The 3 Best Mosquito Killer Lamps

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Whether you’re inside or out, the best mosquito killer lamps (also known as mosquito traps) emit scents that attract biting bugs and/or have a UV light to lure and trap a variety of flying insects for ultimate effectiveness. But if you’re concerned about harming beneficial bugs with mosquito lamps, I’ve also included some gentler repellents that can help keep insects at bay without zapping them.

Do Mosquito Killer Lamps Actually Work?

When shopping for a mosquito killer lamp, keep in mind that UV light alone is not an effective lure for mosquitoes but might help attract other flying insects. To attract and trap mosquitoes specifically, look for lamps that emit Octenol or carbon dioxide (CO2), which mimic human breath and sweat — enticements that mosquitoes find hard to resist.

What To Consider When Shopping For Mosquito Killer Lamps

When choosing a mosquito lamp, consider where it’s going to go. Some lamps are easily portable and designed for indoor and/or outdoor use, while others are larger and designed specifically to offer more coverage outdoors. Wherever the lamp will be placed, make sure that an outlet is readily available. (Or, if you’d prefer a battery-powered option, you might consider a cordless mosquito repellent lantern rather than an electric lamp.)

Also, keep in mind that mosquito killer lamps can take several weeks to make an impact, so you might also want to use mosquito repellents such as the lantern I’ve included below. Some other ways to protect yourself against mosquitoes include a yellow LED bulb to reduce the number of flying bugs in the surrounding area, a spray, or a yard treatment.

All things considered, these are the best mosquito killer lamps that can help keep your home and yard bug-free.

1. A Highly Rated Outdoor Mosquito Killer Lamp

More than 17,000 reviewers have given this mosquito killer lamp a solid 4.5-star overall rating, and it’s easy to see why. It uses an Octenol cartridge to attract pesky insects, then zaps them on the 5,600 volt, non-clogging electric grid. The Octenol slow-release cartridge lasts about 30 days (refills are available), and there’s 1 acre of coverage. The unit also works without it thanks to a UV bulb that lasts up to 7,500 hours and is easy to replace when needed.

The lamp measures 9.7 by 16.5 inches and is made of a durable, waterproof exterior that won’t rust or crack if left outside. One reviewer reports that their lamp “has survived several major thunderstorms with no issues” and that they’ve “noticed a drastic decrease in bugs.” There’s also a two-year limited warranty for peace of mind.

Helpful Amazon review: “I was tired of being eaten alive by mosquitoes every time I stepped out into my backyard so I decided to purchase the electronic insect killer. I hung it on the outer edge of my patio and within minutes it began to do its job and within days I no longer had a mosquito problem! This product also comes with an optional octenol pack for added use. I recommend it because I feel it Attracts more insects! Aside from the zapping sound from the insects it is very quiet and gives out a soft luminous glow to your lighted area.”

2. A CO2 Lamp For Indoors Or Outdoors

If you have a problem with mosquitoes in the house or outside, this DynaTrap mosquito killer lamp is a solid choice. Its surface is coated with Ti02 titanium dioxide which produces CO2 to imitate human breath, drawing the mosquitoes close. Then a fan sucks them into a see-through basket where they dehydrate. One reviewer notes the device “is very quiet (like a handheld fan)” so it won’t be distracting. The UV bulb will last up to 3,000 hours before needing to be replaced. And for extra mosquito-trapping power, you can also add a mosquito lure sachet, which mimics the scent of human skin and further entices the bugs. According to DynaTrap, the lamp is designed to not attract honey bees or any other beneficial insects.

When placed outdoors, it protects up to a 1/2 acre — just make sure to place the DynaTrap 20 to 40 feet away from where people are gathering so the attracted insects don’t start biting you. You can hang it from a hook or place it on a flat surface, and the lamp measures 9 inches by 11.62 inches. One satisfied shopper raves, “Now we can actually go out and enjoy the yard,” and another loves that, “the reduction in pests allows us to continue to enjoy our outside time as late as possible.”

Helpful Amazon review: “I put this up a few days ago - kind of skeptical, but hopeful for some resolution for my NJ monster mosquitos. Holy moly. I cleaned the trap today and there were thousands of mosquitos. The trap was halfway filled and it's only been about five days of use. This is really something. Easy to assemble and clean. Make sure you clean the trap away from anything you don't want to get contaminated.”

3. A Stylish Lantern For Outdoors

Add a dash of style to your outdoor space with this outdoor mosquito killer lamp which mimics human breath by releasing CO2, then uses a fan to suck in the mosquitoes. One reviewer reports that the “fan is remarkably quiet.” The bugs are deposited into a see-through basket and mosquitoes will typically dehydrate within 24 hours of being caught. The lamp protects up to 1/2 an acre but can take at least three weeks of operation before you’ll notice a significant difference and six weeks to break the breeding cycle of the mosquitoes. For an extra boost of mosquito attraction, you can add an Atrakta mosquito lure sachet, which mimics the smell of human skin. The UV bulb has a lifespan of 3,000 hours.

The lamp is 11.5 inches by 44 inches and plugs into a standard 120-volt outlet. Just make sure to place the lantern 20 to 40 feet away from people, so that mosquitoes drawn to the DynaTrap don’t start biting you.

Helpful Amazon review: “This things has been incredible! I can't tell you the last time that I saw a mosquito around our house. It is so nice to spend time outside without having to worry about getting bitten or have to shower before bed because you're sticky and smelly from sprays.”

Also Nice: A Yellow LED Bulb That’s Less Attractive To Flying Bugs

If you find that mosquitoes are constantly swarming your lights, this yellow LED bulb might be just what you need. Suitable for indoors and out, it emits a yellow light that’s designed to not interest flying insects as much as the typical white lights. The 60-watt-equivalent bulb produces a warm glow with 400 lumens of brightness. The bulb can last up to 22.8 years (based on usage of 3 hours a day), so it will last you a while, too. One reviewer noticed a “big difference immediately” and another reports: “They’re very bright and illuminate our front porch with the perfect amount of brightness.”

Helpful Amazon review: “My door used to get swarmed by mosquitos when I would let my dogs out because of the light. I tried this bug bulb and it works unbelievably well. Now the bugs all head for the floodlight on the side of the house. I couldn't be happier.”

Also Nice: A Cordless Outdoor Mosquito Repellent Torch

Stick this mosquito repellent torch in the ground, and you’ll get a 15-foot zone of scent-free mosquito protection. It works by activating a fuel cartridge containing butane, creating heat to warm the repellent mat (which is based on natural ingredients found in plants) to keep the mosquitoes away. It comes with a fuel cartridge which lasts for 12 hours, and three repellent mats which work for four hours each. Refills of both are available, too. (What’s not included: The three AA batteries that power the light, but you can get some here.)

The torch is cordless, so you can place it anywhere, and the pole is adjustable with a maximum height of 59 inches. It’s also available in a lantern design. Just give it 15 minutes to activate and you should be able to enjoy the outdoors with fewer mosquitoes buzzing nearby.

Helpful Amazon review: “I am so happy with this product! We live in the country and are surrounded my pesky mosquitos. We used this one for a cookout and just now and it’s amazing!!! We were getting eaten alive and then they disappeared as soon as this product was heated. Only took a few minutes. Highly recommend!”