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Most of the time, what’s meant to be will find its way back to you. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case with Amazon. Whenever a particular product from the retailer giant goes viral, it can take weeks or even months for it to come back in stock. It happened to me recently with a particular variety of protein bars that were subject to the TikTok effect. My sister ordered a box during their initial takeoff, and they were so good I attempted to order one for myself not even a week later — and they were gone. It almost goes without saying, but if you want to hop in on these trends and try them for yourself, you’ll have to act fast.

To make things a little easier, I’ve rounded up some of Amazon’s best-selling products for you to browse through. They’re all budget-friendly — under $30 to be exact — and the proof for their sell out-level quality is in the reviews. From beauty to home goods, these items are favorites with reviewers, and you’d better jump on before they’re gone. Like this light therapy lamp that will help you gear up for the change in seasons, and this Himalayan salt block that will make your next meal extra delicious, along with many others. Keep reading for the rest, and don’t forget to click “add to cart” ASAP.


This Innovative Hair Tool To Save You Time On Your At-Home Blowout

Between brushing, blow drying, straightening, and curling, styling your hair can quickly become a laborious — not to mention time-consuming — process. You can easily simplify your routine with this three-in-one hot air brush, which is designed to dry, straighten, or curl your hair while taming flyaways and smoothing hair. The nylon pin and tufted bristles detangle your locks as you style, and there are three temperature settings to choose from depending on the thickness of your hair. One reviewer called it “one of THE BEST investments I have made for my routine in awhile.”


A Dish Rack That People With Small Kitchens Will Love

A roll-up dish rack for over your sink could be exactly the solution you need if you lack a dishwasher or much countertop space. The silicone and steel rack unfolds over your sink and allows your clean, wet dishes (or freshly-washed produce) to drip into the sink. It’s sturdy, rust-resistant, and collapses when not in use. It’s tested and approved by more than 20,000 customers who gave it five stars.


This Spa-Like Bath Mat Made From Sustainable Bamboo

This small upgrade will make your bathroom feel like a spa getaway. The 100% bamboo bath mat offers non-slip protection with waterproof coating and a vented design that dries quickly and is smooth to the touch. Use it inside your shower or bathtub to prevent slips, or directly outside of it so you can step onto something luxurious after bathing.


This Sun Lamp Will Give You The (Faux) Natural Light You Need This Winter

As the seasons change and the weather takes a turn for chilly, many of us in the Northern hemisphere start to suffer from seasonal affective disorder, which can affect your mood and energy levels. This sun lamp gives you faux light that perfectly mimics natural light, with five brightness levels and three temperature colors. In a dingy office space or dark bedroom, this lamp is a must-have.


A Good-Looking Bamboo Shoe Rack For Your Closet Or Entryway

This bamboo shoe rack is ideal for your entryway or bedroom, or anywhere else where you’re in desperate need of shoe storage for your favorite pairs of kicks. The two tiers give you tons of room to work with, and the bamboo color is simple and chic enough to keep in any area of your home. It doesn’t require tools to put it together, either!


This Affordable Coffee Maker Could Help You Ditch Your Coffee Shop Habit

Your caffeine addition can add up fast, but you don’t need to be a professional to DIY it: just invest in this patented cold brew maker. Pick out your preferred blend of coffee beans, and use them to fill the internal filter. Add cold water and allow it to brew for up to 24 hours, and you’ll wind up with four servings of flavorful and refreshing cold brew.


This Soft Bathtub Pillow Will Seriously Up Your Relaxation Game

You’re about to take a lot more baths with this soft and supportive bathtub pillow headrest. Suction cups adhere this ergonomic pillow to your tub, gently cupping your head and neck while you soak. It fits any tub, spa, or jacuzzi, and the breathable mesh material air dries quickly once bath time is over. If you or someone you love takes frequent baths to relax, this is the perfect way to add some luxury to the experience.


