The Best Face Masks You Can Buy On Amazon

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that most people wear face masks in public settings to help prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (Covid-19). While tight-fitting N95 respirators are the most protective against COVID-19, due to shortages the CDC suggests that they should be reserved for health care workers and first responders. The best face masks have filters or multiple layers of fabric that help prevent respiratory droplets from spreading to other people. You’ll want to consider a few facts before you purchase a face mask that's right for you.

Mask Types


The majority of face masks are designed to fit around your ears and some boast adjustable straps for a more secure fit. If a mask irritates your ears, there are also options that tie behind your head.

Below are some of the highest-rated masks on Amazon — and some are even surprisingly stylish.

Editor’s note: Face masks with or without filters can help prevent the spread of germs, but please keep in mind that experts agree that masks alone can not prevent the spread of COVID-19 and that social distancing and washing your hands are critical.


A Stylish Mask With A Carbon Filter

This cotton face mask marries style and function. The fun floral mask has three layers of fabric protection with a pocket that securely holds a five-layer, activated carbon filter. Its ear straps and nose bridge are adjustable for comfort and it comes with four replacement filters, but you can buy more filters as you need them (the manufacturer recommends that you replace the filter after two uses). To clean the mask, simply remove the filters and toss it in the wash. Reviewers say these nearly perfect-rated masks are adorable and comfortable to wear all day.

Helpful Review: “These masks are great! I am a hair stylist and I am able to wear these mask 11 hours a day with no problems. They fit great, are comfortable, and are washable!”


A 4-Pack Of Face Masks Available In Several Colors & Patterns

These fashionable face masks come in a variety of unique patterns and colors to make safety your favorite accessory. Each pack of four features different designs such as stripes, florals, hearts, animal prints, and more. These polyester microfiber masks do not have adjustable ear straps or a separate filter, but do have a pocket where you can add filters purchased separately. It is unclear whether they are made with a single layer of fabric or two-ply fabric. They are machine washable and come in two mask styles: one style is more fitted around the nose, which will create a seal around your nose and mouth; the other is a pleated mask, which makes talking much less restrictive. These masks give you the ability to choose the exact mask that works best for you.

Helpful Review: “Like the adjustable bands, like the filter pocket and seems well made. Like the nose wire. After a thorough hand washing they seem great. Would have liked them to be a little sturdier but overall I like them.”


An Eco-Friendly Bamboo Mask

This double layered cloth face mask is made of bamboo and spandex, making it eco-friendly and soft to the touch. It does not have a filter, but is designed to fit securely around your nose and chin to fully cover the lower part of your face. This breathable material is odor-resistant, but can be machine washed and laid flat to dry between uses. Reviewers say these masks are stretchy and perfect for quick trips into the grocery store. It is available in a kids size, however, reviewers warn they are significantly smaller than the adults size, so older kids may prefer using the adult size and tightening it with the mask’s adjustable straps. Select from black, navy, pink, or grey anti-wrinkle material.

Helpful Review: “They fit like a second skin around the edges without being tight, form around your nose to seal well at the top, have a gusset to make them fit under your chin, and they are stretchy. I can tell the seal is good and I am actually breathing mostly through the fabric instead of around it because the area of the mask around my nose blows in and out with my breath.”


The Best Bulk Cotton Masks

These three-ply face masks are made of 100% jersey cotton so they’re as soft as your favorite T-shirt. While they lack a filter, these masks are designed with an anti-microbial finish that won't wear off for up to 10 washes. This pack of 50 comes with white or black masks that are breathable, machine washable, and can even be personalized (a few of the more than 1,000 reviewers say they successfully tie-dyed or decorated these masks). Reviewers also rave about how the price of these masks is just right, especially considering how you will pay the same for most disposable mask packs.

Helpful Review: “This mask is great, made of pure cotton and thick enough to offer basic protection while going out for grocery runs. Other plus point is it’s price point, I’ve seen similar masks selling on Etsy at more than $8 a piece and this one’s less than a dollar a piece. Moreover there are washable, so much cheaper compared to single use masks [...]"


A 50-Pack Of Surgical Masks

These disposable surgical masks have a three-layer filtration system that keeps you safe while allowing you to breathe comfortably. They are made of polypropylene, a breathable and lightweight material, and feature pleats that are less constricting and make it easier to talk while wearing it. These masks boast more than 11,000 reviews and come in a pack of 50, each with a soft, adjustable nosepiece and an elastic cotton ear band for comfort and ease of use. You can't reuse these masks, nor do they come in interesting styles or colors, but reviewers say they are reliable, comfortable, and breathable.

Helpful Review: “Not only well-made for a disposable mask but quite comfortable — they fit over both nose and mouth, and the ear loops don't bother me at all, even with glasses on all day too. AND THEY STAY ON, unlike some of the masks that droop and require putting your hands near your face to pull them back into place. These stay put until you take them off.”


Adjustable Masks That Tie In The Back

This face mask is designed to be fully adjustable and comes in a pack of three, which is outstanding value. Unlike most masks with elastic ear bands, these feature two separate ties that secure the mask behind your head for a more personalized fit that doesn't irritate your ears. These double-ply masks have pleated fronts for comfort, but lack a filter or a filter pocket. The polyester and cotton blend masks come in eight colors.

Helpful Review: “I really liked these face coverings since they tie they are adjustable and fit everyone from kids to adults. The fabric is a nice denim and can be machine washable. Great product!! Would highly recommend.”


A Neck Gaiter For Biking And Running

If you’re looking for a comfortable way to shield your nose and mouth during a run, hike, or while cycling, this neck gaiter is a popular solution. It does not have a filter, but its microfiber polyester is breathable, moisture-wicking, and cooling. Because of its flexible design, you can wear it however you want (it can even double as a headband). The thin material is easy to machine wash. Choose from more than 40 colors and patterns, some even featuring moons, roses, and skulls. Several reviewers say this gaiter is comfier than traditional masks because it lacks ear hoops, though keep in mind it isn't as effective as a mask designed with layers of fabric.

Helpful Review: “I bought this type of tube mask because I wear eyeglasses, hearing aids, and a wig or knit cap. I particularly didn't want something else hanging on my ears like the masks with loops or elastic, which might accidentally pop off my expensive hearing aids [...] Plus they are fashionable so I have one to match every outfit. I wear mine around my neck all day and pull it up over my mouth and nose when I go into public spaces."