The 3 Best Pastry Boards

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Pastry boards make it easy to roll out all types of dough in any kitchen, even if you don't have a ton of counter space. The best pastry boards are easy to clean and have a nonslip design, so they won’t slide on your countertop.

The first thing to consider when choosing a pastry board is material, and one of the most popular materials is marble. That's because marble not only looks great on your counter but is also a dense stone that can dissipate heat well, which allows it to stay cooler. This means that when you're rolling out heat-sensitive dough, like pie crusts, your dough will stay cooler for longer. However, marble boards are not dishwasher-safe and don't come with lipped edges. Wood is another popular choice as wood pastry boards often come with lipped edges to keep your pastry in place, as well as engraved measurement markers to help you roll or cut out dough. Like marble, wood is not dishwasher-safe, so if you're looking an option that's really easy to clean, consider an acrylic pastry board. Acrylic is dishwasher-friendly, doesn't absorb odors, and tends to be more lightweight, although it's not as durable as wood or marble.

Size is another important factor. The average rolling pin measures around 10 to 12 inches long, so you'll want a pastry board that is at least that big. Some boards are much bigger, ranging up to 24 inches, so if you like to tackle large baking projects, it's easy to find a board that fits your needs.

As anyone who has tried to roll out tough dough on a flimsy board knows, it's much harder to do when the board moves with your pin. That's why the best pastry boards have features like lipped edges or rubber feet.

If you're ready to get rolling, check out this list of the best pastry boards you can buy on Amazon right now.

1. The Best Marble Pastry Board

  • Material: marble
  • Weight: 8 pounds

The perfect blend of form and function, this Thirteen Chefs pastry board is made from half-inch thick marble with a classic white color. It has a raised design that is supported by six rubber feet, so it won't slide on your counter while you're rolling out dough. And, since it's made from marble, it's also great for working with chocolate. This versatile board is also available in a larger 18-by-18-inch option.

One fan raved: “Looks exactly like the photos! I love the look of it as it complements my granite counter tops perfectly. This board is so heavy and sturdy - it feels like it is a quality product! It has great gripping strength to hold it in place on the counter. It makes my cooking/baking experience a little more fun and glamorous for me! Everyone who sees me using it finds it impressive. I am very satisfied with my purchase and would purchase this again!”

  • Available sizes: 16 x 12 inches, 18 x 18 inches

2. The Best Wood Pastry Board

  • Material: wood
  • Weight: 12.77 pounds

This versatile pastry board does double duty in your kitchen; it has a reversible design, with a cutting board on one side and a pastry board with measurement engravings on the other. It features a lipped edge to help keep things in place, and it's made from 100% natural acacia wood. To keep your board fresh, the makers recommend that you use mineral oil on it regularly.

One fan raved: “Love my pastry board! I keep it out and use just about every day! I use very little to none flour for rolling out doughs. I used the ruler for the pastry puff I made. Cleans easily with just a wet cloth wipe down. I did oil and condition before using. Very well made and sturdy!!”

  • Available sizes: 24 x 20 inches

3. The Best Acrylic Pastry Board

  • Material: acrylic
  • Weight: 3.89 pounds

This sleek pastry board is crafted from clear acrylic, with four rubber feet and a convenient lipped edge to keep it from sliding around on your counter. It is also dishwasher-safe and can be used as a cutting board, although it is not heat-resistant. Weighing just under 4 pounds, this is the most lightweight option on this list, making it a good choice for anyone who wants to be able to easily move or store their pastry board rather than leaving it out.

One fan raved: “I love it! I’m not sure how I survived in the kitchen without it! Great idea and very helpful. Great for keep the counter top safe!”

  • Available sizes: 24 x 18 inches

Also Great: The Silicone Pastry Mat With Over 8,500 Fans On Amazon

This popular pastry mat is not only a great alternative to pastry boards, but it can also be used for baking because it's oven-safe up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. The nonslip silicone design will stay put on your counter, and the convenient measurements are helpful for making pizzas, pies, and more. It's also a fan favorite on Amazon with over 8,500 five-star reviews.

One fan raved: “I'm a Professional Chef and I bought this to bake pies at home. It's beyond perfect. I highly recommend it to anyone. It's a huge mat, with fantastic texture and makes rolling dough so easy. Love the non-slip quality of this product. Get yourself one NOW!”

  • Available sizes: 16 x 26 inches, 20 x 28 inches, 36 x 24 inches