The Best Face Masks You Can Buy On Amazon

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends masking for both vaccinated and unvaccinated folks to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Tight-fitting N95 respirators are the gold standard for protecting against COVID-19, but they’re not always the most comfortable for wear over long periods and consistency is key. So whether they’re surgical or cloth masks, the best face masks have filters or multiple layers of fabric that help prevent respiratory droplets from spreading to other people. You’ll want to consider a few facts before you purchase a face mask that's right for you.

Mask Types


The majority of face masks are designed to fit around your ears and some boast adjustable straps for a more secure fit. If a mask irritates your ears, consider an option that ties behind your head.

With that primer in mind, scroll on to shop nine of the highest-rated masks on Amazon — and some are even surprisingly stylish.

Editor’s note: Face masks with or without filters can help prevent the spread of germs, but please keep in mind that experts agree that masks alone cannot prevent the spread of COVID-19. Getting vaccinated, washing your hands, and social distancing where necessary are critical.


A 50-Pack Of Surgical Masks

​​These disposable surgical masks have a three-layer filtration system that keeps you safe while allowing you to breathe comfortably. Meanwhile, pleats allow freedom of movement when you talk, and a soft, adjustable wire band allows you to mold the mask snugly around your nose. The elastic ear bands are comfortable, too. You can't reuse these masks, but they’ve earned over 60,000 reviews, an overall rating of 4.7 stars, and a best-selling status because they’re convenient, affordable, and comfortable. You can also get them in bright colors.

Helpful Review: “These are the best disposable mask I’ve purchased so far. Fun colors! Nose bridge keeps my glasses from fogging. Lightweight and breathable. Affordable!”


A Stylish Mask With A Carbon Filter

This cotton face mask marries style and function. The fun floral mask has three layers of fabric protection with a pocket that securely holds a five-layer, activated carbon filter. Its ear straps and nose bridge are adjustable for comfort. This order comes with four replacement filters, though you can buy more filters separately as you need them (the manufacturer recommends that you replace the filter after two uses). To clean the mask, simply remove the filters and toss it in the wash. Reviewers say these nearly perfect-rated masks are adorable and comfortable to wear all day.

Helpful Review: “My go to mask! This mask is super comfortable and cute. It has a very good fit and stays in place when I’m talking. The filter pocket is the perfect size, making it easy to add or remove the filter. I got tons of compliments on it. It did seem to shrink a bit when I washed it, but that was fine for me since I have a small face. I’ll be buying more!”


Editor’s Pick: A 50-Pack Of Brightly Colored Disposable Masks

Disposable face masks aren’t the more environmentally friendly option, but I still like to have a few extras with me in case of emergency,” says Caroline Goldstein, an Associate Commerce Editor at Bustle. “This assortment of bright and pastel face masks is a more fun alternative to your standard, light blue surgical masks, and I love how they add an instant pop of color to any outfit. I always get compliments when I wear one!” The elastic ear loops are quite soft, she adds, so they don’t feel irritating. Plus, you can easily tie knots in them if you need a closer fit. Note that this order comes with 10 each of five different colors.

Helpful Review: “I use these masks for work as I work in Healthcare. I love the colors and the fit. They are perfect as to not make my ears sore. I have bought this brand 3 times.”


An Eco-Friendly Bamboo Mask

This double-layered cloth face mask is made of bamboo and spandex, making it eco-friendly and soft and stretchy to the touch. It doesn’t have a filter, but it’s designed to fit securely around your nose and chin to fully cover the lower part of your face. The breathable material is also wrinkle-resistant and odor-resistant, and can be machine washed and laid flat to dry between uses. Select from black, navy, pink, heather gray, or burgundy shades.

Helpful Review: “I bought two of these masks and am in love with them. Love that the bamboo feels like a dry fit material making it super lightweight and breathable. Adjustable straps are great. Will be buying more!”


