The Best Memes About The Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Blackout

Because those were a long seven hours.

Sad woman waiting for a mobile phone call looking it in the night at home

Yesterday (Monday, October 4) social media apps Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp simultaneously crashed, leaving billions of users worldwide without the ability to post their thirst traps or check in on what their Boomer uncle’ is ranting about this time. I’m sure you all noticed.

For a very very long seven hours, Facebook and all other Facebook-owned services remained offline due to a server issue which, in laymen's terms, booted the platform off the internet. It was certainly an issue a password reset couldn’t fix. As Guardian Technology editor Alex Hern, explained via Twitter, because “Facebook runs EVERYTHING through Facebook” so it also managed to lock employees out from fixing the issue.

Meanwhile, twitchy-fingered people in desperate need to share their hot takes flocked to Twitter – which was thankfully still running – to get their social media fix. Of course, there must be some people who used their Facebook-free hours to oh, you know, do some work, finally write that book proposal they’ve been putting off, take a walk outside... but it seemed as if the majority jumped onto Twitter to share thoughts, feelings, and – most importantly – memes. I’ve chosen a handful of the best memes below. Enjoy.

We Deserve Peace...

We Lived To Tell The Tale...

We’ve All Been There, Facebook...

Hey, Mark, Have You Tried Turning It Off & On Again?

Try This One...

*So Many* The Squid Game Memes...

Keep Us Entertained, PLEASE

Oh, Hey Guys, Welcome

You Still There?

Remember To Apologies To Your WiFi Provider For All Those Angry Phone Calls

That Seems Like A You Problem

When Whatsapp Reboots But You Still Can’t Get A Text Back...