The 5 Best Orthopedic Pillows

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Getting into bed at night feels great, but getting up in the morning doesn't always feel as good — unless you happen to have a quality orthopedic pillow. The best orthopedic pillows are designed specifically for your sleep style to help ease discomfort, leading to better sleep, and better mornings.

The most important thing to know before buying an orthopedic pillow is what type of sleep style you have, as that can help determine the type of support you need. Both side and back sleepers will want to look for a pillow that supports the curve of the neck, while stomach sleepers should look for a thinner pillow that supports proper alignment.

Most people tend to think of pillows as something that goes underneath your head, but orthopedic pillows can be a little more specialized — so depending on your individual needs, you may opt to purchase a pillow specifically designed to go underneath or between your legs. According to the Mayo Clinic, these additional pillows may help to ease discomfort when used properly.

Most orthopedic pillows are made from memory foam because it retains its shape well, providing optimal support. It's important to note that memory foam pillows are not machine-washable, but do come with washer-friendly cases, so they're still relatively easy to keep clean. Regardless of which orthopedic pillow you choose, if you have back or neck pain, it's always best to speak with a doctor or other healthcare professional first.

Ready to start getting better sleep? Here are some of the best orthopedic pillows that you can buy on Amazon.

1. The Best For Side and Back Sleepers

  • Sleep style: side, back
  • Material: memory foam
  • Dimensions: 24 x 15 x 4.8 inches

This memory foam pillow has a curved shape to help support your neck while you lie on your back, as well as raised sides to support you when you're on your side. It has a removable memory foam panel, so you can adjust the height to fit your needs perfectly. While the pillow itself is not machine-washable, it does come with a machine-washable case for easy cleaning. This pillow comes in three sizes, and boasts over 7,600 perfect five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers, making it a real fan-favorite.

One fan raved: “I have neck pain and migraine headaches and I bought this pillow to replace an older contour pillow I accidentally left behind on vacation (wahhh). It’s fantastic! The shaping in the middle is very comfortable and my neck gets a lot of relief from this product. The included slipcover is comfortable and neat.”

2. The Best For Stomach Sleepers

  • Sleep style: stomach
  • Material: gel-infused memory foam
  • Dimensions: 26 x 16 x 2.6 inches

This memory foam pillow is thin but supportive, making it the perfect choice for stomach sleepers. It's only 2.5 inches high, so it doesn’t push your neck as far back as taller pillows, which is better when stomach sleeping. The memory foam is gel-infused, has ventilation holes to regulate temperature, and comes with a machine-washable cover that's made from bamboo and polyester. This pillow also includes a carrying case, so you can bring it with you when you travel. It's available in both white and gray.

One fan raved: “When my husband suggested we try Blissbury stomach sleeping pillows, I was skeptical that they would do anything to help with either of our sleep issues. We both have difficulty sleeping through a full night, and would often wake up too early, sometimes with back or neck pain. we've tried several different types of pillows over the years, and none have made any difference in our sleep. From the first night we tried these pillows and for a full week now we've both slept comfortably through the whole night, and we're even sleeping a bit later and waking up pain free. it's been an awesome change. I highly recommend these pillows.”

3. The Best Cooling Pillow

  • Sleep style: side, back
  • Material: memory foam
  • Dimensions: 20.08 x 12.6 x 3.94 inches

This medium-firm Tempur-Pedic pillow has a contoured shape that is designed to align your neck, shoulders, and back. The memory foam material has cooling gel technology on both sides to help keep you from overheating through the night, and the pillow comes with a convenient machine-washable cover. This option is only available in one size, though the non-cooling version of this pillow is available in four different size options.

One fan raved: “I had neck surgery a decade ago and afterwards, I was having persistent upper back pain and regular physio to treat it. My physio suggested this pillow - she said it doesn't work for everyone, but might be worth a try because of the recurring nature of the problem. I have not been back to physio since! It is so essential for a good night's sleep that I always take it with me when I travel. There are three sizes - getting the correct size is quite important - I need a small, but out of interest, I tried my sister's medium and found that it was completely wrong for me. The other thing is that they do wear out - but after several years. Yes, it is on the expensive side for a pillow, but for me, it's worth every penny.”

4. The Best Knee Pillow

  • Sleep style: side
  • Material: memory foam
  • Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 9.5 inches

This memory foam pillow is designed to go between your knees while you sleep on your side, which can help to ease stress on the spine. The contoured shape fits to your legs, so it stays in place better during the night, and the memory foam is ventilated to help keep you cool. This pillow comes with a convenient zippered cover that's machine-washable, and it boasts over 7,400 five-star ratings on Amazon.

One fan raved: “I love the shape of this pillow. I toss and turn a LOT during the night and the tapered shape of this pillow means less fighting the bedding while trying to turn over. With other pillows it was always a struggle to get the pillow back in place as they would get caught up in bedding. This one stays between my legs with only a little effort to squeeze it in place as I roll. It seems a good size for me. (I’m 5’4”) I’ve noticed it has helped with my lower back pain - I know it won’t fix it but any relief is welcome! It took a few days of using it to notice a difference.”

5. The Best Leg Pillow

  • Sleep style: back, side
  • Material: memory foam
  • Dimensions: 17.3 x 7.8 x 4 inches

This bolster pillow is perfect for placing under your knees or feet while sleeping to help ease discomfort in your lower back. However, the versatile half-moon shape means that it can also be used as a lumbar pillow, foot rest, or wedge pillow. It comes with a machine-washable cover, and it's made from high-density memory foam that won't lose its shape over time.

One fan raved: “I love this pillow! It supports my knees when I sleep and takes the pain and pressure off my back. It has a nice, soft and comfortable cover. Initially, it takes a long time to expand when I first unpacked it”