The 4 Best Cat Repellent Sprays For Furniture

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best cat repellent sprays

Cat parenting is a delight, except when your feline starts tearing up your furniture or jumping up on an expensive sofa. Luckily, with a little time and the right tools, you can teach your cat to modify unwanted behavior — trust me, I've personally had success. The best cat repellent sprays for furniture use sound, pheromones, or strong fragrances like citrus or lavender to safely deter kitties from using your furniture as their own personal scratching post. They should also not stain your upholstery and be nontoxic. Every cat is different, though, and since you can't ask them to tell you what they like (and they wouldn't tell you, anyway), you'll want to understand how the different types of repellents work to find the one best suited for your cat.

Types Of Cat Repellent Sprays

  • Pheromones: Sprays can mimic the natural, calming chemicals produced by cats, putting them at ease. Products with these chemicals are best for felines exhibiting poor behavior due to stress, like a recent move or if they are new to your home. Bonus: These sprays also come in handy on long trips and vet visits.
  • Sound: The sprays that use sound work by startling your cat with a light hissing noise released by the can. If you have a jumpy cat, there's a chance it could be traumatic for them, but a boisterous kitty with nerves of steel might be the perfect candidate. Most of these types of products are handheld, but if you have a night owl who rips up upholstery while the rest of the house is asleep, a repellent with a motion-sensor that emits the hiss on its own is extra convenient.
  • Smell: Cats' sense of smell is highly sensitive, and there are certain scents that may be pleasing to humans but are a total turn-off for your pet. My cat, for example, hates the smell of citrus. Other natural scents cats tend to dislike are lavender, rosemary, thyme, and eucalyptus. Again, since your animal's taste can vary, not all scents will deter all kitties, so success is not guaranteed, but if you've noticed your cat grimace at your lavender oil diffuser, it's worth giving it a try.

No matter which of the options you go with, the best cat deterrent sprays will also be safe for other animals in your house and should not leave any stains behind on your couch. However, keep in mind that some are not recommended for leather or suede, so read product recommendations and directions carefully before using them.

Shop The Best Cat Repellent Sprays For Furniture

In a hurry? These are the best cat repellent sprays for furniture:

1. The Best Cat Repellent Spray With Pheromones: Feliway Classic Calming Spray

2. The Best Cat Repellent Spray With A Built-In Motion Sensor: PetSafe SSSCAT Motion Actived Pet Repellent

3. The Best Spray With Pheromones And Sound: SENTRY Stop That! For Cats

4. The Best All-Natural Cat Repellent Spray With Essential Oils: P&J Pet Supplies Cat Guard Pro

One of the main reasons cats scratch or curl up on furniture is because they don't have any other options. Using a spray to deter current behavior, in conjunction with providing other alternatives like a scratching post or a comfy cat bed, increases your chances of success and, just as importantly, will keep your cat happy. My cat's plush bed is set up next to the couch, so he can still feel like we're together, but I don't have to take a lint roller to the couch cushions.

Read on to find the best cat repellent sprays for furniture on Amazon to make cat training a breeze.

1. The Best Cat Repellent Spray With Pheromones


  • Uses calming pheromones to deter cats from scratching and spraying
  • Odorless and colorless


  • Might not be safe for all surfaces — spot check first

Especially great for stress-induced bad behavior, the Feliway spray mimics natural pheromones, which helps to put fur babies at ease in a natural and safe way. Testing of this odorless and colorless spray has found a 90% reduction in scratching and spraying, working on nine out of 10 cats. The brand doesn't specify if the spray is safe for all types of furniture, so do a spot test to make sure it won't damage or discolor your fabric or suede armchair. The brand also recommends spraying down your furniture once a day, though reviewers have found it effective even when sprayed just once a week. Safe for cats and humans, the spray will also make travel easier and give your cats some chill during visits to the vet.

A rave review: "I don't know why my cat pees on my couch. [...] I've tried everything else. Spraying my couch in vinegar water even. That sucked. She didn't care about it and peed anyways. After spraying my couch once with this, she stopped. I sprayed it every day for 2 weeks and not 1 potty issue. Best of all, it doesn't smell like vinegar. It doesn't have an odor at all. That stuff was amazing."

