The 8 Best Ninja Blenders

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If you’re looking for a high-performance blender that won’t break the bank, Ninja blenders are a great choice. The best Ninja blenders have powerful motors, offer multiple presets, and will last through years of regular use.

Choosing the right Ninja blender for you will largely come down to personal preferences. If you primarily use your blender for smoothies, you’ll want a machine that can quickly crush ice and reduce produce to a pulp. If you want your blender to make soups, cookie dough, and more, look for a multi-purpose unit that can tackle a wider variety of tasks.

Ninja blenders offer variable speeds, with some labeled low to high, while others are numbered from one to three. Some have rotating variable speed dials that can be manually adjusted for more precise control.

Most Ninja blenders also have timed presets, with anywhere from minimalist options like blend and ultra blend to as many as six presets with options for ice cream, dips, and smoothies. On more high-end models, Ninja’s Auto-iQ technology employs a timed pattern of pulsing, blending, and pausing for consistent results every time.

Capacity is another feature you’ll want to consider. Some Ninja blenders come with a single 72-ounce pitcher with a maximum liquid capacity of 64 ounces, while others come with multiple attachments of different sizes as well as a variety of blade types. If you want to make smaller quantities of your favorite recipes, some models even include an option to blend directly in a smaller to-go cup.

Whether you’re buying your first blender or making an upgrade, check out these eight Ninja blenders that reviewers and editors are raving about.


The Best Overall

Ninja’s Mega Kitchen System is an all-in-one appliance that can make everything from soup to bread dough. The 1,500-watt motor and 72-ounce pitcher make easy work of liquefying soups and blending frozen drinks for a crowd, while the two 16-ounce cups with to-go lids are convenient for fast breakfasts and post-workout smoothies. For meal prep, a 64-ounce food processing bowl evenly chops vegetables, and if you attach the included dough blade, you can mix up to 2 pounds of cookie, pizza, or bread dough in around 30 seconds. The blender has Auto-iQ, four presets for making dough, blending, crushing ice, and single serve beverages, plus a pulse option. A brush is included to make cleanup easy.

Editor’s note: “ I’ve had my Ninja kitchen system for a decade, and it still works just as well as it did the day I got it. I use it for making everything from soups and smoothies to nut butters and pie crusts. I love the fact that the food processing bowl means I can eliminate another appliance from my tiny kitchen, and I use the single serving cups all the time — especially for making things like small batches of dips or salad dressings.” — Carina Finn


The Best Large Capacity Blender

You can serve one person or a crowd with this classic Ninja blender. This 1,100-watt model comes with a 72-ounce pitcher for big batches of drinks, plus two 16-ounce cups for single-serve portions. Blend your drinks using one of three speeds, a single serve setting, or a pulse button. A cleaning brush isn’t included, but as many Amazon reviewers noted, the parts are easy to clean without any special tools.

Editor’s note: “This blender is the definition of a workhorse. It has blended everything from icy smoothies to peanut stews with ease, and I have run it through the dishwasher literally hundreds of times and it's still in great shape. Plus, the blending jar is BIG, perfect for making large batches of anything.” — Kate Miller


The Professional-Grade Blender

Coming in at just $90, this countertop blender is the most affordable option on this list. A 1,000-watt professional-grade motor is strong enough to pulverize ice into snow, and the pitcher has a generous 72-ounce capacity. The control panel has three settings — low, medium, and high — plus power and pulse buttons. Cleaning tools are not included, but since this blender isn’t for tough tasks like making cookie dough, you may not need a special brush. Simply throw the pitcher and its accessories in the dishwasher or carefully remove the blades before washing the pitcher and blades by hand.

One fan raved: “There are some products that just change your life. I wanted to get in on the smoothie thing, and there simply is no other way to do it than with a blender, and no better blender to do it with.”


The Best Personal Blender

The Nutri Ninja Auto-iQ is perfect for those who like to make smaller batches of their favorite blended drinks. This compact personal blender makes juices, shakes, and smoothies in seconds with its 1,000-watt motor. A blend button liquefies fresh ingredients like berries, yogurt, and leafy greens, while a second ultra blend option handles tougher additions like frozen fruit, seeds, and nuts. Both settings rely on timed Auto-iQ technology, which automatically detects when your smoothie is ready. The blender comes with 18- and 24-ounce cups, plus sip-and-seal to-go lids for portability. After the last sip, run the parts through the dishwasher and they’ll be ready for another drink in the morning.

