags. This 12-pack comes with six sandwich bags and six snack bags. The silicone design makes them easy to clean and safe to store in a freezer — and they have leakproof tops.


This Mini Humidifier That Is Small But Mighty

This mini humidifier lasts for up to 18 hours, making it a powerful option despite its sweet, fits-anywhere size. It features a night light you can turn off, an auto-shutoff feature, and two spray modes. It runs so quietly you won't even notice it when you're trying to fall asleep.


A Mug Warmer That Keeps Your Coffee Warm All Morning

Keep your drinks at the right temperature for longer with this mug warmer. It’s the perfect time-saving accessory to keep at your desk to avoid having to get up and reheat your coffee or tea. It boasts three temperature settings and an automatic shutoff function that kicks in after four hours.


This Splatter Screen That Keeps Your Walls Clean While Frying

If you’re craving something fried but don’t want the mess that typically comes with it, add this splatter screen to your cart. The fine mesh surface is meant to be put over your pot or pan when you’re not stirring so that any oils or sauce doesn’t fly out of the cookware and land on your clean walls. It also protects you from painful blisters that can come as a result of hot splashes. Rest it on its legs when you need to stir to get it out of your way.


This Silicone Mat That Keeps Your Hot Hair Tools From Burning Things

This heat-resistant hair tool pouch will keep hot tools like curling irons and straighteners from burning bathroom counters and vanity surfaces. The nonslip silicone can withstand temperatures of up to 460 degrees, while still staying cool to the touch. Set your curling iron on the mat when you’re doing your hair, and when you're finished, wrap it up in the pouch and pack it away. The mat comes in seven shades.


An Electric Jar Opener That Removes Lids In Seconds

This electric jar opener pries stubborn lids off in seconds. It latches onto the jar lid and then with the push of a button, the tool automatically rotates, lifting up the lid. The battery-operated opener can adjust to almost any jar size.


These Hand Warmers That Slip Into Your Pocket

Keep your hands warm with this USB-rechargeable hand warmer. It offers three heating modes and lasts up to 12 hours on one charge, delivering double-sided heat to your hands. The small, round shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and inside of your pocket.


A Meat Thermometer That Helps Ensure Your Meal Is The Right Temperature

Meat can feel a little scary to cook — how do you know you’re frying, grilling, or baking it to the right temperature? This meat thermometer solves that dilemma by taking the temperature of your meat in just a few seconds and displaying it on a large, easily readable LED screen. It also has a helpful guide that suggests recommended temperatures for various meats. Additionally, you can use this waterproof thermometer for beverages, baking, and more.


These Pens That Hide A Tool Set, Flashlight & More

For a gift practically guaranteed to make someone say “whoa!” this multi-tool pen set is it. Coming with two pens, these gadgets are far from your ordinary ballpoint. The pen breaks into eight features: an LED light, a stylus, a standard and metric ruler, bubble leveler, bottle opener, flathead and Phillips screwdriver. Not to mention, you can also use it as a pen to write with. Coming with two ink refills, these pens will make a cool gift for the handy person in your life — whether friend, family member, or yourself.


These BBQ Grill Lights For Grilling At Night

If you’re grilling as the sun goes down, this set of two grill lights illuminates your grilling area to help you see what you’re cooking. Each light has nine high-density LED bulbs that allow you to easily see if you’re overcooking those burgers. The magnetic base latches onto any metal surface, and a flexible gooseneck lets you adjust the lights for the best visibility. Included with the set are six AAA batteries.


The Pet Hair Remover That You Can Reuse

Instead of spending money on endless lint rolling papers, try this pet hair remover that you can reuse. With this brush, there’s no need to wrangle sticky papers — just slide the roller back and forth on surfaces to trap hair in its receptacle. When it’s time to empty it, press the release button to open the chamber and release the pet hair into the garbage. “It pulled up every single hair out of the back of my couches where the cat sits,” one reviewer wrote. “I couldn’t believe it did such an amazing job.”


A Water Bottle That Has A Built-In Fruit Infuser

Make your daily water consumption a little tastier with this fruit infuser water bottle. Add lemon, berries, mint — any fruit or vegetable — into the infuser that attaches to the inside of the bottle to give your water some flavor. Holding up to 32 ounces, it’s built with a flip-top lid and a nonslip grip. The bottle is also slender enough to fit into most car cup holders.


