The 5 Best Food Scales For Counting Macros

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Counting macronutrients of foods in your daily diet requires a certain amount of time commitment. The best food scale for macros accurately measures food in grams and features a tare function that allows you to measure multiple food items in the same container, simplifying the overall process.

A macro calculator will help determine your overall daily intake of macronutrients — carbohydrates, fat, protein — by converting percentages to easier-to-measure grams. A food scale becomes an essential tool for counting macros throughout your day. A food scale for macros should be able to measure food in increments of 1 gram or .05 ounces with a convenient zeroing or tare function that resets the displayed weight, allowing the measuring of items in a container or multiple items incrementally. The average digital food scale has a maximum weighing capacity of about 11 pounds (about 5,000 grams) to maintain accuracy.

Food scale features that are particularly helpful for anyone counting macros may include a large database for common foods and the ability to save custom programs for your favorite foods. It’s also convenient to have a food scale that syncs with your app for tracking macro intake. Automatic shutoff will save you some battery life; just keep in mind some scales stay on longer than others. Like automatic shutoff, an easily visible digital display is a feature you’ll want with a food scale that’s used multiple times a day.

Most scales are compact enough to fit into any kitchen, but if you want to take a food scale while traveling, opt for one that collapses for portability.

With all this in mind, keep reading to find the best food scale for macros to add to your kitchen.


The Overall Best Digital Food Scale

This digital food scale is a highly rated favorite with over 2,500 Amazon reviews, and it comes in more than a half-dozen colors, including green, black, and white, to complement any kitchen decor. This lightweight scale won't take up much room on a countertop or in a drawer, and it reliably measures in grams, ounces, or pounds and ounces, in increments of 1 gram or 0.05 ounces. Reviewers commented the scale remains accurate even after long-term use.

With a capacity of 11 pounds, its features include a tare button, automatic shutoff, and a large LED display — plus, its screen and controls are shielded against spills. This pick comes with the AA batteries needed to run the scale.

A helpful review: “Essential for counting macros when everything is measured in grams on nutrition labels. Who knows what 100 grams of this or that is? This scale does.”


The Best Food Scale With A Built-In Macros Database

This accurate food scale measures in grams or ounces in increments as minute as 0.1 ounces or 1 gram. For counting macros, you'll also love the built-in database with nutritional data for up to 2,000 foods, including up to 99 custom entries for saving your favorite foods. You can even calculate daily totals on this food scale.

This highly rated scale features a tare function, a backlit LCD display, an 11-pound maximum capacity, and it comes with three AAA batteries.

A helpful review: “This scale is a MUST for those watching their macros. It is truly amazing. All you do is enter in the food code and you have all the nutrition information you need. I use this for my Zone planning and recently bought a second one for my chef.”


The Best Food Scale For Easy Tracking On Your Phone

This smart food scale for macros has several advanced features that can make tracking your daily intake easier, including the ability to sync with fitness apps, Bluetooth capability, access to the nutritional information of over 270,000 foods, and a convenient barcode scanner (that pulls information from a USDA database). Using the VeSync app, the food diary feature is convenient for keeping a log.

This scale has a tare function and measures in grams, ounces, pounds with ounces, and milliliters in increments of .04 ounces or 1 gram. Its maximum capacity is 11 pounds.

A helpful review: "Love this scale. We are just starting to count Macros and track our food in a log. This scale connects to our cell phone, so when we weigh our food, we open our app and name the food, voila — our macros are recorded. We must weight everything, in the app, you cannot select "egg" for example and have a general estimate of the weight of an egg. It must be weighed in order to record it in the food log. Very challenging when traveling or eating out. Otherwise, this scale counts macros, carbs, fat, protein, etc... in oz, g, kcal, etc... Love it!"


The Best Pocket Food Scale

For tracking macros on the go, you'll want this pocket food scale. This digital food scale measures in grams, pounds, ounce, fluid ounces, and milliliters, and it folds down super-compact to fit into a purse or drawer. Dozens of reviewers commented they love to pack this scale when traveling or going out to eat.

This scale has an 11-pound maximum capacity, a tare function, automatic shutoff, an easy-to-read LCD display, and it comes with its required battery, a 3V CR2032. Just keep in mind you'll need a plate or bowl to hold what you're measuring with this scale, which has a much smaller base because it folds. The manufacturer doesn't specify its measuring increments, but reviewers commented it is not smaller than 0.05 ounces.

A helpful review: “As someone who meal preps and counts macros, this scale is perfect for not only home but being on the go. The features are similar to that of a standard home food scale. Easy to use and even easier to take with you. This scale makes macro counting easy on the go!”


The Best Budget Food Scale

With more than 8,000 reviews, this highly rated budget food scale is a favorite for reliable measuring of food without breaking the bank. This food scale measures in ounces, grams, and pounds, though it requires a minimum of 2 grams, so this affordable pick is not as accurate as others for more smaller measurements.

The scale features a tare function, a wide LCD display, automatic shutoff, and it comes with the required two AAA batteries. Its maximum capacity is 11 pounds.

A helpful review: “I weigh and track all macros. This scale is affordable, accurate and good looking. It has a tare feature that allows me to add food to my plate while tracking each selection individually. Great buy!”