The 75 Best Cheap Things On Amazon

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If there's one habit I've picked up in my adult life, it's how to be frugal with my money. That doesn't mean I don't love a good shopping spree — it just means that I'm really careful about what I'm adding to my cart. So whenever I'm in the mood for some retail therapy, I always check out all the cheap things you can find on Amazon before I look anywhere else.

Now, when I say that Amazon has tons of "cheap things," I mean that the company has tons of fashionable clothes, kitchen gadgets made with stainless steel, and even nourishing beauty serums. That's because "cheap" doesn't mean what it used to; it simply means that something is affordable. And not only are the items I've selected for this list affordable, but most of them are also $30 or less. That means you can grab a few things for yourself and a few friends or family members, too (if you're in a giving mood, that is).

So what are you waiting for? The sky is the limit when it comes to all the brilliant products you can find on Amazon, and I've gathered the best of the best for you here. Keep scrolling to see my picks.


This Microfiber Hair Towel That's Super Absorbent

Since microfiber absorbs more water than cotton, that means this towel can help get your hair dry faster. The stretchy seam makes it easy to wrap your hair into a turban, and it's large enough to accommodate even extra-long manes.


These Plush Slippers Filled With Memory Foam

These plush crisscross slippers are lined with soft faux fur and filled with squishy memory foam. The pair also features durable rubber soles with added grip, and they're available in three colors: grey, camel, and cream.


This Steering Wheel Cover Lined With Cooling Gel

Sometimes, when the sun is shining into your car, those warm rays can make your steering wheel feel hot. This steering wheel cover is lined with two cooling gel cushions to make driving more comfortable. It’s also made with leather and comes in three colors: white, blue, and black.


This Flexible Selfie Ring Light With A Built-In Mount

When you need the perfect lighting for a selfie, just pop your phone into this ring light. The clamp on the bottom lets you stick it onto tables, bed frames, vanities, and more. Plus, the brightness is adjustable up to 10 levels. The gooseneck is also flexible so that you can bend it into any direction you need.


This External Battery To Keep Your Devices Going

My phone has a battery life of maybe five hours, which is why I always keep an external battery like this one on hand when I'm out of the house. It's compatible with both iPhones and Androids, and it has over 35,000 reviews on Amazon.


A Box Of Shower Steamers Made With Essential Oils

You can still enjoy the fun scents of bath fizzies in the shower; just put one of these steamer pucks down by the drain. It releases soothing essential oils as it melts away, and they're individually wrapped for maximum potency. Each order comes with six aromas: lavender, eucalyptus, vanilla, watermelon, grapefruit, and peppermint.


A Set Of Resistance Bands To Help Get You Toned At Home

Can't make it to the gym today? Not a problem — just use these resistance bands to give yourself a workout in the comfort of your own home. Each order comes with five in varying difficulty levels, and they're so versatile that you can use them for everything from squats to bicep curls.


This Bath Pillow With 2 Panels Instead Of 1

Many bath pillows only support your head, whereas this two-panel version also keeps your shoulders comfortable as you soak. The suction cups on the back keep it from shifting around, and it's filled with an extra-thick 2 inches of soft foam.


A Tile That Helps You Find Lost Items

Do you loose your purse or wallet often? Just put this Tile tracker inside, and you'll be able to locate misplaced items from up to 200 feet away using the downloadable smartphone app. It comes pre-loaded with a replaceable battery that's guaranteed for at least one year, and it's even water-resistant for added durability.


The Serum That Moisturizes Dry Hair In 8 Seconds

Not only is it silicone- and paraben-free, but this moisturizing serum only takes about eight seconds to deliver nourishing amino acids to dry, fragile strands. Use it three times a week to help eliminate frizz and infuse shine. The weightless formula won't weigh your hair down, either.


