The 7 Best Cat Bowls

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Cats may be complicated creatures, but they all want dinner in a clean dish. Not only are the best cat bowls made from easy-to-clean materials, but they’re also designed to keep your furry friend comfortable at mealtime by preventing whisker fatigue, indigestion, and food spills. Ahead, you’ll find tips on how to choose a bowl that even the most finicky feline will love.

First, opt for a design that’s comfortable for your cat. Some felines experience sensitivity when their whiskers brush against the edges of bowls, so choose one that’s flat and wide enough for your kitty’s stache. Shallow bowls are also well-suited for kitties with flat faces, like Persian breeds. For even more comfort, an elevated bowl helps improve digestion by naturally aligning the cat’s body and is also a good choice for older felines with reduced mobility.

When it comes to material, stainless steel and ceramic are recommended. Stainless steel bowls are popular because they’re the least likely to harbor bacteria, but depending on your aesthetics, you may prefer a ceramic bowl that’s easy to clean and odor-resistant. Ceramic is heavier and may prevent kitties from knocking their bowls over, but it’s also more breakable. Generally, it’s best to avoid plastic bowls because they’re easily scratched, more likely to harbor bacteria, and may give some kitties chin acne.

Beyond that, you can also consider a slow feeder bowl to help kitty maintain a healthy weight and provide mental stimulation. And if you’re away from home a lot or want to control portions, an automatic feeder can dispense meals for you. Messy cats (and their owners) might also want a food mat to keep floors clean.

Read on for the best cat bowls to make life easier for you and your furball.

1. A Stainless Steel Bowl That Prevents Whisker Fatigue

This stainless steel cat bowl is made to accommodate flat faces and prevent whisker fatigue. The shallow bowl has a generous diameter that’s a little over 7 inches and comes with a non-skid silicone mat to keep it from sliding around on the floor. Both the mat and the bowl are dishwasher safe.

One cat lover’s take: “I'm amazed at how well this has worked for my very large, long whiskered cat. I never thought why he might want to put his food outside of the bowl to eat it [...] For the first time in his eight years he eats over his bowl. So simple but it really works, and the food naturally gathers to the center so it's even easier for him to get.”

2. An Elevated Ceramic Bowl To Help With Digestion

Tilted and elevated, this ceramic bowl helps keep kitty’s neck aligned and may improve digestion. It’s also comfortable for flat-face breeds and a good choice for preventing whisker fatigue. This bowl measures 7.2 inches wide by 5.1 inches tall, though it’s also available in a smaller 5-inch by 3.6-inch size. It comes in three colors: white, gray, and lake blue. The ceramic bowl has earned more than 6,500 five-star ratings from fellow pet lovers on Amazon, and is dishwasher- and microwave-safe, which is helpful if your cat prefers warm meals.

One cat lover’s take: “I bought two of these for my older cats. One is a flat faced Persian and the other a Siamese, but both older. The Siamese was throwing up a lot and these bowls seem to help that. Much easier for them to finish their food portions and I like the fact that they are elevated.”

3. A Cute & Affordable Bowl With A Near-Perfect Rating

This cute cat bowl boasts a near-perfect 4.8 overall rating from fans, and it’s a steal, too. The bowl is made from stoneware (a type of ceramic) and features an oval shape that measures 5.5 inches wide and 1.5 inches deep, so it’s comfortable for whiskers. The bowl is also dishwasher- and microwave-safe.

One cat lover’s take: “I love this cat food bowl. It is so cute, and it is the perfect size for my cat’s wet food. She is picky about bowls because her whiskers are sensitive, and she can eat out of this bowl easily. Even when her leftover food crusts over in the bowl, it cleans off easily with water.”

4. A Set Of Tilted Water And Food Bowls

Looking for a sleek set that’s comfy for cats? These stainless steel bowls are both elevated and tilted and have a 5.5-inch diameter. The bowls come with a non-skid plastic base that measures 1.97 inches tall and can be easily removed with a turn when they need to be cleaned. The bowls (though not the base) are dishwasher safe and the set has earned more than 4,300 five-star ratings.

One cat lover’s take: “This is by far the best raised food dish I’ve purchased. I love the stainless steel bowls and they are very easy to clean. The overall design is the perfect height for my two cats and enough distance apart that I can feed both using one bowl each. Since switching to a raised dish, my one cat with stomach issues has not had any problems.”

5. This Bowl Set For Messy Cats

The two stainless steel bowls in this set come with a curved resin holder that catches kibble before it can fall on the floor. It’s a hit with pet owners, who’ve given the set more than 9,700 five-star reviews. The resin base is available in six cheerful colors, but it does stick out quite a bit, so might not be a good fit for petite cats or kittens. Each bowl has a diameter of 5.1 inches and is 2.4 inches tall when placed in the base. The bowls are dishwasher safe, though the resin base will need to be washed by hand.

One cat lover’s take: “My cat is the messiest eater i have ever seen, constantly getting dry food everywhere around the bowl, this not only does a good job of raising the bowl to a more comfortable height for him but it also contains a lot of the mess on either side.”

6. A Slow Feeder Bowl For Better Eating Habits

The fish-shaped ridges of this cat bowl create a mealtime maze to slow down eating and give your feline time to digest between bites. Plus, it makes it more fun. The ceramic dish has a diameter of 8.7 inches and a height of 1.6 inches, and it’s dishwasher- and microwave-safe. According to reviewers, this dish easily holds about 0.5 cups of wet or dry food.

One cat lover’s take: “I have two cats and one of them is notorious for being a gulper, especially when eating wet food. After getting tired of cleaning up the aftermath of his gulping, I found this bowl. I was skeptical, but both cats used it right away. It definitely slowed them down and actually created some unexpected mental stimulation as they tried to figure out how to get the last bits of food from the bowl. It [works] well with wet or dry food.”

7. This Automatic Feeder For Timed Meals & Controlled Portions

If you want to keep your cat on a feeding schedule and regulate portions, this 4-liter automatic feeder can be programmed to dispense up to 10 daily meals. What’s more, you can customize each meal with up to 12 portions. Plus, the feeder connects to your Wi-Fi network, so you can control it from anywhere with your smartphone. Also great: You can record short messages for your furball to listen to when it’s mealtime. The detachable stainless steel food tray has a depth of 2 inches and is easy to clean in the dishwasher. The feeder can be plugged in or powered by three D-cell batteries (not included).

One cat lover’s take: “I was able to download the app and set up the automatic meal times in just a few minutes. The feeder is quiet and both of my cats took to it right away. The stainless steel bowl is easily removed for cleaning.”

Also Great: This Silicone Food Mat

This silicone food mat has a textured surface to help trap food particles and keep bowls in place. The waterproof mat also has slightly raised sides that keep messes contained. The popular pet accessory (8,000 five-star reviews and counting) is available in three sizes (18.5 by 11.5 inches shown) and a dozen colors to fit any space. It’s also dishwasher safe.

One cat lover’s take: “My cat is a messy eater. It doesn't matter if I give him food in a bowl or on a plate, it was always ending up on the floor! [...] This one is large enough to fit his water bowl and both his dry food bowl and wet food plate without crowding. The food stays on the mat until I clean it up. I really like the raised edges so it doesn't end up rolling away onto the floor.”