The 6 Best iPhone Stands, According To iPhone Owners

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by Andrea Hannah

Like most people, I spend a lot of time bent over my phone. Between reading the news and checking emails, having a phone in my hand can get cumbersome and uncomfortable, so I knew it was time to invest in a great iPhone stand. The best iPhone stands are sturdy enough to support your device and have a design compatible with your needs. Some iPhone stands clamp to tables and others are free-standing. Some have built-in wireless chargers and others allow for you to adjust the height; ultimately, keep your needs top of mind as you shop.

As you search, first evaluate where you’ll want your iPhone to sit. On this list, you’ll find a few stands that facilitate charging or have a built-in charger, which can be vital if you’re searching for a bedside iPhone stand you can use overnight. But, if you’re looking to outfit your office desk with a more aesthetic choice and charging is less of a concern, there’s also a minimalist wood stand that looks sleek and does the job. And, for maximum customizability, I’ve included a few stands on this list that have flexible legs or a bendable neck which you can angle and adjust to your exact needs. However, these tend to have unique designs that make them functionally different from other free-standing options, which may be a deal-breaker for some.

Lastly, consider which angles or heights you’ll want your iPhone to sit at. While many (but not all) of the stands on this list have tilt-able designs, others also offer a customizable height which can take you from sitting to standing, if you need to shift what you’re doing.

If you’re not sure where to start, keep scrolling. These sturdy iPhone stands will keep your device stable and propped up for your needs.

1. The Overall Best iPhone Stand

Made from a durable aluminum alloy with a sturdy base, this best-selling iPhone stand can easily hold your phone in place without slipping. It’s sized to fit all iPhone models, whether you prefer to view yours vertically or horizontally. It also sits on a hinge that you can adjust to a comfortable angle when you’re sitting or on a video call, and it even has two holes in the back of the design where you can weave in your charging cable for easy access. With more than 26,000 Amazon reviews and counting, this iPhone stand is a reviewer favorite for everything from texting to FaceTime.

Positive Amazon review: “So good! I’ve tried numerous stands for my iPhone and most tip over because the phone is so heavy or are not designed so that I can charge my phone while it’s in the stand. This stand is easy, works great and I can charge my phone on it. I love it!”

2. The Best Stand With Adjustable Height

This popular iPhone stand allows you to adjust the height up to 2 inches and the angle up to 45 degrees to make it comfortable whether you’re standing or sitting. It can hold your iPhone both vertically or horizontally, and features an aluminum “stem” and a weighted base designed to keep your phone from toppling over. While one drawback to a vertical stand like this is that they can be less sturdy for heavier phones (or phones with heavier cases), thousands of reviewers have raved about this stand and many of them report that it’s even sturdy enough for the iPhone 12 Pro Max, the heaviest iPhone to date. For those looking to move from sitting to standing with your device, this is the best free-standing option on this list. You can also charge your phone while it’s nestled on this unit.

Positive Amazon review: “Absolutely love this product. You can easily FaceTime and charge your phone at the same time without worrying where to set up your phone. Also the adjustable stand is very easy to use and makes it a lot more helpful when attending multiple zoom classes and meetings a day.”

3. The Best Tripod

For photographers or anyone who travels a lot, this tripod stand features three highly flexible legs which you can put into any position. Your iPhone clamps into this tripod (and it can fit all iPhone models), which you can then place on a table or even wrap around a tree branch, bike handles, or a pole to get the photo you want. With the ability to adjust the height or angle simply by bending the legs, this stand is one of the more versatile options on this list. You can customize the height to your needs, the angle to your preference, and it even comes with a wireless remote so you can take pictures without having to tap your phone’s screen. You’ll have access to your charging port while using this tripod; however, this stand is really more designed for on-the-go use, and thus is a bit less charger friendly than others on this list. One last benefit that makes this option great? Because this tripod clamps your phone in, you can angle it flat with your face, unlike some other iPhone stands. For a traveler or anyone looking for a two-in-one stand and tripod, this is a great choice.

Positive Amazon review: “I searched a number of phone stands before buying UBeesize. This was the only one I could find which can tilt the phone exactly parallel to your face without the fear of falling off the stand. Versatile, simple, handy, and easy to use. The remote, which can be carried on your chain, is very useful and effective.”

4. The Best Clip-On Stand

There’s a lot to love about this gooseneck phone holder, including that it affords you a lot more flexibility in your space. The bendable neck can stretch up to 28 inches, which gives you room to scoot back from your desk, lean back in your chair, or work from somewhere else entirely. It also features an extra-strong clip to clamp onto desktops, headboards, or surfaces up to 3.15 inches in thickness on one end, and another that attaches to your iPhone on the other end (it can fit all iPhone models). The design of this iPhone stand is unlike any others on this list, but if you’re looking for an option with maximum flexibility and reach, this is the one for you. While you’ll have access to the charging port with this stand, depending on how far you are from your outlet, it may be difficult to use while simultaneously charging your device.

Positive Amazon review: “Love this stand for working from home. Keeps the phone off of the desk and within reach. Easy to adjust and stays in place. Stand is sturdy and stable.”

5. An Aesthetic Stand

Since your iPhone stand will likely be prominently featured on your desk, bedside table, or vanity, an aesthetically pleasing minimalist stand like this one is a great purchase. It’s made from a black walnut wood material, and the sleek design does exactly what you need it to: holds your phone. There are no frills with this stand, but that’s one of the things reviewers love most about it. And even though it’s simple (read: you can’t adjust the height or angle of your phone on this stand), you can still prop up your iPhone vertically or horizontally. This iPhone stand measures just under 3 inches in width, which means it’ll be slightly narrower than the largest iPhone, the iPhone 12 Pro Max. But, this shouldn’t affect its ability to prop up your phone, and reviewers with iPhones as large as the iPhone 11 Pro say it works great. There’s also a slot in the back to slip a charging cord through as needed. One important note: When your iPhone is positioned vertically, you will not have access to the charging port. However, if you shift it horizontally you can charge it while it’s on the stand.

Positive Amazon review: “The wood looks really nice and it works perfectly for holding the phone upright or sideways. No more propping my phone on random objects for FaceTime! It comes with little silicon pads to stick on the bottom so it doesn't slide around.”

6. The Editor’s Fave Charger & Stand Combo

A favorite of one Bustle editor, this charger-stand combo is a worthwhile splurge, and the only iPhone stand on this list that offers built-in wireless charging. Not only does it prop up your iPhone for easy viewing, but it also charges both your Qi-compatible phone and earbuds at the same time. You can also position your phone horizontally or vertically without interfering with the charging capabilities. All you have to do is set your phone on top of the fabric-wrapped holder and you’re good to go — it gets a quick charge while you’re reading, answering emails, or watching a video. This stand can fit all iPhone models, and can even charge non-Apple products that are Qi-enabled. One note: While most other iPhone stands on this list can tilt to your preferred angle or offer adjustable heights, this is a one-size-fits-all stand that offers only one height and angle.

According to a Bustle editor: "I am obsessed with this phone stand, which doubles as a dual-device wireless charger. I love that I can charge my phone and my earbuds, and still be able to watch videos or take a Zoom call at the same time. The angle of this stand is also great for reading, and it charges my iPhone 11 super fast." — Carina Finn, Associate Commerce Editor