A Smart Speaker With Alexa Built Into It

Since this smart speaker has Alexa built into it, you can use voice commands to play music, podcasts, or even ask Alexa to tell a few jokes for the room. You can also use it to control other devices powered via smart plugs, and it comes in three colors: charcoal, glacier, or twilight blue.


A Heated Seat Cushion That'll Help You Stay Warm In The Car

Stick these memory foam cushions in your car, or even pop them onto your desk chair to help keep you comfortable in the office. There are two parts — one for your back and one for your seat — and they can work together to help ease pain in your neck, back, and legs while you sit. Plus, they’re each lined with a breathable mesh cover that won’t make you too warm.


A Shea Sugar Scrub That Hydrates While It Exfoliates

Formulated with fair trade shea butter, this body scrub helps exfoliate while delivering a nourishing dose of moisture to dry skin. The added coconut oil and hibiscus flower gives it a refreshing scent that lasts long after you've stepped out of the shower, and it contains absolutely zero parabens or sulfates


An Insert That Helps Organize Crowded Purses

With more than 10 pockets for everything from your wallet to a water bottle, this insert makes it easy to keep your purse organized — no matter how much you've got stashed in there. It's made from soft felt that won't scratch the inside of your bag, and one reviewer even raved that it "gave my bag much better structure."


These Smart Plugs That Are Compatible With Alexa

Ever wish you could turn your lights off just by speaking? Just sync these smart plugs with Alexa or Google Home, and you'll be able to control them using voice commands. There's no smart hub required, and the downloadable app also lets you control your devices from afar.


A Bluetooth Speaker For Playing Tunes In The Shower

Just stick this Bluetooth speaker to your shower wall using the suction cup on the back, and you'll be able to jam out to your favorite songs while you scrub yourself down. It's waterproof, so there's no need to worry about getting it wet — and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 12 hours.


A Lavender Foot Mask To Get Your Skin Feeling Ultra-Soft

Got rough, cracked feet? Just put on this foot mask, then sit back and watch as your feet begin to shed away their tough outside layer, leaving you with ultra-soft, new skin. It's even formulated with natural ingredients like lavender extract and olive oil.


A Pack Of Makeup Remover Cloths That Only Need Water

Simply get one of these makeup remover cloths damp with water, then give your face a gentle scrub — foundation, eyeshadow, waterproof mascara, and everything else on your face will effortlessly melt away. Each one is even reusable to help you save money over time.


This Diffuser That Comes With 6 Essential Oils

Looking for a total bargain? For less than $35, you can grab this diffuser that comes with six of the most popular essential oils: eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, and sweet orange. The faux wood grain exterior is available in light or dark stains, and the water tank provides up to 10 hours of continuous mist.


The Miniature Waffle Maker That Can Do It All

Waffles, paninis, hash browns, biscuit pizzas — you name it, this miniature waffle maker can do it. At less than 1 pound, it's perfect for cramped kitchens with limited counter space — and it comes in tons of fun colors to suit your style: aqua, pink, red, and more.


A Filter That Removes Sulfites & Histamines From Wine

Remove the sulfites and histamines from your wine by running it through this filter, and you may just find yourself waking up with fewer headaches after a few nighttime glasses. You can use it with red, white, or even sparkling wines, and don't worry — it won't alter the flavor or aroma of your glass whatsoever.


A Variety Pack Of Lotions That Help Heal Cracked Skin

Not only do these lotions help heal dry, cracked skin, but two of them are even specifically formulated for your hands and feet. They absorb quickly into your skin so you're not left feeling slimy, and one reviewer even described them as "liquid gold."


This Smart Light Bulb That's Compatible With Alexa

Sync this smart light bulb with Alexa, and you'll be able to control it from the comfort of your couch using voice commands. You can also set schedules via the downloadable smartphone app so that it's on and welcoming you home when you walk through your front door. The best part is that it's an LED that uses up to 85% less power than regular incandescent bulbs.