2. The Best Cat Repellent Spray With A Built-In Motion-Sensor


  • Will automatically go off when your cat goes near the target


  • Motion sensor could be set off by other animals or people
  • Might be too scary for some cats

This clever PetSafe spray has a motion sensor that activates a spritz of compressed air anytime your kitty gets within 3 feet of the canister. The hissing sound that emits works as a great deterrent. The odorless spray is safe for all surfaces, animals, and humans and a great choice if you don't want to add any new fragrance to your home. You'll get about 80 to 100 sprays per can, though there are refills available, should you have a particularly determined feline. The infrared sensor works even in the dark and takes four AAA batteries (not included). Just note that some reviewers report to being startled by the spray themselves as the sensor isn't able to detect the difference between a cat and a human, so as a solution, consider only turning on the device when you're not around.

A rave review: "I tried everything and I mean everything to keep our cat from peeing on our one couch. [...] Nothing worked in fact my cat completely stopped using the litter box. This was my last hope. Since I bought it What do you know my cat found the litter box again and uses it and not the couch. This little gadget works!!!!!"

3. The Best Spray With Pheromones And Sound


  • Uses both pheromones and sound to deter behavior
  • Has a chamomile-lavender scent


  • Must be used manually

This SENTRY cat repellent spray offers double the action by combining pheromones and sound to deter pets from scratching up your sofa. The spray emits a hissing sound when used, as well as a cat-safe natural pheromone to calm and refocus cats and halt their negative behavior. The lavender-chamomile fragrance is pleasant for humans and may also act as a further repellent for your cat if they don't like the smell. To use, spray in the direction of your kitty, approximately 12 to 18 inches away, in short bursts when you see them moving in for the couch.

A rave review: "This stuff has really worked great for me. I have two kitties that were used to laying on the couches. I recently purchased a new couch & recliner and of course, I couldn't keep the cats off them. This new set is like a lint brush to the cats so I really didn't want the boys on them. I tried everything including spraying them with a water bottle but it only worked in the moment. [...] I got this and it was an instant success. After that first night, they haven't gotten on the couch since.”

4. The Best All-Natural Cat Repellent Spray With Essential Oils


  • Features an all-natural blend of nontoxic oils
  • Comes in four scents


  • Some reviewers report little effect on their cat’s behavior

Developed by a cat owner determined to save their furniture, the Cat Guard Pro spray features a blend of nontoxic and vegan oils and comes in four scents: original (which one Amazon shopper described as "spicy, slightly citrus-y potpourri"), lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus. Keep in mind that what repels one cat can be like catnip to another, so not every scent will work on every feline. Apart from having a pleasing fragrance to humans, this spray is furniture-safe, and reviewers have found it doesn't leave stains, even on leather chairs.

A rave review: "I was skeptical because of trying similar products that didn’t help, but this did the job on the first night I tried it! My husband’s cat had a horrible habit of clawing up the carpet outside our bedroom door at night, I sprayed it at the bottom of the door and a bit over the carpet and we didn’t hear a thing! It also doesn’t have a harsh scent which I like as well."

Also Consider: A Scratching Post With Rave Reviews


  • May reduce the urge to scratch furniture


  • Some reviewers said it slips a little on hard floors

This fan-favorite scratching post features an all-natural scratching material and a soft, fuzzy base with an anti-slide lining underneath to prevent it from moving across the floor. It boasts an easy-to-put-together design and comes with a plush ball attached to the top of the post for extra entertainment. The post is 29-inches tall and 14-inches wide and is available in five accent colors.

A rave review: "We have tried others but they still went for scratching the couch. This is the only one they actually use and they have forgotten about the couch.”

Also Consider: A Machine Washable Cat Bed


  • Bed walls may reduce anxiety in some cats

If you're using a repellent to keep your pet off the furniture, provide them with a cozy alternative to catnap on, like this machine washable cat bed. Filled with down alternative, this 20-inch round bed is covered in super-soft suede-like material and has a nonslip bottom with traction. The bed's available in nine colors, including green, yellow, and gray.

A rave review: "My cat loves this bed. He loves to rest and sleep in it even when the temperatures are warmer in his room. He has a bit of anxiety and this bed seems to keep him calm and comfortable. The side walls are just the right height and they are sturdy, yet soft."