These Steamers That Make Showers Feel Like A Spa

With this pack of six shower steamers, your shower is about to be majorly upgraded. Place one in the corner of your tub, and the steam will allow the scent to make the air fragrant. The six included scents are: watermelon, grapefruit, menthol and eucalyptus, peony and pear, cacao and orange, and lemongrass and coconut. Formulated with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients, these steamers also make thoughtful gifts.


A Bath Pillow That Helps You Relax In The Tub

The only hard part about relaxing in the bath is, well, the hard surface your head and neck rests on. But with this bathtub pillow, that problem is solved. Made from a breathable mesh fabric, the quilted construction also ensures the pillow dries out quickly so it won’t get mildewy from bath moisture. The cushioning supports your head, neck, and shoulders — and it stays in place with six suction cups. A travel case is included for using in hotel or vacation rental tubs.


This Battery Organizer That Also Tests Them

Instead of batteries rolling around in your drawers, this battery organizer and tester keeps them neatly organized in one place. With a clear top to make contents visible, it holds 93 batteries of various sizes, from AAA to nine-volt batteries. Each organizer comes equipped with a tester so you can see if a battery is still good. You can either keep it in a drawer or cabinet, or mount it on the wall. Choose from six color options.


These Eye Masks Made With Real 24-Karat Gold

Feel extra luxurious with these 24-karat gold eye masks. These masks use the anti-inflammatory properties of gold to smooth the under-eye area, relieving puffiness while increasing firmness and brightness. Collagen helps boost hydration and elasticity. For the most soothing results, the brand recommends keeping them in the fridge. “Definite reduction in puffiness and removal of dark circles,” one reviewer shared. “My eyes felt and looked great.”


A Charging Dock That Charges All Your Devices At Once

It feels like somehow there are never enough chargers around the house — or they get moved and you’re left wondering where the cord by the couch went. With this USB charging dock, you can feel secure knowing that your portable devices (phone, tablet, etc) are in one place. With four ports, this dock has dividers that you can neatly place each device in. An LED indicator light lets you know when they’re done charging. And if you’re an iPhone/Android household, worry not, it’s compatible with both — plus Kindle Fires and Samsung devices.


These Grippers That Stop Your Rugs From Curling

Something about a rug curling up can really bring the look of a room down —and not to mention be a tripping hazard. With this set of four rug corner grippers, that problem is neatly solved. The adhesive side sticks to the rug while a sticky gel grips the floor. A foam tip allows you to easily lift the corner when you need to clean. The brand suggests wiping down the sticky gel with rubbing alcohol if the stickiness starts to fade. “These rug grippers work so well that my large dogs can sprint across them and they stay in place,” a reviewer raved. “They are super easy to lift up and clean under the rugs without the hassle of repositioning a rug pad.”


A Purse Holder For Your Car That Keeps It From Falling Over

If you use a purse and have a car, you’ve likely experienced that frustrating feeling of your purse tipping over and contents scattering all over the floorboard. This purse holder for your car solves that by creating a sling in between car seats that keeps your bag upright and accessible. A bonus: It’s also useful for keeping your dog from jumping into the front seat. Just clip the carabiners to the head rests and adjust the straps to fit your seat width.


A Trash Can For Your Car That’s Also Leakproof

Particularly on long road trips, it’s easy to accumulate empty chip bags, bottles, and wrappers that end up cluttering your car. With this car trash can, just attach to a headrest using the adjustable strap or place it on your console. Once you line the bin with one of the 20 included trash bags, you’ll be able to contain the mess — and not worry about anything leaking. Plus, with the bag removed, this bin doubles as a cooler.


A Bonsai Tree Kit That Grows Three Different Kinds Of Trees

Give a loved one (or yourself!) the gift of a soothing new hobby with this bonsai tree kit. With three different bonsai varieties — silver birch, red maple, and mountain pine — this kit comes with all the basics you need to start growing. A guide is also included that features sowing and growing tips. Reviewers report that while it does take some time to grow the seedling into a small tree, they “had a lot of fun, learned a lot!!” in the process.

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