The 7 Best Leaf Rakes For Your Yard & Garden

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the best leaf rakes
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Raking leaves might feel like a chore, but the right tool can make it a much easier task. The best rakes for leaves are a comfortable size and weight for your needs, and are durable enough to last. Rakes vary a lot when it comes to size and construction, but for most basic yard-raking jobs, a medium-weight 2- to 3-pound rake with a 24- to 30-inch metal or plastic head should do the trick. However, depending on your needs, you might prefer a rake that’s especially lightweight, narrow enough to fit in small spaces, or designed to scoop leaves so you don’t have to bend over as often.

The material used to make a rake’s handle and head will have a major impact on its weight and durability. Rake handles are typically made from wood, steel, fiberglass, or a mix of these materials. Wood handles are a strong option, but heavy and the least weather resistant, while steel and fiberglass handles are stronger and lighter, but steel can rust if it doesn’t have a rust-resistant coating. The head of the rake is typically made from metal or plastic, and each has their pros and cons. Metal is the most durable and suitable option for medium- to heavy-duty jobs, but tends to be heavier and more expensive. Plastic tines have a greater risk of breaking, but are lightweight, inexpensive, and can be helpful for lighter tasks. However, if you do want a lightweight plastic head, a thicker polypropylene can often handle more intensive raking.

The size and shape of your rake can also make a huge difference when it comes to functionality and your own comfort during use. You’ll want to choose a rake with a handle length that makes sense for your height (the handle should reach to the bridge of your nose when the tines are touching the ground), though an adjustable-length handle could be helpful if the rake is shared. An ergonomic handle design or a rake with an attached leaf grabber can make raking more comfortable if the traditional shape doesn’t feel good to you. Some rakes with very short handles are meant to be used for smaller jobs, like a hand rake, which is great for raised beds and window boxes. And when you have to do some touch ups, hand scoops make it easy to pick up and move leaves without a rake and/or dustbin. In terms of head width, a fan of 24 to 30 inches can make raking quicker and reach a greater surface area. However, if you need to rake leaves in a tight space or over delicate beds, a shrub rake with a narrow head of 8 to 12 inches could be a better bet. Some rakes even come with adjustable heads to transition between wide and narrow spaces, or have closely placed tines to prevent leaves from getting stuck in between.

Got some leaves to contend with to make your backyard nicer for fall and winter? These eight rakes on Amazon will tackle them all.

1. A Polypropylene Rake That Won’t Clog With Leaves

Avoid the dreaded leaf clog with this True Temper polypropylene rake that features a 24-inch head and a 48-inch hardwood handle. The width of the head is good for heavy amounts of leaves, but since the handle is wood, be sure to stash it properly to avoid damage from damp conditions. According to one Amazon reviewer, “the clog-free claim is absolutely true,” and another raved that this made their lives “so much easier.” Multiple reviewers also found that at 2 pounds, this True Temper felt lightweight and the cushioned grip handle was comfortable.

Helpful Amazon review: “We like this rake because leaves don't get caught, and it's lightweight and easy to use. We have two ourselves, and got this one as a house warming present.”

2. A Polypropylene Leaf Rake With An Extra Wide Head

If you want each stroke of your rake to grab as many leaves as possible, this polypropylene rake from Bully Tools is what you’re looking for. With a 30-inch head, it has the distinction of being the widest rake on this list. The 44-inch fiberglass handle has a triple-wall construction with a reinforced wood core, which means it’s a little heavier than some other polypropylene rakes (3.4 pounds) but also more durable. Hundreds of Amazon reviewers sing the praises of this rake, with one even calling it “THE BEST rake we have ever owned.”

Helpful Amazon review: “Lordy, this rake is a BEAST! This is the next best thing to a bulldozer. The handle is strong and larger so guys with larger hands can actually grip it. If you have a yard with trees, and you want to MOVE a lot of leaves, buy this rake.”

3. A Narrow Shrub Rake For Tight Spaces

For times when you need to rake in between delicate plants or tight spaces, reach for this steel shrub rake with a narrow 8-inch head. It features an adjustable stainless steel handle that extends from 34 to 55 inches with a series of tubes and retractable buttons, so you can adjust the length for different users or to help you reach areas that are further away. Weighing just 1.5 pounds, it’s lightweight and, according to the brand, rustproof. Reviewers give it an overall rating of 4.3 stars from among 1,300 and growing reviews, with users noting how useful and versatile it is in gardens, in between bushes, and around fences or other obstacles. It’s available in your choice of green or black.