These Delightful Self-Help Cards Help You Give Yourself A Pep Talk When You Need It Most

We all could use a little validation from time to time, and the creators of the Knock Knock affirmation cards know it. Each card contains a short, positive, self-help message designed to scientifically improve your mood and motivation. “These are really fun and will make your everyday much better,” one reviewer wrote. “If you’re having trouble mentally, it might be silly, but these cards could truly help assuage and attenuate some of that hardship.”


This Couch Accessory That You Absolutely Need After A Long, Hard Day

When you come home after a long day, all you want to do is curl up on the couch with your drink of choice, and this bamboo couch tray means you can keep it within arms reach. It slides over the arm of your sofa and offers a flat surface for your drink, the remote, a snack, and more. You don’t have to worry about stains, drips, or accidental spills, and it’s great for small spaces where you don’t have room for a side table.


This Clever Sink Cover Gives You More Counter Space While You’re Getting Ready

If you could use more countertop space for getting ready in your bathroom, expand your work space with this fold-up bathroom sink cover. It’s an innovative mesh silicone device that sits over your sink and holds up to seven pounds. Use it to set your makeup brushes, hair tools, and other personal care products on while you’re getting ready, and fold and hang it up neatly when you’re done for easy storage. (Bonus: It can even be used to wash your makeup brushes.)


The Bluetooth Speaker With Quality Far Surpassing Its Price

No party is complete without music, and the Anker soundcore Bluetooth speaker proves that you don’t have to spend the big bucks to get a high-quality sound system. Connect your phone and join the more than 57,000 reviewers who love this speaker. One said it “punches way above its weight” and has “amazing sound clarity.” Perhaps best of all, the battery lasts up to 24 hours, so you can keep the party going all night long.


This Fun Tool Makes Coring An Apple Easy & Clean

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and this apple corer will get rid of their cores and seeds in seconds. The stainless steel twin blades smoothly cut through apples, pears, bell peppers, and other produce to cleanly remove their centers. (Not to mention, it’s just a fun tool to use.) It’s perfect if you’re making an apple-centric recipe, or if you just want an easy way to remove the core.


This Weighted Jump Rope That Doesn’t Actually Have Any Ropes

Up the ante on your home workouts with this weighted ropeless jump rope — yes, you read that correctly. Perfect for working out in tight spaces or in a crowded gym, you’ll never have to worry about tripping, tangles, or painful hits from the ropes. Each handle contains a removable 3-ounce weight, so it feels like you’re using a real jump rope, and the padded grips help you keep hold even during long workouts.


A Pack Of Refrigerator Liners That Will Keep Your Fridge Shelves Sparkling Clean

One extra step you can take to keep your refrigerator clean is lining the shelves with these colorful, food-safe liners. The pack of nine contains three each of red, green, and blue liners that can be cut to size to smooth over each shelf and drawer of your fridge, preventing spills and stains from sullying the actual shelves. When you’re ready for a cleaning session, simply unstick them and wipe clean, then place them back in the fridge.


A Mirror-Mounted Phone Holder Makes It Easier To Scroll While You’re Getting Ready

I’m definitely guilty of scrolling through TikTok while I’m doing my skincare routine, and this glass mount phone holder makes it a little easier to indulge that habit. It suctions to any mirror or glass surface and cradles your phone so you can watch videos or read hands-free. Any device, from your smartphone to your tablet, is compatible, and it can be used in landscape or portrait mode.


This Unique Kitchen Tool Can Cut, Pit & Slice An Avocado

If you regularly make avocado toast or tacos, this OXO 3-in-1 avocado slicer would be seriously helpful for slicing, pitting, and scooping out the goods. It eliminates the need for three separate tools and cuts consistent slices every time. When you’re done, stick the tool in the dishwasher to clean, and enjoy your toast or guacamole.


This Organizer Keeps Your Bags From Tipping Over In The Back Of Your Car

You know that feeling when you’re driving home after a grocery run, and you hear your bags tip over? That wouldn’t happen with this car trunk organizer, which straps to your trunk and has several generously-sized compartments to hold up your bags. You can also use it on road trips or camping adventures for sorting your gear. This is especially great for families, pet owners, commuters, or frequent travelers.


