The 10 Best Long-Term Food Storage Containers

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Food storage containers are an easy way to prevent contamination and extend your food’s shelf life — and they can make your space look satisfyingly tidy, too. The best long-term food storage containers are made of food-grade materials and feature airtight lids that keep moisture and pests out.

When buying food storage containers, look for pieces that match your household’s eating and grocery shopping habits. If you purchase dry goods in bulk, you’ll want a few large-capacity containers that can store several quarts or liters. Those who want something to double as storage for pre-cooked meals or leftovers can opt for smaller containers that hold anywhere from a half-cup to 2 cups. Many sets list the total number of pieces and count lids separately from containers — so be sure to double-check how many you’re getting before you make a purchase.

Lids are another consideration that may influence your purchase. Some containers have locking sides to ensure a tight seal, while others have press-down or screw tops. If you don’t want to struggle every time you open a container, look for lids that have handles to help with lifting.

Next, consider which materials you'd prefer. BPA-free plastic is a great choice because it's lightweight and durable. Metal or glass are also great choices as they don’t absorb odors or flavors the way plastic can — important qualities for food that will sit in long-term storage. However, glass can chip or break if you’re not careful, and metal is not microwave-safe. Another option is Mylar, which comes in the form of tear-proof bags. These employ pinch-lock or heat seals in place of lids and have a shelf life of up to 25 years.

Perhaps you already own a solid set of leftover containers and have an enviably well-organized fridge. If you’re ready to tackle your pantry and transform it into a cleaner, neater space, scroll down to find the best food storage containers on Amazon right now.


The Snap-Lock Plastic Containers For Bulk Dry Goods

  • Capacity: 22 cups

Protect your dry ingredients from pests, moisture, and other possible contaminants with these large food storage containers. There are four in a set, and each has a 22-cup capacity that’s perfect for bulk dry goods. The containers are made of sturdy, BPA-free plastic and come with airtight, side-locking lids to maximize your food’s shelf life. Four measuring cups are also included for easy portioning.

Although these stackable containers are designed to store pantry staples like flour, pasta, or even dry pet food, the plastic is microwave and freezer safe for versatility. Some reviewers recommended hand washing the containers to avoid warping, but the generous storage capacity makes them worth the extra effort.

One fan raved: “The price is great for these large, airtight storage containers. I buy a lot of ingredients in bulk and love that they fit in these containers. For reference, I was able to hold 10 lbs of sugar, a little less than 15 lbs of brown rice and sweet rice, and 7-8 lbs of flour in the 6.5 L size. They are airtight as I can flip my sugar and flour upside down and nothing comes out! In addition, you get a variety of labels, a white marker, and some scoops as accessories.”


A Budget-Friendly Set That Will Last For Years

  • Capacity: 0.5 — 9 cups

With more than 64,000 Amazon ratings, Rubbermaid’s Easy Find Storage Containers offer the best value on this list. The set includes 30 clear containers made of BPA-free plastic, plus sturdy red lids that nest neatly for compact storage. The 3-, 5-, and 7-cup containers include special vented lids for microwaving food, so they aren’t limited to storing dry goods. In addition to being microwave-safe, they also hold up to dishwasher cycles and freezer storage.

Perhaps the set’s versatility explains its popularity — one reviewer used the smallest containers to store baby food, while another noted that the largest containers work well for pantry storage. A third reviewer added that the set has “lasted for well over 10 years,” so they also provide a high return on investment.

One fan raved: “So awesome to stack up, and lids fit many sizes. Really do not take up much space in pantry. Highly recommend!!!”


A Set Of Mylar Bags That Will Last 25 Years

  • Capacity: 5 gallons

These long-term food storage bags are made with durable foil Mylar, or BPA-free polyethylene, to protect contents from exposure to moisture, heat, and bacteria. The 5-gallon capacity is perfect for bulk ingredients, and the lightweight material has a generous lifespan of 25 years. Food stays fresh with a dual-seal system — the first layer of protection is a pinch-lock mechanism, and the second is an optional heat seal that secures with an iron. Oxygen absorption packets are also included to extend the shelf life of your ingredients. The bags are odorless, as well as resistant to tears and punctures, so they're just as good for camping as they are for stashing dry goods for future use.

One fan raved: “The Mylar bags are perfect for long term food storage. They are thick enough items won’t easily puncture. I’ve been buying these for years and wouldn’t consider using anything else.”


Some Colorful Food Storage Containers You'll Want To Show Off

  • Capacity: 2.6 — 7.5 cups

Proudly display your snacks and pantry staples on your kitchen counter with these colorful food storage canisters. The turquoise-coated steel cylinders come in a set of four and have a slim, space-saving design. Airtight, screw-on lids keep ingredients fresh, and vertical glass windows reveal what’s inside each container.

The containers are meant for dry goods and pantry storage only, and hand washing is best to keep them in good condition. Several Amazon reviewers were so impressed with these canisters that they’ve purchased multiple sets to keep their food and ingredients within reach.

One fan raved: “I have a small apartment with an open floor plan so I wanted to have the accent color in my living room to flow into the kitchen. These canisters are a very vibrant color of turquoise and they match the dishes on my dining table that I have for display. They seem to be well made and sturdy.”