The Waver That Gives You Gorgeous, Beachy Hair

You don't need to spend a day at the beach to get gorgeous waves in your mane — just run this waver through your hair. It's designed with tourmaline ceramic plates that help tame unwanted frizz while infusing shine, and the heat is adjustable up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


This Lap Desk With A Classy Oak Top

Most lap desks are made from plastic, whereas this one is made from real oak wood that gives it a classy edge over the competition. It's wide enough to fit any laptop up to 15.6 inches, and unlike other desks, this one features designated spots for your smartphone and mouse.


The Immersion Blender Made With Stainless Steel

Grab this immersion blender for anyone who loves cooking. It can quickly whip up marinades, soups, beat an egg, or even whisk up a quick meringue. Both blending heads are made with rust-resistant stainless steel, and the motor speed is adjustable by up to eight levels.


This Cheese Board That Comes With Chic Serving Knives

Made from high-quality oak wood, this cheese board takes any casual night at home and turns it into a classy evening. Unlike other boards, this one features a slide-out drawer that holds four stainless steel serving knives, making it compact for smaller kitchens.


A Set Of Romantic, Remote-Controlled Flameless Candles

There's no need to worry about these candles catching onto anything, as they're completely flameless (but just as romantic as the real deal). Set the built-in timer to two, four, six, or eight hours. While batteries are not included, each candle gets approximately 150 hours of light using just two AA batteries.


The Pet Hair Roller That Doesn't Rely On Sticky Sheets

Buying replacement sticky sheets adds up over time, whereas this reusable roller uses ultra-fine bristles to pull pet hair and dander off your clothes. It also works great on upholstery, and all the collected hair gets stashed away into the waste compartment until you're ready to empty it out.


This Umbrella Table Tray For Your Drinks, Phones & Sunglasses

Thanks to this umbrella tray, you won’t have to clutter the patio table with drinks, phones, and more. That’s because it can attach to the umbrella pole and hold 5 pounds of belongings. There are even four slots around the edges to hold everyone’s sunglasses, and it comes in two colors: gray and white.


The EcoTools Makeup Brushes That Are Perfect For Traveling

Need a compact set of makeup brushes you can take with you out of town? These ones are not only made with 100% synthetic bristles that are cruelty-free, but they also work great as a gift. Each order comes with a travel bag, as well as five brushes: one foundation, concealer, powder, finishing, and angled brush.


A Silicone Scrub Mat That Gets Your Makeup Brushes Squeaky-Clean

Use the suction cup on the back of this scrubber mat to stick it to your vanity, and you'll be able to get your makeup brushes nearly clean as new. It's made from soft silicone that easily washes clean under running water, and there are a variety of threads to help get every bristle spotless.


An Exfoliating Serum To Help Shrink The Appearance Of Your Pores

Add a few drops of this liquid exfoliant to a cotton ball, then rub it all over your face to help exfoliate old skin. This formula is made with salicylic acid and can help shrink the appearance of pores. Plus, it's totally free of fragrances.


The Leakproof Water Bottle That Infuses Fresh Fruit Flavors

Tired of drinking plain, boring water? Just load the infusion core in this water bottle with your favorite fruits, then sit back and watch as their delicious flavors seep out into your beverage. It's BPA-free as well as leakproof, and the shatterproof design is extra-durable.


These Bluetooth Headphones That Are Oh-So Affordable

Looking for an affordable pair of earbuds? Well, these Bluetooth earbuds provide hours and hours of crystal-clear music, and you can even use the built-in microphone to answer hands-free calls. If you're worried about their fit, you don't have to — each order also comes with several different sizes of ear tips.


The Ring That Holds Your Nail Polish Bottle For You

Tired of knocking your nail polish bottle over? Just pop it into the top of this ring, and it'll keep it out of reach from stray elbows. One size is made to fit all fingers, and it's constructed with soft silicone that won't leave your skin feeling chafed.


