The 6 Best Radiant Heaters To Warm Up Any Space

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Radiant heaters can help you get toasty in a hurry, whether you’re at home, in your studio, or on a camping trip. The best radiant heaters use multiple settings to efficiently generate warmth in spaces up to 1,000 square feet in size, and they’re available in portable or wall-mounted options, so you can get the most convenient heating solution for your needs.

Radiant heaters — also known as infrared heaters — use infrared technology to generate warmth that targets people and objects, instead of the air. The result is an extremely cost-efficient way to heat spaces, but much like sitting directly in sunlight, these heaters work best when you’re right in their path. For that reason, the majority of these electric heaters feature wheels or a carrying handle, so you can move them around as needed. However, if you only plan on using the heater in one room, you can opt for a wall-mounted option to save floor space, or even choose one that looks like a real fireplace to create a cozy ambiance. And if you’re going camping, there are portable infrared heaters that are compact and powered by a small tank of propane instead of electricity.

You’ll also want to consider features like multiple heat settings, a timer, and remote controlled or Wi-Fi-enabled operation. And, as with any space heater, you'll want to keep an eye out for safety features, like overheat protection and auto-shutoff in case the heater gets tipped over. For extra peace of mind, some heaters are certified for safety by testing laboratories, too.

Whichever option works best for you, these are the best radiant heaters on Amazon that will keep you warm and comfy when the temperature drops.

1. The Overall Best

This Dr. Infrared heater boasts thousands of five-star reviews and a dual heating system that has high and low settings, as well as an energy-saving auto mode that allows you to set your desired temperature between 50 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. It heats spaces up to 1,000 square feet and has other helpful features, like a 12-hour programmable timer and remote control operation, so you don't have to get up from the couch to adjust it. The heater automatically turns off if it gets tipped over, and it's certified by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) to meet safety standards for the U.S. and Canada. The four wheels make it easy to move the heater around, and the housing cabinet remains cool to the touch. It comes in two colors: cherry and black.

According to a reviewer: “Have been using this heater in my three season porch on cool spring mornings and it does a great job of reaching and holding an ambient temperature of 72 degrees. It’s simple to operate. Remote works like charm. Attractive wood cabinet.”

2. A Cheap Heater With A Slim Profile

If you want something that won't take up too much room and is less than $60, consider this affordable radiant heater that warms up to 144 square feet of space. When you plug in the heater, it uses seven oil-filled fins — which are permanently sealed and require no maintenance — to create warmth, and it has three heat settings and a temperature control dial. Safety features include an auto-shutoff in case of overheating or tipping over, but some reviewers report that you'll want to keep kids and pets away, as the housing can get hot. There are four wheels for easy portability, and the slim profile means it's easy to set in the corner of a room and out of the way. And while this simple heater doesn't have a timer or remote control, it's still a worthy choice. Choose from black and white.

According to a reviewer: “Great value! This little heater is great! Old school simple design, use to heat my garage, instant hot. Not very large but puts out more heat than my comparably sized ceramic space heater."

3. The Most Portable

At just under 6 pounds, this portable infrared heater is super lightweight and features a built-in carrying handle so you can tote around in your rooms. Despite its superior portability, it can still heat spaces up to 1,000 square feet, and there are two speed settings and a temperature control dial. It's also very affordable, but there are no upgraded features like a timer or remote control. For safety, there’s tip-over protection, alarm indicator lights, and a cool-touch exterior.

According to a reviewer: “The temperature control is easy to set and the little heater really does warm up the room and keeps it warm. I'm playing video games all day in a den that is 20'x12' and its an add on room that used to be a garage so it's cold, but not anymore.”

4. A Wall-Mounted Heater With Wi-Fi

If you're not planning to move your heater around, you can opt for this wall-mounted radiant heater that'll keep your floor space free. Even better — the heater is Wi-Fi enabled, so you can use your smartphone to adjust the temperature and set it on a heating schedule, without the extra hassle of having to keep track of a remote control. Effective in spaces from 500 to to 1,000 square feet, it's Intertek ETL certified to meet North American safety standards, and it boasts overheat protection, a cool-touch body, and child lock buttons. When installed directly over an outlet, the power cord can be stashed inside the heater for a sleek, cord-free look. It’s also available as a floor heater, which is cheaper, but keep in mind that it's not Wi-Fi-enabled.

According to a reviewer: “Works great. I’m able to program it to turn on automatically at 3am so that my kitchen is nice and warm in the morning and program it to turn off automatically at 6:30am so that I don’t Have to remember to turn it off before I leave.”

5. The Best For Camping

If you’re going off the grid, this portable infrared heater connects to a 1-pound propane tank (sold separately) to warm you up without having to plug into an outlet. It heats spaces up to 225 square feet and features low and high temperature settings and simple operation — just turn the knob to light the pilot. For safety, the heater automatically turns off if it gets tipped over, if the pilot light goes out, or if low oxygen levels are detected. Reviewers report that the housing remains cool while the heater is on, but the front grill does tend to get hot. Weighing in at 9 pounds, it's lightweight enough to transport easily to your car camping spot, and the handle on top folds down.

According to a reviewer: “I mostly use mine in the tent to keep the edge off at night. Even in my largest family tent, it was very effective even on the lowest setting.”

6. A Cozy Fireplace Heater

To create a cozy ambiance, opt for this Duraflame infrared heater that looks just like a fireplace. The electric heater features realistic 3-D flame effects with adjustable speed, color, and brightness settings that’ll make you feel just like you’re sitting by a real fireplace. Plus, the flame effects can be used with or without heat, so you can still enjoy the festive mood when the weather is warm. It generates enough heat to cover up to 1,000 square feet of space, and the temperature can be adjusted via the digital thermostat control panel or with the included remote control. There’s also a timer, which ranges from 30 minutes to nine hours, so you can easily set it on a schedule. Safety features include a cool-to-the-touch exterior and overheat protection, but there's no mention of tip-over protection; however, reviewers say it's sturdy and unlikely to budge. Keep in mind, though — there are no wheels on this option, so it's best if you plan to use it in just one spot. Choose from five colors: black, navy, cinnamon red, French gray, and cream.

According to a reviewer: “The faux fire looks incredibly life like, and the heater keeps our living room cozy.”