The 8 Best Dry Erase Markers

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Dry erase markers are hands-down the best implements when it comes to writing on whiteboards. They can also be used on many other non-porous surfaces, including glass, mirrors, metal, and hard plastics. Most varieties are very versatile, but the best dry erase markers for you will be bright enough and have the correct tip size to write on your desired surface.

If you’re planning on writing mainly on a traditional whiteboard, almost any color of dry erase marker should show up clearly. There are tons of colors available from basics to brights, so the pack you choose will just depend on your personal taste. However, if you’re writing on glass, you may want to invest in dry erase markers that are formulated specifically for that purpose, as the colors will likely appear more vibrant. This is especially true for black glass boards, for which neon or even white dry erase markers will be the best suited. For writing on mirrors or clear glass, regular or glass-specific varieties will work, but the latter will write more clearly.

You should also consider your preferred marker tip size and shape. Tip shape — chisel or round (sometimes called “bullet”) tips being the most common — is largely up to personal preference. Chisel tips can write in thick or thin lines depending on how you hold the marker, while round tips will only offer one thickness. Round tips, however, are available in smaller tip sizes. If you’re taking personal notes on a smaller board or are writing within the small spaces of a calendar whiteboard, a fine or even ultra-fine tip could make it easier to write within the space you have. If you’re writing on a large board in an office or a classroom, opt for a marker that writes in thick lines so it’s easy for onlookers to see.

Below are some of the best dry erase markers on Amazon, all of which are nontoxic and low-odor, as well as a “wet erase” option that could be a good fit for glass boards.

1. The Chisel-Tip Dry Erase Markers In Essential Colors

This classic set of dry erase markers features the essential black, blue, red, and green markers you likely remember from every classroom you’ve ever been in, but they’re also available in eight-, 12-, and 16-marker packs with different color combinations. The markers have a chisel tip, allowing you to write with wide or thin lines depending on how you hold the marker. These are best for use on traditional whiteboards and are nontoxic and low-odor.

One reviewer wrote: “I've used Expo markers at my job for many years and wanted to get a set for use at home when we purchased [our] white boards. Very pleased that I did, because these things work great. My children love the different colors, as do I, but I love the quality of the writing tips the best.”

2. Some Fine-Tip Dry Erase Markers In A Variety Of Colors

This 12-pack of fine tip markers comes with an array of shades so you can make vibrant, color-coded notes on your whiteboard. They have a rounded tip that the manufacturer reports is 1-millimeter thick but be aware the line may thicken with use since, in my experience, the tips of dry erase markers tend to soften over time. These are best for use on traditional whiteboards and are nontoxic and low-odor.

One reviewer wrote: “I adore expo markers and adding color to anything I have to do in the office is a PLUS to me. The colors are bright, vivid, easy to see on the boards. We have discovered these smaller markers sometimes wipe off easier after being up for several weeks. The smaller tips allow for more precise writing on our office calendar. Each staff member has an assigned color so we buy these frequently. Haven't noticed them drying out easily, either.”

3. These Multicolor Dry Erase Markers With Magnetic Eraser Caps

These dry erase markers are equipped with special caps that have magnets for hanging them neatly on any magnetic whiteboard, as well as small felt erasers so you can easily fix any mistakes or entirely clear a small board. They come in a six-pack of various colors and have medium rounded tips measuring 2 millimeters, but a chisel-tip option is also available. These are best for use on a standard whiteboard or a glass board, and are nontoxic and low-odor.

One reviewer wrote: “Best dry erase marker I have ever used. I've tried many different dry erase markers over the years, but this one is by far my favorite. The ink doesn't smear, which has been an issue with other brands. It also doesn't give off a strong chemical smell like some of the others do. And it doesn't make an ugly sound when I write on my whiteboard at work either. It's the perfect marker. I highly recommend it.”

4. A Set Of Mini Dry Erase Markers

For having the maximum amount of colorful dry erase markers that take up the smallest amount of room, check out these mini markers, available in a multicolor 12-pack that includes three black markers. It’s also available in 30-, 80-, and 125-packs with a range of colors. The markers have a fine, rounded tip — though the exact size isn’t mentioned. These are best for use on whiteboards but are specified by the manufacturer as good for other smooth surfaces like mirror, glass, and ceramic tiles. They're also nontoxic and low-odor.