These Fitness Cards Will Reinvigorate Your Workout Routine Wherever You Are

Need some inspo for your next home workout? Try out some of the moves in this deck of fitness workout cards, which includes over 50 moves that use just your body weight. Lay out your entire workout at a glance, or shuffle the cards and pick your exercise routine at random. Each one is waterproof and includes instructions for each move.


This Machine Makes Mini Donuts At Home In Minutes

Homemade donuts are just a few minutes away with this mini donut maker. The device makes seven donuts in whatever flavor you want; there’s a recipe book included for some inspiration. It’s easy and safe enough even for kids to use, and the nonstick surface even makes cleanup a breeze.


A 50-Pack Of Non-Slip Velvet Hangers That Will Seriously Upgrade Your Closet

Make your closet look like a boutique simply by replacing your hangers with these rose pink velvet hangers. The non-slip hangers are notched for hanging even thin-strapped tops and have 360-degree swivel hooks. Plus, they’ll look way cuter than mismatched plastic hangers.


These Motion-Activated Lights Will Save Your Eyes At Night

This motion-activated LED light handily installs under your bed and gently illuminates your room with 12 changing-color lights. Ideal for bedrooms, under cabinets or couches, or other places where a soft light is all you need, this LED light installs with the included adhesive tape, and can be set to shut off automatically after 15 to 300 seconds.


This Flavorful Salt Block Makes Your Grilled Food Taste Even Better

If you or someone in your life considers themselves a grill master, get them a Himalayan salt block for their next cookout. The thick salt block can withstand heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can use it directly on top of a stove or grill. It adds new dimensions of flavor to seafood, meat, and vegetables, and it’s mined from 100% pure Himalayan salt boulders.


This Toilet Upgrade That Will Completely Change Your Bathroom Experience

If you haven’t already upgraded your toilet situation and installed a bidet attachment, then consider installing this handheld sprayer for less than $30 and giving it a go. This sprayer may be different from other bidet models you’ve seen before, but it works just as well and is even easier to install. One reviewer noted “The install took all of 3 minutes at the most,” and said that it’s a great way to save money on toilet paper, while another noted that the sprayer model makes it a great option for women in particular.


This Clever Stove Attachment Helps Prevent Annoying Kitchen Messes

That annoying crack between your stovetop and your counter is a magnet for crumbs and spills, so protect it with this silicone stove gap cover. It looks seamless and slides perfectly into the space, covering it and preventing gross food and debris buildup. To clean, simply lift and wipe down with a damp cloth or stick it in the dishwasher for bigger messes.


These LED Lights Will Illuminate The Inside Of Your Car In Style

Pimp My Ride might be off the air, but you can still deck out your car with these LED interior lights. Sync the color-changing lights to your music to liven up your next road trip or late night cruise. You can stick the adhesive cord anywhere you’d like, so long as it can reach the plug in port on your dashboard. The accompanying app will allow you to control the color, brightness, and light pattern.


A Workout Accessory To Help You Get More Out Of Your Pushups

If your wrists are compromised or if you’d like to give yourself a little more challenge during your next workout, try the Perfect Pushup Elite. These fitness accessories rotate your muscles slightly in a pushup position, engaging them more to increase strength and definition in your arms, shoulders, chest, back, and abdomen. A friend of mine also uses a similar tool during yoga classes to support an old wrist injury that prevented them from doing certain poses. These can support up to 400 pounds and are ergonomically designed to take the pressure off of your wrists and elbows.


This Wall-Mounted Toothbrush Holder Will Clean Up Your Bathroom Counters

Make your bathroom counter a little tidier and more streamlined by installing a wall-mounted toothbrush holder. It featurs an automatic toothpaste dispenser and other built-in storage compartments. No drilling is required to install, as it uses strong adhesive stickers to mount to your wall or mirror. There’s room for up to four toothbrushes, a tube of toothpaste, two cups, and tons of other personal care products on the top shelf and in the drawer.


