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How To Create The Feel Of A Luxury Spa In Your Own Bathroom

Let’s hear it for towel warmers.

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If you’ve ever visited a spa or simply fantasized about being pampered at one, you may have had the fleeting thought, “Why can’t my bathroom at home look like this?” Understandable. Spas are places of peak relaxation and luxury on a personal level. Not only are they nice on the eyes, but the relaxing vibes are enough to make you want to extend your stay. The best part? Interior design experts and home content creators are sharing their best tips so you can recreate the feel of a top-rated spa from the comfort of your own home bathroom, even if you live in an apartment that may be tighter on space. With the right products and storage options, you’ll feel like you’re in a five-star spa, and your only responsibility will be to sit back and relax.

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Invest In High-Quality Towels & Storage Accessories

“Invest in fancy towels and transform with towel storage,” Kate Kerdi, founder of Kate Kerdi Interiors, @katekerdiinteriors on TikTok, tells Bustle. From bamboo to Turkish cotton, high-quality towels can instantly boost the feel of luxury in your bathroom. Take your towel game to the next level by adding in a super satisfying, spa-worthy towel heater and different methods of storage so you or your guests can enjoy easy access after a soothing shower.

Keep in mind that convenience is a general must when it comes to recreating the feel of a spa at home, whether it pertains to towels or robes. Melissa Metrano, a TikToker with 7.4 million followers known for her bathroom restocking videos, says easy access is key. “One of my favorite spa experiences to bring into my bathroom is having a cozy bathrobe waiting for me. I put a hook near my shower and always have my robe waiting,” she says.

Keep Necessities Within Reach Of The Toilet

Even the toilet area deserves some TLC, and keeping it tidy will subtly (but surely) take your bathroom from good to great. Keep things ultra-convenient by storing throne-related essentials close by so your guests never have to rummage for the TP or Poo-Pourri spray again. Going for simple designs with these items is also a bonus so the space stays tidy and neutral.

Implement Designated Storage Bins Throughout The Space

Wicker baskets and countertop trays are an aesthetically pleasing way to store toiletries, face towels, and extra soaps while still remaining neat and clutter-free. Kaeli McEwen is a restocking extraordinaire on TikTok with more than 9 million followers tuning in to watch super satisfying, aesthetically pleasing videos of guest bathroom refreshes and sudsy shower cleaning. McEwen recommends keeping products like hand lotion organized so self-care time is efficient, as well as setting a cute tray on display for smaller go-to items. Designate which is which and relax knowing your fluffy headbands and hand sanitizers are always a breeze to find in the bathroom.

Replace Original Containers With Neutral Dispensers

It really is all in the details, especially when it comes to product packaging in the bathroom. “I like to make everything in the shower look clean and cohesive so I love to use a set of amber bottles and fill them up with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. It looks so expensive and elevates your shower,” says Brianna Ancheta, a home content creator with 3.8 million followers on her TikTok @briannaancheta.

Switching over to clean, minimally decorated product dispensers is key to creating a sense of escape in your space. Even using clear apothecary jars to hold the little things like cotton swabs and floss picks makes a world of a difference, especially in comparison to the typically loud packaging of most hygiene products.

Have Travel Toiletries For Guests

“I love to create an ‘in case you forgot it’ area with travel-sized toiletries just in case any guests that come need anything from toothbrushes to face wash. It is an easy way to give a luxury experience at home and reminds me of the bathrooms in all of my favorite spas,” Metrano says. Mini emergency kits like these are a lifesaver for overnight guests who might have forgotten a toiletry or two. Plus, there’s no better feeling than finding a perfect little bag full of the exact products you need right when you thought you were out of luck.

Prioritize Ambience With Aromatherapy & Lighting

A relaxed ambiance is top of mind when trying to mirror a spa at home, a concept that largely consists of scent and light. Starting off with a one-and-done gadget like an essential oil diffuser adds an extra calming touch to your space, especially with soothing scents like lavender and eucalyptus. Ancheta even recommends adding a few drops of essential oil to the inside of your toilet paper rolls for a clean fragrance near the toilet.

Both Ancheta and Metrano are proponents of eucalyptus and candles in the bathroom for a sense of peace when winding down for the night. Popping some eucalyptus leaves in the shower and setting out some flame-free candles during bubble baths is an easy step for that at-home spa feel.

Give Your Shower A Makeover

For daily spa feels, give your shower the gift of a makeover. Whether it’s a fancy shower head with several different settings to mist the day away or a therapeutic pebble shower mat, you’ll want to make sure your shower is well-stocked with simple items that make it less of routine activity and more of an enjoyable ritual.

Stock Up On Bathtime Essentials For Self-Care Nights

Setting yourself or your guest up for the ultimate at-home spa night means having the right products on hand to make the occasion as stress-free as possible. Start with a nonslip bath pillow that provides ample neck support and add a shower stool to the space that can be used to hold your glass of rosé while you sit back and relax. Kerdi also recommends a bathtub caddy tray for activities at your fingertips.

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