The 4 Best Cheap Cameras For YouTube

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If you're just getting started with vlogging, picking out the equipment you'll need to get your channel up and running can be intimidating. That said, you don't have to splurge right out of the gate. The best cheap cameras for YouTube can capture high-quality video without breaking your budget.

Since you're creating visual content, any camera you go with absolutely has to have high-quality imagery. There are a ton of budget vlogging cameras on the market, so be sure to double check that it will record video at at least 1080 pixels. Anything less than that may leave your content looking blurry or grainy, which is a big no-go on video streaming channels like YouTube.

Another important factor is the type of channel you're starting. If you plan to mostly vlog from the comfort of home, you can opt for pretty much any type of high-quality video camera (You may want to invest more in a ring light or a portable tripod to go with it). On the other hand, if you plan to record your heart-pumping adventures to share them with the world, you may want a sports video camera that's made to handle rocky slopes and underwater dives. And if you want to skip out on the editing process altogether, you can always opt for a lightweight webcam to stream your YouTube Live videos.

When you're working on a budget, it's more important than ever to find the best cheap camera for your YouTube channel. Here are a few top-notch cameras to help you find your perfect match.

1. The Overall Best: kicktech Video Camcorder

At the top of the list is this affordable multifunctional camera. [It records video and even takes photos at a crisp 1080-pixel output. It has a built-in microphone and speaker, plus a flip screen that makes it simple to record and review your videos. On top of that, this option comes with everything you need to connect your camera to your computer to download your videos, including an extra battery, a USB charger, and an AV cable. For just over $75, you truly can't beat it. Thousands of Amazon reviewers agree that this is a great starter camera.

According to one reviewer: "[It's] a great camera/camcorder for those YouTube stars in your family. The sound quality is outstanding and the quality of the picture is fantastic. This camera/camcorder is great for new beginners because its truly user friendly. If [you're] looking for a great video camera for a great price, I'm sure your future YouTube star will appreciate it."

2. Runner-Up: Aasonida Digital Vlogging Camera

Coming in a close second, this high-quality camera is an excellent pick for anyone who will be capturing videos on the go. It records at 1080 pixels, and features a sensor that actually focuses the lens on the subject to help prevent blurry or shaky photos. Add to that a powerful microphone that improves audio clarity, a multitude of recording options (including pause, face detection, and anti-shake), and a remote to control it all with, and this camera is a winner. The only downside is that it's a bit more expensive than other models on this list.

According to one reviewer: "I [needed] something to help me to my blogging YouTube. I grabbed this one and it is everything I dreamed for the social media world. It has so many features. You won't need a cameraman, you can do it all yourself. Very easy to use and operate."

3. Best For Live Videos: Ehome 1080p Webcam With Microphone

If you'd rather not mess with editing, this easy-to-use webcam is perfect for amping up the quality of your live YouTube videos. While it won't store your vids, you can easily connect it to your laptop and prop it up beside you. This device records at a super sharp 1080 pixels, and has a feature that automatically focuses in on your face for a crisp image. You can set this camera up on a flat surface and rotate the head to find your perfect angle, or you can clip it right to the top of your laptop before you start recording.

According to one reviewer: "The camera video/image quality is amazing! I used to work with my laptop camera, some times I had difficulties because my laptop is old, and the image quality was not good. I really needed an upgrade! The price/quality is [great]. It can be easily enabled, it is just plug and play."

4. Best For Action Shots: APEMAN A80 Action Camera

For anyone into high-adrenaline adventures, this sports camera is a must. For one, it features a tough outer shell that can hold up to any and all your adventures — it's even totally waterproof up to 40 meters deep (when it's in its plastic case). It also records 4K, 1080-pixel imagery, which is sharp enough to capture every millisecond of action. It even has motion detection and loop recording features, and it comes with a neoprene case and extra battery so you won't miss a minute.

According to one reviewer: "At $70 for this action cam, it has really impressed me. Tech has come a long way since my first GoPro. It's quite a powerful pocket size action cam. It comes with a nice foam padded case and a bunch of accessories. For [the price] I’m making great use of this camera and I didn’t have to break the bank."