A Convenient Outlet Extender With A Shelf For Charging Devices

If you’ve got an oddly-placed outlet, or if you’re short on storage near one, convert it into an outlet extender complete with a shelf for storage and a built-in light. Six AC outlets and two USB ports can easily power all your devices without overheating, and the shelf offers a handy place to set them while charging. It also makes a great bedside accessory with a built-in motion-sensitive light.


A Utensil Rest That Will Save You Clean-Up Time While Cooking

While you’re cooking, rest your spatula, spoon, or whisk on this handy silicone utensil rest rather than dirtying your counters or your stovetop. It holds up to four utensils at once and can withstand up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also slim enough to fit between the burners on your stovetop, so you can keep it in a convenient spot and prevent messy drips.


This LED Toilet Bowl Night Light Looks Like A Gag Gift But Is Actually Useful

Not only will your household get a kick out of this LED toilet bowl night light, it will also save someone’s tired eyes from turning on a bright overhead light in the middle of the night. The motion-detecting light senses movement within 5 feet and illuminates your toilet bowl, providing just enough light to do your business by. Choose from 16 color-changing shades and five brightness levels, and attach it easily to any toilet bowl with a flexible PVC arm that hooks over the side.


A Charging Station That Fits Your Phones & Tablets

Collect all your devices into one spot to charge at night using this charging station. With slots for up to six phones and tablets (most smartphone and tablet models compatible) everyone in your household or office will have a comfortable place for their device to charge.


This Mini Trash Can For Your Car Will Help You Keep It Cleaner

Before your next road trip, make sure to equip your car with this waterproof trash can. It loops around your center console, the back of your seat, on the side of your gear shift, or from your glove box and holds up to two gallons of trash. There are even 10 trash bags included with the can. It has a waterproof interior to prevent spills and a hole in the lid for disposing of your coffee cup, receipts, or food wrappers.


An Acrylic Lipstick Organizer For Your Desk Or Bathroom Counter

Make sense of your lipstick collection with this acrylic organizer, which leaves your favorite shades on display and makes them accessible. There’s room for 40 tubes of lipstick, lip gloss, or even makeup brushes. It looks great on any vanity or bathroom counter and will be a huge help when you’re trying to find your go-to shade.


A Pack Of Cable Clips To Keep All Your Chargers Neatly Organized

A 16-pack of cable clips is more than enough to outfit your desk, nightstand, and wherever else you need to organize several cords. They stick to flat surfaces with adhesive and keep one to five cords in place in each of the slots. You can even use them in the car to keep your charger from getting in the way while you drive.


A Juicer For Lemons, Limes, Oranges & More

Making your own juice at home is easy with the OXO 2-in-1 citrus juicer. Snap on either a large or small reamer for your citrus, and juice the fruit directly into a measuring cup. It has a drip-free spout for easy pouring and can even be put directly in the dishwasher when you’re finished.


This Laptop Stand Can Help Prevent Neck Pain While Working From Home

It’s better for your neck and spine alignment to have your computer at eye level while you’re working, which is why those who work from home should seriously consider investing in this laptop stand. It works with any laptop up to 15.6 inches and keeps it upright and steady to prevent strain on your neck and shoulders. It’s even ventilated to prevent overheating and is made from a sturdy and sleek aluminum alloy.


This Fabric Defuzzer Will Make Your Old Clothes Look New Again

Does your favorite sweatshirt or a beloved pair of leggings look a little worse for the wear? Give it new life using the Conair fabric defuzzer, which acts as a razor to cleanly remove pills, fuzz, and lint. There are three distance control settings for different fabrics, and it gets five stars from over 54,000 reviewers, including from one who said de-pilling everything in their house was their new favorite hobby.


An Ice Cube Tray That Makes Spherical Ice For Your Cocktails

Level up your whiskey game next time with ice made in this giant sphere ice cube tray. The mold makes four circular ice “cubes” which melt slower than traditional ice cubes (and, not to mention, look way cooler.) You can even use it for other liquids, like popsicles, iced coffee, or infused water, and the silicone tray can be popped in the dishwasher to wash it out.


