The 5 Best Plant Misters On Amazon

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by Yoona Wagener
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Houseplants can add character to any room, and the best plant misters, can keep them thriving all year round. A great plant mister should provide enough coverage for all the plants in your home. This means you’ll want to ensure that the mister you buy can spray far enough to reach all your plants and can cover a large enough area. You’ll also want to look into the type of spray the mister can offer and whether it’s compatible with your plants (most manufacturers provide this information).

A typical mister delivers a fine, gentle mist that’s ideal for hardy and delicate plants alike. But if you have sturdy tropical plants that need a more intense spritz, or greenery that needs a good spray across increased distances or wider areas, a heavy duty indoor/outdoor option might be a better pick. For more flexibility, look for a mister with an adjustable nozzle that gives you multiple mist settings. You’ll typically need to press the trigger or pump with each spritz, but some options offer pressurized continuous misting with one or just a few pumps, which can reduce hand fatigue when misting several or larger plants at once.

You won’t necessarily need to invest in a fancy gadget to keep your plants moist and happy. Inexpensive plastic spray bottles are typically lightweight and easy to use, with larger water capacities that mean you won’t have to refill as often. But if you want a bottle that’s attractive enough to display next to your plants, look for a decorative mister. These stylish vessels tend to be much smaller, but they’re usually made of sturdy materials like brass and can provide especially targeted misting. For a larger bottle that’s nice enough to keep out, a standard spray bottle made of glass can be a nice middle ground.

Whether you’re a houseplant newbie or a seasoned green thumb, you want the best for your plants. So up your watering game with one of these five plant misters and watch your thirsty plants thrive.

1. The Overall Best Plant Mister for Most Plants

This lightweight plastic spray bottle may look unassuming, but it’s actually a mister capable of producing an ultra-fine continuous mist for 1.2 seconds per pump. Releasing mist requires just a gentle squeeze of the trigger, and the bottle is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand. There’s only a single spray setting, but the aerosol-like mist should keep most of your houseplants happy.

Amazon reviewers report success with this keeping their tropical plants, succulents, and air plants well hydrated and happy. And while the nozzle isn’t adjustable, it performs the neat trick of working at any angle — which means you can tilt or even flip the bottle upside down to spray tough-to-reach leaves or clusters of plants. As an added bonus, the Flairosol is versatile for other household and beauty uses, including styling your hair or misting your face when you need a pick-me-up.

You can buy a 5-ounce, 10-ounce, or 24-ounce version of this bottle, so look for the size that best meets your plant-misting needs.

Positive Amazon review: “I was on the hunt for a nice mister for my plants because the spray bottle I had just wasn’t cutting it. The water droplets were too big, and I needed something that could provide a more efficient means for humidity. This spray bottle blew my mind!!! The mist is fine, it has great quality spray bottle technology, and the spray duration itself is longer than most regular spray bottles. Seriously I wasn’t expecting this to be so life changing for me but it is. My plants are happy and evenly misted.”

2. A Stylish Option For Small Plants

If you want a stylish plant mister that's as effective at watering houseplants as it cute in your home, this lightweight option is for you. The nickel mister holds 10 ounces of water — that should be just enough to tend to delicate and small indoor plants. While there are no misting settings or nozzle adjustments, this product produces a fine mist perfect for smaller plants that like a consistent humidity level, including orchids, bonsai trees, and terrariums. This small mister features a looped handle and plunger on top — and Amazon reviewers praise it for its comfort, ease of use, and attractive design. It's available with a brass, copper, or silver finish and can also be purchased in packs of two.

Positive Amazon review: “Beautiful!! This is just what I needed for my air plants. You can feel the quality and see that it is sealed well. No issues with leaking this far and the mist IS a mist and there is no drippage at all. I don't even want to put it away- it's so pretty! I'm going to keep this in mind for gifts in the future.”

3. The Best For Lots Of Plants

This capable continuous pressure mister will get the job done for both indoor and outdoor plants and is especially suited to shoppers with a lot of plants to pamper. This plastic bottle has a 2-liter (67.6-ounce) capacity and includes both a trigger that locks to release a continuous mist and a plunger that helps create misting pressure.

While the manufacturer doesn’t specify how long a single pump lasts or give the range of this spray, Amazon reviewers suggest that a few pumps will create a few minutes of fairly wide misting and report that they've been able to successfully operate the mister from a few feet away. That means you can spare yourself some time and effort when making the rounds around your house, apartment, or garden. Even better, the nozzle adjusts up or down, which could be helpful for reaching hanging plants or pots that are low to the ground. You don’t have to worry about dripping if you tilt the nozzle upward, thanks to a handy drip guard.

Positive Amazon review: “I have between 20+ - 35+ house plants at a time. Most do well with a daily misting, which I had been doing with an ordinary spray bottle. However, doing so was really causing carpal tunnel soreness, so I searched for a mister that would spray with a trigger that would require a gentle, one-finger touch. Found it with this one! Bottle fills easily, is a decent size, not too large as to be heavy when filled, and not so small that I need to refill before I have completed my daily plant-misting.”

4. A Sturdy Glass Bottle Set

These solid, 16-ounce amber glass spray bottles are lovely to look at and still hold a fairly large amount of water. They’re sold in a two-pack and are BPA- and lead-free. They also come with convenient bottle labels and caps to increase the bottles' versatility if you want to use them for non-misting activities (like making your own household cleaners).

I use these bottles for my own houseplants and can attest to their sturdy build and solid misting performance for small succulents and large monsteras alike. Even when filled completely full, they don’t feel unwieldy or heavy, and the triggers are responsive. There are two mist settings: spray, which is a narrow, jet-like stream, and mist, which is finer (though not super-fine) and wider. One pump of mist is great for small plants and a few pumps of mist provides even coverage for bigger plants.

Positive Amazon review: “I love these bottles! I use one for a neem oil mixture I use on my plants and the other for spraying water on my hair. These bottles are sturdy and perfect. [...] Would definitely recommend and purchase again!”

5. A Pair Of Cheap Plastic Bottles

These 16-ounce BPA-free plastic spray bottles are simply designed but effective for misting houseplants. However, you’ll find that they feature a three-finger trigger design that’s supposed to keep your hand from tiring with each squeeze, and several Amazon reviewers back up that claim. The manufacturer also claims that these spray bottles are leak-free and many pleased Amazon reviewers report that to be true. Another convenient feature is the adjustable nozzle, which can switch between fine misting and a steady stream. While the manufacturer doesn’t specify whether the mist is ultra-fine or the mist range for plants, it does recommend this bottle for misting succulents and herbs and general garden use, and one reviewer called the mist, "very fine mist, like super fine!" Like many plastic spray bottles, this product is built for multipurpose use. Since they come in a 2-pack (or 3-pack), you could find a place for the other in the kitchen or bathroom.

Positive Amazon review: “I use these to mist my orchid plants. They get nearly daily use, and have worked every time."