The Ice Roller That Helps Sooth Unwanted Puffiness

Ever wake up with tired eyes? Simply keep this ice roller in the freezer, then whip it out and give your face a few swipes whenever it's looking a little puffy. It also works great as a way to cool down on hot days, or even for treating sore muscles after a tough workout.


These Velvet Scrunchies With Secret Pockets For Valuables

Got cash or cards you'd like to keep out of sight? Just stash them inside secret zippered pocket on these scrunchies. They're made with soft velvet for a chic, yet affordable look — and the elastic on the inside helps keep it snug in your hair.


A Tiered Jewelry Tray With An Ultra-Chic Golden Finish

With a gorgeous matte finish, this tiered jewelry tray is a fashionable addition to any vanity. The bottom is big enough for chunky bracelets and other large items, while the top is perfect for small rings and cufflinks. Choose from three finishes: white, brass, or black.


The Himalayan Salt Lamp With 7 Colors To Pick From

Most Himalayan salt lamps only come in one color — but not this one. Not only are there seven different LED colors to choose from when setting the mood, but each order also comes with a beautiful wooden base made from natural neem.


A Vibrating Spatula To Get Rid Of Stubborn, Unwanted Blackheads

Got a deep blackhead that won't go away? It might be time to break out this vibrating pore spatula. The spatula tip is made from stainless steel that's resistant to rust, and each order also comes with two silicone covers you can use to exfoliate old skin.


A Meat Tenderizer Made With Stainless Steel Blades

Tenderizing meat before you cook it helps break down the connective tissue so that it's more tender when it comes time to eat, which makes a tenderizer like this one a must-have for any avid home cook. The 48 ultra-sharp blades are made from stainless steel, and it even helps cut down the amount of time your meat needs to soak in a marinade.


A Lotion Gift Set Made With Nourishing Shea Butter

Not sure what to give someone? You can't go wrong with this lotion set from L'Occitane. The main ingredient in each hydrating serum is smooth, ultra-rich shea butter — and the pack comes with four products: body wash and three different types of moisturizing creams.


A Treat-Dispensing Mat That Makes Giving Your Dog A Bath So Easy

Made from 100% silicone, this slow treat feeder is an easy way to keep your dog from eating too fast. Just squish a dab of peanut butter down between the raised nubs, then stick it to any flat surface using the suction cups on the back. It'll even help keep your pup preoccupied when it's bath time.


A Beard-Grooming Kit That Comes With Moisturizing Oil

Not only does this beard grooming kit come with a gorgeous boar bristle brush, but you also get a wooden comb, moisturizing balm and oil, as well as shampoo to scrub it clean. And with more than 8,000 positive four- and five-star reviews, you can see it's also a hit with many reviewers. One person wrote that the "stuff smells amazing and really feels great."


A Stain Remover That Powers Through Red Wine

Spilling red wine is always a bummer, but it doesn't have to be with this red wine stain remover. When sprayed onto a new or old stain, the concentrated, yet non-toxic formula will help get rid of the wine residue. It works on various fabrics, whether the spill is on your couch, carpet, or new pants.


The French Press Made With Borosilicate Glass

Not only is this chic French press made with heat-resistant borosilicate glass, but it also features a four-level filtration system to stop any coffee grounds from leaking into your mug. The reusable filter is made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and the entire press is completely BPA-free.


A Bag Sealer For Keeping Snacks Fresh

Whether you're working with a foil or plastic bag, this hot sealer can probably close it back up. It only takes about 90 seconds to preheat, and it's way more effective than chip clips when it comes to keeping the air out of your snacks so that they stay fresh.


The Electric Griddle That Heats Up In Minutes

Don't dirty up your stove when you're in the mood for a quick meal — just break out this electric griddle. It's the perfect size for cooking up a quick breakfast, though the non-stick cook top is great for sizzling up practically anything. Choose from five colors: aqua, red, black, white, or grey.


