The 3 Best Kitchen Torches

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If you think kitchen torches are only for restaurant chefs, think again. These handy tools are now widely available for home cooks to use for on-demand browning of items like desserts, meats, and casseroles. But if you’re wary of buying anything with an open flame, there’s nothing to fear. The best kitchen torches are easy and safe to use, and can transform everyday foods into beautiful, presentation-worthy dishes.

Much like lighters, kitchen torches have a sparking mechanism that ignites butane fuel, thus creating a flame. Butane fuel is sold separately, so make sure to pick some up when you buy your torch.

For the most versatility, look for a torch with an adjustable flame, and a fuel capacity to burn for at least 30 minutes. This will allow you to control the flame’s output depending on what or how much of something you’re making. For example: a large lasagna, multiple servings of meringue, or meat that has been cooked in a sous vide circulator.

Editor's note: When cooking with a kitchen torch, take precautions to ensure you're using it safely. You can read more safety tips for using a kitchen torch here.

The best kitchen torches below will help you look like a pro in the kitchen, no chef hat required!


The Best Kitchen Torch

On this simply-designed torch by Sondiko, the safety lock feature is built into the ignitor at the back of the torch. Instead of turning the dial to adjust the flame’s intensity, a small slider at the top of the torch’s handle can be adjusted to regulate the flame. A flared base keeps the torch safely upright if you need to set it down while working. The Sondiko’s flame can reach 2500 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be adjusted to find the perfect level for your cooking task.

According to one reviewer: “I don’t have a broil feature in my oven and I needed to color my merengues for my decorated cakes, love how I can manage the flame size and it even works for welding!!! Great price, great tool. Happy with the purchase.”


Also, Great

This torch has both a safety lock to prevent small hands from igniting it and a flame guard to protect your hands while using it. The flame strength is controlled with a turn dial at the back of the torch, which, on high, can reach temperatures of up to 2372 degrees Fahrenheit. Butane can be refilled via a valve in the bottom of the torch, which has a wide foot for added stability when the torch is upright.

According to one reviewer: “This honestly was the first torch I’ve bought since I’ve just taken up cooking. For no experience I assumed it would be difficult to manage or use correctly because I’ve read that others have issues in it squirting the butane all over the place. It was pretty simple and easy to follow the instructions. Great for a beginner for sure."


The Most Affordable

For an amazing price, Kollea’s kitchen torch features a press-and-hold child lock and a trigger ignition located on the back of the torch. To control the flame’s intensity, a non-slip dial on the side of the torch can be turned up or down. Depending on the intensity of the flame chosen, the Kollea can reach a maximum temperature of 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. It also comes with a mini crème brûlée brush, so you can brush on finishing touches.

According to one reviewer: “This little gadget is really great for the price. It is pretty to look at and has a nice weight and hand feel without being too heavy or bulky. Easy to fill, just remember to buy your butane! Has a +/- gauge to turn flame up or down. Lock on top is a safety lock, as well as, a continuous flame lock. Even if you have it going for a while the top doesn't seem to get overly hot; a plus with kids and pets."