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On TikTok, Users Are Celebrating The "Beige Flags" In Their Relationships

They're not must-have characteristics, but they're not icks either.

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We all have our own list of dating red flags that are an instant no-go in any relationship — not owning a bed frame, stiffing the bartender on their tip, taking too long to respond to texts, the list goes on. If someone doesn’t have any red flags, and they have all the qualities you’re looking for in a partner, that’s an automatic green flag. But what about those traits that aren’t bad, but aren’t exactly must-haves, either? TikTok has deemed these as “beige flags,” and the viral trend is finally giving a name to your other half’s most mundane and unexplainable qualities.

According to Know Your Meme, the term was coined back in May 2022 when @itscaito went viral with a list of the most banal, inconsequential characteristics they consider to be beige flags, including having an opinion on whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza, making any mention of spreadsheets, and referencing mainstream sitcoms. The creator didn’t necessarily say that these things are good or bad, but did refer to them as “signs that you’re probably very boring,” so there’s that.

“If you’re looking for the Pam to your Jim, I’m just gonna assume you have no deeper meaning,” quips the creator. Ouch.

Though the video went viral a year ago, you’ve probably been seeing the slang term all over your FYP since late May 2023. In fact, the hashtag #beigeflag has amassed over 269.6 million views and counting, and it’s all thanks to a new trend where users (lovingly) expose their partners’ beige flags. Only this time, the meaning of the phrase has been modified to include all the weird little quirks that you could do without, but aren’t major enough to be a dealbreaker, either. And because the videos are typically written in a nonjudgemental tone, the trend is a lot sweeter than you’d think. Maybe it’ll even make you rethink the silly qualities that used to irk you about your partner.

You’d think someone who doesn’t immediately get rid of their hole-ridden underwear would be a red flag, but @brontecrawley’s boyfriend only keeps the damaged undies so he can “tear them off his body” when she least expects it.

@Annaredman’s boyfriend, on the other hand, is on his way to becoming an influencer on the navigation app Waze, marking every time he passes a cop on the road or gets stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Meanwhile, @graybaby01’s BF “never knows the plan,” and honestly, same.

When @sonialimkar sends her boyfriend a series of questions over text, he chooses one question to respond to instead of answering all of them. We’ve all been there.

@Marisabertani’s girlfriend “gets really hyper and giggly” before bed, and her adult zoomies end up keeping the couple awake for an extra hour.

@Mikegotchalk’s girlfriend “doesn’t know her lefts and rights,” but is also somehow a human GPS. Make it make sense.

@H.j.gibbo’s girlfriend might have the most relatable beige flag of all. The creator shares their significant other is “never at 100% health,” and is perpetually suffering from some sort of headache, stomach ache, or left pinky ache because of it.

Having beige flags doesn’t have to mean you’re boring. In fact, if the recent trend has taught us anything, it’s that beige flags are proof of just how unconditional love can be. From the silly ways you communicate your feelings, to the absurd ways you keep track of your belongings, your beige flags are a part of who you are, and you know you’re with the right person when they celebrate all your quirks and characteristics equally. So go ahead, let your beige flags fly.

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