Editor’s Pick: The Best Face Masks For Kids

If you’re in the market for kid-appropriate masks, consider these masks from Crayola. These dual-layer cotton masks are the go-to for Associate Commerce Editor Ileana Morales Valentine (and her toddler). “The fit is great for my 3-year-old, and I love that it has adjustable ear loops and a nose wire,” she says. “Also, they're great for school because the set has one for each school day, and each mask has a little tag to write your kid's name on.” These masks are also machine-washable and come with a handy mesh pouch so they don’t get lost or tangled in the machine. Choose from several playful colors and prints.

Helpful Review: “Cutest children's masks ever! The material is very soft and the adjustable nose piece and ear straps make the masks easy to customize for your child. The colors and funny faces just bring a smile to your child's, and parents, faces. Perfect masks for your kids to wear to school since there is one for each day of the week. They came from the US and also have the Crayola tag, which you can write your child's name on the other side of it.”


The Best Bulk Cotton Masks

These three-ply face masks from Hanes are made of 100% jersey cotton, so they’re just as soft as your favorite T-shirt. While they lack a filter, they’re designed with an anti-microbial finish that won't wear off for up to 10 washes. They’re breathable, machine washable, and thanks to their plain white construction, creative types can even personalize them with tie-dye or fabric markers, as a few reviewers have done. Reviewers also rave about the reasonable price, especially considering that most disposable mask packs cost around the same.

Helpful Review: “We have used so many types of face masks all of which hurt, chatted, burned my skin, were hot and heavy or made it difficult to breathe. We love these! We washed and dried them first thing, but they did not shrink and they came out just as soft as when I put them in the dryer. The fit nice (I have a small face and his is big) and they stretches just fine for him even after the dryer. You can breathe in comfort and they don't make you hot. Also, they don't hurt my very sensitive skin.”


Another Cotton Face Mask Available In Several Fun Prints

This highly rated face mask comes in countless prints and patterns, like oranges (pictured), pastel mermaid scales, florals, paw prints, plaid, stripes, and virtually every other print you can think of. The three-layer construction includes two layers of soft, breathable cotton and one of rayon for a hint of stretch. For added protection, this order also comes with three separate PM2.5 filters that you can insert into a slot in the mask. Other design features include adjustable ear loops and a flexible wire across the nose. You’ll also get a travel bag, mask extenders, and a headband with your order.

Helpful Review: “I have the cactus flower pattern - bought it to match a dress I was wearing to a wedding, and it has become my favorite mask to wear. Adjusts easily at the nose - and the masks with nose wires always fit me the best, since I have a fairly small face. Also adjusts at the ears, so even though the mask itself doesn't stretch you can adjust the width easily at the ears.”


These Affordable, Adjustable Face Masks That Tie In The Back

These adjustable face masks cost about $3 for a pack of three — an outstanding value, considering that they’re machine washable and reusable. Unlike most masks with elastic ear bands, these feature two separate ties that secure the mask behind your head for a more personalized fit that doesn't irritate your ears. These double-ply masks have pleated fronts for comfort, though they lack a filter or a filter pocket. The polyester and cotton blend masks come in six colors.

Helpful Review: “The size is perfect, as they are large enough to cover my nose and mouth, so I don’t have to worry about it slipping off my nose or not covering my face completely, and I don’t have to adjust them. I also love the ties on the masks; I can tie them on and they stay put and I don’t have to worry about elastic loops slipping off my ears. They are well-made, do what they are supposed to do, and the price is reasonable, especially for a pack of three masks.”


A Neck Gaiter For Biking And Running

If you’re looking for a comfortable way to shield your nose and mouth during a run, bike ride, or other outdoor workout, this neck gaiter is a popular solution. Its microfiber polyester is breathable, moisture-wicking, and cooling, and because of its flexible design, you can wear it in so several ways (it can even double as a headband). The thin thin material is easy to machine wash, too. Several reviewers say this gaiter is comfier than traditional masks because it lacks ear hoops, though keep in mind it isn't as effective as a mask designed with layers of fabric or a filter. Choose from 30 colors and patterns, in either a single or three-pack.

Helpful Review: “I decided that I would purchase this item as an alternative to a standard mask. I love it and find it is light, easy to breathe and does the job. When not wearing it as a mask I use it as a head scarf or head band. A great alternative- worth the try.”

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