Amazon Reviewers Swear These 60 Gifts Are Always A Huge Hit

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by Cliché Wynter
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When it comes to shopping for gifts — whether they're for birthdays or holiday celebrations — I become entirely too enthused. I mean, the mere idea of finding the perfect item for a loved one satisfies me to no end. What makes the present-buying process even more exciting is looking through the gifts on Amazon that reviewers swear by.

But if I'm being honest, the joy of giving to others didn't always fill me with this much happiness. It's not that I'm some sort of Grinch or anything — it's just that I used to get so overwhelmed by the thought of shopping for tons of people and wondering if they'd like their presents. Still, it's the thought that counts — and that isn't just hyperbole, either. It's always nice to put genuine consideration into whatever you're buying for family and friends.

Luckily, you don't have to venture out into the gift-shopping streets unguided. Amazon reviewers have done their due diligence, and tons of them have promised that the following gifts are a hit every single time. Whether it's a cozy blanket with a mermaid tail or a Himalayan salt lamp, you'll be able to find something for everyone. Happy shopping.


The Wireless Earbuds That Come With A Charging Case

Forget tangled wires and poor sound quality when you own a pair of these wireless earbuds. IPX8 waterproof, they're engineered to provide a strong bass performance with a stereo sound — and they use advanced Bluetooth technology to work. The earbuds even come with their own charging box, which means you get a grand total of 28 hours of play time. Plus, they come in cool colors like navy, champagne, and pink.


This Simple Car Phone Mount That Uses Powerful Magnets

Super clunky and hard-to-connect mounts can be frustrating. This car phone holder eliminates that stress with its powerful neodymium magnets that keep your phone in place while you’re navigating the road. You can even rotate and swivel your screen display without your cell becoming dislodged. The mount itself is designed with high-quality rubber, and its minimalist construction makes it easy to use.


A Hair Tool That Dries And Styles At The Same Time

This Revlon one-step hair tool pulls double duty, serving as both a dryer and a styler. It comes with flexible, tangle-free bristles that leave you with smooth strands. Equipped with an impressive power wattage and ionic technology, it dries hair while saturating the airflow and protecting against frizz and static. It’s even comes with two heat settings and a cooling option to lock in your hairstyle.


The Adjustable Footrest That Massages Your Feet

This under-the-desk footrest makes sitting in your office for hours a bit more comfortable. It can be manually adjusted to three different height settings that work to improve your posture and blood circulation. The footrest is designed with a 30-degree tilt, and it even rocks back and forth for increased comfort. Plus, its surface includes circular bumps that gently massage your feet.


This Backpack That's Also A Hydration Container

When you’re out on a hike, it can be inconvenient to stop, remove your bag, and open up your canteen for a sip of water. This hydration backpack saves you time, serving as both storage and a water container. It’s manufactured with a BPA-free water bladder, and it has a high-flow bite valve that can be locked to prevent leaks when you're not sipping.


This 7-In-1 Instant Pot With Over 70,000 5-Star Reviews

The cook in your life will love the cult-favorite Instant Pot Duo. Besides acting as a slow cooker and pressure cooker, it has 13 preset programs for making things like rice, soup, stews, yogurt, and poultry. It even has steam, sauté, and keep-warm functions. It makes meals for up to six people, and the delay start button means you can schedule it to start cooking while you’re away.


This Clear Makeup Organizer With 360-Degree Rotation

Makeup gurus will appreciate this makeup organizer that has 360-degree rotation. You can spin the unit until you find the products that you’re looking for on its heigh-adjustable trays. The organizer can hold over 30 makeup brushes, 20 product bottles, and a slew of other makeup accessories. It also has a secure base, so you won’t have to worry about items falling off once you begin to move it.


A Warm Blanket That Will Make You Feel Like A Mermaid

Make someone’s wildest dreams come true with this nautical blanket that fans out into a mermaid tail. It's hand-crocheted in durable acrylic fabric that's both soft and warm. The blanket can be used all year, whether you're trying to stave off the chill of an air conditioning unit or keep cozy during the winter. It's also available in seven different colors.


The Clip-On Ring Light For Selfies And Video Calls

Poor lighting can seriously hinder the ability to take high-quality selfies. But with this clip-on light ring, you’ll snap radiant images every time. It provides soft LED illumination, as opposed to the harsh flashes that usually come with cell phones. Plus, the clip-on tool includes a scratch-resistant sponge that keeps it in place without causing any damage to your devices.