One fan raved: “This thing is a BEAST! I get that some people complain that it is ‘loud’ and hell it is loud because it is POWERFUL, you can't compare a Lamborghini to a Toyota Corolla, It IS loud, but [...] it turns ice into snow, smoothies come out silky and creamy and wonderful [...] give it a go and trust me you won't be disappointed.”


A Versatile Blender That Can Replace Multiple Appliances

This Ninja Foodi model marries three appliances — blender, food processor, and dough maker — in a single unit. Unlike the brand’s Mega Kitchen system, all three tasks can be completed in the same 72-ounce pitcher. Simply pop in one of the two blades for crushing and chopping or making dough, and let the 1,400-watt motor do its work. There are six Auto-iQ presets depending on your needs: smoothie, ice crush, bowl, dip, chop, and dough. There is also a variable speed knob for manual use as well as a pulse option. A cleaning brush helps scrub dough from the pitcher before a more thorough cleaning by hand or in the dishwasher.

One fan raved: “I've made smoothies, smoothie bowls and dough so far with this blender and omg it always comes out perfect!! It's very sturdy and powerful, I use it everyday, very easy to clean as well!!


A Smaller Blender Designed For Smoothie Bowls

Consider the Ninja Foodi Smoothie Bowl Maker the perfect blender for anyone who considers açaí a freezer staple. Attach a 14-ounce smoothie bowl container to the 1,200-watt motor to make thick, spoonable breakfast bowls, homemade nut butters, and even ice cream. Two 24-ounce cups and lids are also included for quick and easy smoothies and juices to-go. The control panel is divided into two categories, drinkable and spoonable, and has four Auto-iQ buttons for extracts, smoothies, spreads, and bowls. Amazon reviewers have raved that cleaning is as simple as running the blade under hot water after use, then adding the cup or bowl to the dishwasher.

One fan raved: “Love this product so far! I have no chunks of ice frozen fruits or oatmeal in my smoothies! I love the compact design super easy to store away but small enough to keep on the counter without it being an eye sore. [...] I’m happy with the one button press and I can walk away and finish getting stuff ready in the morning and I don’t have to stand and wait for my smoothie to hold down a button or turn the blender off.”


A Large-Capacity Blender That’s Under $100

The Ninja Professional Plus Blender is the ultimate blender that’s free of extra functions or attachments. The 1,400-watt motor whips up smoothies, frozen drinks, soups, sauces, and more. There are three Auto-iQ presets for smoothies, crushed ice, and ice cream. The machine also has three speed options: low, medium, and high. The 72-ounce pitcher is enough to feed a family or pre-prep multiple servings of drinks for one. The blender does not include a cleaning brush, but a quick blending cycle with water will make cleanup easier.

One fan raved: “I'd struggled with my old basic blender, because I was constantly having to stop it, scrape down the sides, and shake out the air pocket that formed around the blades while smoothie blending. Not any longer with this model, no sir! [...] I'm definitely making a lot more smoothies now, and even getting into healthier vegetable smoothies with the power this thing has. Great blender!”


This Ninja Food Chopper That Cuts Down On Prep Time

If you want to add a Ninja Blender to your arsenal, but don’t want to invest a lot of money, this 400-watt blender and food processor is a great entry-level product. Fans on Amazon love that it’s smaller and quieter than some other models, since the unique power pod design eliminates a bulky base. The motor may not be as powerful as some of the other options on this list, but it’s still great from making smoothies and other frozen drinks, as well as handling basic chopping, mincing, and other prep tasks. It comes with a 48-ounce pitcher and a 16-ounce bowl, as well as two blades and two lids.

One fan raved: “I chose this blender because I was looking for a more compact, and hopefully also quieter blender than what I had owned in the past, and I wanted to be able to make healthy shakes. I am not disappointed at all [...] This unit does a splendid job of blending well, and is much quieter than blenders I have used in the past.”