The 5 Best Brushes For Short-Hair Dogs

Fotolia / Hedgehog94

Grooming your short-haired dog regularly is a must if you want to keep their skin and coat healthy. Depending on your pet’s breed and if they're shedding, their grooming needs can vary, but using one of the best brushes for short-hair dogs will ensure you’re giving them top-notch treatment every single time.

So, with tons of dog brushes on the market, how do you choose? To pick the right dog brush for your furry pal, you’ll need to consider the brush type and how it matches up with your pup's needs.

The three most common brush types for short-haired dogs are the slicker brush, bristle brush, and de-shedding tool. Slicker brushes are ideal for most coat types and detangle via thin pins. Bristle brushes are perfect for pets with tough coats, or when you need help lifting away dirt and adding extra shine. If shedding is a problem, then a de-shedding tool can help. These can even reduce the overall amount of shedding with consistent use.

There are also grooming gloves and brush-and-comb combos available. With a glove, you put it on and then slide your hand across your pet’s fur to detangle it in a soothing way. It’s a good option if your pet generally dislikes brushing. Brush-and-comb combos are convenient and handy to have if you’re prone to losing things or if you travel with your dog.

To make choosing the perfect brush super simple, check out my roundup of the best brushes for short-hair dogs. All of these brushes are top-rated and will keep your fur baby looking good.