The 9 Best Kindle Accessories For An Upgraded Reading Experience

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best kindle accessories

Make the most of your Kindle with a few essentials that make it easier (and more fun) to spend hours devouring your favorite books and magazine. The best Kindle accessories include cases, stands, handles, and more, all designed to personalize and protect your e-reader.

Whether you’ve got a classic Kindle, the Paperwhite, or an Oasis, you can protect your e-reader from damage with a durable, lightweight cover. Each of the covers on this list features a fold-back design, so you can fully open it and read your Kindle comfortably with one hand. Some cases can even wake your Kindle when opened and then put your device to sleep when closed, so you don’t have to remember to turn it off when you’re done reading (a great way to save battery). And don’t forget the fun part: Kindle cases come in a variety of colors and styles (one even makes your e-reader look like a vintage hardcover book), so you can choose one that makes the device feel truly yours. And most of the cases on this list are available in sizes for most models — but be sure to select the correct one before hitting "add to cart."

Once you’ve got your Kindle covered, you can also consider hands-free reading with a soft pillow stand that offers various angles for reading in bed or on the couch, or — to keep your hand from getting cramped — an elastic holding strap that attaches to the reader so you can relax your grip. And if having a case, stand, and holder strap all sound appealing, you can opt for a case with all of those features built right in. One more thing: Kindles come with a USB charging cable, but don’t include a power adapter, so I’ve included one if you prefer plugging your e-reader into a wall outlet when charging. With that in mind, read on for the best Kindle accessories on Amazon that’ll keep your device protected and powered up for your next reading session.

The Best Covers

1. A Budget-Friendly Basic Cover

Keep your Kindle protected in style with this highly rated Kindle case. The slim, lightweight case comes in multiple colors and features a synthetic leather exterior and soft microfiber interior that goes easy on the screen. The case automatically wakes your Kindle when it’s opened and puts the device to sleep again once it’s shut, so you never have to remember to turn off the device when you’re done reading. The fold-back design means it won't be bulky in your hand, and the built-in magnet keeps it firmly closed when you're not using the Kindle.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “Sturdy yet lightweight. My Kindle fit inside it perfectly. When the cover is closed, my Kindle sleeps. When I open the cover, my Kindle wakes up. So much easier than using the on/off button. It keeps my Kindle protected yet doesn't seem to add any weight or bulk. Love it - would buy again!”

2. A Cover That Looks Like A Book

This cute book cover case makes your Kindle look just like a classic hardcover novel. The lightweight, splash-proof cover comes in several library-worthy styles, and it folds backward for easy one-handed reading. There’s also a built-in magnet that holds the case open while reading and keeps it closed when it’s time for a break — but keep in mind that there’s no sleep/wake function with this case. Also cool: Each case is crafted in England using traditional bookbinding techniques, so it feels as close to a real book cover as you can get.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “The case is beautiful and functional. It has the feeling of a real book. I love the green vine/leaf design. It is super neat that they are made by book binders.”

3. A Water-Safe Cover For Oasis & Paperwhite

If the waterproof Oasis or Paperwhite is your Kindle of choice, this water-safe fabric cover is the perfect fit. Available in a handful of colors, the slim and lightweight case is made with water-safe fabric, so you can safely read by the pool or in the bath. Built-in magnets keeps it securely closed when you're not using it. It folds all the way back when you're reading and wakes your Kindle when opened and puts it back to sleep when closed.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “I love that the whole Oasis is protected and it can’t fall out. It’s very comfortable to hold, and I don’t miss feeling the cold metal back now that the weather is turning wintry.”

4. The Softest Cover

If you're looking for something that'll feel so good in your hands, look no further than this skin-touch Kindle cover. Available in a wide range of colors, it's made with waterproof silicone and folds all the way back for easy reading. A magnetic clasp keeps it securely shut, and opening and closing the cover turns your Kindle on and off.

An enthusiastic reviewer: "I'm so impressed with this cover. The look of it is very classy and it provides the grip that makes you feel a little more confident that you're not going to drop a $250+ device. It's super sturdy, but doesn't add any real bulk. Fits very snug, and has an almost luxurious soft feel to it."

5. A Versatile Case With A Built-In Stand & Hand Strap

This versatile Kindle case has a built-in stand and hand strap holder, making it easy to read with just one hand or without your hands at all. The faux leather cover folds all the way back and has a soft microfiber interior that protects the Kindle against scratches and smudges. There’s a foldable stand with a built-in hand strap and a card slot where you can store essentials. Plus, opening the cover wakes your Kindle, and closing it puts the device to sleep, and the magnetic clasp keeps the cover closed when not in use. It's available in multiple colors and patterns.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “I love being able to prop my kindle up while I am reading. The cover looks well made.”

The Best Holders & Stands

1. This Soft & Lightweight Pillow Stand

  • Compatible with all Kindle devices, as well as tablets

This cushy pillow tablet stand is excellent for hands-free reading when you’re lounging on the couch or in bed. The stand is made from lightweight foam and nonslip faux suede fabric, and you can rotate it to choose between three viewing angles, so you’ll be able to read comfortably whether you’re sitting or laying down. There’s also a convenient carrying handle and a side pocket where you can store your phone and other small items. The removable cover is machine-washable and comes in three colors: charcoal, blue, and burgundy.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “It's a great improvement for reading in bed and relieves stress on hands and fingers.”

2. A Hand Strap That Makes Your Kindle Easier To Hold

  • Compatible devices: Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis 6-Inch

To make holding your Kindle more comfortable, you can add this hand strap holder. The holder attaches to your e-reader with metal brackets that expand slightly to fit over the case, and the flexible strap provides the perfect snug fit for your hand. Bonus: The holder comes with a protective Kindle carrying bag with a soft flannel interior that provides shock absorption and guards against scratches when it's in a bag.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “Love it! Fits perfectly on my Kindle with a slim case. Definitely recommend. And the pouch is a plus.”

The Best Extras

1. A Clip-On Reading Light

  • Compatible with all e-readers and books

Part of the charm of a Kindle is that it goes easier on your eyes than regular tablets, but they can be a bit harder to see if you're reading in the dark — especially if you have the basic Kindle or the Paperwhite, which has fewer LED backlights. This clip-on reading light is an affordable and highly-rated solution. It has a flexible neck, so you can aim the beam where you need it, and it gives off just the right amount of light, so you don't have to worry about disturbing any sleeping partners. It's operated by affordable 2032 lithium batteries, and you'll get 25 hours of light before needing to replace.

An enthusiastic reviewer: "This is a great little booklite! It gives off great light for both books and my kindle. It is compact, cute, pwerful, and does just what I want it to do."

2. A Kindle Power Adapter

  • Compatible with all Kindle devices

The Kindle comes with a USB charging cable, but you might need a power adapter to go with it (especially if you don't want to deal with sharing an adapter with your phone). This adapter is compatible with all Kindle tablets and most devices with a micro-USB port, so you can use it for more than just your e-reader too.

An enthusiastic reviewer: “This charger works as it is supposed to, and I am confident that it will last a long time. I have several Kindle types, & matched the chargers for each one. All are still working well even after 4 to 6 years of use.”