A Set Of Popular Containers That’s Great For Bakers

  • Capacity: 1.6 — 17.6 cups

If you bake on a regular basis, OXO’s pop-lid containers are perfect for storing essential ingredients. Two large containers can hold standard 5-pound bags of flour and sugar, a small container fits a 1-pound box of brown sugar, and two mini containers are made to store extras like baking powder and soda, sprinkles, chocolate chips, and more. The lids use a patented push-button design to create an airtight seal, which keeps ingredients fresh. When the button is released, it doubles as a handle for removing the lid.

The set also includes two half-cup scoops for easy measuring, as well as a brown sugar saver. These containers are strictly designed for dry ingredients, so you can’t use them for storing leftovers in the fridge or freezer, and they aren’t microwave-safe. However, for effortless cleaning, the containers are top-rack dishwasher-safe.

One fan raved: “This bakers set is pretty awesome. I love the brown sugar keeper and the 1/2 cup scoops. I currently am using the smallest containers to hold baking soda in one and chocolate chips in the other. It holds an entire bag of chocolate chips, by the way.”


A Set Of Containers That Comes With Customizable Labels

  • Capacity: 3.38 — 11.83 cups

This stackable 24-piece set of locking food containers is made with clear BPA-free plastic and includes six containers in four different sizes. Best of all, the airtight, four-sided, locking lids are all interchangeable, so you never have to sort through tops to find the right match for a specific container. The included chalkboard marker and labels help keep things organized, and a set of measuring spoons helps with prep and portioning. The set is designed to store food in pantries, freezers, and refrigerators.

One fan raved: “I absolutely LOVE that all of the containers use the same size lid! No more searching for multiple sized lids! [...] Durable and airtight and spill-proof too! I knocked some over before I transferred them all to the breakage, no spillage. I totally already ordered a second set.”


A Glass Food Storage Set That’s Both Sleek And Functional

  • Capacity: 2.5 — 8.87 cups

If you prefer an alternative to plastic food storage, this set of glass canisters will do the job and look good on your kitchen counter. It includes five containers in various sizes that are made with food-grade borosilicate glass that’s dishwasher, microwave, and freezer safe (in temperatures as low as -4 degrees). The bamboo lids have a flat surface, so the canisters are stackable, and silicone rings inside the lids ensure an airtight seal. Although some reviewers noted that the largest canister can’t accommodate an entire 5-pound bag of sugar or flour, it can fit a little under 9 cups of other dry goods, like coffee, beans, and nuts.

One fan raved: “I love these so much I bought two sets! I get tons of compliments on them because it makes my pantry look so much more organized rather than having bags and boxes of items lying everywhere. They clean very easily and the glass isn't flimsy or easily breakable. I'd recommend these to anyone who's a home-organization fanatic.”


The Storage Containers For Cereal Lovers

  • Capacity: 17 cups

Praki’s stackable plastic containers are BPA-free and hold up to 17 cups of cereal each — which is roughly equivalent to a family-size box. The four-sided locking lids have silicone linings to create airtight seals, and the wide-mouth dispenser lets you pour cereal without removing the entire top. In addition to cereal, these containers can also be used to keep any dry ingredients fresh. They come in a pack of six, and while they’re not microwave-friendly due to their size, the containers are freezer and dishwasher-safe. They also come with chalkboard stickers and a marker for labeling.

One fan raved: “I love these. If you have a big family they are great, they fit about 2 regular bags of cereal, so if you get the big discount ones it would be perfect, and the chalk stickers are so cute.”


An Extra-Large Container For Bulk Dry Goods

  • Capacity: 42.3 cups

The TBMax airtight food storage container is a great option for people who keep high volumes of dry ingredients on hand at all times. Made with clear, BPA-free plastic, it has a whopping 42.3-cup capacity. A silicone gasket creates a seal that’s airtight and leakproof, and a folding handle makes it easier to remove the lid from the base without a struggle. Although it can’t be microwaved, the container is dishwasher and freezer-safe. This option also comes with a measuring cup for scooping ingredients— a small bonus that many reviewers appreciated.

One fan raved: “This rice container is the ticket! The rubber gasket truly makes an airtight seal. [...] This rice container is perfect for my needs. I make homemade dog food and rice is in my recipe so I need to have a lot on hand. I give this two thumbs up, I love it!!”


A Set of Food-Grade Buckets For Maximum Storage

  • Capacity: 5 gallons

It's no surprise that these utilitarian food storage buckets have earned over 1,900 five-star ratings on Amazon. Made with BPA-free, food-grade plastic, their five-gallon capacity is suitable for dry ingredients. Metal handles have an ergonomic, molded plastic grip for comfortable carrying, and each bucket comes with an airtight, tamper-resistant lid and tear strip for added security. Note that the strip cannot be replaced once the bucket is opened, but the reusable lid will maintain its airtight seal to protect against potential contamination.

One fan raved: “I purchased these for food storage, flour specifically, and I dare any flour moth to get into them! Sturdy, tight sealing buckets with safety seal. Great item for dry storage”