The 4 Best High-Velocity Fans To Cool You Down Quickly

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When temperatures soar, high-velocity fans can do plenty to help you keep you cool. High-velocity fans are another way to say heavy-duty air circulating fans, and the best high-velocity fans are powerful enough to cool entire rooms, but generally the stronger the air flow a model produces, the noisier it will be. But before adding anything to your cart, there are a few considerations to think about first.

High-velocity fans can range from pedestal models to small personal units, so be sure to consider where you'll be using yours. If you think you’ll need to move your fan around from time to time or room to room, consider the weight and portability of the fan you choose, many contain handles to make toting easier. Also, be sure to note the number of settings or speeds available if you’re going to want flexibility from time to time. And since high-velocity fans tend to be noisy because of the amount of air they move, if you're looking for something to cool your bedroom or another spot where white noise is ok but a loud hum is not, be sure to consult customers for their insights on noise.

Whether you're looking to replace the air conditioner or just enjoy a little extra breeze, scroll on for the best high-velocity fans on Amazon to cool you down in a snap.

1. The Overall Best: Lasko High-Velocity Fan

With a powerful motor and generously sized metal fan blades, Lasko’s high-velocity fan moves air efficiently, and the pivoting head allows you to direct airflow where you need. Three speed settings offer even more flexibility, and since this fan only measures 12.63 inches wide and 22 inches high, it doesn’t take up a huge footprint in your room. Weighing in at only 14.5 pounds and equipped with a handle, this fan is also a relatively portable pick.

This Lasko model can be used either on the floor or mounted to a wall, but if you’re looking for a quiet fan to run at night, this may not be it. Users indicate that this high-velocity fan moves plenty of air, but can be quite noisy, especially at the higher speeds.

According to a reviewer: “I bought this fan at the beginning of summer after my air conditioner died. I needed something to keep me cool while I slept and was waiting for the AC to be repaired. This fan did the job. I have it sitting on my dresser pointed directly at my bed, and it supplies a pretty strong air flow. I still use it now just for white noise to help me sleep. My only complaint is that on the highest setting it does make a pretty loud whirring or singing noise as some other reviewers have pointed out.”

2. The Runner-Up: A Smaller Model With 4 Speeds

Although it’s a smaller pick, this Vornado high-velocity fan can still move air up to 75 feet away. With four speed settings and a tilting head, it has plenty of flexibility, too. Best of all, this is designed to cool more than just the spot it's aimed at; the vortex airflow pattern helps circulate air around your entire room. This fan measures about 12 inches in diameter and is about 13.5 inches tall, so it’s not huge and won’t eat up precious square footage on the floor or on a table, and at 6.26 pounds, it can be moved from room to room easily. This model is the medium size, but smaller and larger fans are available as well. The settings give you a little control over your noise levels but many found this a good pick for sleep, especially if you enjoy a little white noise. It's available in black or white.

According to a reviewer: “This fan is the best fan I have ever purchased through amazon bar none! For the amount of air it puts out on highest setting, it has less noise than box fans set to medium output. At the lowest setting I can not hear it 6 feet away, and it still puts out enough air for comfort.”

3. A Budget-Friendly Personal Fan

The Holmes personal fan with 4-inch blades and a tilting head is a great choice for affordable cooling. You'll want to keep the fan relatively close by, according to customers, but since it's barely larger than a palm (about 6 inches wide and tall), it's an easy option to place on tables, desks, or nightstands. It only has one speed, but it's a relatively quiet unit, with multiple reviewers on Amazon noting that it provided low-level white noise.

According to a reviewer: “This fan is perfect for my needs. My bathroom gets hot while I am getting ready, so this personal fan really helps! It isn't too big and is powerful enough to cool me down while I get ready. This will not help you if you intend to use it in a large space. It has only one setting. I like the rubber grips on the feet. You can also hook this onto something, so it will hang (turn it upside down and use the stand to hang it on). The cord is long enough for me to use anywhere on my bathroom counter. Very pleased.”

4. The Best High-Velocity Pedestal Fan

If you don't need to move around your fan often, consider this high-velocity pedestal fan is made of metal, so it’s quite durable. Measuring 20 inches in diameter and weighing about 24 pounds, it's well-suited for larger rooms, garages, and workshops. It has three speeds and oscillation head you can tilt. Plus, the base is adjustable from 39 to 54 inches. And with a round, sturdy, and weighted base, this fan is quite stable. However, since it moves a lot of air, it can get loud, especially at the highest setting.

According to a reviewer: “This fan is all metal, and the air it pushes is quite impressive. I'm using it to circulate air in a large master bathroom to help control moisture & balance temperatures. The fan does generate a lot of wind noise, but that is to be expected considering the volume & velocity of air it pushes. [...] This is a very solid-feeling fan, heavy and well balanced and with a very thick power cord. I would not be surprised if this thing lasts 20 years.”