Helpful Amazon Review: “I never thought I'd review a rake, but this rake deserves its five stars! It is the perfect size... I can reach between bushes, under trees, between garden plants, etc. I can even turn it and put it through the fencing to clean up a bit on the other side. It will rake leaves, grass, pine needles, and if you use a gentle pressure, you can use it to rake up fallen sticks and bits of debris in the yard without disturbing the lawn. It is lightweight, easy to use, adjustable, and seems as though it will hold up over time. Honestly, I think I want a second one!”

4. A Versatile Steel Leaf Rake That’s Super Adjustable

For a rake that can handle anything, this adjustable leaf rake is a super convenient option. The steel rake head can be adjusted from 8 to 23 inches wide and can be set to any position in between, while the steel handle is adjustable from 32 to 63 inches. The handle has a comfortable rubber grip, and all the steel is galvanized to prevent rust. It’s the versatility of this 2-pound rake that reviewers love, leaving one fan to write, “this is the best rake I have ever used.”

Helpful Amazon review: “Easily changes width for small and large jobs. Metal construction makes it durable. Instead of different sized rakes, I have used this one for years and have found it irreplaceable. Quick change slide makes it easy to adjust the rake to different widths. Love this rake.”

5. A Steel Leaf Rake With An Ergonomic Handle

Raking leaves can feel physically uncomfortable, but choosing a rake with an additional handle for improved ergonomics might help. This highly rated leaf rake from ErgieShovel has a 23.2-inch steel head, 54-inch steel handle, and that extra handle for added leverage to reduce the strain on your back. The extra handle adds a little more heft (the rake weighs 4.2 pounds), but “your back will thank you for this purchase,” according to one reviewer. ErgieShovel doesn’t mention if the steel is rustproof, but reviewers advise to not leave it outside in the elements.

Helpful Amazon review: “Very easy on the back. Grabs a lot of leaves and easy to maneuver. Good buy!”

6. A Polypropylene Rake With A Built-In Leaf Grabber

Another rake that promises to save your back is the Amazing Rake. The 17.25-inch head is made of polypropylene in your choice of three bright colors, and there’s a leaf grabber attached so you won’t have to bend down to grab and scoop leaves. The rust-resistant steel handle extends up to 60 inches, but can be adjusted to be shorter as well. Plus, the Amazing Rake only weighs 2.5 pounds. There are a lot of fans of this rake, including one reviewer who marvels that it “saves my back in so many ways.” That said, reviewers also advise that if you have to remove leaves over a large area, it might be best to use a regular rake first, and use this for the grab and bag cleanup portion. Once leaf season is over, you can even use the rake to pick up snow, so be sure to stash it somewhere easily accessible year-round.

Helpful Amazon review: “I used my previous Amazing Rake so much that it broke. This not to say it was defective but rather that it had worked very hard for several years. The amount of back pain it saves me in picking up leaves and such is incalculable. I love it!”

7. A Steel Hand Rake For Small Areas

It’s not easy to clear leaves away from small, raised areas with a standard rake, and this is where a hand rake like the Asano claw rake can shine. Weighing just 7.5 ounces (about 0.5 a pound), the rake has a 5.5-inch wooden handle with five steel claws that make up its 4.75-inch-wide head. Rated with an impressive 4.7 stars after more than 1,300 reviews, users report that they love the rake’s weight and how easy it is to hold, with one reviewer raving about the rake’s “comfortable wood handle” and another calling it “sturdy and lightweight.”

Helpful Amazon review: “Super useful garden tool. Strong and well-made, great for light weeding or raking leaves in right areas.”

You Might Also Like: These Plastic Scoops For Picking Up Leaves

While they’re technically not a rake, this pair of plastic scoops can get in flower bed corners where most rakes can’t go and can also just generally help with picking up leaf piles. The two scoops weigh a total of 1.5 pounds, and each scoop is 13.5 inches wide. The horizontal handles are convenient to hold, especially with the wrist guards that add stability while you’re working. They’re also backed by hundreds of five-star Amazon reviews, earning a 4.5-star overall rating after more than 1,800 reviews.

Helpful Amazon review: “Used leaf scoops to transfer leaves from ground to bag. Wish I had bought these 10 years ago. I have many trees and do not own a mower that will gather and mulch. What took the most time and effort was not the raking, but the transfer of leaves from ground to bag. These hand scoops are amazing. I gathered my leaves in about one quarter of the time it would normally take. Excellent product. So simple. So effective. And the price is right.”