The Best Full-Desk Mouse Pads

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best full desk mouse pad

However, if you want more freedom to glide your mouse or simply want to protect more of your workspace overall, a larger full-desk mouse pad (aka the desk mat) is what you need. The best full-desk mouse pads come in the size and thickness that meets your needs, but you'll also want to think about what style you prefer and how easy it is to care for.

First, take note of the dimensions of your desktop. For reference, the average desk surface is about 60 by 30 inches and though you can find extended mouse pads that are nearly equal to that size, they are rare. Instead, the most common options resemble a more narrow rectangle (typically around 35 by 15 inches or so), which, depending on your layout, can still provide plenty of coverage underneath your mouse, your keyboard, and any other peripherals. And, for the more unique setups, there are even squares and curved options.

No matter which type of mouse you have— optical or laser — you'll get the right balance of speed and control from one with a durable, cloth surface. You can also find mouse pads made of faux leather, too, and while they look polished, they may not allow for rapid movements that gamers or other home-office professionals require. Also, think about how much support you'll need because the base thickness can vary (typically between 2 to 5 millimeters). Likewise, you'll also get stability from a pad with a non-skid rubber backing.

From there, think about style and maintenance. Beyond basic black, you'll find dozens of colors and prints — from galactic to reversible solids. And if you're willing to spend a little more, you can even upgrade to one that's backlit with colorful lights. Bonus: some are conveniently machine washable and/or waterproof, so you won't have to worry about those inevitable coffee spills.

With that said, here are the best full-desk mouse pads you can buy on Amazon.

1. The Overall Best, All Things Considered

  • Available sizes: 36 x 18 inches (extended, featured), 48 by 24 inches (mega), 60 x 30 inches (giga), 72 x 36 inches (mammoth)

If you really want to cover a large portion of your desk, this Warehouse 151 mouse pad comes in the widest assortment of sizes and shapes — and boasts consistently high marks from Amazon shoppers (it has a 4.8-star rating after more than 4,500 have weighed in). All models feature a smooth cloth surface, stitched anti-fray edges, and an extra cushy 4-millimeter-thick rubber base with non-slip backing. And the best part? The entire accessory is waterproof, and according to the brand, can be safely machine-washed on cold with plain dish soap (just let it air dry after). While the "mammoth" version is only available in solid black, the others come in an array of colors and prints.

Helpful review: “This mouse pad exceeded my expectations by far. For the price, I don't think you'll find a better one out there, especially for this size. The picture/image on the pad is clear and very visible, and the colors are very nice. I can comfortably fit my keyboard and mouse on it with a little room to spare on both side, particularly the mouse side.”

2. The Most Affordable

  • Available size: 35 x 16 inches

With 6,600+ glowing reviews, this Cmhoo XXL mouse pad is another highly rated option, only it will cost you much less than the pick above. The trade-off is that it only comes in one size, but it's a great choice if you want a durable oversized cloth mouse pad. The 2-millimeter thick, anti-skid rubber base will feel sturdy as you glide your mouse, while the reinforced edges will prevent fraying. It's available in 18 fun designs, like wood grain (pictured), world map, cobblestones, or plain black. It's not waterproof, but as one reviewer pointed out, "it does clean up well if a spill gets on it."

Helpful review: "I bought this because the price was right and the size was epic. There were a lot of print options, some pretty decent, which also helped. The material seems solid for the price. Edges are stitched and solid. Overall a great value."

3. The Most Stylish

  • Available sizes: 24 x 14 inches, 32 x 16 inches (featured), 36 x 17 inches

For something a bit more stylish, this YSAGi office desk pad sports a chic faux leather material with two different colors on each side. The textured grain is waterproof and oil-proof, giving your desktop extra protection from spills (plus it can be wiped down), but without a non-skid backing, several users report it does tend to slide around on desks. Still, when you consider how much praise this mouse pad has gotten — more than 19,500 shoppers have given it a five-star rating— it's an excellent option for those who may be looking for something more aesthetically pleasing that still, as several fans confirmed, allows mice to easily glide on top of. Choose from 16 color combinations (green and orange pictured), each 2 millimeters thick.

Helpful review: “The desk pad does exactly as advertised, offering a cushioning barrier for your laptop, docking station, monitor and every sort of writing instrument known to man. It's resilient, barely showing indentations or marks, but gives enough to be comfortable to rest your wrists on. Slight texture gives a skid-resistant surface, appreciated if you're putting a cup or a water bottle down. Keyboards don't budge when laid down, and anything with feet (keyboards, microphones, a base to most devices) feels especially stable.”

4. Worth The Splurge

  • Available size: 48x 24 inches

Though it's the priciest option on this list, the SteelSeries QcK mouse pad is considered a worthy investment by users who wanted a high-quality full-desk mouse pad that's optimized for accuracy across both laser and optical mice. "This is by far the best mouse pad I've ever purchased," wrote one fan. The micro-woven cloth surface is backed with a 4-millimeter thick layer of anti-skid rubber and has stitched edges. And, with two-zone RGB illumination effects and notifications (that can be customized via the brand's software), it's especially great for gaming. Just note that it is powered via a USB port (cord not included) and it's not waterproof. So if that's a priority for you, you may want to grab this smaller — and more wallet-friendly— RGB-backlit option by Blade Hawks instead.

Helpful review: "Not only is it beautiful but you can put 2 zones of color so the top half can be assigned one color and the bottom half another. It matches everything and it’s as big as I am. (Head to my knees) I assure you will not be disappointed with this. It is a quality mousepad. feels great and is truly anti slip. Worth the money!"

You May Also Like: This Clear Plastic Computer Mat

  • Available sizes: 36 x 20 inches, 47 x 23 inches (featured)

Although it's not technically a mouse pad, this clear Ilyapa desk mat serves many of the same functions as one, namely providing a smooth surface that protects your desk from scratches and spills. Instead of cloth, it's made of a hard, fully waterproof, and heat-resistant plastic material. Just take note that some reviewers appeared mixed on how compatible it was with their mouse, so you may still need to add a mouse pad on top for proper traction.

Helpful review: "Well worth the price. The mat is thick, durable, easy to clean, attractive, AND, added bonus, I no longer need a mouse pad!"