Here's Your August 2020 Horoscope, Sagittarius

Focus on self-actualization this month.

Your August 2020 Horoscope For Sagittarius

On August 7, Venus, the planet that rules over love and beauty, begins its steady progression through your house of intimacy and transformation. Venus, within the sign of cancer, is challenging you to lean into your home, heritage, and chosen family. There is so much going on in the world, and you may hold your tongue a lot more often than you should. Venus is going to encourage you to have more compassion for your family and friends. The human experience isn’t one without trauma, and it’s inevitable for distressing situations to occur. Lean into being a teacher, Sagittarius, and it doesn’t matter if your students are old or young. Model healthy habits and you’ll find that you’ll attract the right people.

What August 2020 Has In Store For Sagittarius’ Relationships

The ruler of your house of relationships, Mercury, is in your house of higher knowledge and travel, joined by the sun in Leo. Take pride, Sagittarius, you may end up getting the royal treatment from your partner(s) this month. Expect for the sun in Leo to illuminate all that you’ve learned. You’ll find that your ability to comprehend new and creative concepts will take your mind to the next level. Relationships are best when each individual governs their mind. Focus on self-actualization, Sagittarius. On August 30, carefully examine the messages you’ve been receiving within your close relationships.

Tarot Card of the Month For Sagittarius

The Hierophant: It’s OK to not know it all. Seek insight from an elder.