A Two-Piece Set For Cleaning Out Your Lint Trap Once & For All

A good deep cleaning with this two-piece dryer lint brush set will reset your lint trap back to zero, removing years of clogged lint from deep inside your dryer. The attachment fits most dryers and most vacuums, and it takes just a few minutes to complete the chore.


A Spring-Loaded Tool Holder Suitable For Indoors Or Outdoors

Over 31,000 Amazon customers swear by this tool holder, a wall-mounted hook system for storing cleaning supplies and outdoor tools. Designed to be used indoors or outdoors, there are five spring-loaded slots for tools, as well as six smaller hooks for dustpans, brushes, and other small supplies. It holds up to 35 pounds and includes everything you need to securely mount it to the wall.


A Set Of Silicone Baking Mats That Making Cleaning Your Pan Even Easier

The next time you decide to bake up some delicious treats, make your cleanup a little easier by lining your pans with these silicone baking mats. They fit half-sheet size pans and are nonstick, so there’s no need for greasing or spraying your pan in advance. Safe in the oven at up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, these baking mats will make prep and cleaning that much easier.


A Set Of Four Dryer Balls That Are An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Dryer Sheets

Swap out your wasteful (and pricey!) dryer sheets with these spiky dryer balls, which reduce static and lint and can be used over and over again. Made from 100% PVC, these dryer balls will soften your clothes gently and shorten the amount of time needed for drying.


These Versatile Cloths That Can Clean Literally Anything

These microfiber cloths allows you to take care of all of the spots in your home, whether it’s a dusty windowsill, dirty dishes that need a good scrub, or disinfecting tabletops. These reusable cloths come in a glorious pack of 24 (so there’s tons to to suit all of your cleaning needs) and are super durable, even after going through the washer time and time again.


This Ergonomic Mouse Makes A Huge Difference In Your Workflow

For those who work constantly on a computer, an ergonomic mouse can make a huge difference in workflow and long-term comfort. Uniquely shaped in a handshake position, you’ll notice a difference in the strain on your wrist and arm. You can even adjust the sensitivity and use the detachable palm rest as needed.


This Anti-Fatigue Mat Helps Relieve The Pressure From Standing While Cooking Or Working

If standing over the sink or stove for more than a few minutes makes your back and feet ache — or you sometimes work at a standing desk — try this anti-fatigue floor mat to alleviate the pressure. The high-density memory foam cushion supports your feet, knees, legs, and back while standing and can be used anywhere from your kitchen to a standing desk or laundry room. Thirteen colors are available to suit your tastes and decor.


A Memory Foam Seat Cushion To Make Sitting For A Long Time More Bearable

Make your home office — or the actual office — a little comfier by adding this memory foam seat cushion to your desk chair. It’s gel-enhanced, breathable, and has a U-shaped cutout to support your tailbone when sitting for extended periods. It’s also great to use in your car. The cover is even machine-washable, and there’s a handle in the cutout so you can take it from place to place easily.


This Kit Has Everything You Need To Start Your Own Indoor Herb Garden

Eager to start a garden, but have no idea how to begin? This indoor herb garden starter kit has everything you need to begin growing your own basil, coriander, parsley, sage, and thyme. The provided seeds are USDA-certified organic and come from a family-owned farm in rural Oregon. The kit comes with five each of compostable pots, soil discs, plant markers, and of course, one packet of each of the herb seeds. In just a few months, you’ll be seasoning your food with your own home-grown herbs.


A Mug Warmer To Keep Your Coffee Or Tea Warm For Longer

I’m definitely guilty of leaving my coffee out for too long, only to be surprised by a cold sip. But when using the Mr. Coffee mug warmer, your drink will stay warm and you’ll no longer need to reheat it in the microwave. It warms up in two minutes or less, and it’s easy to transport and keep clean.

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