The 4 Best Dog Grooming Gloves On Amazon

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the best dog grooming gloves
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If your dog that dislikes or fears brushing or if you just want to squeeze in a little grooming while you pet your dog, grooming gloves are a great addition to your routine. The best dog grooming gloves have nonirritating bristle tips made of silicone or rubber to pull away shedding fur and easily detangle your pup’s coat without causing pain or distress. Before you settle on a glove, check the label to ensure that it’s designed for your pet’s fur length. Most gloves can be used with both short- and long- haired dogs — and they can be especially convenient for homes with multiple pets.

The most common type of dog grooming glove is a five finger glove with adjustable wrist straps so you can get a proper fit. Individual gloves are often intended for right-handed individuals, so those that favor their left hand should opt for gloves sold as a pair (or ones that are double-sided) so that they can obtain a left-handed glove. A mitt-style glove with bristles on both sides (which is exactly what it sounds like!) is another option for lefties, since it doesn’t require any specific finger configuration.

Gloves may come as a set with bonus de-shedding brushes, or may even offer features like a lint remover surface so they can also remove pet hair from your furniture. Some gloves are machine washable and can be used during bath time as well, so look for these features if they meet your needs.

Scroll on to view my list of the best dog grooming gloves for a more enjoyable grooming experience — for both you and your pet.

1. The Overall Best Pair Of Dog Grooming Gloves

These Delomo pet grooming gloves are a top pick with over 23,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.2-star rating overall. This pair of five-finger left- and right-hand gloves feature 255 silicone grooming tips per glove to provide your dog with a gentle, relaxing massage while you brush. These one-size-fits-all gloves slip on easily and have an adjustable wrist strap. They’re ideal for both long, short, and curly-haired dogs and can be used with other types of pets, such as cats and horses, as well. The gloves hold up just fine in water, so it's okay to use them while you give your dog a bath.

Choose between red and blue gloves. And when your pair gets dirty, go ahead and throw it in the washing machine.

Positive Amazon review: “The dogs LOVE this. As soon as they see the gloves, they go into their happy dance, a happy face mode, while hip-checking each other out of the way to be first in line. Their coats are softer and more glossy. Bottom line: these gloves have been absolutely great for my aging hairy dogs, and clearly, they will be my only grooming aide for the girls.”

2. A Grooming Set With Gloves & Brushes

For the best of both worlds, the Pet Pull complete pet grooming kit comes with both gloves and brushes. This kit includes a left-hand and a right-hand glove with silicone tips to brush and soothe your pet — but it also includes a self-cleaning slicker brush and a de-shedding grooming brush to help comb and detangle fur. The gloves come in one size with adjustable wrist straps and can accommodate both long and short-haired dogs. They're also safe to use when you're bathing your dog and can go in the washing machine. Best of all, it only costs about $25 for the gloves and two brushes — a bargain!

Positive Amazon review: "First of all, this set is a great value for the price. I've seen similar products at pet stores for a lot more, and I've never been willing to pay that much. But this is great. The brushes work really well, and I appreciate that the bristly one retracts so you can remove the hair really easily without poking yourself. The gloves are especially nice and make it a little easier to brush pets who don't necessarily like to be brushed. Plus those are really easy to clean too. If you're looking for a good, versatile pet grooming set, this is a good option."

3. A Dog Grooming Glove That's Also A Lint Remover

The True Touch glove isn't just for grooming your dog; it's also for cleaning up your fur-covered home. This right-handed glove is double-sided— the blue side has 260 silicone tips ideal for grooming both long- and short-haired dogs, and the red side is made of lint removal material to clean pet hair off of your clothing, furniture, blankets, and beds. This means you could use it even if you're a left-handed person, but it likely wouldn't be as convenient as a left-handed glove unless your primary purpose is lint removal, as the dog grooming side of the glove will be on the back of your hand. The glove should not be used when bathing your dog and isn't machine-washable, but the seller recommends rinsing it off in the sink if it gets dirty.

These gloves are also available as a single right-handed glove without the lint removal back but with a separate lint roller or a pair of left- and right-handed gloves without the lint removal with a separate lint roller.

Positive Amazon review: “We love this glove. It has sturdy bristles that get down into hair. It helps to remove dander along with the hair. My dog is a rescue and can be fearful of things. After putting on my hand, I brushed my arm while she was watching. Then I started brushing her feet. Before long, she was lying down to get brushed. A tip ... the glove must be full of hair to pull off in one piece.”

4. A Dog Grooming Mitt That Also Helps Clean Your House

The Sweetsweet pet hair remover mitt is ideal for left-handed individuals, or for anyone who simply prefers to wear a mitt instead of a five-finger glove. This mitt can be worn on either hand and has an adjustable wrist cuff for a secure fit. An elastic strap inside the mitt helps keep your hand from sliding around. One side of the glove features rubber bristle tips for grooming your long- or short-haired pet, and the other side has a lint cloth for removing fur from your furniture. The mitt is machine washable and fine to use while bathing your pet.

Positive Amazon review: “This mitt works well with short and medium hair dogs very well. Wet or dry. Amazing amount of hair it collects. [Easily] cleanable. Durable for many uses.”