The 4 Best Corkscrews For Your Fave Wines

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Opening a bottle of wine is always a special moment, and no one wants to mess around with a rickety opener. The best corkscrew fits your lifestyle and budget, whether you're after a utilitarian manual option that's all about simplicity (and portability) or a pricier lever option that makes cork removal absolutely effortless.

Below are a few factors to consider with the different styles of corkscrews and wine openers.

  • A waiter’s corkscrew, aka wine key, is a classic pick for its ease of use, affordability, and compact design for storage and portability. They usually come with a blade for cutting foil as well as a built-in bottle opener. A wine key with a double-hinged design will make the cork removal especially smooth.
  • Some appreciate the added support of a winged corkscrew, which has a circular rim and wings that lift up as you turn the screw. Once the worm has been drilled far enough into the cork, you simply pull down on the wings to release the cork. It's important to choose a winged corkscrew made of durable metal that has a sharp tip that is less likely to splinter the cork.
  • A lever corkscrew is even easier to use for opening wines; they require less elbow grease and are designed to align properly over the bottle. However, they aren’t especially portable, and if you regularly drink bottles using synthetic corks, be sure to choose one that specifically can manage those corks as well.
  • If you want to open a bottle with the push of a button, choose an electric corkscrew. Powered by batteries or a charging base, this corkscrew automatically opens a wine bottle with no effort on your part. Just remember to keep it charged.

So, keep reading for the best corkscrews to add to your home. Each one is highly rated on Amazon, and if you're an oenophile with a growing collection, I've also included a wine opener designed for carefully removing the delicate corks of older wines.

1. The Best Waiter’s Corkscrew

This waiter's corkscrew is highly rated with over 1,000 Amazon reviews, and it's also the most affordable on the list at $5. This wine key's double-hinged design and non-stick worm (that's the screw) make for a sturdy grip on a cork. This pick's integrated bottle opener and serrated foil cutter make it a bar cart staple.

This stainless steel opener is rustproof and dishwasher-safe, and you'll love that it comes in more than a dozen colors, including black, gold, and blue.

A helpful review: “I work at a restaurant and we're required to have a wine key for table side bottle service. This is hands down the best wine key I have ever used. It [is] wicked sturdy and easy to use and it [is] stylish! would absolutely recommend it.”

2. The Best Winged Corkscrew

If you prefer a winged corkscrew, this one is made from durable zinc alloy with a sharp screw point and is ergonomically designed with anti-slip rubber grips that require less pressure on your part to remove a cork. It's highly rated with over 3,000 reviews, and the spike shape of the screw allows for a better grip on the cork without breaking it. This corkscrew also has a beer opener, but no foil cutter. Choose from silver or black.

A helpful review: “I wasn't expecting much of this wine opener since I've previously purchased these styles and haven't seen them be the best quality. This one though changed my mind completely. I have arthritis in my hands and it was very easy to open the bottle and turn through the cork with this opener. I would definitely recommend it to people with no hand strength or those that have a harder time gripping things. It helps so much and was effortless.”

3. The Best Lever-Style Corkscrew

OXO's lever corkscrew uncorks a wine bottle in just a few seconds with two simple motions, and this pick works with both natural and synthetic corks. A removable foil cutter can be stored on the corkscrew, and the soft and non-slip grip of this one provides leverage so it's comfortable to maneuver.

This highly rated corkscrew with over 1,000 reviews also comes with two non-stick screws. Keep in mind there's no beer opener on this wine opener.

A helpful review: “LOVE it! I’ve had openers like this before (different brand). This one is so much easier to use. It didn’t require putting a death grip on it to steady the bottle in place, and took VERY little effort to flip the lever. 3 swift movements: Corkscrew in, cork out, cork popped off the corkscrew. Done!”

4. The Best Electric Corkscrew

The best electric corkscrew is surprisingly affordable, and it's a cult favorite with more than 16,000 reviews. It comes with a sleek and compact charging base and can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge. Push one button and this opener removes a cork in seconds. The soft-grip handle is ergonomic to hold, and the opener comes with a foil cutter and power indicator light. Note: there's n beer opener on this one.

A helpful review: “This is my 3rd electric cork remover and by far the best. The 1st required batteries. That was a pain to keep up with, besides weak performance. The 2nd was a Rabbit. It was rechargeable. but I didn't know when it needed a recharge. It broke after a year or so. [...] This one always sits in the recharging stand, so I assume it [is] always charged. It operates smoothly & powerfully. It comes with a foil cutter that stores in the stand. It looks real cool being stainless steel [with] the light on top.”

Also Great: A Wine Opener For Older Vintages

Wine collectors know how delicate older corks can be, and you'll want to protect your investment with a wine cork remover designed for uncorking older vintages. This one is kind of an extractor/wine key hybrid with blades on its sides and a screw to remove the cork whole and contained without crumbling. One reviewer commented, "I have successfully removed corks that are more than 70 years old" with this pick.

A helpful review: “[...] Older wines tend to have fragile corks and a traditional corkscrew would cork every bottle that I opened. The Durand was recommended to me by a Wine Som and it works perfectly every single time. This is the best tool for opening difficult bottles of wine and can be used as an everyday wine opener. The price is worth it to save a good bottle of wine.”