8 Houseplants That Are Perfect For The First Time Plant Mum

by Aoife Hanna
Studio Firma/Stocksy

Do you ever walk into a public space or a person's home that is heaving with happy, healthy looking plants and feel jealous AF? Do you ever wonder why instead of verdant and lush, your plants look droopy or maybe even like they have been potentially deep fried? Well guys you are absolutely not alone. OK so no brag but I am one sick gardener (sick in a good way, no brag) and I'm going to let you in on some houseplants that are easy to keep alive.

I wasn't just born a good plant mother. Nope, research and trial and error has led me to get to where I am now. And guys, if I am being honest, I still muck up occasionally. One book which I really recommend for any level of experience is Root, Nurture, Grow: The Essential Guide to Propagating and Sharing Houseplants. Not only will it let you in on how to successfully propagate your plant babies, but also how and when to repot. This also pays special attention to providing drainage, which is something I personally didn't even know was a thing until 2018. And of course over watering — which is surprisingly how many people kill their plant children. Talk about kill them with kindness, am I right?

Now that you have a little homework, let's look at really good plants for the first time gardener.


Cheese Plant

Oh the humble yet beautiful monstera!

Not only is this one absolutely beautiful but it kind of grows like wildfire. You must ensure you have placed it in a nice sunny spot and then just watch that baby grow. Seeing how new leaves grow like little fruit roll ups is disgracefully satisfying and will give you great happiness.


Spider Plant

OK I know they called the Titanic unsinkable which turned out to be a pretty bad omen but guys, I am going to call your spider plant unkillable. Honestly. These little babes are so easy to maintain!

As well as that, as they grow they begin to produce "spiderettes" or "pups" which are more baby spider plants that you simply place into a pot with well drained soil and there you go. A new plant to give to your pals. Or, to keep to yourself.


Devil's Ivy

Yes you have seen this before and yes, it is all hangy and gorgeous and guess what guys? Easy to manage.

This little babe thrives in all kinds of light, even office style lighting and needs very little watering. As a matter of fact it can even go until its soil is completely dried out before you need to water it again.


The Snake Plant

OK so not only is this plant completely gorgeous but guys, it is ridiculously easy to care for. They are low light lovers and you know what else? They don't like being watered too much. In fact they are known for doing best when you kind of forget about them entirely. Gosh it is the low maintenance dream.


Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is another super hardy plant that comes in lots of different colours. However its predominant colours are the strong, glossy, waxy green that make up its gorgeous foliage.

It needs very little light and very little watering. So Bob's your uncle and Fanny's your aunt — an easy plant to maintain.


Tradiscantia Zebrina

Oh goodness gracious me, where do I even start with how much I love this thing.

I got one of these as a tiny plant from my local supermarket for a mere 89p and kind of forgot about it. Low and behold it doubled in size in a matter of months and after being repotted, it is now huge.

They require a nice sunny space and very little watering, but can deal with a little water-logging too. So basically this plant is your BFF if you sometimes come home drunk and over water your plants. Yes, I am speaking from personal experience.


Jade Plant

These little babes are probably most recognisable as being a more old school house plant. Like, I am sure many peoples' Nans have them. Well mine did anyhow.

All they need is lots of light and very little water. It is believed that they bring prosperity so, maybe you'll want to propagate it loads and let the prosperity flood in.


Aloe Vera

You know it for its healing properties, but did you know it is also absolutely gorgeous? And easy AF to maintain?

It doesn't care if you can't give it lots of light and as well as that it's not one for regular watering. It likes an occasional deep watering but is happy to wait for a good one. AKA it's quality over quantity for these gorgeous plants.


No matter which plant you choose remember that there are countless online sources and literature to help guide you along your way to becoming a plant parent. Also remember that sometimes, a bit of trial and error is required with home gardening. So don't be disheartened if it takes you a little while to be successful in your quest.