This Bluetooth Remote For Your Smart Phone

There's no need to race against a timer when you've got this Bluetooth camera remote, as it allows you to snap photos from up to 30 feet away. It's compatible with both iPhones, Androids, and tablets — and the compact style means it's easy to keep in your pocket.


This Face Brush Amazon Reviewers Call “A Game Changer”

Give your pores a deep cleanse with this electric face brush. The casing is water resistant so it's suitable for the shower, and there are two speed settings to choose from depending on how deep of a clean you need; blackheads are no match for the "high" setting.


A Set Of Pods That Helps Herbs Stay Fresh

Tired of watching your herbs go bad in the fridge before you get to eat them? Just pop them into these herb saver pods, fill the water reservoir up, then watch as your greens stay fresh for up to three weeks. The hard shells keep them safe from getting bruised in the fridge. Plus, they're great for oregano, basil, cilantro, parsley, and more.


The Decorative Weather Forecaster Made From Chic Glass

It won't be as accurate as your local weatherman, but this gorgeous glass vase can still keep you updated on the weather — and if it's wrong, it still looks great sitting out anywhere in your home. The crystals on the inside will transform depending on what's happening outside, and it comes in a variety of sizes to fit any desk: small through XXX-large.


This Bowl That Keeps Your Cereal Crunchy, Not Soggy

Tired of your cereal getting soggy before you're able to finish eating? Then it's time to invest in this bowl. Unlike regular bowls, this one features a divider in the center to keep your cereal separated from your milk. When you're ready to take a bite, simply fill your spoon with cereal, then dip it into the milk. It also works great for eating chips and dip.


A Kit That Lets You Make Your Own Beeswax Candles

Not only does this kit come with all the tools you'll need to make your own gorgeous candle, but the wax is also 100% eco-friendly beeswax — not paraffin. The wicks are made from cotton to help prevent soot buildup, and many reviewers raved about how it was a great way to spend an afternoon with their family.


The Charging Stand For Your All Your Gadgets

With space for your smartphone, watch, and AirPods, this charging stand makes it easy to keep your nightstand or desktop free and clear of cables. It's designed to work with any Qi-enabled phone, and one reviewer even raved that it "looks great on the nightstand, and is classy looking enough that I want a second one for my desk at work."


The Rug Made From Chic Faux Sheepskin

An easy way to break up monotony in your home is to add a variety of textures throughout — like this faux sheepskin rug. Not only does it look significantly more expensive than it is, but the non-slip bottom keeps it firmly in place as you go about your day. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors, including white, red, black, pink, and more.


A Gadget That Gets Breakfast Cooked Fast

Don't have time to sit down for a whole meal? Let this breakfast sandwich maker whip up a quick meal you can eat on the go. The non-stick cooking plates allow you to crack a fresh egg right inside, and it all dissembles for easy cleanup once you're done. Choose from three colors: silver, black, or red.


A Set Of Plant Hangers For A Touch Of Greenery At Home

Got a friend who loves plants? Then be sure to check out these macrame plant hangers. Each one is able to hold up to 12 pounds, and they also come with the hooks needed to suspend them from the wall or ceiling. Even if you're not into the boho style, they're neutral enough to mesh with nearly any type of decor.


These Remotes That Work With Nearly Any Garage Door

Need another garage door remote? These are designed to work universally with nearly any type of receiver from up to 100 meters away. You can sync up to three different doors, and the slide cover over the buttons prevents you from accidentally pressing one.


A Lightbox That Looks Like A Cinema Marquee

Not sure what to give a friend this year? You can't go wrong with this cinema-style marquee lightbox. It comes with 100 character tiles for you to spell out messages, reminders, and more. Plus, you can either power it via USB or with six AA batteries (which aren't included).


This Fragrance Set From Versace

Even though you can grab this Versace fragrance set for less than $30, whoever opens it up will automatically assume you've spent way more on them than that. Each set comes with three pieces: one bottle of cologne, one tube of hair and body shampoo, and an aftershave balm.


