The 3 Best Grill Brushes For Stainless Steel Grates

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With a great grill brush, you can make full use of barbecue season without dreading the clean up. The best grill brushes for stainless steel grates have a long handle, a stainless steel scraper, and metal bristles that can withstand high temperatures.

Stainless steel grates have smoother surfaces than cast iron grates and are easiest to clean when your grill is hot. Because you’ll be cleaning your grill while it’s hot, you’ll want to look for a grill brush that has a long handle to protect your hands from heat, and metal bristles that won’t melt. One downside of wire brushes is that the bristles can come off with heavy cleaning, so it’s important to replace the brush as soon as it starts to break down. Some brushes come with replaceable heads, which makes it even easier (and often cheaper) to keep them in good shape.

To clean off tough, stuck-on debris, you’ll need a brush with a stainless steel scraper. Stainless steel is not only a durable, heat-resistant material, but it’s also rust-resistant, so you can use it with water. Scrapers with contoured edges are best, as they can help you clean between the grates in hard-to-reach spots.

Ready to maximize outdoor cooking season? These are the three best brushes that will help you get your grill sparkling clean — and they’re all conveniently available on Amazon.

1. The Best Overall

This deep-cleaning grill brush has three rows of firm wire bristles that make it easy to scrape in between grates, and since the bristles are embedded, they’re less likely to fall out. This brush also comes with two stainless steel scrapers to tackle stuck-on debris — one has a flat head with curved edges and the other has V-shaped contours, round contours, and square contours, so you can clean any hard-to-reach spaces. The nonslip handle is 18 inches long, and can be hung up with the loop end when it’s not in use.

One fan raved: “Have had a few grill brushes in the past, but this one is tops above them all. Lightweight, but it cleans very quickly. The grates on the grill were not pretty, and this brush got through everything with little effort. Grates look like new, flare ups are gone and all the food is cooked as it should be. Need a grill brush? get this one.”

2. The Best Budget Grill Brush

This budget-friendly brush can give your grill a mean clean thanks to the stainless steel bristles, which are set at different angles to maximize contact. Made entirely from stainless steel, the brush itself is also easy to clean. The scraper has contoured edges to help you get to the side of grill grates, and the 16.5-inch handle has a convenient looped end so you can hang it on a hook. Reviewers love that this one really holds up to regular use, which is one reason why it has an over 5,000 perfect ratings on Amazon.

One fan raved: “Grill brushes are dime a dozen. They're everywhere. I don't need anything fancy. I grill once a week. I just wanted something that would hold up well after a lot of use, something I could leave outside with the grill, and one that wasn't $50. I'm super happy so far with this purchase. After dozens of uses it looks relatively new, it cleans wells. The bristles have bent slightly here and there but not drastically like most of my other grill brushes. No rusting or signs of heavy wear and tear. I imagine this will last me a while, and when it croaks, i'll gladly buy another one. I feel like that's about all I can say about a grill brush.”

3. The Best With A Replaceable Head

If you’re worried about the bristles on your grill brush falling out, this BBQ-Aid brush is a great choice because it has a replaceable head. The 15-inch handle is made from acacia wood with a stainless steel core, making this brush both durable and attractive. The scraper end is made from stainless steel with contoured edges. The oversized head measures 14 square inches, and has stainless steel bristles that easily remove stuck-on residue.

One fan raved: “Well, I never thought I would leave a review for a grill brush, but here I am. After going through a couple of the typical cheap ones in recent years, I decided to grab this one, based on the reviews. It reminds me of the ones I used to get years ago before disposable junk flooded the market.It's big, sturdy, and it looks like the bristles will stay in. What else do you need? I'm glad a paid a few extra dollars for this thing. It beats replacing it once a year and/or picking metal wires out of your food. A+”