The 7 Best Floating Pool Lights

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by Andrea Hannah

Whether you’re looking for decorations or for functional lights that can illuminate a pool for night swimming, the best floating pool lights come in all shapes and sizes, and can cycle between different colors so you can customize to your experience. But, since every pool is different, there are a few things to consider when you shop.

First, you want to consider the size of any lights you go with. Generally, orb-shaped pool lights range from anywhere from 3 inches to 14 inches in diameter. But, if you’re looking for pool-friendly tea-light candles, or floating flower lights, you may find options that are even smaller. Finding the right size for your pool is crucial, that way they won’t take up too much space and get in the way of your night swim.

After that, you also want to consider the color options out there. If you want a wide variety of shades, definitely go for color-changing pool lights. You get to choose which colors your lights are with the tap of a remote, and you can change them whenever you want. Another option is a pack of different colored lights. Or if you’d rather keep it simple, you can always go with white pools lights.

Beyond just shape, size, and color, consider the bonus features you might like to have. Some pool lights have built-in Bluetooth speakers, while others are designed with magnets which you can attach to a pool railing or the side of an above-ground pool.

If you aren’t sure how to pick out the best floating lights for your pool, here’s a roundup with tons of different options to pick from. And, in case you might want to outfit your entire pool, here are some of the best pool toys for adults.

1. The Overall Best Large Floating Pool Lights

These color-changing globes are perfect for larger swimming pools. They come in a set of two, and each globe is solar-powered so they naturally charge throughout the day. They also automatically turn on as soon as it gets dark, and they automatically change colors every 25 seconds, cycling through seven vibrant colors, including white, purple, red, blue, aqua, green, and lime. At 14 inches in diameter, a few of these globes are sure to light up even the most expansive swimming pools. One note: You can’t set these lights to one color, as they cycle through the colors on the loop. While these don’t feature an off button, you can simply leave them out of the sun and they’ll lose charge. That said, these light-up pool balls are one of the more expensive options on this list, so keep scrolling if you’d like to find a smaller set for a bit more value.

Positive Amazon review: “We love these floating solar balls. If they are out on a sunny day they glow so bright at night. Super cute pool decor!!!”

2. A Bluetooth Speaker & Pool Light Combo

Not only does this battery-operated rainbow light make a fun addition to your pool, but it doubles as a floating Bluetooth speaker, too. This 5-inch light features seven different color-changing themes, or you can even set it to slowly or quickly flash. You can also set it to either red, blue, or green only for a consistent colored light. On top of that, this floating light also includes a high-fidelity Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to your favorite songs or even make a hands-free call while you swim. This device also has an IPX7 waterproof rating, so it can be submerged up to 3 feet for 30 minutes without damage. This Bluetooth pool light has a lithium-ion battery that lasts from 8 to 10 hours on a single charge, and can easily be recharged using the included USB charging cable.

Positive Amazon review: “Don't let the size fool you, this thing is LOUD and the sound quality is excellent! A really cool thing that doesn't come through in the product pictures is that the bottom half is also sparkly, so when it's lit up it looks like glitter! Super easy pairing, easy control.”

3. These Floating Flower Lights

You can turn your pool into a fairy tale oasis with these 4.25-inch floating flower lights. They come in a pack of six color-changing lights, and each one features a foam white flower and a clear dragonfly light. This dragonfly lights up in seven different colors (red, purple, green, blue, yellow, cyan, and white). One thing to note is that these lights are battery-operated, as opposed to the solar-powered lights on this list, so you’ll need to flick them off at night when you’re finished swimming to preserve the battery power. These operate on two CR2032 batteries that come included with your purchase.

Positive Amazon review: “These 6 little floral lights with a dragonfly in the middle turned my above-ground-pool into a colorful, light lily pond! My neighbors came over last night to see and they loved how pretty my pool looked with these little floral lights floating around. So easy to use and care for it's amazing at this price point. If you have summer night gatherings and a pool, you need to get a couple of sets of these - they're the "centerpiece" to my pool. I highly recommend!!”

4. These Floating “Tea Lights” For Your Pool

You can’t beat these floating “tea lights” for great pool lights at an affordable price. For less than $25, you get 36 small “candles” that can float on top of water. Each one is battery-operated and features a “flame” that looks like it’s actually flickering, like a real candle. And the best part? These 1.5-inch lights automatically turn on when they touch the water’s surface and off when you remove them. And, since these lights are powered by CR2032 batteries that come included when you buy, you’ll be able to immediately turn these pool lights on.

Positive Amazon review: “I purchased these to take on our anniversary vacation to float them at night in our pool at our private vacation home. Just throw them in the water and they light up. Take them out and they go out and are ready for the next time. No switches or batteries to worry about. Lasted all week! I give them 100%. A good buy.”

5. The Best Small Ball Lights

If you have a smaller pool or just want smaller orbs, these battery-operate mini globes are a must. You get 12 globes in a pack, and each is only 3 inches in diameter so they won’t take up your entire pool. These globes are also completely customizable; you can press the side of each one to choose from seven different colors that stay steady, or you can choose the “transition” option that allows it to slowly change from color to color. These are battery-operated, but can easily be turned off at the end of the night or when you’re done with them with a button at the bottom of the balls. These are powered by two CR2032 batteries which come included when you buy.

Positive Amazon review: “The lights were a hit at our party. The few that we forgot to turn off at the end of the night were still lit the next morning, over 12 hours later! And they took a beating when some guests tossed them around, but they stayed lit and perfect.”

6. These Floating Pool Lights That Look Like The Moon

These floating moon lights come in a set of two 14-inch globes, specially designed to look like the surface of the moon. You can choose between a warm mode, cool mode, or the option to cycle between the two throughout the evening. They’re solar-powered, so you can leave these globes in the sun to charge up, and they’ll be ready to cast their lunar glow over your pool at night. These also feature an on-off button at the bottom, so you can turn them off whenever you’d like, according to reviewers.

Positive Amazon review: “They work like a charm! I only had to inflate them and then left the floating solar lights in direct sunlight. At night, they started to illuminate automatically. I like mostly the moon printing, it gives my pool and backyard the relaxing and calming atmosphere I was always looking for. The day view of the floating pool balls is great, also. Love them!”

7. These Magnetic, Double-Sided Pool Lights

This 3.3-inch light is perfect for hot tubs and above-ground pools. It’s small enough to easily fit into a smaller pool while still casting plenty of light. One side features an LED “starfish” design that can change between seven different colors, while the other side is clear. These lights work on both sides, each offering a different look and atmosphere. Plus, they’re also magnetic, so if your above-ground pool has metal sides or your pool has a railing, they can easily snap to them to stay in place. One note: These lights are powered by three AAA batteries that are not included with purchase.

Positive Amazon review: “Easy to pop in and out of the pool. I like that I can change the settings while swimming in the pool by just clicking the button. I was also pleasantly surprised by the fact that they actually clung to the sides of my pool, I didn’t expect them to.”