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The 9 Best Astrology TikTok Accounts

Go beyond bones/no bones days.

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You’re curious about what the cosmos think about your latest Hinge crush, and willing to hear them on out whether or not it’s a good time to quit your job. But truly you just don’t have the storage space or attention span for another wordy astrology app or newsletter. If you’re being really honest with yourself, you want your horoscope like you want your daily dose of current events: 30 seconds long, with an interesting narrator, and a special effect or filter. Following astrology accounts on TikTok ensures daily cosmic revelations without ever having to leave the app. Learn about the ways in which Mercury’s retrograde is going to affect your relationships while also figuring out if it’s going to be a bones or no bones kind of day.

Different astrologers present their horoscopes in different packages, so you’ll want to find people to follow who speak your astro language. If you’re into houses, charts, and long-term projections, you’ll want to follow astrologers who really go in deep. But if you just want a brief snapshot of what you can expect to feel or experience that day, you’ll want to stick with astrologers who skim the stars. And then there are astrology TikTok creators who are just entertaining, and there’s value and wisdom there, too.

Here are nine different kinds of astro guides for all levels of cosmic curiosity.

1. @marenaltman

If you like your astrology with a side of bitcoin, Maren is your viral guide. Follow her for daily readings, planetary insights into cryptocurrency trends, and trendy rundowns about who’s going to get into a relationship in early November. Join her one million followers for fluff-free, fast-paced, highly detailed, and fairly optimistic videos.

2. @desstrology

Destiny Jenae is an astrologer who posts videos for her 100K-plus followers featuring all things charts, tarot, and crystal. Follow her for videos like “How To Use Crystals” and pop culture series like “Zodiac Signs On You,” where she guesses what sign characters are based on their behavior and traits.

3. @astrobellaluna

Bella is an astrologer slash actor who delivers high-energy readings and horoscope-related chit chats to her 555K followers. Bella has created a variety of series like “Zodiac Signs Failed Attempts At Shark Tank” and “The Greatest Historical Era For Your Zodiac.” Turn to Bella for creative and insightful prompts like these that help you learn more about your sign out in the wild.

4. @zodiac.boyfriend

While the Zodiac Boyfriend considers himself a “just for fun astrologer,” his account, which has over a million followers, is a one-stop-shop for entertaining astro content that’s funny and relevant. There you’ll find videos that poke fun at each sign, with prompts like “I Found The Person For You” and “I’m Not Looking For A Relationship Right Now,” where he reacts in character as each sign.

5. @astro_heaux

Zo is an astrologer with 40k followers who goes all into planetary returns, risings, retrogrades and directs, breaking the events down simply so each sign can know what to expect from them. Zo also teaches astrology newcomers helpful tips like “How To Understand Your Chart” and “Why You’re Reading Your Horoscope Wrong.”

6. @witti.indi

You didn’t know you needed to know about Jane Austen’s birth chart before you started following Indigo, but now you want to know where the planets were for every iconic historical figure. Luckily, she has similarly necessary videos, like “Disney Princess Astrology” and “Controversial Hogwarts Sorting.” While the astrologer is currently not taking on new private readings, she offers niche yet relatable content regularly to her 525K followers.

7. @winniepreciouselekima

Winnie is the queen of astro role play. She uses popular audio clips and trendy prompts to act out different scenarios as different signs. Join her 212K followers for her for clever gems like “Class Picture Day” and “Zodiac Signs React to Rumors.”

8. @astrologybymari

While Mari can be booked to do private readings and is a student of classic astrology off TikTok, on the app he’s all about fast, easy-to-digest rankings of how signs fair in different scenarios. Join Mari’s 675K followers for videos like “Zodiac Sign Classy Scale” and “Zodiac Sign Clingy Scale” for just a basic rundown of who’s the most likely to lead in each category.

9. @astroscope

Astro duo astroscope acts out the signs in their viral joint account, which has over a million followers. If you’re a visual learner with an interest in how each sign reacts to different situations, check out their meter series for videos like “Mad Meter” and “Sarcasm Meter.” These videos highlight the subtle differences between each sign and how they feel and express emotions.