These Insta-Worthy Pool Toys Are The Key To A Perfect Summer Weekend

by Shayna Murphy

If you're like me, then you had a complete blast at pool parties when you were growing up. Luckily, tapping into your inner kid is still possible with the best pool toys for adults — which are, admittedly, probably tamer than your childhood favorites... in the best way possible.

Before you get scared away by the idea of toys, bear in mind that pool toys have grown with us. We're drinking adult bevs and vibing with influencers now, and they're made to hold our cups while looking worthy of a spot on our social media feeds. Seriously, things like highly Instagrammable floats and water-friendly beer pong — yes, that actually exists! — are low-key but versatile enough to make you wish you'd known about them sooner.

Similar to a super insulated cooler or the best sunscreen for your skin type, you better believe grownup pool toys are summer essentials. And if you don't know what's out there, here, find a list featuring some of the most popular pool toys. Whether you plan to throw an epic bash or just soak up a little sun, these fun picks will make you want to drop whatever you're doing and head straight for the water!


A Pool Beer Pong Set For A Summer Party

Bring the pong to the pool with this inflatable set from Play Platoon. Unlike the dry land version, pool pong moves around, meaning you might have to swim around to keep up. Each set comes with five ping pong balls and two scratch- and tear-resistant racks capable of holding up to six solo cups. The best part? The racks can also be used as a floating drink holder you're lounging rather than playing. One reviewer dubbed it "extremely clutch," writing: "Ordered this set got it in two days and had a blast playing in the pool. The cups stay steady and no spillage what so ever. However I do recommend using water instead of actual beer." Makes sense.


A Giant Pool Float For Relaxing In Style

There's a reason why regal swan floats like this one from Floatie Kings continue to be, I don't know, everywhere. Comfortable for up to two adults at a time, they're super roomy, elegantly designed with handles at the neck, and make for the perfect giant-swan-riding 'gram à la Taylor Swift. Floatie Kings' affordable option is made with strong PVC material that's double bound at the seams, ensuring it won't fall apart. However, if there are any snafus, this float comes with a Floatie First Aid Patch Kit that will make it like new again. One thing: It doesn't come with an air pump, so you'll either need to purchase one separately or prepare your lungs for the task.


A Unicorn Ring Toss Pool Game For Adults

This unicorn ring toss game is so cute, and given unicorns' wild popularity, it's especially fun for adults seeking a jazzed up alternative to regular ole ring toss. The 10-piece set comes with two inflatable unicorn floats — or hats if you want to wear them for an added challenge — with a horn for catching four (also inflatable) multicolored rings each. All the pieces are easy to inflate and deflate, making this game a low-maintenance option that's still exciting and a breeze to store.


A Sports Pool Toy For Breaking A Sweat

If you like to stay active at the pool, an athletic toy like this volleyball pool set is a solid option. For just $11, it has everything you need to start playing from a sturdy AF 10-gauge vinyl net sized to fit most pools to a 7-gauge vinyl ball that's a pool-safe alternative to a real-life volleyball. Concerned about the net potentially moving around? Don't be, as it also comes with fillable bags to help anchor it to the bottom of your pool. Reviewers recommend filling them with landscape rocks instead of smaller items like rice or sand that might leak out. And just in case, you also get a repair kit.


A Splurge-Worthy Floating Picnic Table With A Built-In Pool Cooler

A floating picnic table is such a genius idea, it's hard to believe one actually exists — granted, for a pricier $162, but wait until you hear why. First of all, its nylon-covered, zippered pontoons seat up to four people around a built-in cooler and drainage port that keeps all your pool snacks chilled. In. The. Pool. Like the volleyball set above, this extremely useful float comes with anchor bags and a rope to keep it stable. And since each seat has handles and a cup holder, once you're on and comfy, you pretty much won't need to get off.


A Floating Drink Holder For The Pool

If you're not keen on pool pong or an expensive-but-worth-it floating picnic table, at least do yourself a favor and purchase an inflatable rainbow drink holder. You can fill its cloud serving chest with ice for a cooler effect — or just pile on your summer staples like sunscreen and magazines, to be honest — and use its five built-in cup holders for ample beverage storage. Because it's made from a durable, phthalate-free material with large rapid valves for quick inflating and deflating, you can bet it's a stable option that will last you a while. It even comes with its own carrying bag!

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