The 4 Best Microwave Covers

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While there are some great microwave cleaners that can make the job easier, it’s way more efficient to prevent microwave messes altogether with a splatter screen. So if you’re in the market, a microwave cover can be a must-have kitchen item. When shopping, know that the best microwave cover for you will be sized to fit your dishware and have a dishwasher-safe design that’s made of either glass or BPA-free plastic or silicone.

First, you want to consider what material you prefer your microwave cover to be made from. Each type has its perks. For example, glass microwave covers are durable and can often pull double duty as a baking dish, since many of them are oven safe (including the one on this list). That said, they tend to be heavier and harder to store, which is something to consider if you’re tight on kitchen space. Plastic microwave covers are a worthy alternative, and are lightweight and usually more affordable. Lastly, a silicone cover has a lightweight design like its plastic counterpart, and can often be collapsed down for the easiest storage. If you’re opting for a plastic or silicone cover, keep your eye out for a BPA-free design, as BPAs are a toxin that, while not federally regulated, health experts tend to recommend you avoid as a precaution. To some degree, the right one for you will depend on your preferences, so keep that in mind as you shop.

Any microwave cover you go with should have a design that facilitates ventilation, to avoid any microwave accidents. Lastly, measure the size of your plates. A microwave cover is only functional if it can fit in your microwave and cover your plates or bowls. I’ve listed the diameters of each microwave cover below, so you can cross compare to your own microwave and dishes.

Keep scrolling, these excellent microwave covers are sure to save you tons of cleaning time and frustration.

1. The Best Overall, All Things Considered

  • Diameter: 10.5 inches

While this silicone microwave cover is a bit pricy, it’s truly the best of the best when it comes to covers. For one, it features a transparent glass lid so you can see your food cooking, as well as a heat-resistant knob that won’t burn your fingers. The silicone splatter guard completely covers any plate or bowl ranging from 6 to 10 inches in diameter. On top of that, the silicone is super easy to wipe clean after every use, and the 96 steam vents on the sides ensure that your food gets plenty of ventilation. Best of all, the whole thing collapses into a flat disk that’s easy to store between uses. This BPA-free, dishwasher-safe cover even comes with an impressive five-year warranty.

Positive Amazon review: “Seriously don’t wait on this one. Super easy to clean. No concerns with zapping plastic in the microwave. I waited way to long to buy this and am kicking myself now. My microwave is clean. [...] This covers literally all the bases and then some. Good comes out heated and not soggy. Huge plus!”

2. The Cult-Favorite

  • Diameter: 10.5 inches

This silicone microwave cover is a cult-favorite, and is made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone and plastic with tiny holes to allow steam to escape. It’s 10.5 inches in diameter, which is the perfect size to cover just about any standard plate or bowl. What reviewers love about this cover in particular, though, is that it’s flexible and collapsible. Just press down on the top to create a disc that’s easy to tuck away into a cabinet. If you’re looking for a reviewer-favorite, this dishwasher-safe microwave cover has more than 17,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.6-star rating overall.

Positive Amazon review: “I've had this for over six months, it works very well. Easy to collapse and store, cleans easily, protects the microwave & keeps the heat well. It's a bit stiff to expand before use, but [...] I appreciate this as it’s a sign the plastic is thick and resistant, and even after tons of use, it's not showing any signs of wearing down.”

3. The Best Value

  • Diameter: 10.24 inches

With a genius handled design, these plastic microwave splatter covers come in a set of two for just $10, making these the cheapest on this list. Each one is made from food-grade, BPA-free plastic so they’re safe to use in your microwave. They also feature a safe-grip handle so you can remove these covers without accidentally burning your hand. Plus, at 10.24 inches wide, these splatter guards can cover most plates and bowls. While the manufacturer doesn’t specify care instructions, reviewers report successfully washing this in their dishwasher. Amazon reviewers love using these for covering food on a counter, in a fridge, or meals headed into the microwave, too.

Positive Amazon review: “This is one of the best purchases I have ever made as I use it nearly everyday. It fits over most anything I put into my microwave and prevents food splatters from hitting the sides and top of the microwave. It is very easy to clean after use. My son and daughter were so impressed with it that they each wanted one, so I ordered two more just for them.”

4. The Best All-Glass Microwave Cover

  • Diameter: 11 inches (exterior), 9 inches (interior)

This glass microwave cover is great because it’s super durable, and it doubles as a baking dish when you flip it over, safe for use in the oven up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The heavyweight glass cover protects your microwave from splatters, while the scalloped edges along the bottom allow air to flow in and out. Plus, this cover is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. While for many silicone covers, the interior and exterior diameter will be virtually the same (thanks to their thin design), this thicker glass cover has an interior diameter of 9 inches, so if you’re looking to fully cover 10-inch plates or larger, you may have better luck with a different option from this list.

Positive Amazon review: “[I] love how the glass is pyrex-ware thick snd strong. It feels like it would last forever like most pyrex glass dishes. In addition to being a superb lid, you can reverse it and use it as a dish. The lip is wide and strong which makes it easy to pick up. The curved edges allow air to circulate without splattering. I highly recommend.”