A Bluetooth Water Bottle That Glows When You Should Drink Up

Keeping hydrated just got even more enjoyable with this water bottle. It's designed with a detachable, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker at its base — but it also has a light-up mode that glows periodically to remind you to take a sip and stay hydrated. Made from BPA-free stainless steel, it keeps cold drinks chilled for hours on end.


This USB-Powered Lamp That's Filled With Himalayan Salt Chunks

This Himalayan salt lamp is an excellent gift for anyone who wants a peaceful night’s rest. When lit up, it gives off a calming soft glow that elevates any sleeping atmosphere. It's also filled with pure Himalayan salt rocks that were hand-carved directly in Pakistan. It can be plugged into any device designed via USB — and the package comes with two extra bulbs.


The Remote-Controlled Strip Lights That Shine In Different Colors

Up the ambiance in any space with these remote-controlled strip lights. The bulbs can automatically switch between colors — but they can also be programmed to light up with any of the 16 shades. They’re designed with both dimmer and brightness controls, and they even have short-circuit protection and a memory function.


An Ergonomic Smartphone Holder For Easy Group Selfies

When you’re taking photos for long periods of time, this ergonomic smartphone holder will do you a world of good. It’s engineered with durable ABS material and a rubber plate that fights against slipping — but most importantly, it's easy to grip. Simply attach your phone with the clamp and watch as it improves stability.


A Popular Serum For Nourishing Eyebrows And Lashes

Do you have thin brows or lashes that you’re trying to restore? If so, look no further than this eyebrow and eyelash serum. It's meant to help repair any damage that might've been caused by eyelash glue, false lashes, or over-plucking. The serum is formulated with a blend of concentrated peptides and botanicals that nourish those areas, leaving you with a thicker look.


This Inflatable Chair That Doesn’t Require A Pump

Outdoor lounging will never be an uncomfortable experience, all thanks to this set of inflatable sofas. Made with anti-tear polyester, they're both durable and waterproof. Plus, they can even be used as a flotation devices in case of emergencies. The loungers also have three pockets for storing your goods — but best of all, they don't require a pump. To assemble each one, all you have to do is open it up in direction of the wind, and then move it through the air.


A 3-Pack Of Personal Alarms You Can Hook To Your Key Ring

Avoid sketchy situations with these discreet, yet loud personal alarms that hook onto a key ring. Simply pull the plug to activate a 140-decibel sound that’ll deter unwanted situations while drawing attention to the fact that you may need assistance. The alarms also have built-in LED flashlights for navigating in the dark.


The Himalayan Salt Block For Food Prep And Presentation

Full disclosure: I’m completely enamored with this Himalayan salt block. The thick slab can be used to infuse your simmering food with the naturally-delicious taste of Himalayan salt — but if you’re entertaining guests, it’s a beautiful way to present your eats. All you have to do is place it in the fridge for a couple of hours before using it as a serving plate, or place it directly on the stove or grill while cooking.


This Vacuum-Insulated Coffee Tumbler

This coffee tumbler makes sure your drink's temperature is always to your liking, because it can keep it cold for eight hours (and hot for two). The vacuum-insulated container also has an insulated flip lid that protects against unwanted leaks. The cup is made with food-grade stainless steel, and it has an internal copper layer that provides additional insulation.


A Paper Fastener That Eliminates The Need For Staples

Who needs staples when you can have this paper clinch? All you have to do is slide the papers in and press down — and then, they'll be held together with a tight fold. Believe it or not, this gadget it can fasten up to five sheets of paper without the need of a traditional stapler. It also has an ergonomic design, making it great for one-handed use.


The Detoxing Face Mask That Bubbles When You Use It

Give your face a deep-pore cleansing with this carbonated clay mask, which starts to bubble as it works. It’s created to rid your skin of black heads while providing a refreshing detox. The product currently has over 3,500 five-star reviews — and one customer wrote, "The most fun I've ever had with a mask. It bubbles and feels great."


This Vertical Plant Holder That's Great For Balconies

Don’t let limited space stop you from putting your green thumb to good use; this vertical garden is the key to maximizing small areas. Made out of felt cloth, it contains seven pockets for growing all kinds of herbs, fruits, and vegetables. It's self-absorbing and resistant to corrosion — and it can safely be mounted onto the wall. The vertical planter adds a fresh element to any balcony, cafe, or backyard.


A Clear Shower Curtain With Pockets For Bath Essentials

This clear shower curtain features nine built-in pockets that let you store essentials while you bathe. If you’re squeezed for space, it’s a great way to store shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other items without crowding your shower floor. Use it alone or use it as a liner — it's made with thick material for increased durability, and it even includes rust-free metal grommets.


