Battersea’s Live Cat Cam Is *Exactly* What We Need RN

But be quick – it’s around for a limited time only.

Cute Baby Cat Scratching And Sharpening Claws At Home

Cute animals solve just about anything, particularly when it comes to anxious minds. There’s something about being in the presence of a super soft pup or feline friend that takes away all your stresses, and we all need some of that right about now. But if you don’t currently have a pet of your own, there are other ways to get your fix, notably through live streams. Battersea has just launched a live cat cam, and honestly I can’t get enough of it already.

Battersea says that, through launching their livestreams, they hope “to enable cats of all shapes, sizes and stories to help lift the spirits of the British public through the last few weeks of lockdown.”

The cattery in Battersea is now kitted out with perfectly-placed cameras so that animal lovers can spend some quality time with the little cuties waiting to find their forever homes. Adorable, right?

Speaking about the new streams, Rachel Saunders, Cattery manager at Battersea said: “After lots of careful planning, we’re so excited to switch the new Cat Cams on in four of our cattery pens at Battersea.”

She added: “Our key workers have continued to care for our animals tirelessly throughout lockdown and every single cat we’ve been able to help has brought us so much joy during a difficult time. We decided it was time to share our rescue cats’ antics with the world and hopefully put a smile on plenty of people’s faces as they while away the last few weeks of lockdown.”

Those hoping to enjoy the cat cam should be aware that it will only be running for two weeks from today, March 15. You can access the two cameras online at Battersea’s website.