The 5 Best Bagel Toasters For A Perfect Breakfast

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closeup toasted bagel

For anyone who likes to eat bagels at home, a toaster is vital for enjoying a fresh-tasting bagel. The best bagel toaster has slots big enough to comfortably fit the thicker slices of bread and a convenient bagel button that toasts just the cut side of the bagel.

Bagels are denser than most slices of bread, so it’s key to choose a toaster with extra-wide slots, which are around 1.5 inches wide. Toasters typically come in two-slice or four-slice models, and if you’d like to prepare a couple of bagels at a time, you’ll want to be sure you have the counter space for a larger 4-slice toaster.

Some toasters have a convenient preset button for bagels, which toasts the cut side of the bagel and just warms the other side so it remains pleasantly chewy. Other features may include convenient presets, like defrost for frozen bagels, waffles, or toaster pastries, and settings for varying levels of toastiness, as well as a removable or pull-out crumb tray for easy cleaning. I've also included a bagel slicer on my list, which is great to have for safely and evenly slicing through lots of bagels.

Each of my picks below is highly rated on Amazon, including a few toasters with thousands of reviews. So keep reading to find the best bagel toaster to fit your kitchen.

1. The Overall Best Bagel Toaster

If you're regularly starting the day toasting more than one bagel, this 4-slice toaster will speed up your morning routine by doubling your toast capabilities. If you don't need to whip up a big breakfast, a 2-slice size toaster is also available. This pick has four extra-wide, 1.5-inch slots and a bagel button.

One feature that sets this highly rated toaster with over 4,000 reviews apart is its two independent control panels, so you can toast to different preferences at the same time. This toaster also features self-centering racks and buttons to defrost, reheat or cancel, as well as six doneness levels from light to dark. Blue LED indicators on each control panel make it obvious which setting is in use, and high-lift levers mean you won't have to fish out smaller pieces of bread in the slots. For cleaning and storage, this pick has two removable crumb trays and cord storage. [include 2-slice size]

A helpful review: “[...] The biggest selling point for me was the generous size of the slots. I wanted to be able to put my organic seed bread in without having to bend it or shove it in. I also wanted to be able to fit a bagel in without shaving off some of it first. Everything I've put in this toaster has fit easily. The bagel setting does a wonderful job of toasting the cut side while warming the outside. The defrost setting is perfect for toaster strudels […] I've had this for over a year, and I love it even more. [...]”

2. The Upgrade: A Digital Toaster With Smart Touches

This 2-slice bagel toaster has a handy bagel button and two extra-wide slots, each measuring 1.5 inches. This highly rated pick, with over 1,300 Amazon reviews, has a unique motorized lift (instead of a lever like most toasters) which slowly lowers your bread in and raises your toast when it's done.

A backlit LCD screen displays a countdown timer for toast, which is a feature reviewers commented they didn't know they needed but love to have. One-touch buttons include defrost, reheat, and cancel, and there are seven settings of doneness from light to dark. For storage, this toaster is designed with cord wrap, and it has a removable crumb tray for cleaning. Reviewers also reported they love the sleek stainless steel finish of this toaster. It also comes in polished chrome and a 4-slice toaster option is also available.

A helpful review: “This is, by far, the best toaster we have ever owned ... Once you figure out which settings you like your toast on you will always have perfect toast. The bagel setting is fantastic! I can now get the bread-side of my bagels toasted how I like them without ruining the chewy side! The sides stay cool to the touch, even after a few toasting cycles in a row. Additionally, no more being startled by your toast popping up when you aren't expecting it. The toast rises slowly, and the toaster gives off a reasonable tone to announce its job-well-done. :)”

3. The Most Instagrammable

The best looking toaster for bagels is definitely the most Instagrammable one on this list. Smeg's 2-slice toaster is a stylish pick if you love bagels, as it features a preset button for bagels. The exact slot size is not mentioned, but reviewers confirm that the extra-wide slots are perfect for bagels.

This high-end toaster's sleek and retro aesthetic stands out among other toasters, and it comes in nine colors, including cream, chrome, and red. This pick features six browning levels for toast, additional preset buttons to defrost and reheat, self-centering racks, automatic pop-up when toast is done, anti-slip feet to keep it in place, and a removable stainless steel crumb tray. Reviewers say the cord doesn't wrap around the toaster easily so this may not be the easiest toaster to store (but it's so pretty you may want to leave it out anyway).

A helpful review: “In a class of its own. Pros: mint green pastel is understated and beautiful. Toaster feels substantial. Power cord is heavy duty ... I made a perfect bagel tonight ... Love this appliance, it's definitely the toast of the town."

4. The Best On A Budget

This affordable toaster comes with two extra-wide slots designed to fit bagels (and even thick Texas toast) at 1.5 inches. On this toaster, the digital display conveniently shows selected doneness for your bagel or toast. A "toast boost" feature allows for lifting the rack higher to easily grab smaller items, and the toaster has bagel, defrost, and cancel buttons.

Though this toaster's crumb tray slides out for cleaning, note that it can't be removed. This budget-friendly bagel toaster is also available as a larger 4-slice toaster.

A helpful review: “I absolutely love this toaster and I think we definitely got our money’s worth. Easy to use and toasts our toast and bagels perfectly and evenly.”

5. The Best Toaster Oven

Rather than a traditional toaster with slots, this toaster oven may be more your speed if you want the option to toast bagels and cook in this appliance (think: pizza bagels!). This toaster oven with more than 3,000 reviews has a range of 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it versatile enough to toast bread or bake pizza, cookies or brownies.

The oven's design and size can accommodate about four slices of bread of any thickness. There's no bagel setting on this pick, but reviewers report achieving a similar effect using the broil function. Other preset functions include bake, toast, or keep warm, and the toaster oven has settings for light, medium, or dark doneness of toast, as well as a 30-minute timer. A removable crumb tray makes cleaning up a quick task, and reviewers love how quickly this highly rated pick toasts.

A helpful review: “I am so impressed with this product. My last toaster oven never really cooked both sides of my toast or bagel, but that's not a problem with this toaster oven! It is evenly cooked, quickly, every single time.”

Nice To Have: A Bagel Slicer

After snagging the best bagel toaster, an avid bagel eater needs a quality bagel slicer. This device is designed to safely and evenly cut a bagel every time. The stainless steel blade's serrated edge delivers a clean slice without mashing the bagel, and the acrylic guard protects fingers. The handle has a comfortable grip and the slicer's wide base ensures stability while cutting through bagels.

A helpful review: “I haven't met a bagel that didn't fit in this slicer, and we don't get those dinky frozen ones. What I like best is my kids (under 10) can use it safely. It typically sits next to the toaster, until someone slices a raisin or blueberry bagel, then we throw it in the dishwasher. If you're a bagel-eating family, this product is great. Evenly slices the bagels, safely, and easy to clean up. I honestly can't think of anything I'd do to make this a better kitchen tool.”