A Kit That Helps You Grow Avocado Trees At Home

Even if your loved ones aren’t the best at sustaining plants, they’ll be able to appreciate this easy-to-use avocado tree-growing kit. It’s as simple as changing the water every two weeks after adding a pit to the floating container. The package even comes with a flag for you to write the name of your very first seed.


This Portable Charger That Comes With Built-In Cables For iPhones & Androids

Keeping your devices fully juiced up while you’re on the go is a must — and you'll never run out of battery with this portable charger. About the size of a thick credit card, it’s easy to stash in a purse or pocket and even has attached cables for powering up both iPhones and Androids. Last but not least, it has a flashlight, so you can use it to find your way in the dark.


25. The Durable Ballpoint Pen That Doubles As Window Breaker

This tactical pen works as both a writing tool and a window-breaker — but it also comes with a small multi-tool attachment for other needs (like opening boxes and bottles). Engineered with military-grade aluminum, it won’t rust or easily break. It even includes a heavy-duty nylon belt for easy on-the-go storage.


This Memory Foam Knee Pillow To Help Ease Pressure

Combat hip pain at night with this knee pillow. It's designed with high-quality memory foam to deliver support and help align your knees, hips, and legs while you sleep. If you’re recovering from surgery — or if you're pregnant and can’t sleep on your back — this will make an excellent sleeping accessory.


The Bluetooth Headphones That You Can Comfortably Sleep In

These Bluetooth-enabled sleep headphones are built into a soft, breathable headband that can be worn while resting or working out. The internal wireless speakers help cancel out external noise, allowing you to fully focus or relax. The band is compatible with most Apple and Android devices, and it can provide up to 33 feet of wireless listening. Plus, the battery lasts up to 10 hours — so you won’t have to worry about it running out at night.


A Weighted Blanket That Uses Pressure To Help You Relax

While I'm on the topic of great sleep, you might want to take a gander at this weighted blanket. It’s filled with glass beads that provide deep-pressure stimulation, so when you wrap up in it, it feels like you’re being gently hugged. To find the best weight, choose one that’s about 10% of your body weight, then add a pound.


This Pasta Machine That Has Adjustable Thickness Settings

Experience fresh pasta right at home with this pasta machine. The non-toxic aluminum kitchen tool is crafted with a regulating knob that can be adjusted to nine different settings, allowing you to change the thickness of your pasta. Plus, its cutter can be used with two different widths — so think spaghetti and lasagna.


The Cold Therapy Socks That Soothe Achey Feet

Do you know someone with achey feet who needs relief? Try gifting them a pair of these cold therapy socks. After securing the included chilled gel packs inside the sock's pockets, they'll help cool down sore, ailing feet while reducing swelling — and they can even help relieve plantar fasciitis or arthritis.


An Aromatherapy Inhaler That Helps Calm Stress

Small enough to fit in your pocket, this aromatherapy inhaler can help lift your mood and ease feelings of stress. It’s filled with essential oils known for their mood-soothing benefits, like lavender, ylang ylang, and grapefruit. Just pop off the cap, hold under your nose, and breathe deeply.


The Scalp Massager With Deep-Kneading Technology

End your days on a relaxing note with this electric scalp massager. Suitable for both wet and dry use, the battery-operated massager fits neatly in your hand and features flexible bristles that stimulate circulation and soothe the scalp. It works on two modes: a regular massage setting and a pulse massage setting.


An Ergonomic Mouse To Help Prevent Wrist Strain

You can prevent wrist strain after working all day with this vertical mouse, which has an ergonomic design that allows for smoother movement. The mouse even includes a removable palm rest and a stylish blue LED trim. You can adjust the mouse's responsiveness, and there's even a thumb button for added convenience.


A Scented Candle That Upgrades The Coziness Factor

You pretty much can’t go wrong when you gift this scented candle — to someone else or (ahem) to yourself. Offering a 40-hour burn time, this “sweater weather” fragrance has notes of warm spice and citrus, but you can also opt for other cozy options like “silent night,” which has notes of cedar and pine, or “sugar cookies,” which smells just like grandma’s kitchen.


The Adjustable Desk That You Can Use In Bed

Ditch your home office and get comfortable in bed with a this adjustable desk. It can hold laptops of various sizes while still leaving some room for a mouse. You can easily adjust its height — and if you need the perfect tilt, you can pull the lock button until you have it. The best part about this desk is that it can be used as an eating tray or an art station.