One reviewer wrote: “I really needed to find some quality fine tipped dry erase pens but could only find broad chisel points or larger tips that claimed to be fine. The ones I tried either bled ink everywhere or were pathetically light in color. These have a great fine tip with quality color. They clean off easily without leaving ghost stains behind and don't dry out. I love that for less than the price of most of the others i tried I get about 4 times as many pens. I would def buy these again but won't need to for a long time.”

5. These Round-Tip Neon Markers For Traditional Or Glass Boards

If you’re looking for markers to use on a glass board or are just wanting to jazz up your dry erase marker collection, these neon EXPO markers fit the bill. This five-pack has an assortment of bright neon colors, each with a rounded bullet tip that writes with thicker lines — about 3 or 4 millimeters, according to a reviewer. They’re great for black or white glass boards since the ink is nice and bright. “We have a black board and these are just the BEST, most vibrant colors,” wrote one reviewer. They’re also suitable for traditional whiteboards and are nontoxic and low-odor.

One reviewer wrote: “These are working great! I bought an airlift black glass desk for my home office [...] and since it’s black glass my regular dry erase markers were impossible to see. I was skeptical that these would actually work because other brands show them neons being too translucent to be effective, but these are perfect. They’re completely opaque and very vibrant on the desk. They don’t get that weird liquid look when writing and it wipes off easily even after a week of being written. Highly recommended!”

6. A Colorful Bulk Set Of Chisel-Tip Dry Erase Markers

This 52-pack of dry erase markers will have you stocked up for a long while, and with 12 unique colors — including two shades of brown and a teal shade I personally find eye-catching — they’re sure to keep your whiteboard notes fun and organized. They have a chisel tip, allowing you to vary your line width based on how you hold the marker. They’re best suited for traditional whiteboards and are nontoxic and low-odor.

One reviewer wrote: “Omg so nice to finally have dry erase markers that don’t fade so fast. I’ve also been keeping them in a cup (the ones I am using at the time) lid down to keep them fresh and they seem to last longer. I’ve only been using one of each color since I bought them and every time I use them it’s like I just opened the cap for the first time. I think I’ve had them for 7-8 months now if not more. Love love love them!!”

7. These Ultra-Fine Dry Erase Markers That Feel Like Pens

If you’re going to be writing on a small board, in the confines of a whiteboard calendar square, or will be doing calculations, these ultra-fine EXPO markers could be perfect for the job. Reviewers report that they write almost like a pen, with the manufacturer noting they have a 0.2-millimeter width. This four-pack includes all black markers, but a multicolor pack is also available. These are best for traditional whiteboards and are nontoxic and low-odor.

One reviewer wrote: “It's very hard to find a dry-erase marker than you can write with like a pen. These fit the bill perfectly. They write with about the same thickness as an ultra-fine Sharpie, but wipe right off.”

8. Some Neon & White Dry Erase Markers For Black Glass Boards

This six-pack of dry erase markers is formulated specifically for glass boards and will show up brilliantly even on black glass. It’s a multicolor pack that includes two white markers and four neon shades. They’re available in bullet or fine-tip styles (though exact sizing isn’t listed) and even have a small window on the side so you can see the remaining ink level. Plus, the markers are nontoxic and low-odor. They also come in a four-pack that only includes neon markers.

One reviewer wrote: “Was beyond brighter than I thought. I was a bit hesitant to order since I didn’t know whether it would show up as bright as I was hoping for, for our black glass dry erase board and it was just perfect.”

Also Great: A Magnetic Dry Eraser

If you’re planning on writing on a whiteboard, especially on a large surface, you’re going to need a dry-erase board eraser — and this one has more than 14,000 reviews and an overall 4.5-star rating. The eraser features a contoured design so it’s easy to hold, and it’ll stick to your magnetic board when not in use. It’s designed to work on all dry erase surfaces, and according to reviewers, it’s washable.

One reviewer wrote: “Love this eraser. It is sleek, lightweight, and sticks to the board perfectly. Plus it has a more contemporary look to it instead of the classic eraser. Not to mention, it’s a great price!”

Another Great Option: A Set Of Wet Erase Markers For Glass

For more fade and heat resistance than you’ll get with dry erase markers, you might want to try these vibrant liquid chalk markers. This pack has 18 colors, including six fun metallics. They have a 6-millimeter rounded tip and can be used on glass and almost any other non-porous surface. They’re also odor-free and nontoxic. Instead of using an eraser, the ink from these markers needs to be removed with a wet paper towel.

One reviewer wrote: “Love these chalk markers! Great color on black surfaces, white boards, glass, etc. Colors are vibrant and true match to cap colors. Easy to wipe off with water.”