The Butter Dish With A Magnetic Knife Keeper

There's no need to go hunting around for a butter knife the next time you need some spread, as this butter dish has a magnetic slot on the top where you can easily keep a knife. The ramps on either end of the dish help you scoop the butter up, and the entire dish is completely BPA-free.


A Makeup Mirror That Helps You Get Up Close With Your Eyeliner

I'm always straining myself up against my mirror to get my eyeliner looking just right — but if I had this makeup mirror, I'd use its two- and three-times magnification so that my winged tips look even on each side. And since you can power it using four AAA batteries (which aren't included) or via USB, you can easily fold it up and take it with you while traveling.


A Camera Lens Kit Designed For Your Smartphone

Ever wish you could take professional photos without a professional camera? Just grab this smartphone camera lens kit. It comes with 11 lenses you can use to upgrade your Instagram photos from "meh" to "marvelous," and they're designed to work universally with any type of phone.


A Collapsible Basin That's Perfect For Foot Baths

Don't waste water filling up your entire bathtub just to soak your feet — use this collapsible basin instead. It also works great for washing clothes, vegetables, or even yourself while you're camping, and the reinforced polyester is designed to prevent any leakage. Choose from fun colors including purple, orange, blue, and more.


A Pajama Set That's Undeniably Cute

With adorable highlight seams and buttons, this pajama set will be your go-to when it comes to falling asleep in style. The pants feature a chiffon drawstring so you can adjust how high or low they sit, and it's made from a super-soft viscose blend with a hint of stretchy elastane.

  • Available sizes: X-Small - XX-Large


A Kit That Lets You Grow Your Own Avocado Tree

Avocados aren't cheap — but for less than $15, you can gab this kit that lets you grow your own at home. It's perfect for anyone whose thumbs are more black than green since you only need to change the water once every two weeks. One reviewer even wrote, "If you want to grow avocados easily, this is priceless."


The Alarm Clock With A Faux Marble Pattern

Looking for a simple alarm clock without a ton of bells and whistles? This one tells you the time, temperature, and date — that's it. There are no buttons on the outside to mess with, and you can power it via the included USB cable, or with three AAA batteries (which aren't included).


A Pair Of Throw Pillows Covered In Faux Fur

I grabbed these faux fur pillowcases to spice up my bedding — and even though they're less than $20 for the pair, they haven't shed a single fiber since I got them three months ago. They come in a variety of square sizes — though there is one 12-by-20-inch option — and the zippers are hidden to help prevent clothing snags.


A Sprayer To Get Your Pup Nice & Clean

There's no need to fill up your bathtub when you have this pet sprayer, as it easily attaches to showers and hoses for indoor as well as outdoor use. The curved shape makes it easy to wash all around your dog without wasting water, and installation requires zero tools.


The Night Light That Looks Like A Cute Mushroom

With soft and warm light, these mushroom night lights gently guide your way through the dark so that you don't find yourself stumbling around. Each order comes with two that plug right into the outlets of your choice.


The Clothing Steamer That's Made For Traveling

I've never opened up my suitcase to find wrinkle-free clothes, which is why I always travel with a handheld steamer. It heats up in less than 30 seconds, and the water tank is large enough for up to 15 minutes of continuous steam.


A Cozy Throw Blanket Made From Soft Fleece

With a fun animal print that both kids and adults can appreciate, this throw blanket is perfect for everything from lazy afternoons on the couch to cold nights in bed. The mixed cheetah print makes for a great accent piece draped across your couch, and it's made from 100% soft microfiber.


An Insulated Martini Tumbler For Your Next Margarita

There's nothing I love more than kicking back with a cold margarita at the end of the day, and this tumbler will help it stay cold for hours. Each order comes with a removable lid that helps prevent spills and splashes, and the insulated walls shouldn't create any condensation on the outside. No need for a table coaster with this tumbler.

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