The USB Drive That Lets You to Upload Directly To Social Media

This 64-gigabyte USB flash drive is a great way to transfer photos and files from your phone to your computer, majorly freeing up space, without requiring you to delete items permanently. Compatible with Androids, it transfers data fast and there’s no need to install a driver first.


This Charging Pod That Also Sanitizes Your Phone

You can rid your device of harmful bacteria with this smartphone sanitizer and charger. It’s designed with two germicidal UV bulbs that can eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria on your device, per the brand. The charger includes USB and USB-C ports, making it compatible with most devices.


The Microfiber Towel That Drys Hair Extra-Fast

Cut down a significant amount of drying time with this microfiber hair towel. It’s engineered to absorb excess water after washing, and it isn’t harsh on your strands. The fabric also comes with a flexible seam, letting you pull your strands up while they dry. One customer wrote, "This hair towel is awesome! I have been using hair-towels for two decades. This is the best one yet."


A Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow With Cooling Gel

This memory foam pillow is a great option for those who want to bring another layer of comfort and chill to their bed at a wallet-friendly price. It perfectly cradles your head, neck, and shoulders, holding the shape while you get some shut-eye. Plus, it’s a dream for hot sleepers — the pillow is infused with temperature-regulating gel and ventilated throughout to keep air flowing.


This Keyboard-Cleaning Gel That Smells Like Lemons

How do you tackle a dirty keyboards with hard-to-reach crevasses? This cleaning gel comes to the rescue. The malleable solution can get into all tough spaces, including car vents, calculators, printers, and phones. Formulated with a lemon-fresh fragrance, it’s pleasing to the senses — and it doesn’t leave behind sticky residue on your hands.


The Adult Coloring Book That'll Keep You Calm

Fully embrace your inner artist with the MantraCraft Adult Coloring Book. Think of it as the perfect way to soothe your overactive mind as you spend hours filling in the 50 included animal patterns. The images are very calm and complex, featuring everything from grasslands to oceans. They'll allow you to exert peak creativity while coloring and blowing off a little bit of steam.


A Durable Makeup Organizer For Your Vanity

The great thing about this makeup organizer is its multifunctional capabilities. Constructed with durable plastic, it can be used to store your most cherished beauty items. But if you’re all set on makeup storage, it can double as an office organizer. You can safely keep your staples, pens, notepads, or art supplies in the trusty container. Its two removable drawers can easily be cleaned with warm water and mild soap.


This Purse Insert That Keeps Your Bag Organized

Do you often find yourself breathlessly rummaging through your purse for your debit card once you’ve reached the cashier? Never experience that feeling again with this purse organizer insert. The fashionable and functional item comes in a variety of colors and is made out of a soft, pliable felt fabric. It has a middle compartment with a zipper, and it includes a detachable wallet pocket and key chain. Overall, the organizer has three exterior pockets and 10 inside of it.


A Hand Strap That Keeps Your Phone Secure

If you’re anything like me, you often find yourself accidentally dropping your phone (it happens). Keep your phone securely in your hand with this finger strap. The strap can be used on phones, tablets, and other e-readers to help increase your grip. When you’re in a rush, it’s a handy way to make sure you don’t drop and damage your item.


This Magnetic Knife Holder That You Can Also Use For Keys

Skip the clunky wooden knife holders and save precious counter space with this knife bar. The high-quality, satin-finished stainless steel knife holder includes a powerful magnetic strip that keeps even your largest knives firmly in place. It comes with its own mounting hardware, and it can be easily installed. Take it beyond the kitchen and use it to store everything from keys to scissors.


These Easy-To-Install Motion Sensor Lights

When your space needs some extra illumination, try these efficient motion sensor lights. They require absolutely no tools and are designed with strong, double-sided adhesive pads and magnets. Whether you choose to use them on stairs, closets, or walls, you’ll be able to navigate in the dark. In fact, the lights will only turn on in the dark — and they have an automatic motion sensor that'll shut the bulbs off after about 15 to 30 seconds of no movement.


This Bookmark That Looks Like The Wicked Witch

Give your book-loving friend this whimsical bookmark that looks just like the wicked witch — if she had gotten trapped under a tornado of pages. Carved from polymer clay and hand-painted, the 3-D bookmark showcases the witch’s striped stockings and ruby slippers while ensuring you never lose your place in the story.


The Cooling Jade Roller That Comes With A Gua Sha Stone

Authenticity is always key while shopping for quality goods. This jade roller fits the description after being hand-cut from authentic Xiuyan jade stone. It feels cool when you glide it across your complexion and provides a boost in circulation while fighting against puffiness. The roller even comes with a jade gua sha massage tool as an added bonus.


