The 7 Best Heater & Cooling Fan Combos For Year-Round Comfort

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It's excellent when a gadget keeps you comfortable — but it's even better when it's versatile enough to do the work of multiple appliances, saving you both storage space and money. The best heater and cooling fan combos work throughout the year to balance the temperature in your home (or office). To find the best one for you, you'll need to weigh price against the number of settings you want and take into consideration the size of your space.

Before you begin shopping, you should know that anything under $100 might heat a room effectively, but it probably won't offer too much in the way of cooling options. The first three picks have a single fan function for the warmer months, but most offer at least a couple options when it comes to heat. The last option, on the other hand, is more of an investment, but it offers a lot more heating and cooling settings for year-round comfort. It also offers smart technology and a HEPA filter for air purification.

Next, there's size and wattage. (A watt is the measure of an appliance's energy transfer, which will let you know how powerful it is.) These two things usually go hand in hand, and for the most part, the larger the unit and the higher the wattage, the more effectively it'll heat your space — especially if it's a bigger room. Keep in mind, however, that larger, more powerful appliances will usually cost more and require more energy.

Whether you're looking for a compact heater and fan to keep you comfy while you're working or a unit that'll warm up a large room, scroll on for the best heater and cooling fan combos on Amazon.


The Overall Best Heater & Cooling Fan Combo

If you're looking for a combination of efficiency and quality, the Vornado AVH10 Vortex Heater is your best bet. It uses vortex air circulation, which creates a twisting current of air to warm gently and quickly. It features an intelligent monitoring system that automatically adjusts heat level and circulation needed to maintain your desired temperature. There’s an adjustable thermostat, two heat settings, and a fan-only option. There’s also auto-shutoff, a digital LCD display, and a cool-touch exterior. It’s convenient to move around as needed with an integrated handle and hidden cord storage.

  • Maximum wattage: 1500 watts

One reviewer wrote: “The ‘vortex action’ airflow is fantastic at evenly heating the WHOLE room, not just blasting intense hot air at the one spot its pointed. Pair this with the built in thermostat, and you never have to worry about the room becoming an unexpected spa-and-sauna in your home. The safety features are what really drew me to this heater, and they have surpassed my expectations. If the heater tips even in the slightest, it turns off.”


The Slimmest Tower Fan & Heater

A slim tower fan takes up minimal space in a crowded room and is barely noticeable in a corner. That said, thanks to its vertical design, it optimizes airflow and can reach much further than your standard desk fan. This bladeless Honeycare tower combo is ideal for year-round use. There are three heat settings, a range of 77 to 86 degrees, and an intelligent monitoring system that adjusts output based on the room’s temperature. For warm days, it can be switched to the powerful fan. It oscillates to 120 degrees and promises quiet airflow. It has tipover protection and a footprint just under 10 inches wide.

  • Maximum wattage: 1950 watts

One reviewer wrote: “I got this product [at] the start of winter, wanted to get a heater and fan at the same time. To keep organized and to be able to save more money. This is one of my must items all year long... It’s strong enough to heat my whole room and the remote is so handy when I'm too sleepy and needed some heat. Lastly, I can use it on summer to keep me cool on those hot days. It is quiet and stylish.”


The Best Budget Fan-Heater Combo

Pick up this portable space heater by the built-in cool-touch handle and bring it just about anywhere, thanks to its 9-by-7-inch frame and 2.7-pound weight. Even though it costs just $30, it has a fan mode setting for a breeze of cool air and a maximum 1500-watt setting for heat. It heats up super quickly — in just three seconds. It's a great pick for smaller spaces like home offices and even bedrooms, or anywhere you could use just a little boost of air or heat.

  • Maximum wattage: 1500 watts

One reviewer wrote: “My house has no heat but I was tentative of buying a big space heater. This is super small but powerful! It turns off if it isn’t flat on a surface so that’s a plus. I love that it is so light it follows me around from room to room.”


An Air-Purifying Space Heater & This Writer’s Pick

For those who want ample options and smart controls, this Dyson fan with heat is worth the considerable splurge. (I would know; I have one and use it constantly, all year long.) It has a huge range of both cooling and heating settings since it allows you to set your ideal temperature and intensity. It also purifies the air in the process, thanks to the three sensors that detect pollutants and a HEPA filter that removes them. The Wi-Fi-enabled design lets you control the unit from your phone while also monitoring air quality — and last but not least, you can set schedules and control the unit with your voice via Alexa. It also oscillates to 350 degrees! The brand says it's a good fit for large rooms and one customer reported: “Our basement is over 300 square feet and the Dyson had no problems keeping the rooms warm.”

  • Maximum wattage: 1575 watts

One reviewer wrote: “Lowers electric bill — I'm pretty frugal and didn't want to heat the entire house with my HVAC unit. This works fantastic! I use it in one room, close the doors of the other rooms and my heating bill was cut in half. The app was easy to install (if I can do it anyone can).”


The Best Portable Fan & Heater

Whether it's in the middle of a desk or the middle of a room, the Honeywell Turbo Force has a leg up on the competition because it goes beyond oscillating a few degrees — it distributes hot (or cool) air in a wide-oscillation pattern, and the head pivots up to 45 degrees. Despite its tiny size, it has two heat settings and one fan mode, timer options for 1, 2, 4, or 6 hours, and it's made from flame-resistant material with overheat and tip-over protection. For all of those reasons, it’s the best portable option for travel, room-to-room movement, and the office, especially since you can point it precisely in your direction.

  • Maximum wattage: 1500 watts

One reviewer wrote: “Quiet, and good features such as multiple settings for vertical and horizontal directional heating, auto turn off, high or low heating, and settings to reach and maintain specific room temperatures. Most importantly to me, there was flexibility for all these settings so you could manually control the operation of the unit.”


The Most Stylish Heater & Cooling Fan Combo

It’s small, mighty, and adorable — the Teioe space heater looks almost like a TV from the ‘50s. It offers two hot air modes, one natural wind mode, overheat and tipover protection, and an 8-hour automatic shutoff feature. It heats up to 70 degrees in three seconds. Also, you can easily tote it by the elegant leather handle and sit it on the floor, desk, or bedside table thanks to its small frame (8.3 x 5.5 x 3.1 inches) and 1.6 pound weight.

  • Maximum wattage: 800 watts

One reviewer wrote: “I live in Idaho and work from home in a basement office that stays pretty cold. I had been using an old, large heater that my husband had kept in the tool shed. I wanted something cute that still had power... It's so cute, that everyone who has seen it thought it was a Bluetooth speaker or other device. What I love most, is that it has the same power and can heat up the entire room like my old bulky ugly heater did, but with less space and I don't have to avoid looking at it. The cool option is also awesome.”


The Most Cooling Option That’s Also A Heater

An evaporative air conditioner combines airflow with moisture, so it humidifies your space and feels much cooler than a standard fan alone. This compact air cooler from GOFLAME uses an evaporative air conditioner system with three fan speeds and a 7-liter water capacity, but you can also switch it to heating mode when the weather gets chilly. The remote control allows you to access all of its features from afar, and its four caster wheels make it easy to move around.

  • Maximum wattage: 2000 watts

One reviewer wrote: “I live in Arizona and my office is on the Southwest side of the house. We keep the house at 80° in the summer and it can easily reach 90° in this room. I tested the heat and it worked well. Then I filled it with water and dropped 2 existing ice packs in there. The air is cooling nice and in less than an hour’s time it has cooled 3-4°.”

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