A Waterproof Phone Mount For Your Bike

Inclement weather won’t damage your phone during bike rides again, all thanks to this waterproof phone bag. It has a high-sensitivity touchscreen along with a zipper — and it's resistant to splashes. The case is also super easy to mount, thanks to its Velcro strap. “Love this! Perfect for keeping my phone, keys, a snack bar, and sunglasses," one customer wrote.


This Tea Infuser Set For Making The Perfect Cuppa

If you’re not a fan of the sediment left behind by loose tea, then this tea infuser set is for you. Constructed with fine mesh that won’t allow any residue to settle in the bottom of your cup, you’ll be able to sip with a peace of mind. The stainless steel package includes three steepers in two sizes, allowing you to brew tea for yourself or company.


This Water Bottle With A Refreshing Mist Feature

After your workouts, you can cool down with this water bottle. It serves two functions: It’s a vessel to drink out of, and it can also mist water onto your face. The BPA-free bottle comes equipped with a built-in carrying loop, making it easy to transport from each destination. It also features a leakproof, pull-out spout — and it can fit into most bike cages.


The Card Game That Your Family Will Love

You can up the ante during your game nights when you bring out this party game, which is so popular that it's been featured on Jimmy Fallon and the Rachel Ray Show. The family-oriented game features "setup" cards that one person at a time reads out loud. Then, the rest of the players take turns finishing the phrase. The person who initially read the setup card has to choose the funniest finish line, giving that contestant a point.


A Portable Bluetooth Speaker With A Durable Clip

This portable Bluetooth speaker will come in handy when you want to listen to music outdoors. It’s designed with a strong carabiner clip — so you’ll be able to fasten it to backpacks, belt loops, and bicycles while you’re on the move. The speaker provides up to five to six hours of battery life, and you can even use it to listen to the radio.


This Wall Organizer For Mops, Brooms, And More

Are you ready to declutter the floor space in your kitchen, garage, or utility closet? If so, you can neatly hang up your cleaning and gardening tools with this wall-mounted holder. The organizer is outfitted with five slots and six hooks that flip down, letting you to store up to 11 tools. Mount the holder to your wall using hooks and anchors for sturdy placement — it can hold up to 35 pounds.


The Surge Protector With 3 Outlets And 2 USB Ports

This versatile outlet surge wall tap offers 600 joules of protection — and it comes with three outlets and two USB ports for additional charging capabilities. The plug-in will help shield your devices from spikes in energy that could occur during storms and other power grid activities.


A Magnetic Wristband That Holds Screws And Other Tools

Forget about going back and forth into your toolbox with this magnetic band around your wrist. It's designed with 10 sturdy magnets that keep screws, nails, and other small tools in place when you're working — and it's even adjustable. One customer said, "This is honestly one of the handiest tools I've purchased!"


The Inflatable Travel Pillow That Will Help You Relax On-The-Go

The frequent flyer in your life will love this travel footrest pillow. It's soft and inflatable — and it only takes a few breaths to get it up to its full size. Then, you'll be able to kick your feet up and increase blood circulation while you're on-the-go. Once it's no longer in use, you can release the air in five seconds and pack it neatly away into the included case.


This Clip-On Fan With 360-Degree Rotation

Whether you're working out at the gym or enjoying a hot summer day outside, you'll benefit from having this portable mini fan. It operates with reusable batteries that are good for up to six hours per charge, but it can also be powered via USB. The fan has a high-quality motor for delivering high-speed air without being too loud. It can also be clipped to any surface edge and offers 360-degree rotation.


The Foot Bath That Bubbles For Ultimate Relaxation

If you love a good pedicure (but can't always make it to the spa), try soaking your feet at home with this bubble spa foot bath. Contoured to fit the shape of your feet, it maintains water temperature (just heat water up first) and has a bubbling function you can control with the tap of your toe. Plus, the splash guard in front helps keep your floors dry.


These Arch Compression Bands That Support Tired Feet

These arch support sleeves are designed to provide compression to targeted areas of your feet, helping to stimulate circulation and speed up muscle recovery. If you have flat feet, plantar fasciitis, or arthritis, the wraps will help alleviate some of the aches and pains, and they’re also great if you work on your feet or run. While they fit snugly, they still allow you to keep your full range of motion while wearing them. One customer wrote, "It is comfortable, supportive and brings immediate relief! I couldn’t ask for more.”

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